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NASA ADAPT Aims to Land on a Dime, Passes Latest Flight Test

You might not know it, but landing a spacecraft on another planet is an imprecise proposition for NASA right now. Take the Curiosity for instance; the landing area that NASA was targeting to hit with the…

Report: NASA May Be Hard-Pressed to Launch SLS by November 2018

A report released by NASA’s Office of Inspector General warns that the agency may be hard-pressed to have its Kennedy Space Center launch facilities ready by November 2018.

This is how NASA tests its spacesuits

When astronauts eventually get to Mars, they're going to need something to wear

Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager Review: Slow Space

Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager puts you in charge of the Space Race phenomenon that swallowed up the ’50s and ’60s. Your aim is to land on Luna, either as a member of NASA or the Soviet Space Agency. According to 148Apps, Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager is packed with content, but it’s on the slow side. Show More Summary

18 Amazing Images From NASA's Hubble Space Telescope

Over the past 25 years, the Space Telescope has captured our most spectacular images of the universe. If you see a spectacular image of a galaxy far, far away, chances are it comes from one telescope. Since 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope...Show More Summary

NASA Wants Your Help to Find Asteroids

last weekTechnology : Walyou

NASA looks towards citizen scientists to help them to find asteroids in space, as it is too time consuming for …

This Is How NASA Tests Spacesuits Ahead of Missions

These NASA employees may be lying down, but the experience isn't perhaps as relaxing as it looks. This is how the space agency goes about testing spacesuits ahead of launch. Read more...

The Monkey Roars!

last weekGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The Monkey Roars! NASA just released this beautiful mosaic image of part of the Monkey Head Nebula, showing a cloud made up of ultraviolet light hitting cooler hydrogen gas. This image is partly visible light and partly infrared, which shows interstellar dust particles heated by radiation from the stars in the middle. Read more...

NASA's New Landing System Can Adapt In Real-Time Based On What It Sees

Graham Fink is an artist with an incredible ability to concentrate. He must be: he manages to draw images like these by subtly shifting his gaze around a screen, recording those movements using eye-tracking software. More »      

Arctic Ice Extent Hits a 30-Year Low

NASA created a stunning visualization of ice developing over the northern pole, and the thin, swirling sheets just don't reach as far as they used to. The post Arctic Ice Extent Hits a 30-Year Low appeared first on WIRED.

SpaceX Photos Now Using Creative Commons License... But With Restrictions

last weekIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Last month, we noted how unfortunate it was that, unlike NASA photos which are automatically in the public domain, photos taken by private space company SpaceX, would be covered by copyright. We asked SpaceX founder Elon Musk to declare SpaceX's photos in the public domain. Show More Summary

NASA’s MAVEN probe spots mysterious dust cloud and glowing aurora over Mars

There are some unexpected things going on in the Martian atmosphere, and the MAVEN probe is on the scene to investigate.

Slides from the LPSC 2015 Session on the Community Response to NASA's Budget Request

The Planetary Society helped organize a community response to the latest NASA budget at the 2015 meeting of the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Ask An Astronaut All Your Questions About Life Aboard the Space Station

Last week, Astronaut Butch Wilmore was on the International Space Station. This afternoon, he's right here answering your questions. He and Niki Werkheiser, head of NASA's 3D printing project, can talk about 3D printers in space, life aboard the ISS, and anything else you want to know! Read more...

NASA's LEAPTech X-plane Will Fly with 18 Electric Motors and Tiny Wings

With a double nonet of small electric motors, the LEAPTech X-plane increases efficiency by 60%

SpaceX Photos Are Now Available Under a Creative Commons License

Following a launch last month that was operated by SpaceX but paid for by NASA, we wondered: Who owns the photos taken on the mission? And what do we lose when a company starts to own many of the photos taken in space? Since the beginning...Show More Summary

This Week's Aurora Was Even More Spectacular From Space

last weekGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Earlier this week, a particularly powerful geomagnetic storm produced beautiful auroral displays around the globe. But while most people looked up, NASA astronaut Terry Virts was able to catch this extraordinary glimpse from the International Space Station. Read more...

NASA's New Landing System Can Adapt in Real-Time Based on What It Sees

Taking a spacecraft to the surface of an alien planet is hard enough, but it can be even more difficult to reach the exact landing spot. Now, new NASA technologies could enable landers to adapt in real-time to what they see before them. Read more...

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