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Lessons from War, Tribal Societies, and a Non-Fiction Life (Sebastian Junger)

“The point of journalism is to tell the truth. It is not to improve society. There are facts and truths that feel regressive, but that doesn’t matter. The point of journalism isn’t to make everything better; it’s to give people accurate information about how things are.” – Sebastian Junger “Who would you die for? What ideas would you die […]

A library music fit for our times

Library music is the functional art par excellence, a utilitarian backdrop for other media – TV, adverts, radio shows – to do their thing. It should be flourishing in our hyper-mediated, information-rich, marketing-infested age, but it sadly isn’t. When we think of contemporary library music, almost only bad things come to mind: the faux gamelan […]

Chattycast 94: There Are No Small Parts

We've talked about heroes. We've talked about villains. This week, we talk about everyone else! Without a big release to pick apart, and in an effort to temporarily distract Bryan from Overwatch Watch 2016, this week we tackle the topic of supporting casts. Show More Summary

Awareness Saturday — Arthritis / Osteoporosis / Lupus: Mayo Clinic Radio

It's awareness Saturday on the next Mayo Clinic Radio program, as May recognizes Arthritis Awareness Month, Osteoporosis Awareness Month and Lupus Awareness Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, arthritis affects 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. and is a leading cause of disability among working-age adults. Mayo Clinic rheumatologist Dr. John Davis […]

Afghan Government Says U.S. Drone Strike Killed Taliban Leader

4 days agoNews : The Two-Way

The Pentagon says it is assessing the results of its attack on Mullah Akhtar Mansour. The man was a divisive figure within the Taliban, and the Afghan government saw him as an obstacle to peace.

The podcast where John Gruber and I talk all about Google I/O. No, really!

I had the pleasure of chatting with Daring Fireball's John Gruber on the latest episode of his podcast, The Talk Show. Topics include Apple's new flagship retail store in San Francisco, recent improvements to App Store approval times,...Show More Summary

May 22, 2016 – ETF Expert Radio Podcast

ETFs & Stock Market Valuations, Gold ETFs, Treasury Bond ETFs, Small Cap ETFs, Foreign ETFs, Currency ETFs, ETFs & Interest Rates Click here to listen to the show: 5-22-2016

Robots: Ladybird

In this episode, Ron Vanderkley interviews James Underwood, a senior research fellow in the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at the University of Sydney. Underwood discusses his work on an autonomous vegetable harvesting robot, Ladybird.

That Time When James O'Keefe Forgot to Hang Up the Phone and Ended Up Stinging Himself

One of James O'Keefe's dumbest stunts: wearing a crude Osama bin Laden costume, crossing the US-Mexico border Right wing smear merchant James O'Keefe performed a majestic face plant recently, when he phoned the George Soros-funded Open...Show More Summary

Tips For Fighting an Appeal with Your Insurance Company

Samantha is the Robin Hood of Diabetes Insurance Appeals! Samantha Arceneaux shares with me how she has helped over 100 people living with type 1 diabetes to successful win their insurance appeals. Can’t get your insurance company to give you an insulin pump or CGM??? Sam can! You can contact Samantha through her blog here. […]

Weekly Address: Expanding Overtime Pay

In this week's address, President Obama discussed one of the single most important steps to help grow middle-class wages – expanding the number of workers who are eligible for the overtime that they have earned. Every week, millionsShow More Summary

PlayStation Blogcast Episode 210: Doom Generation

Today, there's just no time. With Ryan and Nick out of touch, artificial gravity on the fritz and oxygen supplies running perilously low, Justin and I drift helplessly towards a planetoid bearing a familiar sign. Stuff We Talked About Doom Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Dark Souls 3 Downwell Those new releases

The TouchArcade Show - 258 - Mike is Alive

This week's podcast is home to two minor miracles: Jared didn't need to take Friday off so we recorded at a normal time, and Mike Meade was awake during the day so he was able to join us. Strap in for a ton of game related talk, as we kick things off with briefly touching


Wave, wave. There were no waves. There were ecosystems. & someone somewhere Listening to this guest mix In the grass, whose hand clutching Their iPhone hears the Music as it happens All the way down there Where I am in it now: BOMBAY...Show More Summary

The Bob & Chez Show: Great Hate and Sickness Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob & Chez Show: Great Hate and Sickness: Trump's Robotic Press Secretary; Trump is Surrounded by Incompetence; Trump isn't Hitler,...Show More Summary

Episode 702: Nigeria, You Win!

One night, Lariat Alhassan heard an ad on the radio. It said the Nigerian government was offering millions of dollars to people with business ideas, practically no strings attached. She gave it a go.

Apple Talk 03: Apple Car as a service, with Horace Dediu

Apple Talk focuses on in-depth industry analysis and critique of Apple and related companies. On this episode Gartenberg, Caldwell, Ritchie and special guest Horace Dediu of Asymco chat about Apple's investment in Didi Chuxing, Project...Show More Summary

3 Features I Missed In My Apple Watch

3 Features I Missed in My Apple Watch TLDR: 3 Mac Tricks That I Use Every Day Why Do People Love Snapchat? Pirillo Picks:...Show More Summary

Android Central 289: Google I/O 2016 (Part 2)

As promised, Part 2 of our Google I/O 2016 podcast. This one picks up on the second day of action, including what we learned from the in-depth session on the new Daydream virtual reality, some quality time with the upcoming Android Auto features — oh, and a little thing about Android apps running on Chromebooks. You don't want to miss this one. Show More Summary

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