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Happy Endings Cast Reunites for "Lost Episode" -- with a Jaw-Dropping Twist

Happy Endings fans finally got the conclusion they've been waiting for this weekend -- but it came with a twist that puts a new spin on the entire series. The beloved ABC comedy ended its three-season run in 2013 with a -- you guessed...Show More Summary

This Vampire Diaries Couple Just Got Engaged--But Will They Make It Down the Aisle?

Steroline shippers, are you okay? Because after those final few minutes of The Vampire Diaries we're worried that you might've fainted and fallen down or screamed so hard that you lost...

'Leaked' Video Shows Disturbing Alternate 'Walking Dead' Death

Can someone give Maggie a break? She’s already lost her dad, her sister, she might be losing her baby, and, in “The Walking Dead” Season 7 premiere, her husband was killed right before her eyes. It’s tough being Maggie. And now, it’s...Show More Summary

TV Club: Paul and Vernon face their own misery while lost in the woods on You’re The Worst

Are we miserable because we expect too much from those we love or are we miserable because we don’t expect enough? How much personal humiliation can one person stand for the good of the next generation? Does domestication inherentlyShow More Summary

The Simpsons Writer And Producer Kevin Curran Has Died

This week, The Simpsons lost a brilliant writer and creative, who penned a dozen episodes of the long-running Fox series and produced a slew of others over the course of 15 years.

‘Below Deck’ Recap: One Less Fish in the Sea

Recap by guest blogger J.R. Valentine’s Day may be over, but love is still in the air on Valor. Except between Captain Lee and Kelley. There is no love lost there. Captain calls Kelley to the bridge to remind him how much of an embarrassment the previous day was, while Kelley tries to take it […]

[WATCH] The 'Gilmore Girls' Are Feeling Lost in the Official 'A Year in the Life' Trailer

Welcome back to Stars Hollow. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life may not hit Netflix until next month, but the official trailer has now been released, meaning there is over two minutes of new footage of Lorelai, Rory, Emily, Luke and the rest of your favorites from the four 90-minute chapters spanning the seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Highway To Hell

Despite appearances, nobody actually “won” on last night’s episode of Real Housewives Of Orange County. Everybody lost – even Meghan Edmonds. Kelly Dodd‘s motto is, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” Well, there ya go. Poor Meghan only lost by association. Show More Summary

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Has One Chef's Ego Become Too Much for Chef Ramsay?

The most recent elimination on season 16 of Hell's Kitchen has, yet again, proved that with Chef Gordon Ramsay, anything is possible. After the Blue Team lost the dinner service, Gordon was deciding whether to eliminate either Aaron or Koop. Show More Summary

Lost Remote on TV: Trump’s Media Future

NECN's "The Take" talks Trump TV with your humble editor.

TV Club: Grey’s Anatomy finally finds the joy in a single day

This is one of those Grey’s where there are just too many nice people in peril, so you know that one of these people we actually like isn’t going to make it. Granny June going dark was a nice twist, but as soon as we lost a liver, that old astronaut didn’t have a chance. Show More Summary

How Will Rip's Disappearance on 'Legends of Tomorrow' Play Out?

Rip Hunter is missing. The leader of the Legends of Tomorrow team is lost somewhere in time and space as the show begins season 2. While actor Arthur Darvil is still on the show and Rip's return to the show, in some capacity, is all but assured, the Legends will be leader-less at the start of season 2. Show More Summary

Little Women: LA Recap: High Stakes Friendship

On last night’s Little Women: LA, Christy McGinity Gibel rolled the dice… and lost again. In an effort to extend a virtually rotten olive branch, Christy invited the ladies to a Casino Night. She also suspiciously invited surprise guests to the event, including Little Women: NY henchman defender, Dawn Lang. Show More Summary

'Bull': 9 Problems TAC Ran into in 'Callisto'

Dr. Bull and the TAC team (minus Cable) headed to a small Texan town in Bull episode 4, "Callisto" -- and it's the only place where Dr. Bull has lost a case. While they ran into plenty of problems, fortunately, they were able to work around them and help their client. Here's what didn't go TAC's way in "Callisto."

Review: 'Rocky Horror' remake is warped by time

Lost in sanitized version is the 1975 movie's campy raunch factor.        

'Dance Moms' Recap: Has Abby Lee Miller Lost Another Student?

Season 6 of Dance Moms has featured countless issues for Abby Lee Miller and her students, including the announcement of Abby's legal issues, a bitter division between the Junior Elites and the Minis, and the team losing longtime competitors Maddie and Mackenzie. However, yet another problem is set to rock the ALDC in this episode, "Jojo is a No Show."

Scream Queens Kills Another Fan Fave Because They Are Not Playing Around

This season of Scream Queens is truly savage. Last week, we lost Chad Radwell (Glen Powell), and we barely had enough time to fully grieve before losing another major character....

'The Flash' Recap: Jesse Returns as a Speedster and Wally Grows Jealous

The Flash lost more than some continuity and another first kiss between Barry and Iris in the creation of the "Flashpoint" universe and its fallout. Since the tail end of season 2, The Flash has been a much darker and moodier show. Gone are the relatively happy and optimistic days of season 1. Show More Summary

The Great British Bake Off May Have Its New Host

TV across the pond has gone through some big changes recently as BBC lost the rights to the popular Great British Bake Off. Now, we may know who the new network has in mind to tackle the hosting duties.

Did Skokie rabbinical student win Monday's episode of 'Jeopardy?'

Warning: Spoilers ahead Despite leading for much of Monday's episode, Skokie resident Marianne Novak lost her battle to win "Jeopardy." The Orthodox rabbinical student placed third after incorrectly answering the "Final Jeopardy" clue about the Battle of New Orleans. Her competitors -- Maryland...

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