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NOAA/NASA satellite sees holiday lights brighten cities

In most suburbs and outskirts of major cities, light intensity increased by 30 to 50 percent. Lights in the central urban areas did not increase as much as in the suburbs, but still brightened by 20 to 30 percent. "It's a near ubiquitous signal. Show More Summary

NASA's sun watching observatory sees mid-level solar flare on Dec. 16, 2014

The sun emitted a mid-level solar flare, peaking at 11:50 p.m. EST on Dec. 16, 2014. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, which watches the sun constantly, captured an image of the event. Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation.Show More Summary

NASA Voyager 1 spacecraft rides interstellar tsunami wave

4 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft is currently riding the wave of an interstellar tsunami, as it continues its historic march out of our solar system. The tsunami emanated from our Sun, and was the third such phenomenon of its type to be detected...Show More Summary

NASA Can See Holiday Lights from Space — Design News

Your light-up reindeer and snowman are visible from space—sort of. During the holiday season, NASA reports that lights shine 20 to 50% brighter in major US cities. Lights are also brighter in the Middle East during Ramadan, where there's a 60 to 100% increase in visible light. READ MORE »

NASA satellites picking up holiday lighting trends

4 days agoTechnology : Tech Talk

Holiday light displays are changing the way Americans use energy, and the suburbs are stealing some of the shine from big cities

NASA Report Says 11 Trillion Gallons Needed To End California’s Drought

On December 16, NASA released a report that a minimum of 11 trillion gallons of water would be needed to end the three year-long drought in California. “Spaceborne and airborne measurements of Earth’s changing shape, surface height and...Show More Summary

Scientists Find Possible Evidence of Life on Mars

SO COOL:A year after reporting that NASA’s Curiosity rover had found no evidence of methane gas on Mars, all but dashing hopes that organisms might be living there now, scientists reversed themselves on Tuesday.Curiosity has now recorded...Show More Summary

Confirmed! NASA Makes First Detection of Organic Matter at Mars' Gale Crater (VIDEO)

"We think life began on Earth around 3.8 billion years ago, and our result shows that places on Mars had the same conditions at that time – liquid water, a warm environment, and organic matter," said Caroline Freissinet of NASA's...

Photo: NASA Image Shows D.C. Area Brightens During Holiday Season

In some areas, lights shine 50 percent brighter in December. [ more › ]

The splendor of our holiday lights reaches all the way to space

Incredible NASA images show how cities glow brighter during the holiday season

Curiosity catches a whiff of methane on Mars -- and a possibility of past life

NASA has revealed that a whiff of methane has been detected twice in the last couple of years at the Martian surface by the Curiosity Rover. The source of the methane is uncertain. It is not even clear if the methane originated on Mars...Show More Summary

There may actually be life on Mars, according to Curiosity’s new methane data

In a rather shocking turnaround, NASA is reporting with confidence that there is indeed methane on Mars. This methane, which was detected by the Curiosity rover, can only really come from two places: Geological activity... or life. The...Show More Summary

NASA Spends $349M on Tower for Cancelled Project

In June, NASA finished work on a huge construction project in Mississippi: a $349 million laboratory tower, designed to test a new rocket engine in a chamber that mimicked the vacuum of space. Then, NASA did something odd. As soon as the work was done, it shut the tower down. Show More Summary

Still awaiting evidence for Steve King, however…

It’s not all darkness and cold. Well, I guess it is, but anyway. NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has measured a tenfold spike in methane, an organic chemical, in the atmosphere around it and detected other organic molecules in a rock-powder sample collected by the robotic laboratory’s drill. “This temporary increase in methane — sharply up [...]

Curiosity detects organic molecules in Martian atmosphere and soil

NASA's Curiosity rover is still going strong on the red planet, observing the atmosphere and analyzing soil samples for the sake of future missions. For instance, the agency has revealed that the rover has sniffed out sudden methane spikes in the atm...

Here's How You Can Help Scientists Study Sex, Whales, and Distant Galaxies

NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) "There is so much we don't know!" said Dick Vane-Wright, the Keeper of Entomology at the London Museum of Natural History when author Sharman Apt Russell was asking about butterflies. Show More Summary

Scientists may have discovered life on Mars

Almost everyone has heard that there was once water on Mars, but that doesn’t answer the question of whether or not there is or was life there. But new information from NASA’s Curiosity rover might help us get one step closer to an answer. Scientists found

Holiday Lights Are Officially Bright Enough to Be Seen from Space

5 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

A joint mission between NOAA and NASA has yielded data showing just how much brighter Earth is during the holiday lights season. In some places, the effect makes the area 50% brighter than on an average day. Read more...

NASA Wastes $349 Million Continuing to Build Tower Years After Project Canceled

After years of construction on a test tower in Mississippi, America's space agency was thrilled to announce this year that the job was finally done. But despite the $349 million price tag, the thing was immediately shut down. Why? Because the program had been canceled... Show More Summary

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