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When The White House Met Nasa Scientist James Hansen and Denier Richard Lindzen - Who Did They Listen To?

The DeSmog UK epic history series continues with an account of how a NASA climate scientist was squeezed out of the White House environmental debate. Just a week after the announcement came from George W. Bush that the US would renege...Show More Summary

NASA’s Messenger Mission Is Set to Crash Into Mercury

The Messenger spacecraft, in orbit around the planet the past four years, is expected to smash into its surface on Thursday, according to plan.

NASA --"Is It On the Verge of Discovering 'Warp Bubbles' Enabling Dreams of Interstellar Travel?

“Routine travel among the stars is impossible without new discoveries regarding the fabric of space and time, or capability to manipulate it for our needs,” says Neil deGrasse Tyson, the "Cosmos famous" astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History,...

NASA is about to solve a major mystery about dwarf planet Ceres

Back in January astronomers got one of their first close-up glimpses of dwarf planet Ceres, and they were baffled. The tiny planet is the largest chunk of rock in the asteroid belt that hangs between Mars and Jupiter, and those close-up images, captured by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, revealed two huge, and hugely mysterious, bright spots on the surface. Show More Summary

‘Window on the Universe’, A Musical Tribute to the Hubble Space Telescope to Celebrate Its 25th Anniversary

13 hours agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

“Window on the Universe” by Melodysheep is a musical tribute to the Hubble Space Telescope to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The video features interviews  or NASA astronauts and other personnel, as well as Stephen Hawking, and an autotuned narration by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

'Minecraft' and 'Kerbal Space Program' Finally Accept Girls Can Do Science

For the first time ever, you can ?play as a girl character in Minecraft. Meanwhile, the official release of Kerbal Space Pro?gram (a popular NASA simulator) brings with it female Kerbal a?stronauts for the first time in the game’s two year existence in beta. Show More Summary

This Photo of San Francisco Was Shot Just Minutes Ago From Space

13 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

What an amazing year we are living in! “San Francisco. I almost felt like I was with you as we flew overhead a few minutes ago,” NASA astronaut Scott Kelly posted on his Facebook page directly from the International Space Station. Wish we were with you space station commander! Read more...

eBay Watch: Buy NASA’s Massive Jonel 100 2,540mm F/8 Mirror Lens

15 hours agoArts / Photography : Pop Photo

This huge mirror lens was used by NASA for high-speed photogrpahy…

NASA’s Favorite Video Game, Kerbal Space Program, Launches Today

?Here’s a phrase you won’t read often: after two years of constant feedback from paying customers and excited fans, a new game is ready for launch. That’s exactly the situation for Kerbal Space Program, a game that has sold tens of thousands...Show More Summary

video: Jamie xx – Gosh

[directed by Erik Wernquist // with photos by NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific... Read more »

How Exoplanets rebooted NASA's search For life beyond Earth

NASA is putting together an unprecedented team of scientists and researchers to analyze recently found exoplanets for the potential to support life. Video provided by Newsy        

3D-printable AstroGro system to foster astronauts' green thumbs

Manned missions beyond Earth orbit face the rather important problem of how to feed the crew and maintain the capsule environment for years on end without any resupply from home. The product of a NASA challenge, AstroGro is a space garden pod aimed at addressing this problem. Show More Summary

Watch The Birth Of A 17-Mile Iceberg

Most iceberg-forming videos show the violence of glaciers calving, the groaning as thousands of tonnes of ice tip into the sea. But this slow sequence of photos from NASA’s satellites reveal a far more stately process. Read more...

Best Astronaut Portrait Ever

yesterdayHumor / odd : Neatorama

Leland Devon Melvin posed for his official NASA portrait with his dogs Jake and Scout! You can see they were excited about it. More pictures were taken after the dogs calmed down. Melvin was an NFL player until injuries ended his career, then an astronaut, flying on two shuttle missions to the ISS, until hearing failure grounded him. Show More Summary

Galerie Gabriel Rolt opens second solo exhibition of performance artist Abner Preis

yesterdayArts : Artdaily

It seems hopeful; getting send into space, away from earth. However nothing could be further from the truth; at return a tragic death awaits. From the early 90s onwards, NASA has been doing gravity-experiments involving the use of jellyfish. Show More Summary

Crowdfunding Cosmoquest, ex-NASA citizen science project

yesterdayHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Commandline writes, "Dr. Pamela Gay is the principal investigator on a fantastic citizen science project, Cosmoquest, that sadly has been a casualty of reduced funding for NASA and for space science generally." Read the rest

New UFO Sighted In NASA Space Station Video: Why So Many UFO Sightings Near ISS?

Once again, a UFO has been spotted in a NASA video from the International Space Station and posted in a video to YouTube. The NASA space station live feed, readily available to be viewed by anyone online, has been a wellspring of UFO sightings in recent months. Show More Summary

MU Plus+ Update and The reddit Hug of Death

Yesterday our own Paul Seaburn broke the story on NASA’s possible warp effect discovery. As a result the article hit reddit’s front page on multiple occasions, it’s also being linked to by any other site mentioning the story. Unfortunately reddit front page traffic is always a double...

NASA and warp drive: An update

There is some excitement in the net about some news of Harold White’s experiment at NASA. I have uncovered it by chance at a forum. This is a well-frequented site with people at NASA posting on it and regularly updating about the work that they are carrying out. You can also have noticed some activity […]

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