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Global sea levels climbed 3 inches since 1992, NASA research shows

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fl. (Reuters) - Sea levels worldwide rose an average of nearly 3 inches (8 cm) since 1992, the result of warming waters and melting ice, a panel of NASA scientists said on Wednesday.

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft gets a more intimate look at dwarf planet Ceres

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has moved closer to the dwarf planet Ceres to get a closer look from its former altitude of 2,700 miles. The small world — no bigger than Pluto (approximately 590 […]

Space menus, from pizza to poop (and back again)

If you're thinking about registering for the next Mars mission, consider what might end up on your plate Web nasa space pizza recycling

NASA Just Crashed a Plane on Purpose

While most of us think of space exploration when we think of NASA, the organization actually has made thousands of contributions to the field of aeronautics over the years that go beyond launching rockets into space.…

NASA’s Failed Orion Parachute Test Was a Success

NASA didn't deploy two of the parachutes---on purpose. The post NASA’s Failed Orion Parachute Test Was a Success appeared first on WIRED.

NASA Warns Of "Unavoidable" Coming Sea Level Rise Of Several Feet

Since 1992, sea levels around the world have risen by an average of around 3 inches, with some locations seeing oceans as much as nine inches higher.

Watch Live: NASA Crashing An Airplane For Science

NASA is crashing a Cessna 172—on purpose—in order to test emergency locator transmitters. On Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET, NASA will drop a vintage 1974 aircraft, tail down, from a height of 100 feet at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. Show More Summary

Dawn spacecraft sends sharpest images of Ceres yet

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has been sending back images of the dwarf planet Ceres for several months now, but the latest are the clearest ones to date.

Flyby video from latest photos shows Pluto in all its glory

3 days agoHumor / odd :

Bjorn Jonsson used the photos taken by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft to make an animation of the probe's flyby of Pluto. The time covered is 09:35 to 13:35 (closest approach occurred near 11:50). Pluto's atmosphere is included and should be fairly realistic from about 10 seconds into the animation and to the end. Show More Summary

The Internet Now Sees A 'Stars Wars' Ship On Mars

3 days agoNews : Huffington Post

An object that looks like a Star Destroyer from "Star Wars" wasn't found in a galaxy far far away. It was sighted on the planet next door. The Internet is now buzzing that an item photographed by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover resembles the aircraft from George Lucas' space series. Show More Summary

Twin Jet Nebula: The wings of the butterfly

The shimmering colours visible in this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image show off the remarkable complexity of the Twin Jet Nebula. The new image highlights the nebula's shells and its knots of expanding gas in striking detail. Two iridescent lobes of material stretch outwards from a central star system. Show More Summary

'Hard Knocks' episode 3 recap: The Texans visit space

The Texans take a field trip to NASA, a fan favorite emerges and coach Bill O'Brien politely requests his offense move at a faster pace before he names a starting quarterback. After last week delivered an uneven episode of Hard Knocks...Show More Summary

Why the Race to Mars Requires Astronauts to Become Onion Farmers

A panel of red LEDs used for illumination for a plant growth experiment with possible future application to food growing in space. (Photo: NASA/Public Domain) When NASA astronauts tweeted this month that they had harvested a batch of...Show More Summary

California is sinking 2 inches a month because of drought-driven groundwater pumping

Scientists have known California is sinking for years, but new data from NASA show the state is subsiding even faster than previously thought due to relentless pumping of groundwater - largely for agricultural purposes. According to LiveScience, NASA of

Inside NASA's Giant Flying Laboratory

Gregory Slover (left) and Garry Beauregard prepare to board the DC-8. Image: David Osit for Motherboard I'm flying in the cockpit of one of the world's largest flying laboratories, looking out at some storm clouds illuminated by the lights of Lincoln, Nebraska, or maybe Abilene, Kansas. Show More Summary

Pruning the Mississippi

4 days agoHobbies / Fishing : Moldy Chum

Credit: USGS and NASA Hurricane Katrina demolished New Orleans 10 years ago. Extensive studies done after Katrina verified what lifelong residents of southeastern Louisiana already knew: Unless the rapidly disappearing wetlands are made...Show More Summary

‘Warp Speed’ UFO Flies Past International Space Station on NASA Video Feed, UFO Research Group Finds

The International Space Station has proven a hub for UFO sightings, thanks to the NASA live video feed broadcast continuously from the ISS back to the space agency’s website, where anyone can access the view from 249 miles above Earth’s surface — the altitude at which the space station orbits the Earth. Show More Summary

NASA Found ‘Star Wars Spaceship’ on Mars

Star Wars fans couldn’t believe their eyes. NASA’s Curiosity Rover took a photo which appears to have captured an object which looks strikingly similar to a Star Destroyer from the blockbuster series.

Obvious science: NASA finds vegetation essential for limiting city warming effects

From the “department of limiting UHI” and NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER   Cities are well known hot spots – literally. The urban heat island effect has long been observed to raise the temperature of big cities by 1 to 3°C (1.8 to 5.4°F), a rise that is due to the presence of asphalt, concrete, buildings, and…

NASA’s MRO Photographed UFO Crash Site On Mars — Is This The Martian Version Of Roswell UFO Incident?

UFOlogists say that NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has photographed a UFO crash site on planet Mars. The MRO image of the alleged crash site shows what UFOlogists and scientists agree is a bizarre-looking impact crater in the Elysium Planitia plains that straddles the Martian equator. Show More Summary

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