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NASA releases images displaying full rotation of Pluto and Charon

1 hour agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

NASA has released two images showcasing a full rotation of the dwarf planet Pluto and its unusually large moon Charon. The observations combined to create the mosaics were captured as the spacecraft made its high velocity pass of the...Show More Summary

Earth’s Surrounded By Dark Matter Chords

1 hour agoNews : The Daily Beast

New computations from NASA suggest that long strings of mysterious dark matter form around planets like Earth.

It Was All a Lie! German Scientist Confirms NASA Fiddled with Climate Data

Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert German professor Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert confirmed what other previously reported, NASA fiddled with global warming... The post It Was All a Lie! German Scientist Confirms NASA Fiddled with Climate Data appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

"Could dark matter make Earth 'hairy'?"

"Dark matter could form 'hairs' around planets, like Earth, according to NASA. The invisible, mysterious matter – which is thought to make up about 85 percent of all the matter in the universe – forms long “fine-grained streams” of particles.... Show More Summary

NASA study suggests carbon content of temperate forests overestimated

Digital measurements of millions of trees indicate that previous studies likely overestimate the amount of carbon stored by temperate U.S. forests, according to a new NASA study. The findings could help scientists better understand the impact that trees have on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Show More Summary

NASA's Operation IceBridge completes twin polar campaigns

NASA's Operation IceBridge, an airborne survey of polar ice, recently finalized two overlapping campaigns at both of Earth's poles. Down south, the mission observed a big drop in the height of two glaciers situated in the Antarctic Peninsula,...Show More Summary

NASA plans twin sounding rocket launches over Norway this winter

This winter, two sounding rockets will launch through the aurora borealis over Norway to study how particles move in a region near the North Pole where Earth's magnetic field is directly connected to the solar wind. After the launch window opens on Nov. Show More Summary

NASA tries to rattle people in its sonic-boom room - CNET

The space agency wants to bring back supersonic jet travel across land. The first step? Finding out how much boom people on the ground can handle.

Theory suggests that "hairs" of dark matter may exist around planets

4 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

A new theory from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, suggests that dark matter may interact with planets, forming long filaments or "hairs" of invisible particles. Studying these hairs could be scientifically...Show More Summary

NASA's GPM gets a look at newborn, late season Eastern Pacific Tropical Storm Sandra

During the early morning of Nov. 24, Tropical Storm Sandra became the 18th named storm of the 2015 Eastern Pacific hurricane season. NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement or GPM mission core satellite passed over the new storm and looked at its clouds and rainfall. At 4 p.m. Show More Summary

Stunning NASA images of last week's snowstorm (plus totals)

Chicagoland and northern Illinois on Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015 (NASA image) Images from space were taken of Chicago's largest November snowstorm in 120 years. O'Hare International Airport recorded 11.2 inches after the two-day storm, and many suburbs had deeper totals. Just our luck, turns out NASA...

NASA Testing Orion Spacesuit In Reduced Gravity Environment

NASA has announced that it has started testing spacesuits being developed for the Orion in a reduced gravity environment. The agency has modified its iconic “pumpkin suit” to make sure that it can withstand the requirements of future...Show More Summary

NASA Cuts Live Video As UFO Shadows International Space Station In Orbit [Video]

Online UFO hunters claim to have caught NASA once again covering up evidence of alien UFO activity near the International Space Station by cutting off live video after an alien UFO appeared on the feed. Prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1 reports sighting an orb UFO in a recent live stream from the ISS. Show More Summary

Meet the inspiring 17-year-old who works for NASA

The 17-year-old has also published two books and plans to have his pilot's license by the end of the year        

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Annabelle dying bursts

Tropical Cyclone Annabelle ran into adverse atmospheric and oceanic conditions and was fading quickly on Nov. 24. But the day before, NASA's RapidScat instrument saw some dying bursts of wind from the weakening Southern Indian Ocean system. read more

Two Numbers: Stanford Is A Pushover Compared With NASA’s Astronaut Program

It is nearly 40 times more difficult to get into NASA's Astronaut program than it is to get into Stanford.

Take A Spin Around Pluto In One Amazing Space Image

9 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Ever wish you could spend a day on Pluto? Using photos taken from the New Horizons spacecraft, NASA scientists have created a composite image that depicts a full rotation of the dwarf planet. The images were taken during a close flyby...Show More Summary

NASA's GPM finds extreme rainfall in Typhoon In-fa

The Global Precipitation Measurement mission known as GPM passed over Typhoon In-fa and found extreme rainfall occurring in the storm. GPM is a satellite that can estimate rainfall rates from space. It's a jointly managed satellite by both NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. read more

"What Lies Beneath?" New NASA Technology Will Search Surface of Europa's Hidden Ocean for Signs of Life

NASA’s next flagship mission will explore whether Jupiter’s moon Europa could harbor conditions suitable for life. Previous missions have provided compelling evidence for such conditions on Europa: The moon most likely harbors a global ocean underneath its icy crust; the...

Dead Ringer

[Image: Mars's moon, Phobos; courtesy NASA /JPL/University of Arizona]. Oh, to live another 40 million years... "One day," Nature reports, "Mars may have rings like Saturn does": The martian moon Phobos, which is spiralling inexorably...Show More Summary

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