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Apple Said to Be Acquiring Shazam, the Song Identifying App

The app, which can identify a song just by hearing a few seconds of it, has lost some of its shine but is still used by “hundreds of millions of people.”

Kenya Moore Calls Out Kim Zolciak; Kim Implies Kenya “Lost Her Peach;” Chrissy Teigen Weighs In On Drama

Guess what guys – it turns out Kim Zolciak is mom of the year and she didn’t try to “pimp her daughter out for John Legend tickets” after all, at least according to Brielle Biermann. Regardless of all that, though, the seeds of an epic feud between Kim and Kenya Moore were already sown. Show More Summary

5 Fun Facts About Psych: The Movie--Will There Be More?

Today's the day, Psychos! Psych makes its return to USA with Psych: The Movie, an epic tale of lost rings and old foes, filled with familiar faces alongside a few new ones. It's...

‘She’s Unemployed!’ #RHOA Star Kim Zolciak Reveals Kenya Moore Has Lost Her Peach!

Oh No! Kenya Moore’s peach may have been snatched! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s nemesis, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, may have spilled the tea in a cryptic tweet on Tuesday, “Poof! LostYourPeach.” Kim wrote. Poof! #LostYourPeach ????Show More Summary

'Legends of Tomorrow' Is Better off Without Firestorm

Over the past two episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, we've lost both sides of Firestorm and the character of Firestorm is basically gone, too. Stein's death in "Crisis on Earth-X" led to Jax being forced to give up his powers, and the loss of his friend dealt Jax a hand of grief in the episode afterward and his exit followed. Show More Summary

A solemn Billy Bush talks to Stephen Colbert about Trump, Lauer and that infamous tape

Billy Bush expressed shame, repentance and a little bit of outrage Monday on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” where the fallen “Today” show host sat for his first interview since Donald Trump became president. Bush lost his job on the NBC morning show in October of last year when a leaked...

Stephen Colbert made Billy Bush watch the 'Access Hollywood' tape - and it was awkward

Here are the main takeaways from Bush's interview with Colbert -- and yes, he's still angry that he lost his "Today" show job.

Fear The Walking Dead Just Cast A Lost Star For A Big Role In Season 4

There's been quite a few new actors announced to be joining the spinoff's cast, and now a Lost alum has joined the ranks to get into the zombie killing action.

SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: A Demon Has a Proposition for the Winchesters

The Winchesters have been on the hunt for Jack since he disappeared a few episodes ago on SUPERNATURAL. But will a demon help them find the lost nephilim? Meet Barthamus (a.k.a. Bart), the new Crossroads Demon since Crowley’s demise. He’s called the Winchesters for some help and he’s prepared to offer up a genuine nephilim […]

Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 10

As the biggest physical threat in the game, once he lost immunity in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 9, Cole was immediately the target of the tribe and was eliminated. Chrissy talks about how Joe and Mike are dead men walking. Really? “The 7” are going to have to turn on each other … Continue reading "Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 10"

Lost Alum Joins Fear the Walking Dead's Increasingly Famous Cast

Even with ratings dipping over the past few seasons, The Walking Dead remains one of television's biggest properties. The same can't be said about the spin-off Fear the Walking Dead, but it's not for a lack of trying by the network. AMC's latest big-name score for the cast of the upcoming Season 4 of... Read More > Other Links From Fear the Walking Dead Maggie Grace

The Flash gets lost in an overstuffed chapter of an entertaining crossover event

In my comic-book reading youth, crossover stories were the means by which stray issues of comics I otherwise never bothered with would end up in my collection. I always enjoyed the annual team-ups between the Justice League and Justice Society of America because they were generally self-contained, but I sometimes… Read more...

A lost Doctor Who episode written by Douglas Adams has been completed

Last November, a long-lost episode of Doctor Who was restored with archived audio and animation, finally giving fans a chance to see “The Power Of The Daleks”—the first adventure starring Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor. This year, rather than restore an episode that was simply lost, BBC Worldwide has decided to… Read more...

This Is Us: Chrissy Metz Breaks Down Kate's Devastating Loss

This Is Us continued their three-week tribute to the Big 3 this week with a heartbreaking episode for Kate (Chrissy Metz). The audience found out that Kate lost her baby at the end of last Tuesday's episode, "Number One," but "Number Two" took us through the devastating event and Kate's trauma after... Read More > Other Links From This Is Us Chrissy Metz Mandy Moore

The Punisher gets lost in the woods, literally and figuratively

There’s a weird video game-like quality to how this season of The Punisher is structured. We know Frank and Micro’s overall goal is to take down Agent Orange, but the steps to actually doing so are presented like these weird, disconnected fetch quests. Case in point: After completing last episode’s mission of getting… Read more...

Jim Carrey on losing himself inside Andy Kaufman and why he relived it for the documentary ‘Jim & Andy’

In the new Spike Jonze-produced Netflix documentary "Jim & Andy," director Chris Smith explores how actor Jim Carrey lost himself in the role of gonzo comedian Andy Kaufman in the 1999 film "Man on the Moon."

THE CROWN Season 2 Preview: Margaret Engages in Another Love Affair

As THE CROWN enters its second season, Princess Margaret is still very upset about having lost Peter Townsend. For those of you who may not recall, in season 1 Margaret was involved with Group Captain Peter Townsend, a man who had worked for her father and got close to the royal family before the king’s […]

Below Deck Recap: Goodbye Hello

On last night’s Below Deck, we lost one crew member and gained another. Well, I use the word “gain” loosely, Jen Howell and Kate Chastain needed an HR rep to review sexual harassment policies. Support each other, ladies – no slutshaming aboard the 5-star Valor! And Nico Scholly made a miraculous recovery. Show More Summary

'Star Trek: Discovery': The 6 Biggest Burning Questions for Its 2018 Return

With the USS Discovery's crew lost somewhere in space after Sunday's midseason finale, THR rounds up the dangling threads remaining for the second half of season one. read more

'Supernatural' Recap: Dean Meets the New Death

Dean is in a funk on Supernatural. Ever since Cas and Mary died (or so he believes), Dean has lost all faith in himself. Luckily things are starting to change for the better in this episode.

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