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How Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Lost Their Reality TV Millions

Reality TV strives to sell us on the idea that its stars are just like us. However, sometimes they really aren't, as happened with the cast of The Hills, an MTV reality series that netted a couple of million dollars for leads Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

'Zoo' Interview: James Wolk Teases the Season's 'Dark Turn' and Cliffhanger

This hasn't been an easy season for the group on Zoo. Up until the last episode, Jamie was separated from everyone, and just as they found out where she was (or at least heading), they lost Chloe. BuddyTV found out what to expect in the remaining episodes of Zoo season 2 from James Wolk at San Diego Comic-Con.

Review: UnReal season two fails, as a drama and reality TV satire

A review of season two of Lifetime's UnReal, which has lost its way in season two, and instead has become just like the worst of reality TV. Read this story »

ARROW Comic-Con Panel and Trailer: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 5 and Reveal New Footage

Season 4 of ARROW ended on such a bittersweet note. We lost Laurel and Team Arrow has been disbanded, following the events of the finale. Dahrk was defeated, but Diggle and Thea begged off the team in order to heal their wounds and rethink  their life choices. Oliver and Felicity were the only ones left […]

The Flash Debuts New Trailer for Season 3's Flashpoint and You Will Honestly Lost Your Mind

We need it to be October right now. The Flash just debuted a new trailer for season three during its San Diego Comic Con panel, and we may never stop hyperventilating. Flashpoint is...

THE 100 Comic-Con Panel: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 4

Earth was not a kind place for the Arc survivors this past season on THE 100. Between an A.I. trying to convert everyone and the battle for the Commander position of the 12 clans (13 – if you count SkaiKru), we lost a lot of people in season 3. Lexa was probably one of the […]

Kathie Lee and Celine Dion share sincerely about losing loved ones

It's been nearly a year since Kathie Lee's husband, Frank Gifford, passed away, and her guest co-host Celine Dion lost her own husband earlier this year. KLG tells Celine that her family's strength comes from God's grace. (Run time: 1:57)

Newswire: The Simpsons offers its innocuous take on Pokémon Go

It’s now been about two decades since The Simpsons was in its heyday, and at this point, lamenting the animated series’ lost transgressiveness is a bit like complaining that doo-wop music isn’t as edgy as it used to be. It had its moment of vitality, and now it’s for old people and little kids. Show More Summary

With Pokémon Go, Nintendo Seeks to Salvage Lost Opportunity

Nearly two decades ago, the video game company released a forerunner to today’s game that foreshadowed much of mobile gaming. Then it lost its lead.

How Game of Thrones Broke Out of Emmys Genre TV Limbo--And Why No One Else Has Followed In Its Footsteps

The X-Files couldn't do it. Lost did it only once, before things got too weird. Outlander and The Walking Dead haven't even been invited to the party. But for the second season in a row,...

Random Roles: Richard Schiff on gambling his way to L.A., The West Wing, and his Lost World death scene

Welcome to Random Roles, wherein we talk to actors about the characters who defined their careers. The catch: They don’t know beforehand what roles we’ll ask them to talk about. The actor: It’s a sign of Richard Schiff’s busy schedule...Show More Summary

'The Vampire Diaries' Season 8 Spoilers: Could Nina Dobrev Return as This Character?

Viewership of The Vampire Diaries slipped in season 7 with the loss of Nina Dobrev on the show's roster. Many feel that the show has lost its steam with the departure of Elena. However, with Damon hearing Elena's voice in the season 7 finale, the possibility of her return seems high. But how would Elena be able to return? Let's discuss.

What's On Tonight: Look back two millennia at the Lost World Of Pompeii

Here’s what’s up in the world of TV for Tuesday, July 12. All times are Eastern. Top picks Lost World Of Pompeii (Science, 9 p.m.): History and archaeology buffs should be in for a treat, as this new documentary looks at the cutting-edge...Show More Summary

Advertising: After Food Safety and Drug Scandals, Chipotle Seeks a Fresh Start

The company, which has long advertised its high-quality ingredients, is using a new animated campaign and a loyalty program to win back clients lost after an E. coli outbreak.

Game Of Thrones’ Creators Revealed The Fate Of A Long Lost Character

Part of what makes Game of Thrones so exciting is its giant cast of dynamic characters. But because there are so many players in the Great Game, it's easy for some to slip our minds or fall through the cracks of our attention.

Mr. Robot: What Happened to Tyrell?

Mr. Robot's first season answered a lot of questions, but raised even more. Like, what happened to Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallstrom)? The former Evil Corp employee strangled a woman on a roof, lost his job, lost the respect of his wife, then went to confront Elliot (Rami Malek) about fsociety and... Read More > Other Links From Mr. Show More Summary

Danger Will Robinson, Danger! A Lost in Space Reboot Is Officially Coming to Netflix

Danger, Will Robinson, danger--another TV reboot is happening. Lost in Space is getting rebooted by Netflix. Like the original series, Netflix's Lost in Space reboot will follow the...

'Lost In Space' Reboot Is Coming To Netflix

An iconic 1960s sci-fi series is getting ready to make a comeback. Netflix is giving a reboot of "Lost in Space" a 10-episode order to air on the streaming service sometime in 2018, the company said in a news release: Taking its cues...Show More Summary

The Lost In Space Reboot Is Definitely Happening, Get The Details

Older sci-fi shows are theoretically always worth rebooting, since progress in science, technology and culture can spin a central concept in a completely different way for modern audience. And so we hope that'll be the case with the

Newswire: Now even Siri is letting loose with Game Of Thrones spoilers

Game Of Thrones spoilers have now become officially inescapable, to the point that there are probably lost civilizations under the ocean somewhere debating about holding the door, or whether prophetic waif Jojen Reed got ground up into paste and fed to poor Bran Stark. Show More Summary

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