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SpaceX says it will fly a spacecraft to Mars as soon as 2018

2 days agoTechnology : Post Tech

Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans to land an unmanned spacecraft on Mars as soon as 2018 with the help of NASA, an extraordinary collaboration between the public and private sector in an effort to eventually get humans to the Red Planet. SpaceX made the announcement on Twitter Wednesday, laying out an ambitious timeline for an incredibly […]

NASA astronauts get a little “driver’s ed” training at Boeing

2 days agoTechnology : Post Tech

ST. LOUIS—It starts here in a warehouse by the airport. A couple of NASA astronauts in their blue flight suits, sitting at a touch screen display, taking the first training steps toward the real flights scheduled to happen more than a year from now. Those flights will be the first from American soil since the […]

Dawn Spacecraft May Look For Alien Life on Another Asteroid

The little spacecraft that could may be moving its search for alien life on asteroids to yet another space rock. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, currently orbiting Ceres where it has been sending back fabulous photos of huge craters and mysterious (well, not mysterious any more) lights but no...

NASA astronauts will fly commercial to space station

2 days agoTechnology : Tech Talk

It's been five years since the last ?U.S. launch to the space station, and astronauts are getting ready for a different kind of voyage

NASA releases 'stunning' solar flare video

NASA released stunning footage on Tuesday of a solar flare that caused short radio blackouts earlier this month.        

NASA astronauts get a little “driver’s ed” training at Boeing

Working at a simulator, NASA's best and brightest are taking the first steps toward resuming American launches from U.S. soil since the shuttle retired in 2011.

The Geology (Hadeology) of Pluto and Charon Through the Eyes of New Horizons

The Geology of Pluto and Charon Through the Eyes of New HorizonsAuthors:Moore et alAbstract:NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has revealed the complex geology of Pluto and Charon. Pluto's encounter hemisphere shows ongoing surface geological...Show More Summary

NASA Looking for Ideas for Advanced Mars Orbiter

NASA is soliciting ideas from U.S. industry for designs of a Mars orbiter for potential launch in the 2020s. The satellite would provide advanced communications and imaging, as well as robotic science exploration, in support of NASA’s...Show More Summary

We just lost another critical climate satellite

These NASA satellites are some of our best tools for understanding climate change, and there's no plan to replace them.

UFO Hunter Spots ‘Huge Alien Cities’ With Bright Lights On NASA’s Magellan Maps Of The Surface Of Planet Venus [Video]

A UFO hunter claims bizarrely to have spotted sprawling urban complexes with dazzling lights in old images of the surface of Venus — the second rocky or terrestrial planet from the Sun – -published recently for the first time by NASA. Show More Summary

How NASA’s groundbreaking work on human blood can predict your reaction to certain drugs

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly recently returned to Earth after spending on year in space. Now, NASA scientists  are conducting a series of tests, including blood tests, to better understand how Kelly's experience in space affected his body. ...Show More Summary

The Senate Just Proposed to Slash Planetary Science Funding

The Senate has released its draft of NASA's 2017 budget which, despite increasing NASA's top-line by $300 million, would cut $270 million from the Planetary Science Division. Here's why we shouldn't worry—yet.

Hubble discovers moon orbiting the dwarf planet Makemake

Peering to the outskirts of our solar system, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a small, dark moon orbiting Makemake, the second brightest icy dwarf planet -- after Pluto -- in the Kuiper Belt. The moon -- provisionally designated S/2015 (136472) 1 and nicknamed MK 2 -- is more than 1,300 times fainter than Makemake. Show More Summary

NASA releases incredibly high-resolution Earth-rise photo captured from above the lunar surface

What you see above is not a 3D model made on a computer. It is a composition captured and created by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter that depicts the earth rising over the surface of the moon. Launched on June 18th, 2009, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) had a primary mission of mapping out the topography [...]Show More Summary

James Webb Space Telescope taking shape

3 days agoTechnology : Tech Talk

The James Webb Space Telescope, successor to NASA's hugely successful Hubble, is finally taking shape, on track for launch in 2018

Cassini image captures phantom rings

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured a stunning, and seemingly impossible view of Saturn's iconic ring system intersecting with a second set of phantom rings. The image was snapped using the probe's narrow-angle camera on Feb. 11,Show More Summary

NASA, FAA could open the door for drone deliveries (AMZN, GOOG, GOOGL)

This story was delivered to BI Intelligence IoT Industry Insider subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. Safety has been one of the main questions when discussing the mass adoption of drones, and two major organizations...Show More Summary

Hubble Telescope captures new glimpse of mysterious cosmic object

3 days agoTechnology : Tech Talk

NASA: New image gives scientists the best understanding yet of the enigma known as the "Red Rectangle"

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