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NASA app launches on Apple TV - CNET

The space agency's app will let you livestream NASA TV, watch lives views of the Earth from space, and view space photography via Apple TV.

South Pole Rescue Must Be Urgent, To Leave This High Tech Research Facility

The South Pole weather is said to be dreadful, making the work done there as difficult as in the fictionalized account and rescue of the NASA astronauts in the movie The Martian. In the movie, the rescue operation was for one person as it is with the very real effort to save the life of... Show More Summary

NASA's app turns your Apple TV into an ISS observation deck

According to NASA, the space agency's official app has been downloaded more than 17 million times on iOS, Android and Fire OS. Today, that same window into space exploration got even bigger with the addition of a new version for Apple TV. Show More Summary

Earth Has a Little Buddy Asteroid

5 days agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

NASA has announced a new asteroid, designated 2016 HO3, that is Earth’s constant companion. It was first spotted in April of this year. This asteroid revolves around both the Earth and the sun, in a sort of spiral pattern, keeping a constant distance from us. Show More Summary

NASA analyzes short-lived Tropical Storm Danielle

Tropical Storm Danielle formed on June 20 and by June 21 the storm had dissipated over eastern Mexico. NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Global Precipitation Measurement or GPM mission core satellite analyzed its rainfall rates, while NASA's Aqua satellite measured cloud top temperatures to locate strongest storms. read more

Former NASA engineer builds massive NERF gun that can shatter glass

What do you do when you stop building spaceships for NASA? Create massive toy NERF guns, of course.  Former NASA engineer and current YouTuber and inventor Mark Rober was a little sick and tired of messing around with teeny dart guns,...Show More Summary

Research bolsters case for a present-day subsurface ocean on Pluto

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] -- When the NASA's New Horizons spacecraft buzzed by Pluto last year, it revealed tantalizing clues that the dwarf planet might have -- or had at one time -- a liquid ocean sloshing around under its icy crust. According to a new analysis led by a Brown University Ph.D. student, such an ocean likely still exists today. read more

Man Builds World’s Largest Functional NERF Gun [Video]

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober made the world’s largest functional NERF gun and tested it for our viewing pleasure. Then (below,) two of his friends replaced the pneumatic compression system with a system that uses black powder to launch projectiles. Check it out. [Mark Rober]

Oh Wow: The World's Largest Functional NERF Gun

5 days agoHumor / odd : Geekologie

This is a video of former NASA engineer Mark Rober demonstrating the gigantic NERF gun he built. The gun is powered by a compressed air system and shoots pool noodles with toilet plunger tips at around 40MPH. I would not want to take...Show More Summary

NASA Unveils New Electric Plane Called X-57

NASA's latest project is an electric plane, tagged as X-57, which will help demonstrate how this kind of aviation can be cleaner and fast than current practices.

A Flying Tesla? NASA, Airbus And The Rise Of Cleaner, Quieter Electric And Hybrid Planes

Thanks to the revolution in battery technology, NASA has a “plan to help a significant portion of the aircraft industry transition to electrical propulsion within the next decade.” The post A Flying Tesla? NASA, Airbus And The Rise Of Cleaner, Quieter Electric And Hybrid Planes appeared first on ThinkProgress.

NASA’s New X-57 Electric Plane Looks Goofy But Packs Some Sweet Tech

The X-57's version of shifting into high gear is shutting off its 12 small engines and letting their propellers fold back to become flush with the wing. The post NASA's New X-57 Electric Plane Looks Goofy But Packs Some Sweet Tech appeared first on WIRED.

Cosmic Baby: NASA Discovers Youngest Exoplanet in Universe

NASA astronomers have discovered a newborn exoplanet ever detected around a young star, which is, actually, 5-10 million years old. The discovery will help scientists to understand how planets form and, in particular, what led to the formation of the Earth and the origin of life on it.

Found: Baby Planets

An illustration of K2-33b. (Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech) Of all the far-away exoplanets that NASA has been finding with the Kepler telescope, some of the most important and fascinating are young planets, which can help scientists understand...Show More Summary

Senator: Due Process is Killing Us on Gun Control

Joe Manchin, West Virginia Democratic Senator, lamented how  efforts. Hm, is the pesky Constitution getting in your way? Photo by NASA HQ PHOTO

NASA: 'Electric Winds' Can Strip Alien Worlds of Their Oceans

Venus has an "electric wind" strong enough to remove the components of water from its upper atmosphere, which may have played a significant role in stripping Earth's twin planet of its oceans, according to new results from ESA's (European Space...

Seeds of Tomorrow at #ASTAannual

If NASA is looking for extraordinary out in space, CASIS is looking for extraordinary right here on earth. The Center for Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) manages the laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS), providing resources needed to launch research and innovation that comes from experiments in micro gravity. Show More Summary

NASA'S Kepler Discovers Youngest 'Baby' Exoplanet

A new planet was discovered recently and is now the youngest planet found outside the Solar System.

Satellites sees Tropical Storm Danielle born along Mexico coast

NASA and NOAA satellites saw the tropical low pressure area formerly known as System 94L develop into tropical depression 4 then become the fourth named tropical cyclone of the North Atlantic Hurricane Season on June 20. read more

NASA reveals the X-57, its electric plane project

An electric plane project is in the works at NASA, and the new aircraft is called the X-57. It’s an initiative the space agency hopes will demonstrate that electric-powered aviation can be environmentally friendly, quiet, and quick. Made...Show More Summary

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