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'Graceland' Season 3 Premiere Recap: Is Mike Really Dead?

Previously on Graceland, Mike lost his mind over a case, Paige lost her mind and tried to have Mike killed, Johnny lost his mind over a girl with no personality to speak of, and everyone lost their minds and were weirdly okay with Briggs being Odin Rossi. Show More Summary

'Graceland' Boss Discusses Mike's Fate: "We Didn't Have a Lot to Lose"

"Any credibility we may have lost, hopefully we'll regain once [viewers] see where we take it," creator Jeff Eastin tells THR. read more

Dance Moms Recap: MVP Of The MDP

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m still reeling by Mother of the Year Melissa admitting that MacKenzie should have lost to older sister Maddie on last week’s Dance Moms. What doozies does she have in store for us this week? And whatShow More Summary

Lamar Odom’s Friends And Family Worried Sick About Him After Losing Two Friends

Losing one friend is definitely hard, but imagine losing two in a week’s time. That is exactly what Lamar Odom is going through right now, as Odom lost not one, but two close friends recently to what looks like drug related deaths. So, needless to say that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar’s friends are all very […]

Another Overdose? Lamar Odom Loses Second Friend In A Week

Lamar Odom lost his best friend to a drug overdose last week, leaving Khloe Kardashian very worried about him, as he was devastated by the loss. And now they have even more reason to worry as another one of Odom’s pals has passed away this weekend, but was it due to drugs? Just one week […]

Canvs: 22% of Viewers Found It ‘Funny’ That Lebron Lost MVP Title

The reactions are in. We’ve had lost of roundups of the NBA Finals’ most social moments, but Canvs has how viewers were feeling. They told us: True to form, LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers was the most popular topic on Twitter during the game. Show More Summary

'Killjoys' Creator on Avoiding Love Triangles, 'Aliens' Influence

Michelle Lovretta talks moving on from 'Lost Girl' and creating a vast new universe. read more

Lamar Odom Completely Devastated Over His Best Friend’s Death

Recently, we learned that Lamar Odom lost his best friend to a drug overdose, leaving Khloe Kardashian and others worried about him. As it turns out, they have good reason to worry as Lamar is said to be completely devastated over the loss of his best friend, but will it help him turn his own […]

Why Brian Williams Lost His Job, and Why He Has a New One

Williams will serve as a breaking news anchor for MSNBC—which sends an odd mixed message in the wake of his much-publicized scandal

Newswire: Netflix subscribers would rather pay more than see ads, says unscientific survey

Netflix customers lost their damn minds recently when it was revealed the company was testing out ads that would run before selected videos. CEO Reed Hastings was quick to try to quell the outrage, saying the company would only show trailers and previews for other original Netflix programming, à la HBO. Show More Summary

Khloe Kardashian Hoping Friend’s Death Will Be A Wake Up Call For Lamar Odom

This past weekend, Lamar Odom lost his best friend to a drug overdose, so it’s no surprise that Khloe Kardashian is doing her best to be there for Odom. And while many may be worried about Odom, Khloe is actually hoping that the tragedy will end being the wake up call that Lamar desperately needs […]

‘Something Rotten!’ Ad Celebrates Tony’s Best-Musical Defeat

A new ad from the creators of “Something Rotten!” draws attention to the company the musical joined when it lost the Tony race for best musical.

TV Club: Orange Is The New Black: “Empathy Is A Boner Killer”

I’ve spent the past year or so writing about Lost’s first three seasons for the site, and it’s definitely informed my return to Litchfield. In that show’s third season, the usefulness of the flashback structure proved to be finite, with the show running out of steam until it could change up its structure and angle toward its series finale. Show More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel Airs 'The Martian' Trailer Spoof to Make Fun of Matt Damon

"When Ben Affleck goes into space, he's blowing up a meteor to preserve the human race! Matt Damon goes up there, he gets lost and has to be saved!" read more

Newswire: R.I.P. Dusty Rhodes, NWA Champion and wrestling legend

Few names carry as much weight and importance in the professional wrestling community as Dusty Rhodes. Today, the Rhodes family and the wrestling community has lost one of its most revered figures: Virgil Riley Runnels Jr., a.k.a. Dusty “The American Dream” Rhodes, died today at the age of 69. Show More Summary

TV Club: Lost (Classic): “Through The Looking Glass”

“Through The Looking Glass” (originally aired 05/23/2007) Noel: So when did you figure it out, Myles? Back in 2007, when “Through The Looking Glass” first aired, at what point did you stop scratching your head over why we were watching...Show More Summary

One Of Lost's Best Episodes Was Inspired By A Famous Horror Movie

The more years that follow Lost's finale, the more it seems like the show?s creative team was just doing whatever felt right at the time rather than fulfilling some grand scheme. And it seems like one of the best episodes was inspired by a horror movie. Click To Continue Reading

How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders Was Almost On Lost Instead

In some interesting food for thought, it seems that the fate of Lost was oddly tied with the long-running sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Cobie Smulders, who went on to star in HIMYM, claims she was close to landing the role of Lost?s wayward convict-turned-island-survivor, Kate Austen.Click To Continue Reading

NBC Expected to Announce 12-Year Deal to Televise the British Open

The agreement would come nearly two years after the network lost the rights to air the United States Open to Fox.

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