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What You'd Hear If You Found Voyager's Golden Record In Deep Space

It’s been 38 years since NASA launched a gold record containing sounds and sights of Earth into space. Yesterday, NASA made it easier to hear those noises for yourself. On Soundcloud. More »      

How to Sail in Jupiter's Sky: NASA Reveals its Concept

Amid new discoveries by the Curiosity rover on Mars and the New Horizons flyby of Pluto, it’s easy to forget that the solar system’s rocky bodies are comparatively easy to explore. Much harder are the gas giants, obscured by heavy cloud cover and unpredictable weather. But NASA has a plan for those, too.

Curiosity's Latest Mars Mystery: Weird Rock

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity recently investigated a rock never seen before on the Red Planet, one that may be capable of preserving ancient carbon-containing organic molecules.

Amazon wants air space for delivery drones

Online retail colossus Amazon wants to carve out a special zone of the sky to shuttle commercial drones that would deliver goods to its customers. Amazon Prime Air project vice president Gur Kimchi used a NASA convention in California on Tuesday to fly the idea of dedicating separate air zones for commercial drones. Kimchi proposed […]

Listen to the Sounds of Voyager's Golden Records

3 hours agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

Nearly four decades after the spacecraft left earth, NASA has uploaded the complete audio from Voyager's Golden Records.

Package Delivery By Drone

Workhorse Group presents its plan for package delivery by drone at NASA Convention

NASA tells lawmakers to brace for more Pluto secrets revealed by mission

Hoping to capture lawmakers' imaginations and perhaps loosen their purse strings, NASA officials said Tuesday that the new scientific information gleaned from the New Horizons mission to Pluto was "revolutionizing" what they know about the icy dwarf planet.

Career Spotlight: What I Do as a NASA Engineer

4 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Space exploration, whether it be through telescopes watching the skies or probes sent to far away planets, is the culmination of thousands of people’s work, collaborating together to solve the innumerable problems that arise when you try to reach beyond what seems possible. Read more...

Pluto Conspiracy Theorists Say NASA’s Pluto Photos Are Fake

Pluto conspiracy theorists believe that NASA’s latest flyby expedition to the most distant planet in our solar system is a hoax. A group of separate amateur space explorers found full voice on social media after NASA released close-up images of Pluto taken by its New Horizons spacecraft. Show More Summary

Amazon proposes a slice of the sky for commercial drones

6 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

At a conference hosted by NASA, the e-commerce company calls for a high-traffic strip of the sky to support the wider use of robotic aircraft.

Alien Invaders Support Arctic Drilling

Now that NASA has identified our "earth like" planet, what you call Kepler 452b and we call what sounds to you like an alligator puking, I guess we no longer need to pretend that we're just oil company CEOs working to make you energy independent of your puny sun and flaccid winds. Show More Summary

These Could Be The First Things Aliens Hear From Earth

Yesterday, NASA made a couple of playlists intended for aliens available on its official Soundcloud profile. The tracks come from the Golden Record, a set of recordings, images, and messages that scientists attached to the Voyager 1 probe. NASA launched the two Voyager probes in 1977. Show More Summary

NASA Has A Plan To Keep Our Skies Free Of Drone Congestion

A thousand people gathered at NASA's Silicon Valley research center to hear the agency's plan for creating a workable system. With an increasing number of drones vying for precious airspace, someone should start thinking about how we can possibly hope to manage the traffic congestion that will soon be over our heads. Read Full Story

From Deep Space to SoundCloud: NASA Uploads 1970s Alien Podcast

NASA's Golden Record was carried onboard the spacecraft Voyager One and Two in the 1970s, so that aliens could hear greetings in Earth's languages, and sounds thought to represent life on Earth.

What You'd Hear If You Found Voyager's Golden Record In Deep Space

15 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

It’s been 38 years since NASA launched a gold record containing sounds and sights of Earth into space. Yesterday, NASA made it easier to hear those noises for yourself. On Soundcloud. Read more...

Did you want to go to space camp as a child?

16 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Did you want to go to space camp as a child? The Guardian profiled NASA’s summer camp, how it stays current and relevant, and why children — despite the U.S. government’s historically low funding of NASA — are still inspired by space. Read more...

When India’s Late President Kalam Trained as a Rocket Scientist With NASA

Before he became India’s head of state, Dr. Kalam, who died on Monday aged 83, was one of the country’s most distinguished scientists. Here, a former colleague and friend recalls his time training with a young Kalam in the U.S. in the early 1960s

Media Hype Hansen’s Latest ‘Alarming’ Prediction: Sea Levels to Rise 10 Feet

Climate alarmist James Hansen recently dropped a “bombshell” study about rising seas, at least according to the media hyping his claims. The former NASA lead climate scientist claimed sea levels could rise 10 feet in 50 years, which is far more than even the alarmist forecasts of the United Nations. Show More Summary

Listen to the sounds NASA sent into space for aliens to hear

It’s been a big month for alien enthusiasts. First Stephen Hawking backed a $100 million fund to get serious about our search for extraterrestrial life, now NASA has posted the ‘Golden Record’ up on Soundcloud. What is the ‘Golden Record’? It’s the collection of sounds that NASA selected to be sent on the Voyager spacecraft that launched in 1977. Show More Summary

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