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Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling – American Idol 11 Top 5 Video MP3

Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling – American Idol 11 Top 5 Video MP3 | Source: | The X Factor | The Voice | American Idol Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips sang on the American Idol 11 Top 5 Please save Phillip Phillips! Please save Joshua Ledet! BDND™ Forever! Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here:

This week's podcast: 'Doctor Who,' 'Lie to Me,' 'Persons Unknown' and more

Hey everybody, Ryan McGee and I are back with the second edition of our post-"Lost" podcast. It now bears the exciting title "Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan." We hope that sounds a little bit retro, like something Suzanne Pleshette would have starred in around 1981. Show More Summary

Welcome to the summertime Ryan & Ryan podcast

Now that "Lost" is over, Ryan McGee and I have a new podcast for you. Say goodbye to "Orientation: Ryan Station," say hello to "Name to be Determined," which we're sure will catch on. Kidding. We're still trying to think of a new name for the podcast, obviously, so if you have suggestions, please feel free to offer them in the comment area. Show More Summary

The last 'Lost' podcast -- please take the poll on its future!

It's the end of an era. Below you'll find this week's "Orientation: Ryan Station: podcast, and it'll be the last time we'll be discussing "Lost." Unless, of course,'s "Lost" blogger Ryan McGee and I feel the need to talk about the show in-depth when the Complete Series DVD comes out Aug. Show More Summary

Podcast party: Talking about the 'Lost' finale with Poniewozik

This is a world we made together. I'm speaking, of course, of everyone who was nice enough to comment on any of my "Lost" posts for the past six seasons or drop me a line via email. I'm also referring to the smart, funny and delightful...Show More Summary

The pause that refreshes: This week's 'Across the Sea' podcast

On this week's "Lost" podcast, there was a radical development. No, Ryan McGee did not bash our guest's skull in with a rock and I did not emit a golden glowing light. But for the first time, we pressed "pause" during a scene as we replayed the episode during the podcast. Show More Summary

Locke and load: Check out this week's 'Lost' podcast

Tuesday's "Lost" episode was one of the most wrenching in the show's six-season history. It was action-packed, sad and jaw-dropping. I'm still processing it, and thanks to the smart commenters on my review of "The Candidate," I'm pondering...Show More Summary

Lost abc

There wasn't a new "Lost" episode this week, but Ryan McGee and I recorded two "Orientation: Ryan Station" podcasts anyway. In those podcasts, we answered a bunch of thoughtful questions from "Lost" viewers. What was great about theShow More Summary

The 'Lost' roundup: A podcast, some beer glasses and a cool concert

Hey kids, it's that time of the week! The random time that I post a new "Orientation: Ryan Station" podcast. This week, my fellow pod person Ryan McGee and I chatted about the "Lost" episode "The Last Recruit" with Todd VanDerWerff, who writes for the L.A. Show More Summary

Loving Hugo and this week's 'Lost' podcast

It's time for another edition of "Orientation: Ryan Station," the weekly "Lost" podcast I do with Ryan McGee of Zap2it's Guide to Lost. This week we had a special guest, Melanie McFarland, the TV editor of All the podcastsShow More Summary

A new 'Lost' podcast and a few more thoughts on the island

I have a couple of things I want to mention. First: The latest "Lost" podcast is below, along with an embed of "Happily Ever After," one of the best "Lost" episodes in many a moon, according to me and my fellow "Orientation: Ryan Station" podcasters, Ryan McGee of Zap2it's Guide to Lost and James Poniewozik of Time magazine. Show More Summary

'Lost': What's working, what the Sideways flashes may mean and this week's podcast

"Lost" is heading toward the midway point of its final season (the series finale airs May 23). It feels like it's time to check in on what's working and what's not as the ABC drama prepares to unleash the island endgame. But before I...Show More Summary

It's Time: Talking 'Lost' with Ryan, Ryan and Poniewozik

Ryan McGee of's Guide to Lost, James Poniewozik, Time's TV critic, and I were not drinking when we recorded the "Orientation: Ryan Station" podcast earlier today, all indications to the contrary. What can I say, things took...Show More Summary

A 'Lost' podcast plus 'Mad Men' and 'Breaking Bad' goodies

A couple of announcements: The weekly podcast for Tuesday's "Lost" episode, "Sundown," is below. Ryan McGee, who does's Guide to Lost, and I chatted about Sayid, Dogen, Smockey/UnLocke and our new favorite character, Turban Tim. Show More Summary

It's podcast-ic! A bumper crop of 'Lost' and 'Chuck' podcasts

Happy Monday, and welcome to your "Lost" and "Chuck" podcast briefing: Ryan McGee,'s "Lost" blogger, and I have recorded another edition of "Orientation: Ryan Station," this time with special guest Todd Van Der Werff, who writes about television for the Los Angeles Times, the Onion's AV Club and his own site, South Dakota Dark. Show More Summary

'Lost' podcast No. 3: 'Substitute' with Sepinwall's "Lost" blogger, Ryan McGee, and I have done a third podcast -- this time with a special guest, Star-Ledger TV critic Alan Sepinwall. We cued up the show on Hulu, re-watched it and talked about our thoughts about the Feb....Show More Summary

What do you call Locke from 'Lost'? Take the poll (and hear the podcast)!

A few bits of "Lost"-related business on the day that the third episode of the final season airs. First,'s "Lost" blogger, Ryan McGee, and I have done a second podcast (and we plan to offer these weekly -- our previous podcast is here). Show More Summary

A new 'Lost' podcast: 'Orientation: Ryan Station'

Hey there, "Lost" fans! Sorry that I've been neglecting the ABC show lately. I kid! I know I've been writing about "Lost" a lot lately (all my pre- and post-premiere coverage is here), and I spent part of Sunday obsessing on the show as well -- with company. Show More Summary

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