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Watching NASA Crash a Bunch of Stuff Is the Best Use of Tax Dollars

5 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Real-life crashes are terrifying, but simulated crashes are not only important for safety research, they’re also really, really fun to watch. So NASA’s Langley Research Center posted this montage of crash tests that’s as good a way as any to start a Tuesday morning. Read more...

Outer Planet News

NASA's Outer Planet Analysis Group is currently meeting to hear the agency's current plans and to provide the feedback of the scientific community on those plans.

No, There Won’t Be a Giant Asteroid Impact in September 2015

The latest from the Here-We-Go-Again-Department: An Internet rumor has gone viral that NASA is covering up information about a giant asteroid or comet that’s going to hit the Earth in September, sometime between Sept. 15 - 28. Let me be clear: No. Let me be less clear but more snarky: Go look at a bull facing north. Show More Summary

NASA Funds Plasma Rocket Technology for Superfast Space Travel

Superfast journeys to Mars may be one big step closer for humanity, as NASA has sponsored a private company to develop a high-tech, plasma engine.

We’re making massive waste islands in the sea

A new NASA visualization shows how trash accumulates in oceanic garbage patches.

EPIC pictures of the Earth

This is a picture of our earth taken by NASA’s DSCOVR – Deep Space Climate Observatory – spacecraft which is parked in the L1 Lagrange point to observe the sun and the earth. This color image of Earth was taken … Continue reading ?

NASA’s space shuttle to fly again – or at least pieces of it

If you get to a museum to see one of the shuttles that actually flew in space, your jaw may drop. Just don’t mind the guys pulling parts from it. NASA recently sent engineers to the California Science Center in Los Angeles to dust off the mothballs of the space shuttle Endeavor and remove four […]

NASA Releases Adorable 'Little Planet' Selfie of Mars Rover

6 days agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

NASA,  JPL-Caltech,  MSSS  // Little Planet:  Andrew Bodrov In the three years since Curiosity landed on Mars, NASA has released a lot of excellent selfies of the rover—but this one might be the best of all. On day 1065 of its mission, Curiosity used its Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) to snap a panorama from Mount Sharp. Show More Summary

Pluto became a dwarf planet 9 years ago today — but that's 'bulls---,' according to a leading NASA scientist

On Aug. 24, 2006, nine years ago today, the International Astronomical Union demoted Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet — a move that sparked protests and split the space-science community. Some in the community, including leading Pluto researchers, are still upset at the decision. Show More Summary

Why NASA Still Can't Put Humans in Space: Congress Is Starving Them of Needed Funds.

On Aug. 29, 2015, a few days from now, it will have been 1500 days that NASA has been relying on Russia to hitch a ride to the International Space Station. It was that long ago when the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed at Kennedy Space Center — the last Shuttle flight to the ISS, and in fact the last Shuttle flight of them all. Show More Summary

Here’s a Montage of NASA Deliberately Crashing Spaceships

On July 20, 1969, over half a billion people tuned in to watch Apollo 11’s historic landing on the Moon, setting a new record for live television. But what viewers didn’t see that day were all of the test landings conducted at NASA’s Lunar Landing Research Facility (LLRF), which had made that final “giant leap” such a resounding success. Show More Summary

Last look at Dione as NASA Saturn probe nears a grand finale

The Cassini-Huygens space probe has taken its last close up look at one of Saturn’s small moons Dione, but the vastness of the giant outer planet’s ring system has photo bombed it. The brightest sections of Saturn’s ring start around 7000 kms above its cloud tops and extend outwards to 80,000 kilometres, and as the [...]

Another Week, Another Alien On Mars - But Where Are The Real Martians ?

Image Credit: NASA There's not a week that goes by that another image from the Mars Rovers have the theorists all a quiver. This time, a space-lizard (not those who control the Earth) has popped up on the Martian surface. “The creature looks like a lizard, but with a short [...]

Why Has The Government Stopped Reporting Lake Mead Water Levels?

For months we have been warning that "Vegas is screwed" as water levels continue to plunge in its most crucial reservoirs. Non-government experts are waving red flags that something must be done (and even NASA scientists fear the worst) while the government remains quiet. Show More Summary

‘Drag Me Down’ Video Gets A Science Lesson And Love From NASA

One Direction surprised their fans on Friday, Aug. 21 by premiering the music video for their new single “Drag Me Down.” The video features the four remaining boys training at NASA. One Direction debuted their first music video without Zayn Malik, who departed from the band in March. Show More Summary

Legendary Black Knight Satellite UFO Spotted On Live ISS Stream, Says UFO Hunter [Video]

YouTube UFO hunter Mister Enigma, reports sighting the legendary Black Knight satellite on NASA’s Live ISS Stream. Sightings of UFOs in the vicinity of the ISS are common but what is unique about this particular sighting is the suggestion...Show More Summary

World of Rock and Ice: Tour of Dwarf Planet Ceres

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory published a video tour to shed light on some of the planet’s mysteries.

NASA announces sleep-promoting Light Bulb to boost sleep

Sleep is but a gift to many. When it comes to astronauts there are more than a few reasons where sleep becomes absolutely crucial. NASA has developed a specially-designed light bulb that promotes sleep. This is achieved by encouraging the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps us sleep. Show More Summary

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