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The Lost Finale: The Major Questions The Show Answered And The Ones It Didn't

Lost was a phenomenally popular show during all six of its seasons on ABC, but it also posed a lot of questions. Luckily, we found out some of the answers to some of the biggest.

NCIS: LA: Will Sullivan Come Between Kensi and Deeks?

Kensi (Daniela Ruah) finally made a friend in her rehabilitation facility on NCIS: Los Angeles -- but is he bad news? "Sullivan," an amputee who lost his leg in an IED blast, introduces himself to Kensi by taunting her near the freeShow More Summary

‘Sister Wives’ Shocker! Meri Brown Caught Supporting Charity To Help Women Escape Polygamy

Rumors have been swirling around Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, ever since she tangled with an online catfish and lost. Meri is leaving, Meri is staying — the rumors are coming and going as fast as the mags can gobble the bait. What we do know is that the empty-nester has been taking steps to […]

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: The Cast Teases New Paths and the Legion of Doom

Things have changed on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW this season. The legends’ old leader — Rip Hunter — has vanished. Two of its members retired last season and have been replaced. And now Ray Palmer has lost his Atom suit, which means he’s going to forge a new path. In addition, the team isn’t just fighting […]

On Election Day, a Survivor lost and a Real World star won again

A Real World cast member and a Survivor cast member were both up for election yesterday, too, but only one was victorious. Read this story »

'Big Brother: Over the Top' Spoilers: Was the Power of Veto Used in Week 6?

All hope seemed lost for the Ball Smashers after Jason won the PoV competition, "Balance of Power," on Big Brother: Over the Top. This comp was aptly named because there has been a huge shift of power in the house. Now the Late Night...Show More Summary

Lost Remote Election Night Liveblog

Join us for social TV coverage as part of your second screen experience.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Reunion Part 1 Recap – Their So-Called Lifes

Happy Election Day. Or is it unhappy? What’s more distressing: The 2016 presidential election, or a Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion? I can’t choose who won or lost the debates that happened on Bravo’s biggest stage last night,...Show More Summary

'Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus: Daryl Has "Lost the Will to Fight"

"Daryl has one thing left and that's his honor, his word and his name and he's not giving it to Negan," the actor tells THR. read more

'Veep's' ex-president exhorts Millennials to vote

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as Selina Meyer, says she lost because young people didn't vote.        

TV Club: On Z Nation, the presidential election is basically Trump vs. Trump

This is becoming quite the fractured season of Z Nation. First, Murphy and 10k split off from the rest of the group. Then, 10k got lost in the woods. After that, it was the Doc and 10k show. And now, just when the gang had (mostly) reunited, Warren decides they’ve got to separate once more. Show More Summary

'NCIS' Names New Showrunners Following Gary Glasberg's Passing

It's been a little over a month since NCIS lost its showrunner when Gary Glasberg passed away suddenly. Though the cast and crew are still coming to terms with Glasberg's death and likely will be for awhile, a pair of replacements have been announced. Show More Summary

‘The Bachelor’ Star Sean Lowe Loses Dog To Genetic Disease

Sad news for a favorite star of the Bachelor Nation. The Bachelor star Sean Lowe has lost his dog, Lola, to a crippling genetic disease.

How Jane The Virgin Finally Lost Her Virginity

Jane The Virgin has always been a show about Jane and how her virginity has affected her life. This episode was no different, but it was very different.

TV Club: Jane The Virgin undergoes a major identity crisis when she finally has sex

After 46 chapters, it’s finally happened: Jane Gloriana Villanueva has lost her virginity. Is it glorious? No. Is she happy about it? Not really. Like everything else in Jane’s life, letting go of her virginity turns out to be more complicated...Show More Summary

What Lost's Ending Really Means, According To One Star

It's been years since Lost's polarizing final episode, but the subject is still a popular one, and former cast member Michael Emerson has shared his own brainy take on the show's religion-tinged...

TV Club: Mysteries abound, but is Westworld lost in its own maze?

Westworld is very good at mood. I would go so far as to even say it’s the show’s single greatest strength; the pilot established an eerie, foreboding, mordantly funny and perpetually tragic world, and every episode since then has more or less stuck to that tone. Show More Summary

Happy Endings Cast Reunites for "Lost Episode" -- with a Jaw-Dropping Twist

Happy Endings fans finally got the conclusion they've been waiting for this weekend -- but it came with a twist that puts a new spin on the entire series. The beloved ABC comedy ended its three-season run in 2013 with a -- you guessed...Show More Summary

This Vampire Diaries Couple Just Got Engaged--But Will They Make It Down the Aisle?

Steroline shippers, are you okay? Because after those final few minutes of The Vampire Diaries we're worried that you might've fainted and fallen down or screamed so hard that you lost...

'Leaked' Video Shows Disturbing Alternate 'Walking Dead' Death

Can someone give Maggie a break? She’s already lost her dad, her sister, she might be losing her baby, and, in “The Walking Dead” Season 7 premiere, her husband was killed right before her eyes. It’s tough being Maggie. And now, it’s...Show More Summary

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