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Watch Maisie Williams giggle her way through Cards Against Humanity

Maisie Williams plays Arya Stark on "Game of Thrones" -- a character who has lost almost her entire family, has had to kill people and is forging her own path in the wild world of Westeros. Arya basically had to learn to be a lethalShow More Summary

'Snarky Sidekick' asks, What happens when an adventure movie loses its hero?

From our friends at The Daily Dot.What if an adventure flick lost its hero? That's the premise of Matthew Starr's new webseries, "Snarky Sidekick," a seven-episode adventure in which a snarky, nerdy sidekick Simon must take over an unfinished...Show More Summary

Parenthood Finale Postmortem: Jason Katims on the "Brutally Sad" Goodbye and That Surprising Cameo

[Warning: This article contains major spoilers about Thursday's series finale of Parenthood. Read at your own risk (and with tissues)!] Tear-filled eyes. Broken heart. And now we've officially lost Parenthood. The Bravermans said goodbye on Thursday with - no spoiler alert needed here - an equally... Read More > Other Links From Parenthood Jason Katims

Adam Levine to Perform Best Song Nominee ‘Lost Stars’ at the Oscars

Adam Levine has been confirmed to perform Best Original Song Oscar nominee "Lost Stars" at the 87th Academy Awards! The post Adam Levine to Perform Best Song Nominee ‘Lost Stars’ at the Oscars appeared first on Rickey - Entertainment News, Videos, Recaps, Results.

'Supernatural' Video Interviews: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Felicia Day Tease Charlie's Return

The Winchester brothers have been through some tough times on Supernatural Season 10 dealing with Demon Dean, the Mark of Cain, and Cas' lost grace among other troubles. They seem to be coming out the other side of some of these horrors. Show More Summary

Jordin Sparks stuns with 2015 Pro Bowl National Anthem performance?

"American Idol" winner and pop star Jordin Sparks performed the National Anthem at the 2015 Pro Bowl and stunned audiences with her stellar performance.RELATED: Super Bowl XLIX: Watch Budweiser's 'Lost dog' tearjerkerSparks, an Arizona native, claims Whitney Houston as one of her biggest influences and it showed in her performance. Show More Summary

Two Japanese Hostages, as Different as Can Be, Linked by Fate in Syria

The surviving hostage is a respected journalist, while the other man was a lost soul who had attempted suicide and seemed to become unhinged by setbacks in life.

This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Lost $9,000 Because He Forgot How ‘Final Spin’ Works

TherulesofWheelofFortuneareprettystraightforward—spinthewheel,guesssomeletters,solvethepuzzle,winmoney.Everyonceinawhileacontestantgetsreallyconfusedandforgetshowthegameworks.That’swhathappenedduringlastnight’sepisodewhen contestantJamesheardanincorrectsolvefromanothercontestant,theninexplicablygavethatsameincorrectanswertwice.

Colton Haynes: 'Arrow' Season 3 winter premiere will anger fans (but in a good way)

In the "Arrow" Season 3 winter finale, Oliver Queen fought Ra's al Ghul to the death -- and lost. When the show picks back up, we might not find out his fate for a while."There's so many different ways it could go and I think people will be kind of shocked," star Colton Haynes tells Zap2it. Show More Summary

'Supernatural's' Mark Sheppard on Crowley's ongoing mommy issues

Mark Sheppard joined the CW hit "Supernatural" as the demon Crowley in the middle of Season 5, but he became a series regular only in the show's current (10th) season. Making up for lost time, the writing team has made Sheppard's character...Show More Summary

Gordon Ramsay Loses Court Battle With Father-In-Law

Bad news for Chef Ramsay – the Hotel Hell and MasterChef star recently lost a huge court case surrounding the rent payment on his London pub. The winner? Gordon Ramsay’s own father-in-law! Gordon Ramsay knows a thing or two about family drama, having recently lost a case against father-in-law Christopher Hutcheson. According to reports on Twitter, the drama […]

'Lost's' William Mapother says Ethan isn't a villain, Sayid is the best character

William Mapother has appeared in a handful of TV shows and films since his days on "Lost," but when given the opportunity, the only character fans really want to talk about is his sociopathic alter-ego Ethan Rom. On Monday (Jan. 19),...Show More Summary

Bravo Star Greg Plitt Killed In Train Accident

Yesterday was a sad, sad day for Bravo, which lost one of its most promising stars. Greg Plitt — star of the popular fitness show Work Out — was struck and killed by a Metrolink train in Burbank, California. The fitness expert’s death is believed to have been accidental, but this revelation will not make it […]

French Theaters to Screen Film About Charlie Hebdo

More than week after Charlie Hebdo lost members of its staff in a terrorist attack, movie theaters across France will screen a documentary on the satirical newspaper in a show of support.

The Most Infuriating Thing About Lost You'll Ever Hear

For Lost fanatics and Lost bashers alike, conversations in the years after the hit series? finale have been largely negative, with relatively few walking away from the show without complaints. And a writer's alleged comments certainly won't be changing that. Click To Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Misses Her 2009 Emmys Body

Kim Kardashian claims to be a confident woman, but her Facebook page reeks of insecurity. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is particularly self-conscious when it comes to her physique; she may have lost the vast majority of the baby weight, but she still misses her pre-pregnancy body. This was evident the other day, when […]

Zap2it First: 'Constantine's' possession incurs Manny's wrath?

When the fall finale of "Constantine" ended, everyone's favorite master of the occult was in some serious trouble. Anne Marie shot John and left him for dead while she escaped an invunche demon and it looked like all hope was lost.As...Show More Summary

TV Club: Parks And Recreation: “2017”/“Ron And Jammy”

As Parks And Recreation begins its abbreviated final season, the last big question before it is what, if anything, its ending could look like. This show may have long since lost the fastball that made it an ace and transitioned intoShow More Summary

A Writer From ‘LOST’ Came Forward And Admitted To What We Suspected All Along

NickSantorastoppedbytheNerdistWriter’sPanelpodcast inNovember(canapodcastqueueevertrulybecomediminished?)andtheoutspokenwriterandexecutiveproducer(PrisonBreak,Scorpion)hadalotofinterestingthingstodiscuss,includinghowhe’sabletoworkinsomanymediums.SantoraspokeabutthecomplexityofPrisonBreak‘snarrativeanddescribedthedifficultyofwritingtheshow,eventuallycomparingittoLost.

Craig Ferguson’s Syndicated Talk Show Isn’t Going To Happen, Robot Sidekick Feared Lost Forever

CraigFerguson’sexitfromTheLateLateShow wassomewhatsoftenedbytherumorsabouthimgettinganewtalkshowwherehecouldcontinuetobeapractitionerof punkrockcomedywhilestandingbesidehistalkingrobotandadancinghorse.Butnowthepowersthatbehavetakenthatawayfromusaswell,andtheemberofthatshowhasfadedout.

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