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Giant UFO Caught By Space Station NASA Cam Hovering Over Earth, UFO Researcher Claims In New Video

A giant UFO was sighted hovering high above Earth — but within the planet’s atmosphere — by a NASA camera positioned on the International Space Station, according to a prominent online UFO researcher, who revealed his latest purported discovery in a new video posted Tuesday. Show More Summary

NASA Is Studying How to Replace Mirrors in Its Telescopes With Glitter

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Space telescope Hubble and its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope are made with huge, expensive mirrors. And that can be a problem when you’re paying to launch the thing into space. So instead of one big mirror, how about thousands, or even millions, of tiny ones? In other words, how about glitter? Read more...

NASA Modular Robotic Vehicle

NASA’s impressive new electric rover vehicle can deftly maneuver into the tightest of spaces, thanks to independent four-wheel 180º steering. It can also be remotely operated. We want one of these just to drive around town now.

2015 Is Shaping Up to Be the Hottest Year on Record

The first three months of 2015 were the warmest start to any year on record, according to new data released from NASA on Wednesday. All major global temperature-tracking agencies have ranked January, February, and March 2015 as among the warmest three months on record, respectively. Show More Summary

These heroes put a doughnut in space.

2 days agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

A Norwegian science group attached a doughnut to the edge of a weather balloon and sent it into space. Hey, NASA! Why can we talk about sending a MAN to MARS, but it takes a group of young people in Norway to do the IMPORTANT work of...Show More Summary

A Spacecraft Captures the First Color Picture of Pluto

NASA released the first color picture of Pluto from a spacecraft - Newser You could soon be going to the DMV without having to wait in line - Not Impossible Now 24 new words that were created by the Internet - TechEBlog Find out howShow More Summary

NASA's journey to Pluto: Here's what might go wrong

2 days agoHealth : Booster Shots

After a journey of 9.5 years across 3 billion miles of space, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is about three months away from its closest approach to the dwarf planet Pluto.

Rainbow Cloud of Space Glitter and Lasers Could Image Alien Worlds

In the future, mirror-based space telescopes might be replaced by “glitter clouds” of particles sculpted by laser light, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsi?on Laboratory (JPL). This mind-boggling proposal is called Orbiting Rainbows, and...Show More Summary

Space Glitter Telescope seeks distant stars and exoplanets

2 days agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

NASA JPL sends news of a proposed technique to use a cloud of laser-controlled glitter to work as a space telescope for imaging exoplanets. It's called Orbiting Rainbows. We approve. Read the rest

The One Psychological Trick That’s Fooled Everyone On Tumblr Into Seeing “Faces” And “Lizards” In NASA Mars Photos

Are these images of people and animals on Mars? Time and time again, frustrated experts have responded that they are just rocks. But the belief persists.

Spacecraft takes first color image of Pluto

2 days agoTechnology : Tech Talk

On its way to an unprecedented flyby of Pluto, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft snapped a special shot

The Hubble Travels Brilliantly

Last week I received an invitation from an associate at Marriott's headquarters to the 25th Anniversary of the Hubble Telescope. I was really interested in this. His wife works for NASA and when he did some digging, he found many references to Marriott and NASA. Show More Summary

NASA probe shows first color images of Pluto, moon Charon

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has just released the first color image of Pluto and its largest moon, Charon.        

NASA’s new robotic car makes Google's look lame

NASA just unveiled a new  modular robotic vehicle (MRV). The MRV is battery powered and has four independent wheel modules that can rotate 180 degrees, allowing the car to be driven sideways.. The car can be driven remotely and will soon have the capability to be fully autonomous.  Video courtesy of NASA Follow BI Video: On Facebook Join the conversation about this story »

NASA: January To March 2015 Was The Hottest 3-Month Start To Any Year On Record Globally

The odds are increasing that this will be the hottest year on record. The post NASA: January To March 2015 Was The Hottest 3-Month Start To Any Year On Record Globally appeared first on ThinkProgress.

NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Nears Historic July 14 Encounter with Pluto

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is three months from returning to humanity the first-ever close up images and scientific observations of distant Pluto and its system of large and small moons.

MRV is NASA’s remote control, sideways-driving EV built for Mars

NASA’s engineers have been busy creating a new prototype rover. What they came up with is this highly maneuverable, battery-powered golf cart. They call it MRV: modular robotic vehicle. The chunky, one-ton rover […]

Spitzer space telescope used to help spot one of the most distant known planets

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

The NASA Spitzer Space Telescope has teamed up with the Polish Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE)'s Warsaw Telescope at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile to observe a distant gas giant located some 13,000 light-years away. Show More Summary

NASA Built An Autonomous Electric Drift Buggy: Video

You have an S13 with extra steering angle? NASA has an electric buggy with 180-degree steering on all four wheels. But is drifting really drifting if you’re not sliding the rear wheels? ALSO SEE: Car Thief Captured After Programming Home Address Into GPS Fans of the Razor Crazy Cart will clamor loudly in favor of the rear-steer drift...

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