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US should get to Mars during my presidency, Trump tells astronaut – video

Astronaut Peggy Whitson, who broke the US record for the most time in space, has received a congratulatory call from Donald Trump. The US president has urged Nasa to ‘speed up’ its Mars mission despite announcing plans to cut the space agency’s spending by about $200m Trump tells Nasa to ‘speed up’ Mars landing in call to congratulate astronaut Continue reading...

What it would actually take to get to Mars by 2020

6 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

What it would actually take to get to Mars by 2020 Short answer: a time machine NASA/Viking 1 Mars’ atmosphere Today, during a phone call with astronaut Peggy Whitson on the International Space Station, President Trump joked that he hoped NASA would land astronauts on Mars by the end of his...

Apple hires NASA AR/VR expert Jeff Norris to work on future products

Apple has reportedly hired Dr. Jeff Norris, an augmented and virtual reality specialist who founded the Mission Operations Innovation Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, to be part of a special projects team working to bring augmented reality to the masses.

Apple reportedly hires NASA veteran to join its growing augmented reality team

11 hours agoTechnology / Apple : 9 to 5 Mac

As Apple continues to ramp up its focus on augmented reality, the company has recently hired a specialist from NASA for its efforts. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple has hired Jeff Norris, a specialist in new technology at NASA… more…

Apple Hires NASA Augmented Reality Expert Jeff Norris

Apple has hired Jeff Norris, an augmented reality expert who founded the Mission Operations Innovation Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, reports Bloomberg. Norris has reportedly joined Apple as a senior manager working on the augmented reality team led by Mike Rockwell, who formerly ran Dolby Labs. Show More Summary

NASA and ESA join forces to build life-seeking Europa lander

The space agencies just announced a bold plan to search for aliens on Jupiter’s icy moon through a joint American-European mission

Ex-NASA engineers lead Apple’s self-driving car team

14 hours agoTechnology / Apple : Cult Of Mac

Apple is tapping into some of the same brilliant brains behind NASA’s recent project for its new self-driving car concept, according to new documents that unmask some of the scientists on the team. A new filing from the California DMV...Show More Summary

New close-up photos of Saturn's largest moon may be the last for decades

Cassini is a NASA spacecraft that has orbited Saturn since 2004. On April 22, the probe took its last close-up photos of Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Flying past the moon nudged Cassini onto a path that will eventually destroy the spacecraft. NASA's...Show More Summary

Now We Know: 'Every Star In The Sky Has At Least 1 Planet'

14 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Time magazine has included three planet-hunters on its annual list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World.” They are Natalie Batalha of NASA’s Ames Research Center in California; Michael Gillon from the University of LiegeShow More Summary

A bureaucratic mistake has revealed Apple’s secret team of self-driving car experts (AAPL, GOOG, GOOGL)

A secret team of NASA veterans and robotics experts recruited by Apple to lead its self-driving car project has had its cover blown by what appears to be a simple bureaucratic snafu. An Apple filing obtained by Business Insider on Friday...Show More Summary

Cassini completes final—and fateful—Titan flyby

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has had its last close brush with Saturn's hazy moon Titan and is now beginning its final set of 22 orbits around the ringed planet.

Trump wants NASA to send humans to Mars pronto — by his second term 'at worst'

16 hours agoHealth : The Checkup

He asked an astronaut what the timeline is for going to the Red Planet. She replied: “Well, as I think your bill directed …"

New NASA Discovery --"Our Sun and Planets Surrounded by a Gigantic Round Magnetic Field That Fills the Solar System"

New data from NASA's Cassini mission, combined with measurements from the two Voyager spacecraft and NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, suggests that our sun and planets are surrounded by a giant, rounded system of magnetic field from the sun—calling...        

Trailblazer Peggy Whitson: First Female Commander Of The International Space Station Keeps Breaking Records

On Monday morning President Donald Trump was joined by his daughter, Ivanka, and NASA astronaut Kate Rubins, as he made contact with the International Space Station to congratulate Peggy Whitson on her record-breaking contribution to...Show More Summary

NASA's Fermi catches gamma-ray flashes from tropical storms

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) A thousand times a day, thunderstorms around the globe launch fleeting bursts of gamma rays. Now scientists have studied dozens of these events fired off by Earth's biggest weather: tropical storms, hurricanes and typhoons.

The Falcon has Landed – Working with film from the Apollo 15 Moon mission

I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with some very interesting historical media. A retired NASA engineer friend contacted me having found a box of photographic films in his desk drawer. Turns out the box contained two partial...Show More Summary

Trump tells Nasa to 'speed up' Mars landing in call to congratulate astronaut

Peggy Whitson, who broke US record for most time spent in space, received praise from president, who plans to cut Nasa’s budget and certain programs Astronaut Peggy Whitson broke the US record for most time spent in space Monday, and...Show More Summary

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