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Doug Aitken’s 30 Days of Art Happenings Takes Over London’s Barbican Centre

Light Echoes. Station to Station, Barbican Centre. Image: Getty Images Doug Aitken’s latest iteration of Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening, which runs from June 27 to July 26 at London’s Barbican Centre, might be stationary but it’s hardly static. Show More Summary

The Artistry of Chuck Jones

(Link to YouTube) Film editor Tony Zhou presents this concise summary of what makes the cartoons of Chuck Jones so memorable. Jones developed from a good director to a great one by refining perfectly timed gags driven by memorable characters.Animation...Show More Summary

Mud Above Sky Below: Love and Death in Jacob Lawrence’s ‘Migration Series’

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

Spring, 1968. All my students were black, and I wasn't. Jacob Lawrence, who was teaching a course down the hall from me at Pratt Institute, was a famous artist and a real teacher; I wasn’t either of those things.

A Light Show on a Castle Commemorates a German City's 300th Anniversary

GIF and screencap by the author via In celebration of the 300th anniversary of the city's foundation, Wachtmeister projection-mapped illusions transform the dignified German facade of a castle to scarred Frankenstein architecture, complete with terrifying creaks and groans. Show More Summary

"Battle Lines" Music Video Feels Like Hanging Out in a Laser Tag Arcade

Screencap via The "Battle Lines" video brings us back to the days spent at the laser tag arcade, spending time in dark corridors lit up by black lights. The video animation is a showreel of moving neon collages: fun and innovative graphics...Show More Summary

A Rooftop Installation at the Metropolitan Museum Considers Manhattan’s Prehistory

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

This summer's rooftop installation by French artist Pierre Huyghe at the Metropolitan Museum of Art digs into the primordial history of Manhattan.

Back to the future

In an article written in early 2012 for Frieze, Lars Bang Larsen wonders if the problem with social practice, or any art that bases itself in or on “the social,” as it were, is its contemporaneity. For Larsen, it is—or at least was, three years ago—the shifting identity of who and/or what constitutes society and […]

Storytelling 101 from the Work of Looney Tunes Director Chuck Jones

Screencaps via Looney Tunes defined comedy and animation for a generation who grew up glued to their television sets, learning about the world by mainlining the boob tube. In his latest Every Frame a Painting film essay, Tony Zhou highlights...Show More Summary

Marvel Vs Capcom Vs Kanye in One GIF

If we were to use Marvel Vs Capcom to visualize what it looks like to be Kanye and come up with lyrics.... this is what it would look like. or not. Back in 2011, Kanye West got caught headbanging to music awkwardly on a plane, and has since been memed into endless cycles of virality on a thriving ecosystem of secondhand celebrity gossip sites. Show More Summary

Arcade Fire Teases 'Reflektor Tapes' Doc with New Music Video

Wednesday was an exhausting and heart-wrenching 24 hours for Arcade Fire fans everywhere. Yesterday morning the band put up a website announcing their new film, The Reflektor Tapes, that featured a short trailer and selected images from the upcoming documentary. Show More Summary

Crash Course on Light

Here's a quick overview of the science of light at the subatomic and astronomical level.Crash Course. (Link to video) Thanks, Robnonstop

'Jedi With a GoPro' Lets You Fight Stormtroopers

GIF by the author via A beautifully-executed DIY Star Wars video called Jedi with a GoPro from low-budget VFX master Bill Parker imagines the battle a lone Jedi warrior might face while purging the remnants of the Empire in a post-Return...Show More Summary

[Preview] Here's What the Official Pokémon Symphony Sounds Like

Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions at the Chicago Theater. Photo by Zoe Rain, courtesy Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions. Last month, Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions came through New York City, drawing swarms of nerds, nerdlings, and nerd families (myself included) to Madison Square Garden. Show More Summary

The Crime of Being an “Avant-Garde” Artist

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

When the news hit that experimental filmmaker Joe Gibbons was arrested for bank robbery in New York this past January, my first reaction was a gut one.

This Computer Singing 90s Love Ballads will Break Your Heart

What do machines sing of? from Martin Backes on Vimeo. While Google has imagined how machines might dream, media artist and multi-disciplinary technologist Martin Backes has revealed how they sing. And not just bad karaoke, either. Following...Show More Summary

Flip HTML5 Flipbook Maker: Give Away

HTML5 is the present and the future of the web development technologies around the globe. With the amazing capabilities of responsiveness and easy code, the developers and the end users love the websites made using it. HTML5 has the most amazing capabilities that any of its predecessors ever had, and this makes it the most […]

Follow a Stormchaser Through Thunderstorms and the Aurora Borealis

Screencap via Storm chasing photographer Jeff Boyce traveled nearly 20,000 miles to film Edge of Stability, a highlight reel of some of the Midwest’s most intense spring weather. Boyce drove through 15 US states, filming some truly strange and eye-catching images of nature using his two Canon 6D's. Show More Summary

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