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• Let the Buzz Begin: Kathy Griffin Joins E’s Fashion Police Squad in Arresting First Promo • Funny Business: Paul Rudd to Return in Parks and Rec’s Upcoming Final Season. • Must See TV: John Oliver teaches you how to escape that terrible New Year’s party. • We Love Lists! 40 Most Shocking TV Moments […]

Ryan Gosling's directorial debut 'Lost River' won't play in theaters: How bad is it?

Those hoping to see Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, "Lost River," in theaters won't get the chance. Warner Bros. has decided against a theatrical release and will instead release the movie through their home entertainment arm in April...Show More Summary

Happy Birthday Emilie de Ravin: Relive Belle's best 'Once Upon a Time' moments

Emilie de Ravin has been charming TV (and movie) audiences for years from her years on "Roswell" and"Lost." For the past three years, she has been winning over hearts as Belle on "Once Upon a Time." In celebration of the Aussie's 33rd birthday, Zap2it has compiled some of de Ravin's most magical Belle moments from Season 4 (so far!). Show More Summary

2014 in memoriam: Robin Williams, Joan Rivers and all those lost this past year

The past year saw the passing of many influential and talented people from the entertainment world, from renowned actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman to legendary director Mike Nichols, from comedian Sid Caesar to DJ Casey Kasem. Below we remember some of the noteworthy TV performers who passed away in 2014. Show More Summary

Dish Network Subscribers Just Lost Fox News, Get The Details

Contract negotiations between TV networks and cable and satellite providers have been growing increasingly contentious and increasingly annoying for customers over the past few years. This week, more networks have gone dark in the middle of a carriage war. This time around, it is bad news for Dish Network subscribers.Click To Continue Reading

Motion Picture Association Criticizes Media Coverage of Sony Attack

Christopher Dodd, the association’s chief, said focus on the “despicable” assault had been lost in the titillating details of Sony’s private emails.

Disruptions: How the Sony Corporation Hack Revived the Lost Art of the Call

Sony’s devastating hack, as well as cyberattacks on big companies like Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase, earn 2014’s tech moniker.

TV Club: The 100: “Spacewalker”

The first season of The 100 chiefly mused on ideas of colonialism and survival. It was a little bit Lost and a little bit Lord Of The Flies. Those themes made for fruitful ground for a meaningful exploration of what it means to compromise or bend one’s morals in service of a greater good. Show More Summary

Sony Should Stream The Interview—Now

The Seth Rogen and James Franco flick is arguably America's first literal culture war—and free speech lost

Stephen Amell loves watching 'Arrow' fans freak out over Ra's al Ghul fight cliffhanger

How loudly did you scream at the end of the "Arrow" Season 3 fall finale when Oliver and Ra's al Ghul fought to the death and -- spoiler alert! -- Ollie lost? Possibly a little louder than the fans included in the above reaction video...Show More Summary

Matt McAndrew and Adam Levine sing ‘Lost Stars’ (VIDEO)

Matt McAndrew and Adam Levine sang 'Lost Stars' on The Voice Season 7 Finals on Monday, December 15, 2014 for Team Adam Levine. Watch the video here: The post Matt McAndrew and Adam Levine sing ‘Lost Stars’ (VIDEO) appeared first on Rickey - Entertainment News, Videos, Recaps, Results.

Chris Jamison and Adam Levine sing ‘Lost Without U’ (VIDEO)

Chris Jamison and Adam Levine sang 'Lost Without U' on The Voice Season 7 Finals on Monday, December 15, 2014 for Team Adam Levine. Watch the video here: The post Chris Jamison and Adam Levine sing ‘Lost Without U’ (VIDEO) appeared first on Rickey - Entertainment News, Videos, Recaps, Results.

Hook will ease Emma's 'Frozen' loneliness when 'Once Upon a Time' returns

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) lost the closest thing she had to a sister when Elsa (Georgina Haig) left with Anna (Elizabeth Lail) to return to Arendelle in "Once Upon a Time's" Season 4 fall finale, but don't worry, because Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) is around to fill that void in her life. Show More Summary

Ascension: Syfy's New Mission

While a generation of kids in the '60s (me among them) obsessed on shows like Lost in Space, the U.S. secretly launched a mini-civilization of 600 pioneers into the cosmos on a century-long excursion to find a new world. That's the nifty...Show More Summary

Syfy’s ‘Ascension’: A great idea, lost in space

At the cable channel known as Syfy, mediocrity not only rules, it seems to be something of a guiding principle and a business model. Syfy keeps bringing out rote drama series in recognizable genre forms (science fiction and paranormal, mainly), which effectively hit the spot for certain viewers in search of the least spicy comfort food. Show More Summary

'Once Upon a Time': Why Hook feels bad even though he's lost his heart

Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) remains heartless -- literally -- as "Once Upon a Time" enters its Season 4 fall finale, "Heroes and Villains." Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) is still in control of Emma Swan's boyfriend as he tries...Show More Summary

Top Videos: SNL's Lost Ferguson Sketch and Extreme Christmas Lights "Let It Go"

This week, Steve Carell joined The Tonight Show's barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals, to perform "Sexual Healing," and President Obama took over the desk at The Colbert Report for an evening. The cast of Saturday Night Live performed...Show More Summary

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Interview — Jon Misch Says God Is Why He Lost Immunity

According to Jon Misch, it was God that knocked him out of the balancing Immunity challenge in which a gust of wind sealed his fate.  His faith is something Jon held true to throughout the competition — but he says a $1 million victory wasn’t in God’s plan for him as he became the latest […]

Bitch Baby and Beyond: Defining the Language of Shondaland

If you don't worship at the altar of Shonda Rhimes, you've likely found yourself lost in a conversation more than once. When did jam suddenly become so sexy? Is "bitch baby" what all the cool kids are saying these days? Why is the color...Show More Summary

TV Club: Lost (Classic): “Live Together, Die Alone”

The difference between Lost’s first and second seasons is best understood through their respective finales. “Exodus” is a linear climax for various key storylines. The castaways built a raft, and in “Exodus” the raft is launched. The castaways found a hatch, and in “Exodus” the hatch is blown up. Show More Summary

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