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You Can Finally Become a Video Game Character Thanks to 3D Scanning

GIF courtesy xxArray. Images courtesy Alexx Henry When you boot up GTA V, do you play as Michael, Trevor, or Franklin? Soon that may not matter, thanks to Alexx Henry's new "3D scanner for the masses," the xxArray, which uses 90 DSLR cameras to create a hyperreal, 22 gigapixel digital model of a person in seconds. Show More Summary

‘my visual poems are not really about handwriting': An Interview w/ Paul Ebenkamp, Part I

Hey Paul, Your book The Louder The Room The Darker The Screen (Timeless, Infinite Light) is my book of the year thus far, I want to ask you about the marker poems, I also do marker poems, I used to write graffiti back in the day, I was horrible at it, I want to say […]

Watch Memories Turn into Gold in Magical Animation 'The Alchemist's Letter'

The Alchemist's Letter from Carlos Stevens on Vimeo If a device could turn any metal into gold, but its cost was your very own memories, would you use it? This is the central question behind Student Academy Awards® finalist Carlos Andre Stevens' moving animated short film, The Alchemist's Letter. Show More Summary

Raffi remembers Lois Lilienstein, of Sharon, Lois & Bram

We loved her in the morning, and in the afternoon. The Thrill pop-culture podcast speaks to entertainer Raffi about Lois, who died Thursday The post Raffi remembers Lois Lilienstein, of Sharon, Lois & Bram appeared first on Macleans...

Blast Off into a Glorious Star Cluster to Celebrate Hubble's 25th Anniversary

Images courtesy of NASA and ESA Travel 20,000 light-years in 40 spectacular seconds in this new celebration of Hubble Space Telescope’s 25th birthday. Unveiled today by NASA and ESA, Flight to Star Cluster Westerlund 2 features the star group Westerlund 2 in a glorious tribute to a quarter century of Hubble’s triumphs. Show More Summary

Inside the Plan to Build a Giant Luxury Windmill in Rotterdam

Images courtesy of DoepelStrijkers, via A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Netherlands. Sometimes it's no fun to be from Rotterdam when everyone around you is from Amsterdam. Chauvinism isn't new to me, but it's not something I can take pride in when it comes to football. Show More Summary

Our picks from Pick Me Up 2015

Graphic arts festival Pick Me Up opened at London's Somerset House last night, with talks, workshops, screenings and exhibitions taking place until May 4. Here's a look at some of our favourite work on show and what's on over the next few days...

Song Exploder: "Spring (Among the Living)" by My Morning Jacket

Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians deconstruct their songs and tell the stories behind how they were made. In the past, it's explored tracks from Toro y Moi to RJD2 and more. In the newest episode, musician, creator, and host...Show More Summary

Chris Milk on how VR can make us more empathetic

Director Chris Milk has become renowned for work that mixes cutting edge technology with old-fashioned, emotional storytelling. In this recent TED talk, he explains how virtual reality offers the opportunity for viewers to engage more deeply with other people's stories than ever before...

You’ve Been Shot by a Smooth Photographer: The World of Michael Jackson Impersonators

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

Lorena Turner’s book The Michael Jacksons is the end product of a journey to track down, photograph, and interview Michael Jackson impersonators.

What Happens When a Feminist Artist Interviews a Pickup Artist

last weekArts : Hyperallergic

Tired of the one-sided and often misogynistic narrative of the pickup artist (PUA), Angela Washko wanted to provide a more complex understanding of PUAs by recasting their stories from women’s perspectives.

Poets, Turn on Your Close Captions!

As a writer-type who’s always looking for entertaining new slippages between text and meaning in my work—whether through the use of collage, homophonic translation, warped subtitles, or Flarf-y hijinks—I’ve always been a fan of the literary potential of Closed Captioning. Yes, that dusty button on your TV’s remote. What does it do? Well, it welds […]

8 Killer Media Artists Join Forces for 'The New Black' Art Show

PORTALS from Sabrina Ratté on Vimeo. Never-before-seen delights by a prolific team of digital artists including Alexander Porter, Eva Papamargariti, FIELD, Isabella Streffen, Kim Asendorf, Rick Silva, Sabrina Ratté and Sebastian Schmieg...Show More Summary

Can Virtual Reality Make Us More Human?

“Talking about virtual reality is like dancing about architecture," jokes award-winning filmmaker Chris Milk, but in his 2015 TED Talk, released today on YouTube, he does it anyway. Virtual reality, he explains, can change the world. From...Show More Summary

Poetry is Not the Final Girl: Joey Yearous-Algozin

So, Volume I of my book The Compleat Purge, The Last Will & Testament of Trisha Low is dedicated to Joey Yearous-Algozin, who “raised me.” The thing is, I mean it. Like, literally, okay? From the fucking dead. Because Joey’s long term work, The Lazarus Project is a series of books in which he raises people […]

Grail mix

last weekArts : Parterre Box

Contemporary stagings of Parsifal tend to be spare, abstract affairs scrubbed of religious associations, knights in armor and, sometimes, a grail.

Nature Gets Its Own Highlight Reel With This Otherworldly Timelapse

GIF by the author. Images via No matter how good the latest Netflix drama is (looking at you Daredevil), nature still makes the best TV. Case in point? Eternal Spectrum, an ethereal timelapse of the night sky over the majority of the national parks photographer Shawn Reeder could find in New Zealand and the American West. Show More Summary

On Being-Hated: Ron Athey, Whip-Its, Envy.

I know these posts usually start with something coherent, like where I am or where I might be going. How I want what I want when I want it, that sort of thing. Maybe it’s weird for me to assume that any of this might be interesting to you, voyeuristically or whatever. But god, I'm so tired I’ve gotta be honest. I did a lot of fucking drugs last night so my head hurts

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