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'Dead of Summer' EPs on '80s Inspiration, 'Lost' Comparisons and Camp Bonding Rituals

Ian Goldberg, Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz speak with THR about their Freeform series. read more

Sweating, Tears and 6 Other Weird Moments from 'The Bachelorette' in Week 6

The Bachelorette has lost something since Chad went home, mainly threats of bodily violence and homicide. It also lost a certain "je ne sais quoi," a phrase which here means any guys of real interest. However while the majority of JoJo's final 8 suck more than Alex is short, there were enough ridiculous moments to go around. Here are 8 of the weirdest moments from week 6.

‘Top Gear USA’ Canceled by History Channel

Amid all the controversy surrounding the Chris Evans/Matt LeBlanc feud over on the revived Top Gear in the UK, one story has seemingly been lost in the shuffle: History has canceled Top Gear USA after six seasons.

'Game of Thrones:' Will Jon Be Able to Trust Sansa in Season 7?

All season Jon and Sansa have been the dream team of the North. After seasons of mutual abuse, Jon and Sansa fought back and won the respect that their family had lost over the years on Game of Thrones. Though they had never actually...Show More Summary

'Big Brother 18' Rankings: Which Team is the Best?

Teams are back on Big Brother. Though 1 team has already lost a member and by the end of week 2 another team will move from 4 to 3, teams are here to stay on Big Brother 18 for the foreseeable future. While house guests are free to make and break alliances as they wish, their teams will be very important in determining certain privileges and rewards. Show More Summary

Big Brother 18 Episode 3

Glenn got the bad end of the twist to eliminate one person as quickly as possible in Big Brother 18 Episode 2 after he lost the competitions and was evicted. Then Nicole became HOH and nominated Jozea and Paulie. There’s a new competition this year. Each week, the winner of the BB Roadkill competition will be [...]

When Hannibal Season 4 Could Actually Happen

When NBC cancelled Hannibal for low ratings last June, the Fannibals lost their minds. Now, thanks to Hannibal creator and showrunner Bryan Fuller, we know when we can start to hear news about whether or not that new season will hap...

Game of Thrones Finale: Will Lady Stoneheart Appear?

Although many Game of Thrones fans have lost faith in Lady Stoneheart, all hope is not lost. For those who haven't read George R.R. Martin's novels, Lady Stoneheart is the mantle Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) takes on after BericShow More Summary

Miss Great Britain Just Got Dethroned For Having Sex, Get The Details

Contestants in pageants must feel like their dreams come true when the competition comes to an end and they get the crown. Unfortunately, the throne comes with expectations, and Miss Great Britain has lost hers due to a sexual escap...

Kim Kardashian Has Lost 60 Pounds Since She Gave Birth To Saint West & She Still Wants To Lose Drop More

I’m not sure how Kim Kardashian does it, but apparently there is no double jeopardy in place for making the same news headline more than once. But once again she has captivated us all about how she has a hot body and has lost so much...Show More Summary

Gold Standard: Look for Samantha Bee to add a feminist voice to the late-night Emmy race

The Emmys divided the variety category into talk shows and sketch series last year, essentially booting “Saturday Night Live” – the only perennial variety nominee that wasn’t a talk show –  into its own division. And yet, “SNL” lost the sketch Emmy to the much funnier “Inside Amy Schumer,” which...

Bachelor in Paradise's Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul Break Up, Were Never Legally Married

Paradise lost. Bachelor in Paradise's Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul have split less than one year of marriage, a source confirms to E! News. Marcus and Lacy's June 2015...

TV Club: Wrecked arrives looking more like The Walking Dead than Lost

I’m going to kick off my weekly TV Club coverage of Wrecked by admitting that I didn’t keep up with Lost. I can’t remember exactly when I bailed, but I know it was early on. I’m owning up to this now so that you’ll understand why some of the Lost-inspired jokes will be, well, lost on me. Show More Summary

Competitor with one leg crushes the 'American Ninja Warrior' course

Kathie Lee and Hoda applaud 33-year-old Zach Gowen who competed on the NBC show "American Ninja Warrior." He lost a leg to cancer when he was eight years old, and shocked the crowd by making it halfway through the "American Ninja Warrior" course. (Run time: 2:09)

TV Review: Wrecked’s cast makes the most of a belated Lost parody

Even though six years have passed since Lost went off the air, TBS’ new comedy Wrecked hopes viewers have been waiting patiently for the right sitcom parody to come along. After a flight to Thailand crashes on an unknown island, a group of survivors must come together to find food and shelter and maintain order. Show More Summary

TBS' Wrecked Is Lost With Laughs

We all loved ABC's megahit Lost, it's TV fact. But admit it: Sometimes you wanted to cut through all the drama and seriousness and watch Sawyer slip on a banana peel with a slide whistle soundtrack. Enter TBS' new series Wrecked, about a group of plane crash survivors who are stuck alone on an... Read More > Other Links From Wrecked

Theories are the new spoilers: How guesswork ruins every 'Game of Thrones' plot twist

Aside from "Lost," has any television show inspired as many theories as "Game of Thrones"? You've probably heard the one about Jon Snow's real parents -- even casual enthusiasts know that R+L=J. But how about the speculation that Bran caused the Mad King's insanity? And the one about Meera and...

Animal Planet Spotlighting Grecia, the Toucan Who Got a Prosthetic Beak After a Brutal Attack, in New Doc (Exclusive)

Grecia lost half of his beak after a group of youths attacked the bird; the incident sparked international outrage. read more

WRECKED: Meet the Castaways of TBS’ New Comedy Series

Have you ever wondered “what would LOST have been like if it had been a comedy?” Well, TBS has your answer with its newest show: WRECKED. WRECKED centers around a group of diverse people who have been stranded on a remote island after a plane crash. Now they’re in a dangerous and unknown new world […]

CMT Eyes 'Nashville' Renewal

All hope is not lost for Nashville. Cable network CMT is nearing a deal with producer Lionsgate to pick up the axed ABC drama series for a fifth season. If the deal pushes through, fans may get some resolution left by the season four finale cliffhanger in which Juliette Barnes' (Hayden Panettiere) plane went missing.

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