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NASA is launching a wild project to make Venus’s atmosphere habitable

The surface of Venus is not anything close to habitable, since its average surface temperature is around 864 degrees Fahrenheit. But what if we never bothered trying to walk on Venus and instead built a floating city in the clouds that...Show More Summary

NASA captures a solar flare worthy of the holidays

NASA imagery shows the best holiday lights display you'll see this year.

Video: Falling to Earth aboard NASA's Orion spacecraft

A NASA video lets you virtually peer out the window of the Orion spacecraft as it plummets to Earth at speeds up to 20,000 mph.

This is How NASA Fixed a Telescope Currently In Orbit

A vital space telescope recovers after an ingenious long-distance fix

UFO Spotted In Apollo 15 NASA Moon Mission Photo From 44 Years Ago — Apollo 12 Also

A UFO researcher was examining archival photos from the 1971 NASA moon mission Apollo 15 recently, when he discovered what he says is evidence of a mysterious craft, seemingly hovering over the lunar horizon. But the researcher warned...Show More Summary

NASA image captures x-rays streaming off the sun

4 days agoHealth : The Checkup

The sun isn't a smooth, contained ball of plasma. It's actually got radiation shooting off it all willy-nilly, all the time. But it's never looked quite as lovely as it does in the image above.The picture was made using observationsShow More Summary

NASA Wants To Build A Cloud City On Venus

4 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : Gamma Squad


Reentry of NASA’s Orion capsule captured on film (VIDEO)

Dramatic video of NASA's Orion shows the intense conditions spacemen endure as their crafts make an unbelievably fast descent.

Video from NASA's Orion craft shows its intense plunge to Earth

You'll feel like an astronaut after seeing the view from the spacecraft.

NASA releases spectacular video of Orion re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look out the window of a spacecraft that's returning to Earth? Well, wonder no more: NASA has released some video footage captured out of the windows of the Orion capsule as it returned to Earth during its test flight a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it's sensational.

The Big Picture: Catching an intense solar flare in action

It's no longer rare to hear reports of solar flares that could affect Earth, but seeing them in vivid detail? That's another matter. Thankfully, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recently captured a high-intensity X1.8 flare (80 percent more intense...

All the planets would fit between the earth and the moon

4 days agoOdd : TYWKIWDBI

And what a view that would be. At low tide. I pulled my numbers from NASA’s Solar System Fact Sheets, and they’re a little different from the original infographic, but close enough that the comparison is still valid. Planet Average Diameter...Show More Summary

NASA scientists want to send a crew to the clouds of Venus

With temperatures sailing above 900 degrees Fahrenheit and an intense atmospheric pressure, sending humans to the surface of Venus is impossible, but two NASA scientists say going to the planet's clouds is a different story. Dale Arney...Show More Summary

NuSTAR's amazing first image of the sun

4 days agoOdd : Boing Boing

Via NASA/JPL, this amazing image is one of the first shot by NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR. A larger version is available here. Read the rest

This Was The Incredible View From Orion's Crew Module During Re-entry

4 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Earlier this month, NASA scored a major victory with the flawless launch of the Orion prototype spacecraft. The space agency has now released a thrilling new video showing an astronaut's-eye view from the crew module's window as it returned to Earth. Read more...

NASA plans to unleash HAVOC into the clouds around Venus

We haven’t even laid eyes on the surface of Venus yet, but that’s not deterring NASA from daydreaming about sending manned missions to the planet. Although much of Venus is still a completely mystery, we do know that the surface of the planet is far too

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Meet the Twins Unlocking the Secrets of Space

The Kelly twins--one in orbit and one on Earth--may help NASA unlock the secret of long-term space travel

NASA wants to build airship cities in the Venus sky

Since Venus is closer to Earth than Mars -- both in size and distance -- it would be a much more convenient candidate for manned exploration. There's just a slight hitch: the average temperature is 850 degrees F, and the atmosphere is 90 times denser...

25 Mind Blowing Space Art Concepts of Cosmic Scenes

It’s interesting to browse real space images sourced by NASA, but the fictional concepts in the Space Art genre are really mind blowing. These artists produce extraordinary cosmic scenes featuring vibrant nebulas and gigantic planets. Show More Summary

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