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Drunk History: First Discoveries of the Big Bang's Sounds from Space

10 hours agoHumor : Milk and Cookies

While using a NASA listening device, scientists Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson hear a mysterious sound emanating from the vacuum of space. From Drunk History

NASA Teams Up With Hoverboard Company To Build A Magnetic 'Tractor Beam'

When Arx Pax unveiled its “hoverboard” last year, we had a hunch that this was but the first demonstration of the company’s new magnetic field technology. Why was Arx Pax really messing around with magnets? For one, to build a tractor beam. More »      

‘Moon Size’ UFO Ships Orbiting Sun Caught On Video — ‘What Will NASA Say?’ Asks UFO Researcher

The NASA Helioviewer, a project of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory satellite that has been orbiting since 1995, taking thousands, perhaps millions of pictures of the sun, has also often revealed strange UFO ships that appear to be orbiting the massive star at the enter of the solars system, for some reason. Show More Summary

Mars’ Floating Spoon Rock

14 hours agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Like many, I have become addicted to new images from NASA, particularly from Mars. While many have seen figures or other mysterious signs of life, the topography is far more interesting, like this image of the “floating spoon.” There is a most interesting fact. We see such rock formations on Earth in places like Bryce […]

NASA Taps Arx Pax For ‘Tractor Beam’

16 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Ubergizmo

The Hoverboard which we talked about last year proved that it might not be possible to travel to the future, but one can certainly develop ideas from the future in the here and now. It seems that Arx Pax, the company behind the Hoverboard,...Show More Summary

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Spots ‘Floating Spoon’ On Mars

19 hours agoHumor / odd : The Inquisitr - Odd

Yet another case of Mars pareidolia has struck, as UFO watchers claim they have spotted a floating spoon in an image sent back from the Red Planet by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The photo was first noted by users at the Unmanned Spaceflight forum, as ABC News points out. Show More Summary

NASA looking at 'hitchhiking' across solar system on speeding comets

19 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

A spacecraft concept under development could shoot diamond harpoons at space rocks to slingshot itself around our corner of the galaxy.

How realistic is Hollywood's "The Martian"?

19 hours agoTechnology : Tech Talk

A NASA scientist tells CBS News what the upcoming Matt Damon movie gets right about life on the Red Planet

NASA Teams Up With Hoverboard Producers to Develop Magnetic Tractor Beam

The creators of a working hoverboard have now teamed up with NASA. Using the company’s groundbreaking magnetic field technology, the space agency hopes to develop tractor beam technology. Marty McFly, meet the Death Star.

NASA contractors accused of swindling agency with tire repair scam

20 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

Two contractors hired to manage NASA’s vehicle fleet at the Kennedy Space Center defrauded the agency of at least $387,000 for unnecessary tire replacements, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday by federal prosecutors in Florida. The complaint accuses URS Federal Services Inc of Maryland,...

Perfectly Skinned Watermelon Trick

Looking for a fun watermelon party trick? Here's one brought to you by NASA engineer Mark Rober.

Blow Your Guests Away With This Amazing Watermelon Skinning Trick

We all know how to cut watermelon into cubes and slices but how many times have your guests really been impressed with those shapes? One former NASA engineer, Mark Rober, figured out the coolest party trick that presents the fruit in...Show More Summary

Help Fund a Campaign to Reissue NASA's 1975 Design Manual

yesterdayHumor / odd : mental_floss

The manual defined the look of the national space program for nearly two decades before it was abruptly repealed.

Own a historic NASA manual featuring 'the worm'

It won't teach you how to build a rocket or fly to Pluto, but this manual is a fascinating part of NASA's history, and it's seeking funding on Kickstarter now.

Peek inside NASA's fascinating 1975 design standards manual (pictures)

Featuring a now-discontinued logo known as "the worm," this manual offers an insider's look at a captivating piece of the space agency's history.

From NASA and the Makers of the Hoverboard: Tractor Beams

Image: Wikipedia Arx Pax, the California company that brought you the 90-pound magnetic hoverboard that actually works and lasts 10-15 minutes, has its eyes set on bringing a grander sci-fi trope to life. It’s teaming up with NASA to create small prototype tractor beams over the next few years, according to a statement released today. Show More Summary

Slate Blames Manmade Warming for Recently Rising Seas, Even Though It’s Been Happening for Centuries

The seas are rising and Sandy-like storm surges are going to be a “new normal,” according to Slate. Slate’s Bad Astronomy writer Phil Plait highlighted a NASA study that showed a rise in sea levels since 1992 in his Aug. 31 article.Show More Summary

CubeSats to the Moon

Casey interviews Dr. Craig Hardgrove about his lunar CubeSat, how it came together, and how NASA’s support for small missions are important for early career scientists like himself.

Here's What's Next For NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft

Two months after the New Horizon's spacecraft nailed the Pluto flyby, it's setting its sights on something new: a tiny icy object that sits in the asteroid belt past the dwarf planet. NASA's goal is to gather as much data as possible...Show More Summary

NASA Teams Up With Hoverboard Company to Build a Magnetic "Tractor Beam"

When Arx Pax unveiled its “hoverboard” last year, we had a hunch that this was but the first demonstration of the company’s new magnetic field technology. Why was Arx Pax really messing around with magnets? For one, to build a tractor beam. Read more...

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