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Who needs an Orbiting Carbon Observatory to track it when you can model Carbon Dioxide movement?

Video follows. I had at first thought that this press release from NASA Goddard was telling me that they had taken the data from their new Orbiting Carbon Observatory and put it into a model that used wind data so that distribution and mixing could be tracked. Seems sensible, right? But no, they’ve created a…

How carbon dioxide travels through the atmosphere

This NASA video shows the greenhouse gas circulating around the globe over a span of one year.

Caltech prof says Israeli scientist passed NASA rocket secrets to his government

A professor of physics at Caltech says that an Israeli scientist at the school shared secrets from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, or JPL, with Israeli government rocket scientists in violation of federal law, but that when she reported the matter to Caltech authorities, she was punished for the disclosure.

A window into space through NASA's online sensation

Reid Wiseman on what it's like to wake up to a view that's out of this world and become a social media supernova while sharing it

NASA maps 556 fireballs burning up over earth in 20 years

Off the radar when it comes to the daily concerns of the airline industry, NASA has published an interesting guide to where bright fireballs were recorded over the 1994-2013 period from small asteroids or meteors (or even fragments of comet debris).  The sensors used by NASA are able to differentiate between the very high velocity [...]

About your next flight, no make that next x-ray

Earlier this month, NASA science writer Dr Tony Phillips, took a radiation logger with him on a transcontinental US flight and found, as reported on, that the radiation dose rate at 39,000 feet was 30 times higher than it was on the ground. If you found that SpaceWeather report thought provoking, clicking on the [...]

Breathtaking NASA animations show a year in carbon dioxide emissions

Who knew that one of the world's greatest environmental challenges could be so beautiful? NASA, apparently See also: Major climate breakthrough: U.S. and China announce emissions cuts A newly released, high-resolution simulations ofShow More Summary

Astronaut Reid Wiseman on the amazing views from space

Wiseman became a social media star by sharing his amazing photos from space. He is back on Earth after 166 days on the International Space Station. Wiseman joins "CBS This Morning" from NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston to share about his remarkable experience.

Here Are All 556 Asteroids That Bombarded Earth In The Past 20 Years

NASA has released a new map of every single asteroid that entered Earth’s atmosphere from 1994 to 2013. Although almost all 556 of the asteroids disintegrated harmlessly, this well splattered map shows us exactly how common asteroids strikes are and how often our atmosphere saves our skins. More »      

Is there organic matter on Mars? Chloromethane not due to contamination from Earth, research suggests

Organic matter recently detected by NASA's robotic rover Curiosity is probably not due to contamination brought from Earth as researchers originally thought. A team of German and British scientists now suggests that the gaseous chlorinated...Show More Summary

Trending This Week: News Stories on Social Media

The biggest and most interesting news stories this week, as told by Brandwatch social data. The news cycle this week was dominated by conversations around Movember, Adult Swim's "Too Many Cook's" viral video, Veteran's Day, NASA's Philae comet landing, and of course the one topic no one is safe from: Kim Kardhasian.

NASA Spacecraft "at Puto's Doorstep" 3 Billion Miles from Earth --Poised for Six-Month Encounter

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft comes out of hibernation for the last time on Dec. 6. Between now and then, while the Pluto-bound probe enjoys three more weeks of electronic slumber, work on Earth is well under way to prepare the...

Red Planet Herring

last weekOdd : Snopes

Did NASA's Mars rover Curiosity find a fish fossil near the Windjana drilling target?

Biodegradable Drone Made from a Fungus Self Destructs After a Crash

Scientists from the NASA AMES Research Center and Stanford University are working on an interesting new drone that is designed to be biodegradable. The idea is that if the drone is on a mission watching someone…

Pilot Rosetta at Home to Land on a Comet and Study It With NASA’s Comet Quest Game - If only the game tutorial told you how to fire Philae's harpoons.

last weekOdd : Geekosystem

The European Space Agency made history yesterday when its Philae lander became the first spacecraft ever to make a soft landing on the surface of a comet. But you can get in on the action with NASA's Comet Quest game, which tasks you with piloting Rosetta, sending the Philae lander down to the surface of a comet, and studying the comet while avoiding its dangerous debris.

Jupiter’s Red Spot Not What NASA Thought It Was, New Revelations To Its Existence Revealed

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has been a source of intrigue and mystery for amateur and professional star-gazers alike, possibly more so than the planet itself. Theorists have speculated the Great Red Spot is a product of chemicals gathering underneath its surface, as well as an array of other possibilities. Show More Summary

NASA meets time travel in Mark Millar and Sean Murphy’s ‘Chrononauts’

What if we explored time the way we did space—with expeditions manned by our best and brightest as the whole

How’s the Rosetta lander doing? Here’s everything we know.

last weekHealth : The Checkup

On Wednesday, European Space Agency and NASA scientists made history when they had a successful soft landing on a comet. The Philae lander definitely landed (well done, you), and it's delivering data back home. Read full article >>

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