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How NASA's Going to Look For Life on Europa

Composite image of Europa's surface from NASA's Galileo mission. Jupiter's moon Europa is often on the top of lists of “places beyond Earth to look for life,” and NASA is planning how to find out what, if anything, is living there. At...Show More Summary

Mission to Europa will test Jupiter moon's friendliness to life

NASA has announced the instruments for its next mission to Jupiter's icy moon Europa, one of the solar system's best candidates for hosting life

NASA, DARPA collaborating on Deep Web search to analyze spacecraft data

Researchers at JPL have joined with DARPA to develop Deep Web search tools for mining vast data stores from NASA spacecraft and other science-related objectives.

DIY RC Curiosity Rover is Ready to Explore Your Backyard

Hardware and software developer Sergey Grishchenko made this small remote-controlled model of NASA’s Curiosity rover from scratch. Sergey designed and printed most of the toy’s non-electronic parts, including the wheels and the claw arm. Sergey used…

Google Doodle Honors Sally Ride, First American Woman (and Lesbian!) in Space

Google's doodle pays homage to the first female NASA astronaut, who was revealed to be lesbian following her death. read more

NASA Launches API Portal to Encourage Use of Data Sets

NASA has launched an API portal as part of its ongoing attempts to encourage reuse of the significant data sets available from the U.S. space agency’s missions and other ongoing projects.

NASA's 46-Year-Old Floating Poop Mystery

yesterdayHumor / odd : mental_floss

The astronauts on NASA’s Apollo 10 mission in May 1969 paved the way for a pivotal moment in human history, but in the process, introduced an entirely new kind of space exploration mystery.  Apollo 10 served as a test run for the 1969 moon landing two months later. Show More Summary

Here Are the Science Instruments NASA Will Use to Explore Europa

NASA just announced the science instruments that will be used to understand the enigmatic ocean moon of Europa. The mission is planned to launch sometime in the early 2020s.

WISE discovers brightest galaxy in the universe

A fresh study examining data from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft has led to to the discovery of the brightest galaxy in the universe. The galaxy, dubbed WISE J224607.57-052635.0, is believed to contain in...Show More Summary

NASA looks to DARPA's deep web search technology for future spacecraft data analysis

NASA has partnered with DARPA to develop technology that allows for the indexing of Deep Web content. The agency plans to turn the tool towards the wealth of data collected by its numerous spacecraft, as well as its huge archive of published...Show More Summary

Slippery Slope Sends Curiosity Rover On A New Route Across Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover has started a new journey across Mars, after a slippery slope defeated the dune buggy’s previous effort

Could NASA take CubeSats interplanetary?

CubeSats, tiny satellites about the size of a loaf of bread or smaller, hold the promise of opening space up to low-budget space missions, but currently they're largely restricted to Low-Earth Orbit (LEO). To broaden the scope of these...Show More Summary

NASA set to relocate space station module

Move is biggest change to the station's structure since its assembly was completed in 2011.        

NASA Railroad reaches the end of its line

No need now for railway that hauled solid rocket booster segments for space shuttle.        

Rockstar Robots: NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover

Rockstar Robots make up the cream of the crop in the world of robotics. These are the bots that will turn heads with just their name being uttered. Even those who don’t stay on top of who’s making what should recognize a famous robot or two when they see it. […] Read more on MAKE The post Rockstar Robots: NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover appeared first on Make:.

A Stunning, Multi-Wavelength Image Of The Solar Atmosphere

3 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

This fantastical image comes courtesy of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. It depicts a brilliant array of “coronal loops,” magnetic fluxes which form around sunspots and extend into the solar atmosphere. Read more...

The promise of NewSpace

Ceres as revealed by NASA's Dawn spacecraft on May 4, 2015, from a distance of 8,400 miles (13,600 kilometers). The bright spots may be water ice. We throw a lot of terms around here on Daily Kos, mostly in politics, sometimes in science. Show More Summary

A Rare Glimpse Into the Eye of Typhoon Dolphin

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

To remote sensing scientists, peering directly into the eye of a tropical storm is like hitting a hole in one. That’s exactly what NASA’s CloudSat satellite did on May 16th, completing a stunning overpass of Typhoon Dolphin as the category 4 storm churned across the west Pacific. Read more...

NASA 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge

NASA has announced its 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge to find ways to print shelters in space from indigenous materials found on distant planets like Mars. NASA 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge was originally posted on: PlanetSave. To read...Show More Summary

NASA patched Curiosity rover's autofocus problem over the air

Pardon me while I say something that might not be entirely popular: Software updates are pretty awesome. Maybe not so much for game consoles, but, I digress because the Curiosity rover recently received a patch that improved the autofocus of its "ChemCam" telescope. Show More Summary

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