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NASA reports two new breaks in Curiosity rover’s wheel

The harsh Martian terrain has not been kind to the rover's wheels. The post NASA reports two new breaks in Curiosity rover’s wheel appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Hubble detects supermassive black hole kicked out of galactic core

An international team of astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have uncovered a supermassive black hole that has been propelled out of the centre of the distant galaxy 3C186. The black hole was most likely ejected by the power of gravitational waves. Show More Summary

Why Trump’s NASA Funding is STILL Anti-Science

Categories: Politics Science Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: Donald Trump has signed a bill authorizing $19.5 billion for NASA for the next budget year. Wow, that’s a ton of... (Read more...)

British teen is so cool that he corrected NASA on their own data

Miles Soloman is a 17-year-old taking part in a very cool project that gives students across the UK the chance to work on data taken directly from the space station.  SEE ALSO: Ask This Astronaut Anything — As He Flies in Space One day,...Show More Summary

That Can't Be Good: Guy Pulling G's In A Nitro-Powered Spinning Office Chair

last weekHumor / odd : Geekologie

This is a video of Farmtruck and AZN (seriously?) from Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel demonstrating the nitrous-tank powered spinning office chair they built, presumably so they could send the footage to NASA as part of their astronaut job application. Show More Summary

Arctic and Antarctic sea ice just hit record lows — here's what would happen if all the ice melted

After decades of moderate sea ice expansion, NASA is witnessing something it did not expect. Right now, the amount of sea ice in the Arctic is around as high is it will be all winter, but new records indicate this year's maximum is actually the lowest of any maximum on record. Show More Summary

NASA Almost Sent A Motorcycle To The Moon

last weekVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Take a moment and imagine an astronaut riding a motorcycle on the moon. Congrats! You will never imagine anything cooler in your entire life. What’s surprising is this nearly became a reality. Read more...

NASA will soon launch cube-shaped robots to spy on astronauts

Astronauts locked inside the International Space Station (ISS) are about to get some new robotic friends: three autonomous cubes that will float around and record their every move. The free-flying robots are called Astrobees, and they...Show More Summary

A repeat of the space shuttle's bold test flight? NASA considers crew aboard first SLS mission

NASA has only flown astronauts aboard a rocket's first flight once, when John Young and Bob Crippen took space shuttle Columbia on the boldest test flight in history. What are the risks of repeating the feat for SLS?

'Neurala Brain' Promises To Make Your Drone As Smart As NASA's Mars Rover

The "Neurala Brain" deep learning software, first developed for NASA's Mars rover, promises to make integrating artificial intelligence into toys, drones, robots, and self-driving cars much cheaper and easier.

NASA selects CubeSat, SmallSat mission concept studies

NASA has selected ten studies under the Planetary Science Deep Space SmallSat Studies (PSDS3) program, to develop mission concepts using small satellites to investigate Venus, Earth's moon, asteroids, Mars and the outer planets.

How A.I. captured a volcano's changing lava lake

One of our planet's few exposed lava lakes is changing, and artificial intelligence is helping NASA understand how.

NASA: Sea ice extent in both poles fall to record lows

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Both of Earth’s poles are looking at record low sea ice extent levels, according to NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). Every year, sea ice in the Arctic grows and expands throughout the winter, but the region saw a record low wintertime maximum extent on March 7. Read: New...

Incredible video of Mars stitched together by hand from 33,000 images

If you’ve ever wanted to get up-close and personal with Mars, check out this incredible video recently released by NASA that shows the Red Planet’s surface in stunning detail. Entitled "A Fictive Flight Above Real Mars," the video is...Show More Summary

London's Muslim Mayor Wants to Ban Cars From Schools

by Charles Mudede London Town from space... NASA While everyone's talking about Muslims and the deadly terrorist attack in London today, the Muslim mayor of that city, Sadiq Khan, is pushing hard for a policy that will save thousands of British lives. Show More Summary

Three spacewalks, cargo launch on tap for station

NASA is gearing up for a busy few weeks aboard the space station with three spacewalks and launch of another cargo ship

NASA Experiment Could Solve a Mystery About DNA in Space

While we all want to travel, live, and bang in space, there are some pretty major things to consider, such as the fact that our sentient flesh cocoons were not designed to handle the harsh conditions of the cosmic void. Though research like NASA’s Twin Study will illuminate some of the potential impacts of extended… Read more...

Schoolboy Spots NASA Data Error

NASA has thanked a teenage student who noticed an error in International Space Station data. It’s a unexpected benefit of a schools research program. The TimPix project involves schools getting access to radiation data collected from...Show More Summary

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