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This Dormant Monster Black Hole Just Woke Up

What you’re seeing is V404 Cygni, a binary system consisting of a star and a black hole, some 7800 light-years away. It has lain quiet for the last 25 years, but a week ago, NASA’s Swift satellite noticed a burst of new activity. Read more...

NASA and Microsoft plan to bring the HoloLens into space

NASA and Microsoft are again teaming up on the HoloLens. But this time, the goal is to bring the augmented reality headset into space NASA and Microsoft announced Project Sidekick Thursday, a new experiment that aims to bring Microsoft's...Show More Summary

Microsoft HoloLens bound for space

Microsoft and NASA, both of which could use a little whiz bang, set to pair HoloLens with astronauts on board the International Space Station.

Microsoft HoloLens Bound for Space

Microsoft is riding a wave of buzz for HoloLens, its upcoming--but no one knows when or at what price--augmented reality headgear. Now NASA is sending HoloLens into space.

NASA hopes nuclear weapons are enough to destroy planets

last weekNews : The Raw Story

The U.S. Department of Defense is working with the intelligence community to develop a plan in the event of a Chinese or Russian attack on American space satellites. The plan, which includes the opening of a new operations center, coincides with the news that NASA is at work on an effort to fend...

NASA Is Launching HoloLens Into Space This Weekend 

If you’d told my 10-year-old self that a private space company would blast some holographic virtual reality googles to the International Space Station one day, my young head would’ve exploded. Well, that day has come. The hologram-powered, VR-enabled future of space exploration has arrived. Read more...

NASA To Send Microsoft’s HoloLens To Space This Weekend

HoloLens is no more limited to usage on the earth, the virtual reality device is being sent to the space too. A SpaceX Dragon, which is scheduled to take off tomorrow with cargo and supplies for the International Space Station will be taking along two of Microsoft’s HoleLenses. Show More Summary

NASA Cuts Live Feed To ISS After Two UFOs Are Seen Leaving The Earth’s Atmosphere [Video]

A video was recently published on YouTube purportedly showing two UFOs leaving the Earth shortly before NASA’s ISS signal is abruptly cut. This footage is one of a few others that allegedly show NASA’s live cam feed being cut after an unidentified flying object is seen exiting the planet. Show More Summary

From NASA To "Star Wars" Law: Thursday's SDCC Panel Highlights

Everyone from Robert Kirkman and William Shatner to Kelly Sue DeConnick and Jim Lee will appear in programming on Thursday at Comic-Con.

NASA and Microsoft will send HoloLens into space by the end of this year

HoloLens is about to go intergalactic. In a partnership with NASA, Microsoft is sending a few headsets to the International Space Station (ISS) for something called Project Sidekick, which will let astronauts go paperless by the end of the year. Show More Summary

NASA is taking Microsoft’s HoloLens to space

The new hardware and software combo is a product called Sidekick.

Astronaut's Video Of Northern Lights From Space Is Absolutely Stunning

Talk about a light show! Scott Kelly, a NASA astronaut now in the midst of a one-year mission aboard the International Space Station, has recorded an amazing video of the Northern Lights (above). Also known as the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are usually visible only near the Earth's North Pole. Show More Summary

NASA astronauts will use Microsoft's futuristic HoloLens on the International Space Station (MSFT)

NASA and Microsoft announced today that a pair of HoloLens glasses — Microsoft's insane wearable holographic computer — will make their way to the International Space Station via the SpaceX Dragon supply mission launching on Sunday.Show More Summary

NASA is sending two Microsoft HoloLens headsets to the International Space Station

The Microsoft HoloLens technology may not be ready for the general public, but the augmented reality headset is ready to go into outer space. NASA will be sending two HoloLens headsets to the International Space Station on Sunday, June 28. The purpose is to help develop Sidekick, a program to help out astronauts on board the ISS.

Microsoft teams up with NASA to bring science fiction to science fact with the HoloLens

Microsoft and NASA have teamed up to bring a new project, dubbed as Sidekick. According to NASA, the Sidekick is a new project using commercial technology to empower astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Project Sidekick can provide virtual aid to astronauts working at the International Space Station with the help of Microsoft HoloLens. NASA […]

A detailed photo tour of NASA’s space shuttle cockpit trainer

Before it was decommissioned, we got to sit in the pilot’s seat and ask questions.

NASA’s Earth Observatory captured this picture of something surprising in the Pacific: lava flows in

last weekGenres / Sci Fi : io9

NASA’s Earth Observatory captured this picture of something surprising in the Pacific: lava flows in the area have fused two tiny islands into one larger island. Right now, the newly created island measures about a square mile, and is still mostly devoid of plant and animal life. But, as it grows, that may change. Read more...

Aurora From Space

last weekHumor / odd : Neatorama

Image: NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly took this amazing photo of an aurora from on board the International Space Station. As you can see in this photo above, taken on June 23, 2015, the glowing aurora looks as awesome from space as it does from the ground. More spectacular photo of the red aurora from Kelly's Twitter account:

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