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NASA headquarters workers vote to join union

More than 300 NASA headquarters employees will be eligible to join a union after they voted overwhelmingly to partner with the Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers. The workers who voted are professional support specialists, including budget and policy analysts, administrative personnel and secretaries. Show More Summary

Did NASA Capture An Alien And Its Shadow On The Moon?

A shadowy figure was spotted on the moon's surface last month, and since then it has grabbed the attention -- and the extremely wild imagination -- of... Read more: Wowforreeel, Shadowy Figure on Moon, Man on the Moon, Odd Figure onShow More Summary

NASA telescope observes light near black holes

NASA's NuSTAR telescope has observed the relation of light and black holes like never before. In a press release Tuesday, NASA revealed that the NuSTAR has been observing black holes and light emissions via X-ray for the last two years. Show More Summary

Orion manager warns he’s “challenged” to make December 2017 launch

In two separate public appearances last week, the manager of NASA’s Orion spacecraft warned that he is “challenged” to keep Orion on track for the first Space Launch System (SLS) mission in late 2017. Mark Geyer spoke at the Mars Society’s annual conference in Houston on Saturday, one day after SLS program manager Todd May [...]

Rare X-Ray Corona Observed Collapsing into an Extreme Supermassive Black Hole

NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) has captured an extreme and rare event in the regions immediately surrounding a supermassive black hole. A compact source of X-rays that sits near the black hole, called the corona, has moved closer to...

A Google Chrome Experiment Visualizes The 36-Year Journey Of A Spacecraft

A Google Creative Lab project explains the life of NASA's ISEE-3. In 1978, NASA launched the ISEE-3, a spacecraft designed to study the Earth's magnetic field and its interactions with solar wind. It would later become the first spacecraft visit a comet. Show More Summary

I'd Like a Couple of Entrees and an Order of Wings With My Spacecraft

NASA is preparing an important decision about the future of manned spaceflight. The agency is expected to announce which firm(s) will receive funding under the final phase of the Commercial Crew Program. Commercial Crew is a follow-on...Show More Summary

Image of the Day: Clouds Over Titan's Hydrocarbon Seas

NASA's Cassini spacecraft recently captured images of clouds moving across the northern hydrocarbon seas of Saturn's moon Titan. This renewed weather activity, considered overdue by researchers, could finally signal the onset of summer storms that atmospheric models have long predicted....

At last! Cassini spies methane clouds on Saturn's moon Titan

Flying past Saturn’s moon Titan, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has caught a few glimpses of methane clouds speeding over the enormous moon’s hydrocarbon seas in its northern polar region.

NASA Catches Early Perseid Meteors On Film [Video]

The Inquisitr reported earlier today on the Perseid meteor shower on its way and how to get the most out of your viewing experience. But NASA is a few steps ahead of the rest of us and already has some early footage of the meteor shower taking place. In the above video, you can see

UFO watchers in frenzy over mysterious objects near ISS

The first sighting of several white orbs was seen on Aug. 4 by eagle-eyed UFO watchers hooked on monitoring NASA's live webcam. UFO blogger Scott Waring, of UFO Sightings Daily, was one of the firsts to point out the Aug. 4 appearance while describing it as a 'glowing disk.'

Perseid Meteor Shower: NASA Cameras See Early 'Shooting Stars' (Video)

The dazzling Perseid meteor shower has not yet reached its peak, but NASA cameras planted on the ground in the United States have already witnessed some early "shooting stars" streaking across the summer sky. The 12 cameras in NASA's...Show More Summary

NASA’s carbon dioxide imaging mission shows first sign of success

A NASA spacecraft dedicated to measuring carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has achieved final orbit, producing its first science data this week. The greenhouse gas contributes most significantly to global warming, and our current understanding of it’s distribution is getting even more precise. Show More Summary

Perseid Meteor Shower Rains Down in Google Doodle

The Google Doodle for August 11 and 12 in many parts of the world highlights the annual August meteor shower NASA considers the year’s best.

Dormant NASA space probe revived by crowdsourcing project

by Paul Cooper Crowdsourced project funds team of space enthusiasts in bringing an antique NASA probe back to life. Read more about Dormant NASA space probe revived by crowdsourcing project

New Horizons Takes New Video of Pluto and Its Moon Charon - Less than a year to go before New Horizons reaches Pluto

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will reach its closest approach to Pluto in July of next year, but we're already getting back important data and beautiful images. The above video is comprised of stills taken of the Pluto-Charon system over five days last month.

ISEE-3 Reboot Project Takes Place At “McMoons,” AKA a Defunct McDonalds - That's no moon!

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

When you're trying to make contact with a decommissioned NASA satellite that was first launched into space about thirty-six years ago, location is key. You need somewhere that can hold a lot of people and low-tech equipment, and also maybe a ton of french fries for all those hungry citizen scientists. Hey, you know what would be great? An abandoned McDonalds restaurant.

NASA sees the end of Tropical Depression Genevieve

Cloud tops were warming and precipitation was waning in Tropical Depression Genevieve when NASA's Aqua satellite flew overhead. Genevieve moved through all three Pacific Ocean regions (eastern, central and western) in its two week lifetime and met its end today. read more

NASA sees a weaker Tropical Storm Julio far north of Hawaii

Tropical Storm Julio continues to weaken as it moves through cooler waters of the Central Pacific Ocean. NASA's Terra satellite passed over Julio and saw that the bulk of the clouds and precipitation were being pushed to the34 north of the center as the storm tracked far north of the Hawaiian Islands. read more

NASA's Carbon Counter Reaches Final Orbit --Studying Human-Produced Greenhouse Gas Responsible for Global Warming

Just over a month after launch, the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) -- NASA's first spacecraft dedicated to studying atmospheric carbon dioxide -- has maneuvered into its final operating orbit and produced its first science data. Atmospheric carbon dioxide is the...

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