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Writing Fiction: Tips On Plot With Roz Morris

If you need to nail your novel, Roz Morris can help! In her latest book, and this podcast, she explores plot in detail to help you sort yours out. In the intro, I talk about the rebranding, retitling and recovering of my first 3 books; how brilliant IndieRecon was and a little about London Book […]

‘my visual poems are not really about handwriting': An Interview w/ Paul Ebenkamp, Part I

Hey Paul, Your book The Louder The Room The Darker The Screen (Timeless, Infinite Light) is my book of the year thus far, I want to ask you about the marker poems, I also do marker poems, I used to write graffiti back in the day, I was horrible at it, I want to say […]

Poets, Turn on Your Close Captions!

As a writer-type who’s always looking for entertaining new slippages between text and meaning in my work—whether through the use of collage, homophonic translation, warped subtitles, or Flarf-y hijinks—I’ve always been a fan of the literary potential of Closed Captioning. Yes, that dusty button on your TV’s remote. What does it do? Well, it welds […]

Poetry is Not the Final Girl: Joey Yearous-Algozin

So, Volume I of my book The Compleat Purge, The Last Will & Testament of Trisha Low is dedicated to Joey Yearous-Algozin, who “raised me.” The thing is, I mean it. Like, literally, okay? From the fucking dead. Because Joey’s long term work, The Lazarus Project is a series of books in which he raises people […]

Found Metaphors

The video stills in the sixth row are from Oum Kalthoum’s live performance of “Baeed Anak” or “Away From You.” All other images are mine, taken on camera phones (HTC Wildfire, iPhones 5 and 6).

Poetry is Not the Final Girl: V Manuscript

On a facebook thread not too long ago I told V Manuscript that I would like for him to come to the Bay Area and deliver a large volume of his own blood directly into an open wound located somewhere upon my body. Which ok, sounds really dodgy, but it’s really not, especially if, like […]

As if rejection wasn't bad enough

I haven't posted this for a while but, considering that it's 420 Day, you might be in the mood for a peaceful if poignant and brief video on what all writers deal with. Of course, these days self-publication is a...

Poetry is Not the Final Girl: Katy Mongeau

I have never met Katy Mongeau in real life, so I’m not entirely sure she has a soul. But that’s ok, because Katy is simultaneously a banshee, a witch, a wraith, a slave—and definitely that lady in that one horror story where she takes a wide velvet ribbon off her neck and her head falls […]

Warning: Raider Publishing International

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware In 2012, I posted a warning about Raider Publishing International. Founded by former (and disgruntled) PublishAmerica author Adam Salviani, and presenting itself as an independent publisher,...Show More Summary

Notes for National Corpse Month, Part Three

Three springs ago, I taught a class on documentary poetics. It met in the library of a literary/arts organization near downtown Tucson, Arizona. At the first meeting I showed Stan Brakhage’s The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes (1971): a thirty-two minute film documenting autopsies being performed in a morgue in Pittsburgh. I gave […]

Scriptnotes, Ep 192: You can’t train a cobra to do that — Transcript

The original post for this episode can be found here. John August: Hello and welcome. My name is John August. Craig Mazin: My name is Craig Mazin. John: And this is Scriptnotes, a podcast about screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters. Today’s episode, we will talk about last week’s episode, follow-up on K.C. […]

Book Titles That Sell, Productivity For Authors And Marketing For Introverts With Tim Grahl

A wide-ranging discussion with Tim Grahl about writing book titles that sell, productivity and habits for writers, how to build a platform around you rather than your book, and marketing for introverts. Super fun! In the intro, I mention the upcoming self-publishing conference,, which is a free event with some amazing speakers so make […]

Poetry at the New Museum’s Triennial: Jenny Zhang, Brandon Brown, and Cathy Park Hong

Talk Series: Brian Droitcour on Poetry at the New Museum’s Triennial with Jenny Zhang, Brandon Brown, and Cathy Park Hong The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church Friday, March 20, 2015   It’s not a stretch to say that the world of contemporary art, and its globe-trotting, future-facing festival programmers, have been paying closer attention to […]

You can’t train a cobra to do that

2 weeks agoArts / Writing :

Craig and John discuss backup plans, camera directions, and becoming so good they can’t ignore you. Plus we answer two listener questions about specificity in scene headers and how to indicate that a script is intended for animation...

Business for Authors: How To Be An Author Entrepreneur. Now An Audiobook!

Do you want to take your author business to the next level? Do you love listening to audio? Do you love listening to British accents?! Exciting news! Business for Authors is now available as an audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Written by me and narrated by … me! Packed full of everything I know […]

On Not Writing

A missing molar. A kiss on a missing molar. A miniature woman in a paper boat. The sea, paper. She requests I set fire to the sheet on which she drifts. I do and see flames, or early afternoon light on the comforter, on the bare walls, and on exposed aluminum vents. A quiet immolation. […]

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