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Syfy’s ‘Ascension’: A great idea, lost in space

At the cable channel known as Syfy, mediocrity not only rules, it seems to be something of a guiding principle and a business model. Syfy keeps bringing out rote drama series in recognizable genre forms (science fiction and paranormal, mainly), which effectively hit the spot for certain viewers in search of the least spicy comfort food. Show More Summary

'Once Upon a Time': Why Hook feels bad even though he's lost his heart

Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) remains heartless -- literally -- as "Once Upon a Time" enters its Season 4 fall finale, "Heroes and Villains." Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) is still in control of Emma Swan's boyfriend as he tries...Show More Summary

Top Videos: SNL's Lost Ferguson Sketch and Extreme Christmas Lights "Let It Go"

This week, Steve Carell joined The Tonight Show's barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals, to perform "Sexual Healing," and President Obama took over the desk at The Colbert Report for an evening. The cast of Saturday Night Live performed...Show More Summary

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Interview — Jon Misch Says God Is Why He Lost Immunity

According to Jon Misch, it was God that knocked him out of the balancing Immunity challenge in which a gust of wind sealed his fate.  His faith is something Jon held true to throughout the competition — but he says a $1 million victory wasn’t in God’s plan for him as he became the latest […]

Bitch Baby and Beyond: Defining the Language of Shondaland

If you don't worship at the altar of Shonda Rhimes, you've likely found yourself lost in a conversation more than once. When did jam suddenly become so sexy? Is "bitch baby" what all the cool kids are saying these days? Why is the color...Show More Summary

TV Club: Lost (Classic): “Live Together, Die Alone”

The difference between Lost’s first and second seasons is best understood through their respective finales. “Exodus” is a linear climax for various key storylines. The castaways built a raft, and in “Exodus” the raft is launched. The castaways found a hatch, and in “Exodus” the hatch is blown up. Show More Summary

LOST GIRL Season 5: Anna Silk Reflects on a Remarkable Run, Previews Tonight’s Premiere

Tonight marks the beginning of the end of LOST GIRL. Premering four seasons ago, this Canadian, nay, international success story helped define its network (Showcase) as the place to go for butt-kicking protagonists and genre television (RIP CONTINUUM). In anticipation of tonight’s fifth season premiere (9PM, Showcase), the TV Addict was afforded the opportunity to […]

16 Saddest TV Moments of 2014

This has been a truly wonderful year in TV. It?s also been a very sad year. Right along with our favorite characters, we have loved and we have lost. We?ve gotten bad news, and even more bad news. We?ve seen new faces and old friends move away, and we?ve endured way too many deaths. Show More Summary

The Trailer for Lifetime's Whitney Houston Biopic Actually Looks… Good?

After the travesties that were Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B and The Brittany Murphy Story, we had lost all faith in Lifetime biopics about dead female celebrities. And yet here comes the trailer for Whitney to change our minds. Read More > Other Links From Whitney Houston Yaya DaCosta

TV Club: Peter Pan Live!

Peter Pan isn’t so much a story as a collection of moments. The title conjures images of Peter and the Darling children flying out of their nursery, the Lost Boys teaming up with Tiger Lily, Captain Hook running from a ticking crocodile, and Tinkerbell flitting around tempestuously. Show More Summary

TV Club: Lost (Classic): “?”/“Three Minutes”

“?” (originally aired 05/10/2006) On the Blast Door Map, the Pearl Station was a question mark. It was a little on-the-nose, really—here is this map filled with mysterious details, and at the center of it is a giant question mark. Lost...Show More Summary

In Memoriam: Shows We Lost in 2014

Looking back over the 2014 television landscape, one thing is clear: there were a lot of shows that went off the air, either from being cancelled or otherwise ending their run. Some of the shows that we'll miss include How I Met Your Mother, True Blood and The Colbert Report. Show More Summary

Is Henry lost to Moloch forever on 'Sleepy Hollow'? John Noble and Tom Mison aren't sure

Moloch might be a monster hell-bent on escaping from purgatory and wreaking havoc on the world, but it's Henry Parish's job to assist him on "Sleepy Hollow." Star John Noble understands why his character is helping Moloch, though."How...Show More Summary

Here's what it was like at Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi's wedding, as told by her tweets

"Jersey Shore" alum Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi LaValle married Jionni LaValle on Saturday (Nov. 29), and although majority of the reality star's fans couldn't be at the "Great Gatsby"-themed affair -- the invitations obviously got lost in the mail -- Snooki took to Twitter and Instagram to keep everyone in the loop. Show More Summary

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Is Bryant Leading the Blind?

Last week on Hell's Kitchen, we lost Aaron, but was that a big loss? Previews seem to imply that Bryant plans to take out his entire team. Would Ramsay allow this? You know he has to know what Bryant plans. It would mean black jackets and the series ending before Christmas. So this week's Hell's Kitchen may have guests wishing for something to be thankful for.

And The Winner Is…. Dancing With The Stars Season 19 Is All Over!

We’re going to be lost for things to do on a Monday night now that Dancing with the Stars Season 19 has come to an end! It feels like just last week when this competition started and now it’s already all over, but you won’t be disappointed with the winner. It was tough competition as […]

TV Club: Lost (Classic): “S.O.S.”/“Two For The Road”

“S.O.S.” (originally aired 04/12/2006) There was a lot written later in Lost’s life about how the second and third seasons showed the problems with Lost’s flashback conceit, and over the course of these reviews there have been weak flashbacks where I’ve contributed to this discourse. Show More Summary

Orphan Black Adds Lost Girl, Shameless Alums to Season 3 Cast

The bad news is Orphan Black won't return for several long, cold months. The good news is the show is adding some great talent to its expanding roster for Season 3. Read More > Other Links From Earl Pastko James Frain Kyra Harper Justin Chatwin Tatiana Maslany Ksenia Solo Lost Girl Orphan Black

Headed For A Split? Kourtney Kardashian Walks Out On Scott Disick

Rumors about relationship issues between Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have been buzzing for quite some now, ever since Disick lost his parents, and began drinking heavily again. And despite Scott admitting his excitement over having another baby with Kourtney, Kardashian reportedly walked out on Disick recently. Facebook and Twitter fans have been wondering what […]

TV Club: Futurama: “Fear Of A Bot Planet”/“A Fishful of Dollars”

“Fear Of A Bot Planet” (season 1, episode 5; originally aired 4/20/1999) In which INTRUDER ALERT INTRUDER ALERT Vergon 6 from “Love’s Labours Lost In Space” was a generic planet. Sure, it had a wide assortment of bizarre (to Earth eyes) creatures living on it, but there was no central theme to the place, no sense of personality. Show More Summary

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