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Writers Helping Writers: Interview With Jonathan Maberry

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2016 issue of Writer’s Digest. Jonathan Maberry has no reason to fear being typecast by genre. The New York Times bestselling author and five-time Bram Stoker Award–winner has published...Show More Summary

3 Things I Learned About Writing: Analyzing José Eduardo Agualusa’s A GENERAL THEORY OF OBLIVION

1. It’s okay to blend writing styles. “If I still had the space, charcoal, and available walls, I could compose a great work about forgetting: a general theory of oblivion.” (104). The post 3 Things I Learned About Writing: Analyzing José Eduardo Agualusa’s A GENERAL THEORY OF OBLIVION appeared first on

Dennis Cooper's Blog Returns!

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

Elated to say that Dennis Cooper's work will return to the web! News by Peter Derk About six weeks ago, we reported on the disappearance of Dennis Cooper's blog. The entirety of the work, 14 year of stories, works in progress, and GIF...Show More Summary

Scriptnotes, Ep 264: The One With the Agent — Transcript

The original post for this episode can be found here. John August: Hello and welcome. My name is John August. Craig Mazin: My name is Craig Mazin. John: And this is Episode 264 of Scriptnotes, a podcast about screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters. So, way back in Episode 2 we discussed how […]

Aaron Winslow & Shiv Kotecha Talk Poetically, Pornographically . . .

Our general malaise/weekly pang has been vanquished/moisturized thanks to this conversation at Full Stop with the author of Jobs of the Great Misery, Aaron Winslow, and the very special Shiv Kotecha (cf. Extrigue, the Unlovable). Here...Show More Summary

Cake Somebody Momma Made & She Put Her Foot in It

I. From “Blood Labyrinth” I split and split again and wade in pools of skin to gather into folds. There is a rhythm to it and a rhyme and a burgeoning desire.      Part and main part, in which to take and grant sanctuary to excess and radiate defiant aliveness and injurability. To know by coccyx, […]

Preparing for Unknowns in Your Agent Search

If you’re on the cusp of trying to get a literary agent, or you’re trying to decide if you need one at all, or you’re right in the thick of your queries, or you have an agent but aren’t making forward progress together, enter our latest “Get an Agent” issue, the October 2016 Writer’s Digest. Show More Summary

Ploughshares Mulls: Who Would Write the Inaugural Poem for Donald Trump?

‘Tis the season! Dean Rader considers the possibilities of a Trump inauguration and surveys a group of poets to ask how they would respond in the event that they were tapped to write an occasional poem for the big day. (Spoiler alert: no one surveyed would.) During the last presidential campaign, when it looked possible […]

Facing the blank page

I came across a good video of authors on dealing with something we all face, famous or not,” 8 Writers on Facing the Blank Page. The writers include Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell, and Joyce Carol Oates. Snippets: “It’s like a...

On Frank Ocean’s Killer Verse

At Fader, Morgan Parker, Danez Smith, Brit Bennett, and Darnell Moore discuss Frank Ocean’s writerly merit. “Frank Ocean the artist is in the footsteps of Glenn Ligon, Lorna Simpson, and Noah Purifoy” Parker explains. “As a poet, his lineage includes Fred Moten, Terrance Hayes, and Jericho Brown.” More: Chilean novelist, poet, and essayist Roberto Bolaño […]

Swipe left: Seven Sick Literary Hook-ups

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

The fictional hook-ups that mess with our minds are the ones that take on a dark life of their own, and any pretense to playing God on the part of the author, just goes out the window. Column by JS Breukelaar I met my husband at a bar. Show More Summary

Go, Young Writer, Go!

So it’s back-to-school time and right now my heart’s going out, as it does every year, to my youthful compatriots in creativity, earnest young strivers desperate to know that the writer’s path is one they can fruitfully walk. It’s so hard when you’re that age (okay, any age) and you yearn for a life of […]

NEA Announces 2017 Literary Translation Fellowships

“The National Endowment for the Arts is recommending $325,000 in grants to 23 translators to support the new translation of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry from 13 different languages into English,” goes the release! Projects include David Shook translating from the Portuguese São Tomé poet Conceição Lima’s No Gods Live Here: The Selected Poems, the […]

Permission to Begin. Courage to Continue. Forgiveness to Try Again.

As you pursue success with your writing and creative work, there are three key moments that threaten to derail you. It is in these three moments where most people stop. They give up. Now they rarely utter the words, “I give up.” Instead, they keenly look around, do an analysis, and conclude it is silly […]

7 Things I’ve Learned so Far, by Amy Gustine

This is a recurring column I’m calling “7 Things I’ve Learned So Far,” where writers (this installment written by Amy Gustine, author of YOU SHOULD PITY US INSTEAD) at any stage of their career can talk about writing advice and instruction as...Show More Summary

Chuck Tingle and Zoe Quinn Team Up To Write Dating Sim

2 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Unicorns and Bigfoot, Chuck Tingle and Zoe Quinn. New video game has all the ingredients of a hit! News by Peter Derk What do you get when you cross unicorns, Bigfoot, ripped dudes and romance? The newest Chuck Tingle book, of course. Show More Summary

Rest in Peace, Max Joseph Ritvo (1990–2016)

The generous, loving, funny, thoughtful, brilliant poet and person Max Joseph Ritvo died on August 23, 2016, after a long battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare pediatric cancer. We here at Harriet and the Poetry Foundation are deeply saddened by the news, and our hearts go out to his friends, family, and loved ones. “Max […]

It’s for You: Paul Holdengraber’s Phone Call With Tracy K. Smith at Literary Hub

Join Paul Holdengraber and Tracy K. Smith on an intimate phone call hosted by Literary Hub where the two share their thoughts about parenting, the literary life, and more. In part one of their conversation, the poet Tracy K. Smith talks with Paul Holdengraber about God, death, parenthood, and loving children the way we love […]

Breaking News: Trump Leads Clinton in Poetry

Yeah, yeah, our headline is a cheap tactic to get a few clicks. But it’s all in support of a good story, and the headline is true according to the New Yorker’s Charles Bethea who writes about Donald Trump as poetic muse for contributors to the user-generated poetry site Hello Poetry. As recent polls from […]

First Day of School

Write about a first day of school—it can be your very first day, it can be the first day of a particular year or at a particular school, it can be a fictional first day. Dive into the emotions you felt as well as what you thought that year may hold. The post First Day of School appeared first on

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