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How Long Should Robin's Big Return Last on 'Once Upon A Time'?

The fans demanded and Once Upon a Time delivered. Robin Hood, after his tragic and honestly anticlimactic death, is back on Once Upon a Time. It's not the same Robin who loved and lost Regina but one created by a wish from the Evil Queen/Emma. Show More Summary

One Biggest Loser Contestant Speaks Out About Regaining The Weight

Contestants on NBC's The Biggest Loser go through an intensive physical and emotional experience as they work to lose as much weight as quickly as possible. One more winner has regained the weight she lost, and she's spoken out about why.

Watch Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump's Awkward Reunion on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 7 Premiere

There's no love lost between Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump and season 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills proves just that. After getting on each other's nerves during last season's reunion, the two Lisas meet face to face for the first time and, as expected, they're back where they were before.

Big Brother: Over the Top's Jason: "I'm Like the Danielle Reyes of OTT"

Jason's road from returning vet who was almost out the first week to the first Big Brother: Over the Top winner seemed too good to be true. And in the end it was. The Season 17 alum and Big Brother superfan lost the $250,000 to Morgan...Show More Summary

Fuller House Season 2's Returning Faces, New Love Interests and Everything Else You Need to Know

You won't be lost out there and all alone for much longer--Fuller House season two is near. The Tanners return on Friday, Dec. 9 with a new batch of episodes on Netflix, many with a holiday...

TV Club: Plot trumps comedy on an unfocused South Park

Has the idea of the big reveal completely lost its effectiveness on South Park? Because after a season packed with them, the plot device does nothing for me. Tonight’s revelation that Troll Trace’s CEO, Bedrager, is actually a troll himself should have been the biggest bombshell of the season. Show More Summary

Newswire: Two of the “lost episodes” of MST3K have been found

“Keep circulating the tapes” has long been the mantra of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanatics, but there’s one group of episodes that have eluded this guiding ethos: The first three episodes of the show, recorded at the very beginning of MST3K’s original run on KTMA in Minneapolis. Show More Summary

‘Southern Charm’ Coke Mom Kathryn Dennis Explodes Over Thomas Ravenel’s Thanksgiving Video With New Love Interest

Kathryn Dennis is selling herself as a brand new woman. After a drug-fueled crash and burn, lost custody of her two kids, and a brief stint in runaway rehab, the Southern Charm wreck is back in mommy mode. In fact, Kathryn is so squeaky clean that she is now calling out her ex lover/father of […]

Netflix's Lost In Space Reboot Just Cast Dr. Smith, And It's An Unexpected Choice

Currently in the pre-production stage, Netflix's Lost in Space reboot is keeping the casting train rolling, and now we know who will play the quasi-villainous and problem-causing Dr. Smith.

Is Marriage in the Cards for 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star Kenya Moore and Boyfriend Matt Jordan?

Kenya Moore wasn't exactly on good terms with her boyfriend Matt Jordan's sister Hallison, who basically grilled her during her first meeting with Moore on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but all hope is not lost. The Bravo star, who...Show More Summary

Newswire: Parker Posey to play Dr. Smith in Netflix’s Lost In Space reboot

Netflix has found the semi-sinister villain for its upcoming Lost In Space reboot, with Deadline reporting that Parker Posey has been cast in the role of saboteur-turned-shipmate Dr. Smith. Posey—who recently appeared in TBS’s Search...Show More Summary

'Westworld' Director on the Man in Black's "Quest," 'Lost' Comparisons and Anthony Hopkins' Dancing Skills

"Tony will confirm that he learned how to fist-bump and dance to Drake's 'Hotline Bling' by hanging out with me," Stephen Williams tells THR. read more

Saturday's TV Highlights and Weekend Talk: 'My Christmas Dream' on Hallmark

SERIES Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks Thought lost after its only U.K. broadcast 50 years ago, this “Doctor Who” adventure has been restored via animation that uses the program’s original audio tracks, surviving photographs from the episode and film clips. In the story, after The Doctor...

TV Club: A lost Doctor Who classic regenerates into animated form

Doctor Who was never meant to be an institution, never meant to still be going strong 53 years after it premiered, never meant to still be telling what is fundamentally the same big story it began in 1963. The show’s cast, writers, and...Show More Summary

We're Still Reeling After 'How To Get Away With Murder' Pulled A 'Game Of Thrones' Thursday Night

We hope you’re sitting down. If you’d lost interest in “How To Get Away With Murder” over the last season or two amid the spinning cheerleaders, dizzying flashbacks, flash forwards and those incestuous siblings who ruined Season 2, we forgive you. Show More Summary

Below Deck Recap: Bosun Blues

Before we get to last night’s Below Deck recap, I’d like to offer condolences to Nico Scholly and his family. Nico lost his younger brother Tristen this week, a devastating event that changes the lives of a family forever. Nico was a...Show More Summary

Country Club Hills mom Sa'Rayah battles to stay on 'The Voice' again

In a rematch of last month's battle round, Country Club Hills resident Sa'Rayah faced Georgia contestant Aaron Gibson for a spot in "The Voice" top 11. Sa'Rayah lost the battle again. The 29-year-old, who was on mentor Alicia Keys' team, didn't earn enough viewer votes or the "instant save" from...

Why The Walking Dead Lost In The Ratings For The First Time In Years

As one of television's most talked-about dramas, The Walking Dead has become a predictable cherry atop the sundae that is scripted Sunday night TV. But not this past weekend.

After Donald Trump said it, has the P word lost its toxicity in public?

Dave Chappelle says the P word and the N word on 'SNL' and hardly anyone blinks or bleeps.        

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