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SGR Ep91 - You've Got Issues W/ Anna David

Anna David is a recovering cocaine addict and alcoholic who has been sober for over 15 years. She is a New York Times bestselling author of six books and has written for The New York Times,  The LA Times,  Details,  Playboy,  People, ...Show More Summary

SGR Ep88 - Sick Boys: How to Deal with Feeling Emotions in Sobriety

How can people in recovery cope with tragedy and loss? What would you do in sobriety when faced with grief and uncertainty? Would you relapse? Shane Ramer and his best buddy, Seth Manter, discuss what it's like feeling emotions again and how they've dealt with tough times before and after recovery.

TSGP Ep86 - The Truth About Mastermind Groups, Relationships, and Faith w/ Aaron Walker

Veteran Entrepreneur Aaron Walker and founder of tells us how our relationships are the foundation of business success as well as a fulfilling family life. We talk about how groups like mastermind groups and 12 Step groups are key to addiction recovery as well as getting through any trials in our lives.

TSGP Ep84 - How to Breakthrough Strife and Create Opportunities w/ Jason MacKenzie

Jason MacKenzie is a writer, and the creator of The Book of Open. Jason drank as a way of coping with his wife Cindy’s bi-polar disorder. In 2010, the pain was too much, and Cindy took her own life. Jason was also left with two young daughters to now raise on his own, and...

TSGP Ep31 - Papa Roach Frontman Jacoby Shaddix

Live from the Warfield, That Sober Guy Podcast sits down with Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix to address the fight against alcoholism, addiction, and mental illness.  “Sometimes we have to go out there and learn by our own mistakes, and some of us have to go out there and die” said Shaddix.

TSGP Ep80 - Pastor Dave Patterson | Celebrate Recovery

Pastor Dave Patterson is the lead and founding Pastor at The Fathers House in Vacaville CA. Pastor Dave struggled with addiction and depression for many years before making a commitment to live a life with Christ. In doing so, Pastor Dave has gone on to help people all over the world find peace through God. In addition...

TSGP Ep79 - What Can I Do About My Anger?

Anger is a feeling. We all have experienced the feeling of anger in our lives. But how do we deal with it? Anger can sometimes make us do irrational things, or make us say things we later regret. In this episode, we discuss...

TSGP Ep 77 - Dating, Marriage & Sober Sex | Tripp Kramer

Dating Coach and creator of Tripp Kramer joins TSGP to talk about relationships, dating, marriage, and sex in sobriety. The guys also discuss how pornography can...

TSGP Ep71 - What's Your Word For 2016?

In the last episode of 2015, we discuss why picking a word for 2016 can be an important tool to use in recovery. We also give thanks to our friends and listeners of the show, and fellow podcast's and sponsors. Shane admits he has secretly been eating cherry pies and hiding the evidence. 

That Sober Guy Online Meeting

Ever wonder what goes on in a recovery meeting? We recorded one, so listen in to find out! In this online recovery meeting, we discuss finding a power greater than ourselves, relapse, dreams, being grateful, the "get out of jail free card", and how to deal with urges to drink. Show More Summary

TSGP Ep68 - Jesus Is My Homeboy

This episode was one of the most difficult for me to do. I fought it.  My spiritual battle and resistance to completely surrender to my higher power has been weighing heavy on me for some time. That Sober Guy Podcast is based on recovery, and it always will be. Show More Summary

TSGP Ep58 - Omar Pinto | The SHAIR Podcast

Creator and host of the SHAIR Podcast Omar Pinto connects with TSGP all the way from Costa Rica to share some of his journey through the battles of addiction. "O" as he is better referred to has been clean and sober for just over 12 years. Show More Summary

Christine Ebersole Says Tony-Winning Role in 'Grey Gardens' Spoke to the Queer Community

Though she boasts two of her own, Christine Ebersole admits she’s not attended the Tony Awards in nearly a decade. “Don’t you have to be invited or something?” the two-time “Best Actress” winner shockingly quipped when asked about her lengthy absence from Broadway’s biggest night. Show More Summary

Flu vaccine update: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute

While the flu season has been with us for a while now, there is still a long way to go, and if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, it's not too late.  In this Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute, Dr. Robert Jacobson has some updates on the vaccine. To listen, click the link below. […]

Senator Ted Cruz On The New Era In Washington

Texas Senator Ted Cruz joined me this morning to talk defunding the U.N., repealing Obamacare, the Russians and Assange: Audio: 01-05hhs-cruz Transcript: HH: Joined now by United States Senator Ted Cruz of the great state of Texas. Happy...Show More Summary

What the World’s Best Organizations (in Business or Sports) Do…

Hear Mark read this post (subscribe to the podcast):   I don’t just listen to other podcasts about Lean. I enjoy listening to the Dan Le Batard Show on ESPN Radio (although I normally listen to their “Best Of” podcast). It’s not your typical sports show where two guys argue about which quarterback is better or […]

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