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Why Patience Is A Virtue: Learning To Take Your Time As A New Writer

I was reading my journals from 2006 – 2008 recently, the period I wrote and published my first book. It was incredible how fast I expected everything to happen.  I had written down positive thoughts about getting on Oprah, quitting my job, selling 100,000 copies on launch.  And all this as an unknown author with […]

Critical Thinking: The 5 Factors That Earn 5-Star Book Reviews

Novelists live and die by reviews, yet uncovering what garners a gushing ovation or blistering akedown is often a mystery. A professional critic lays out what it takes to earn five-star book reviews. The post Critical Thinking: The 5 Factors That Earn 5-Star Book Reviews appeared first on

Scam Down Under: Love of Books Brisbane / Julie "Jules" McGregor

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware It's a familiar story.Entrepreneur sets up publishing company. Publishing company charges fees, but it's not a vanity publisher--certainly not! Authors are just investing in their own success.But...oh dear. Show More Summary

The Way Home

Life is a kind of magic trick the body does and once it’s over, you’re left with a hat with a hole in it and a white dove that’s flown away. And it makes you want to say,“That’s it? That’s all we are?"But you need to remember: That's not us.We're the dove, flying home.

See a "deep" edit at Writer Unboxed today

Today I do an edit today as one of the King's editors on Writer Unboxed. What would you do with the submission? Check it out here. For what it’s worth. Ray Tweet © 2017 Ray Rhamey My books. You can...

New Literary Agent Alert: Joseph Parsons of Holloway Literary

New literary agents (with this spotlight featuring Joseph Parsons of Holloway Literary) are golden opportunities for new writers because each one is a literary agent who is likely building his or her client list. The post New Literary Agent Alert: Joseph Parsons of Holloway Literary appeared first on

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 431

For today’s prompt, write a refresh poem. Last week’s prompt was to write an annoyance poem; so this might be a great time to hit the refresh (or re-set) button. Take a deep breath. Count to 10. Write a poem. Order the Poet’s Market!...Show More Summary

Why I Write Poetry: Candace Kubinec

In 2017, I started a “Why I Write Poetry” series of guest posts. I’ve already received so many, and I hope they keep coming in (details on how to contribute below). Today’s “Why I Write Poetry” post comes from Candace Kubinec, who writes, “I was a dreamer, not a writer.” Candace writes and dreams from a comfy chair in Western Pennsylvania. Show More Summary

Library Love: Old Books Make Me Feel Fancy!

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

Chances are, there are rare books on a library shelf near you. Throw on your sweater with the elbow patches and check them out!!! Column by Stephanie Bonjack Guys, you would not believe what I discovered when I was mindlessly browsing the stacks at my university library: Really. Show More Summary

10 Female Authors Who Changed My Life

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

Some female authors wrote words that changed my life. Some changed my life by just by being themselves. Here are ten female authors I celebrate regularly. Column by Gabino Iglesias When we say someone or something changed our life, we generally speak of things or people who had a lasting impact on the way we see or do things. Show More Summary

Book vs. Film: 'The Ritual'

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

Comparing Adam Nevill's novel and its recent film adaptation. Column by Max Booth III Spoilers for The Ritual (both the novel and film adaptation) follow. You've been warned. The Ritual tells the very original story of a bunch of white guys getting lost in the woods and consequently murdered. Show More Summary

Howling from the Mountains: An Interview with Taylor Brown

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

An interview with Southern author Taylor Brown on his latest novel, "Gods of Howl Mountain." Interview by Steph Post Gods of Howl Mountain, the third novel by acclaimed and all-around-awesome author Taylor Brown, hits shelves today.Show More Summary

The "When" Guide for Writers: Master the Science of Perfect Timing (Part 2)

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

In the second part of this guide on perfect timing for creatives, delve into the tactics needed to figure out your unique circadian rhythms, and use them to your advantage for maximum creativity. Column by Fred Venturini Part one ofShow More Summary

LitReactor Instructor Joshua Isard on Creative Writing, Getting an MFA, and the Long View

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

Author and MFA Program Director Joshua Isard talks about what to expect from his new class, The Cornerstones of Short Story Writing, and the pros and cons of getting an MFA. Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky You are the Director of Arcadia University’s MFA Program in Creative Writing. Show More Summary

Of Mice, Men, and Gloves Fulla Vaseline

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

Are you still horrified and curious when it comes to the "glove fulla Vaseline" in "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck? Me too. Which is why I decided to do something about it. Column by Peter Derk This is partly about a classic novel,...Show More Summary

Mini-Interviews with the 'Tragedy Queens' Authors

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

The Contributors of the "Tragedy Queens" anthology talk about their muses. Interview by Christoph Paul Tragedy Queens: Stories Inspired by Lana Del Rey & Sylvia Plath is a new anthology coming out from CLASH Books. It is distinctive in that it is filled with predominantly female voices. Show More Summary

How to Turn Real Events from Your Life into a Work of Fiction

Learn what to change—and what to keep—when incorporating your real-life experiences into your works of fiction. The post How to Turn Real Events from Your Life into a Work of Fiction appeared first on

Guide to Critique Group Etiquette: 9 Embarrassing Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

As a writing critique group member, you walk a hair-thin line between appropriate ruthlessness and inappropriate intrusiveness. So how do you know where the boundaries are before you stumble into them? Here are nine mistakes it’s never...Show More Summary

Writing About Death, Dying, And Grief With Dr Karen Wyatt

Death is an inevitable part of life. We spend a lot of time trying to forget that fact but as writers, our job is to face the difficult things and write about them anyway. We can heal ourselves by writing, and we can also help others. In today's interview, Dr Karen Wyatt, hospice physician and […]

How To Turn Your Non-Fiction Book Into A Workbook

Making a living with your writing is all about multiple streams of income. So if you write non-fiction, consider turning your book into a Workbook edition. Watch the video below or here on YouTube. What should be in the Workbook edition? There are two options: Use exactly the same text and just add in lines […]

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