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NASA unveils shiny new coat for its Orion spacecraft

Metallic coating will help keep Orion at a more constant temperature in space.

Curiosity Headed to Active Sand Dunes on Mars

On its way to higher layers of the mountain where it is investigating how Mars' environment changed billions of years ago, NASA's Curiosity Mars rover will take advantage of a chance to study some modern Martian activity at mobile sand...Show More Summary

There's a secret mission to the water-world Europa that NASA is keeping under wraps

Last February, NASA announced that it was investing in a $2 billion mission to Europa — a tiny moon of Jupiter that is one of the most likely places for life beyond Earth. Their spacecraft, called the Europa Multi-Flyby Mission, would orbit Jupiter taking frequent passes by Europa for a close look at its surface. Show More Summary

NASA’s New Robot for Exploring Other Planets Is Like None Other

Despite all the predictions from futurologists over the years on how robots would look and work, NASA’s newest bot aimed at exploring distant worlds proves them all wrong. It’s not a humanoid or a mechanical animal from science fiction, but resembles a geometric structure and was actually inspired by a baby toy.

NASA Mars Photo Shows ‘Ancient Writing’ In Egyptian Style — ‘History Being Made!’ UFOlogist Declares

A photo snapped on the surface of Mars by the NASA Curiosity Rover appears to show evidence of “ancient writing,” similar to the writing seen in hieroglyphic carvings made in ancient Egypt — at least according to online UFO hunters who frequently comb through photos sent back by from Mars by the rover looking for,... Show More Summary

News in Brief: Astronomers Discover Previously Unknown Cluster Of Nothingness In Deep Space

6 days agoHumor : The Onion

WASHINGTON—Saying the finding would further scientists’ understanding of the most remote parts of the universe, NASA astronomers announced at a press conference Thursday that they had discovered a previously unknown cluster of nothingness in deep space. Show More Summary

How a Radical 1960s Architect Inspired NASA's Next Great Space Robot 

6 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

NASA’s bizarre Super Ball Bot is unlike any robot ever built–it uses a net of wires and rods to move, and could someday explore harsh exoplanets. It also has an unlikely heritage: It was inspired by the ideas of a visionary from the 1960s building floating cities based on the same concept. Read more...

NASA is impressed with a young space reporter shared by 'HONY'

Humans of New York captures people's histories, hopes and dreams, and one young boy's dreams were all about making his dad proud. A young boy, whose dad is a reporter, told HONY photographer Brandon Stanton on Nov. 14 that he would also like to be a writer one day. Show More Summary

NASA Wants to Make a C-3PO to Help Colonize Mars, But That May Not Be a Super Idea

NASA just gave two US universities a robot each. Their mission: Get this thing to move like a human. The post NASA Wants to Make a C-3PO to Help Colonize Mars, But That May Not Be a Super Idea appeared first on WIRED.

NASA analyzes Tropical Storm In-fa's winds, rain

As Tropical Storm In-fa continued to affect Micronesia and the Marianas Islands, NASA's RapidScat instrument measured surface winds and the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite measured areas of intense rainfall. Show More Summary

Tech Women Triumph: Blazing A Trail At NASA, Girls Coding Everywhere, Ellen Pao On Real Resilience

November saw major breakthroughs ranging from school girls coding around the world, to female NASA scientists' pioneering work in the search for life beyond earth. Check out our roundup of the best news.

NASA Mars Mission News: Charles Bolden Calls on Commercial Companies to Help in Mars Expeditions

In what could be one of the boldest speeches in the history of NASA, Administrator Charles Bolden called out to commercial companies to help in supporting missions that will set out to explore Mars and other planets in the solar sys...

NASA sends humanoid robots to university

6 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

If one thing has been learned in the last half century, it's that sending astronauts into the harsh, unforgiving environment of space is both dangerous and expensive. To find a way to minimize risk and cost, NASA is sending a pair of prototype humanoid robots back to school. Show More Summary

Boeing on Track for Spring 2017 Launch of CST-100 Starliner Capsule

Boeing is making impressive strides on a series of tests and technical verifications for their CST-100 Starliner spacecraft. With Boeing and NASA now working through a Test and Verification Control Board meeting this month and AtlasShow More Summary

NASA's 'chemical laptop' could hunt for signs of alien life

A tricked-out laptop developed by NASA may one day detect life on another world. Scientists working with the space agency are in the process of developing a tool called the Chemical Laptop that can read a sample of material on another...Show More Summary

NASA Working on Lander as Part of Europa Mission

NASA is very publicly planning a mission to Europa in the 2020s, one that will soar over the intriguing moon dozens of times. Yet the reality is more thrilling. Quietly, the same engineers who masterminded the daring Curiosity landing on Mars in 2012 have been plotting how best to drop a lander onto the nightmare glacier. Show More Summary

October 2015 Global Temperature Smashes Record: This Year May Be The Hottest Ever, Scientists Say

The October 2015 global temperature beat the previous record by far, and the likelihood that this year will become the hottest year in recorded history is very high. Data from NASA revealed that the combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for October 2015 was the highest for October in the 136-year period... Show More Summary

NASA Gives MIT a “Valkyrie” Robot That Looks Suspiciously Like Iron Man - MITony Stark.

6 days agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

Not content to let robots rule merely the Earth, NASA will help them reach for the stars above, as well. To that end, they've given the "Valkyrie" robot to MIT, so they can play around with it and work on algorithm for eventual dominance over trips to Mars.

Study: Fires Seem to Observe Religion, the Work Week

And on the seventh day, the wildfires rested. That’s what Australian researchers discovered after using NASA satellite images to track global fires—both naturally occurring and human-caused—from 2001 to 2013 as part of a new study. They found that there are fewer fires on Sundays—the Christian day of...

Winter Is Coming and This NASA Aircraft Will Help Study It

Everybody knows and loves the U-2: the mighty US spyplane. But they may not be as familiar with Lockheed’s matte black ultra-high altitude reconnaissance jet aircraft–nicknamed Dragon Lady–has a beautiful sister: NASA’s ER-2 that I think of as Snow White. Read more...

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