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Ten Things to Know About IMAX's "A Beautiful Planet"

Witness an astronaut's view of the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain (left), the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa from the International Space Station (ISS). (NASA/IMAX) Here are a few things you should know about the stunning 3D space documentary that opened in IMAX and IMAX 3D theatres on April 29. 1. Show More Summary

NASA captures spectacular sun storm in new video

6 hours agoTechnology : Tech Talk

The new video, captured by a NASA spacecraft, puts you up close and personal with a fiery storm on our closest star.

NASA Seeking Proposals for Deep Space Habitat

NASA is soliciting proposals for the development of prototypes for deep space habitats that will give astronauts a place to call home during long-duration missions supporting the agency’s Journey to Mars.The solicitation, Next SpaceShow More Summary

How to Sound Check the World’s Most Powerful Rocket

Welcome to NASA’s Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility, the most powerful jam space in the world.

NASA Scientists Unravel Mystery of Moon's Surface Swirls

New observations of the Moon have shed light on the origin of the distinctive swirls on the lunar surface.

The forgotten Internet of Cyber.kdz

They were modern, ‘90s teens who used email to save NASA from cyberterrorists. Their neon-hued adventures remind us what the Internet used to be.

Why You’re Flying on ‘70s Gas Guzzlers

As NASA develops radical new planet-friendly aircraft some U.S. carriers are actually adding planes designed in the 70s that smoke up the skies.

NASA's Starshade Spacecraft --Future Exoplanet Exploration Enables Pictures of Earth-like Worlds

Scientists and engineers are actively working on two technologies to help with this challenge: the starshade, a giant flower-shaped spacecraft; and coronagraphs, single instruments that fit inside telescopes. Both a starshade and a coronagraph block the light of a star,...

Chevy's Camaro SS can wirelessly charge a phone... while doing donuts

Video: Nichi Hoskins The Camaro nameplate is about a synonymous with American muscle as NASA is with space travel and the Twinkie is with indestructibility. With the sixth-generation Camaro, though, Chevy has massaged more into the iconic pony car than just burliness. Show More Summary

NASA Releases 360-Degree View Of Mars Taken By Curiosity Rover

2 days agoHumor / odd : The Presurfer

image credit NASA NASA have released a stunning 360-degree panorama acquired by the Mastcam on the space agency's Curiosity Mars rover on April 4, 2016. The panorama has been recorded as part of long-term campaign to document the context and details of the geology and landforms along Curiosity's traverse since landing in August 2012. The Presurfer

Watch a NASA Scientist and a Yellow Puppet Explore Greenland’s Melting Glaciers

For a sign that Josh Willis isn't your typical NASA scientist, let's start with the name of his major new climate study: Oceans Melting Greenland. That's "OMG," if your mind isn't the sort to instantly elide everything into texting lingo. Willis,...Show More Summary

NASA: Study Shows Increased CO2 Is Creating A Greener Planet

NASA repored that the increasing level of CO2 in the atmosphere is making the planet greener. The new vegetation could mitigate some global warming, but scientists warn it won’t be enough to offset the negative effects of climate change. Show More Summary

NASA Now Has New Options For Sampling Moon's Ancient Interior

Finding and sampling the Moon’s ancient interior mantle --- one of the science drivers for sending robotic spacecraft and future NASA astronauts to the Moon’s South Pole Aitken basin --- is just as likely achievable at similar deep impact basins scattered around the lunar surface.

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft to Arrive at Jupiter in July

NASA’s Juno spacecraft will arrive at Jupiter on July 4 to study the planet’s origins and composition, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration informs.

Space X Plans First Mars Mission in 2018

Technology billionaire Elon Musk’s private aerospace firm Space X is working with NASA on a mission to Mars in early 2018, as per a Space Act Agreement. Musk is the firm’s CEO and lead designer. By working together, this relationship will benefit both parties. There will be...

NASA's Fermi Telescope helps link cosmic neutrino to blazar blast

Nearly 10 billion years ago, the black hole at the center of a galaxy known as PKS B1424-418 produced a powerful outburst. Light from this blast began arriving at Earth in 2012. Now astronomers using data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-rayShow More Summary

No One Can Explain This Giant Flaming Crater in the Woods Near My Parents’ House

NASA confirms that a meteorite didn’t start a giant brushfire in Bowie, Maryland. But who—or what—did?

BOOM! Global Warming Movement Takes MAJOR Hit – Obama Agency EXPOSED For Fraud!

Looks like the National Snow and Ice Data Center has been caught fudging data on climate change. They are in good company with NASA and NOAA. All of these agencies

In "A Beautiful Planet," astronauts shoot the stunning footage from space, but Earth's the real star

a beautiful planet, imax, nasa, kjell lindgren, overview effect, international space station, NASA

British astronaut Tim Peake shares incredible images from space

Missing NASA astronaut Scott Kelly’s stunning images from space?  British Astronaut Tim Peake has quickly filled the Twitterverse’s need for space photos.        

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