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Jet Propulsion Lab set to Test Drone for Mars 2020 Rover

The outgoing director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Nov. 19 floated the idea of sending a small scout helicopter to the red planet along with the Mars 2020 sample caching rover headed there in 2020.“It’s not approved for that...Show More Summary

NASA unveils shiny new coat for its Orion spacecraft

Metallic coating will help keep Orion at a more constant temperature in space.

IQA Announces the Host City of the 2016 Quidditch World Cup

A lot of changes have been made to the IQA in the last few years. Those changes even saw the absence of a Quidditch World Cup as countries began to refuse to travel to America every year. Instead, we have seen the birth of the IQA Quidditch Summer Games, which became the Global Games, more!

Reports: Ex-Chilean Soccer Chief Becomes Informant In Corruption Probe

While World Cup qualifiers took place this past week throughout the continent, the real action may have taken place off the field regarding the corruption investigation known in some news reports a “FIFA-gate.” According to the Chilean press, the former chief of Chile’s soccer federation (ANFP) plead guilty today in a U.S. Show More Summary

Curiosity Headed to Active Sand Dunes on Mars

On its way to higher layers of the mountain where it is investigating how Mars' environment changed billions of years ago, NASA's Curiosity Mars rover will take advantage of a chance to study some modern Martian activity at mobile sand...Show More Summary

Lady Gaga Continues To Get Mocked For ‘American Horror Story’

There is some good news for American Horror Story this week. Although previous weeks saw the show take a steep fall in ratings, this week’s episode avoided the downward trend. Headline Planet has the news. “Episode 7 of FX’s “American Horror Story: Hotel” enjoyed a very slight increase in adults 18-49 and held steady in... Show More Summary

Toyota 86 Blackline on sale in Australia: $37,990 TRD special celebrates 86 Racing Series

last weekVehicles / Cars : Car Advice

Fans of the racer look have been given a treat this week, with the local launch of the Toyota 86 Blackline Edition. The 86 Blackline arrives as a limited-edition offering, with availability restricted to 250 in manual form and 200 with an automatic shifter. Based on the top-shelf GTS trim grade, the Blackline is priced […]

American Horror Story: Hotel Flashes Back to Old Hollywood, Land of Glamor and Vampires

last weekGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Despite a mighty effort to keep the Ten Commandments Killer storyline going (zzzz...), it’s Lady Gaga’s Countess who owns this show week after week. In “Flicker,” we got the Countess’ complete origin story—and it’s a doozy, dripping in old Hollywood glamor. Read more...

There's a secret mission to the water-world Europa that NASA is keeping under wraps

Last February, NASA announced that it was investing in a $2 billion mission to Europa — a tiny moon of Jupiter that is one of the most likely places for life beyond Earth. Their spacecraft, called the Europa Multi-Flyby Mission, would orbit Jupiter taking frequent passes by Europa for a close look at its surface. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders Says Qatar Should Spend Its Money Fighting ISIS, Not Hosting the World Cup

Not only did Bernie Sanders defend democratic socialism in a Georgetown University speech Thursday, but he also took the opportunity to throw around some shade. First, the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate went off...Show More Summary

NASA’s New Robot for Exploring Other Planets Is Like None Other

Despite all the predictions from futurologists over the years on how robots would look and work, NASA’s newest bot aimed at exploring distant worlds proves them all wrong. It’s not a humanoid or a mechanical animal from science fiction, but resembles a geometric structure and was actually inspired by a baby toy.

NASA Mars Photo Shows ‘Ancient Writing’ In Egyptian Style — ‘History Being Made!’ UFOlogist Declares

A photo snapped on the surface of Mars by the NASA Curiosity Rover appears to show evidence of “ancient writing,” similar to the writing seen in hieroglyphic carvings made in ancient Egypt — at least according to online UFO hunters who frequently comb through photos sent back by from Mars by the rover looking for,... Show More Summary

Doctor Who: How The Doctor Will Deal With Losing His Companion

Clara Oswald and The Doctor have been adventuring together in time and space for almost two and a half seasons of Doctor Who, but that time is coming to an end. And while the Doctor has lost companions before, he'll be facing this absence in a different way.Click To Continue Reading

Toyota Mirai Back To The Future edition swings its doors wide open

Toyota shows off a modified Mirai fuel cell vehicle at the LA Auto Show designed to look like the DeLorean from the Back To The Future movies. Continue reading Toyota Mirai Back To The Future edition swings its doors wide open Toyota...Show More Summary

2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Test Drive And Review: The Answer

The 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is the answer to a question that everyone was asking. How does the latest Toyota Hybrid stand up to the competition?

News in Brief: Astronomers Discover Previously Unknown Cluster Of Nothingness In Deep Space

last weekHumor : The Onion

WASHINGTON—Saying the finding would further scientists’ understanding of the most remote parts of the universe, NASA astronomers announced at a press conference Thursday that they had discovered a previously unknown cluster of nothingness in deep space. Show More Summary

How a Radical 1960s Architect Inspired NASA's Next Great Space Robot 

NASA’s bizarre Super Ball Bot is unlike any robot ever built–it uses a net of wires and rods to move, and could someday explore harsh exoplanets. It also has an unlikely heritage: It was inspired by the ideas of a visionary from the 1960s building floating cities based on the same concept. Read more...

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Sing Their Way Through Barnes & Noble, Are #FriendGoals

This commercial is so charming that I'm able to overlook the fact that they're singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside," arguably the creepiest holiday song ever. More » Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Sing Their Way Through Barnes & Noble, Are #FriendGoals is a post from Crushable - Entertainment, Hot Guys, Movies and Celebrity News.

NASA is impressed with a young space reporter shared by 'HONY'

Humans of New York captures people's histories, hopes and dreams, and one young boy's dreams were all about making his dad proud. A young boy, whose dad is a reporter, told HONY photographer Brandon Stanton on Nov. 14 that he would also like to be a writer one day. Show More Summary

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