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Lady GaGa Cuddles Up To Gigi & Bella Hadid As They Rehearse For The VSFS

Angels everywhere! As the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show gets closer and closer, we're getting more awesome sneak peeks! Related: Gigi Flaunts Rock-Hard Abs Lady GaGa posted a photo on Monday of herself making kissy faces with Gigi Hadid...Show More Summary

The Voice Contestant Outperforms Lady GaGa With This GLORIOUS Million Reasons Cover!

Lady GaGa's Million Reasons is a solid song. Very country, obviously not a radio hit, but one of the best tracks from Joanne. But we don't think we've felt so much emotion hearing it until now! On Monday night's Top 10 performance episode of The Voice, late bloomer Christian Cuevas finally broke out as a possible dark [...]

Gone with the wind: Mission conclusion for instrument to monitor ocean winds

(NASA/Johnson Space Center) On Sept. 21, 2014, NASA scientists and engineers launched RapidScat toward the orbiting International Space Station, 250 miles above the Earth's surface, with a few objectives in mind: improve weather forecasting...Show More Summary

Watch Lady Gaga sing alongside French fans in spontaneous street performance

For Lady Gaga fans, just seeing the Mother Monster live and in the flesh is a big deal.  Not only did some lucky little monsters in France get to see the singer on Monday—they got to perform with her, too.  SEE ALSO: Lady Gaga talksShow More Summary

Astronauts are not happy with the way they poop in space. That's where you come in?

6 days agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

NASA is imagining a world where astronauts may have to live in their space suits, without the comfort of a space shuttle or space station bathroom, for six days at a time. Currently, any bathroom breaks in this scenario would employ a high-tech solution called an adult diaper. Show More Summary

2017 BMW 5-Series Sports Wagon, 2018 VW Arteon, 2019 Toyota Supra: Car News Headlines

BMW is putting the finishing touches to its new 5-Series Sports Wagon and we’ve spotted one of the more advanced prototypes. Unfortunately, the car isn’t expected in the United States. Instead, we’ll be getting a new generation of the 5-Series Gran Turismo, albeit with a 6-Series badge this time around. Another car receiving a...

Lady Gaga Hints At Reason For Taylor Kinney Split, Spends Thanksgiving With Homeless LGBT Teens

Lady Gaga may be heartbroken after her breakup from Taylor Kinney, but she has learned a lesson or two, according to Billboard. One of the lessons learned by the “Poker Face” singer is that men are not capable of loving as deeply as women can. Show More Summary

NASA Made an EmDrive, and It Works, But We Still Don’t Know Why

There’s a new engine that might just might, be able to propel humanity to the stars. It’s called the EmDrive. You might have heard about it not too long ago when some physicists […]

NASA Outsources A Spacepoop Solution For Missions To Mars

NASA has a spacepoop problem - and it’s decided to open-source the solution. The space agency is looking for any proposals on how to deal with bodily functions inside crew launch and entry suits, capable to deal with up to 144 hours of waste.

NASA needs your help solving the deep 'space poop challenge'

When it comes to deep space travel and getting humans as far as we possibly can get them, there are a lot of issues that arise. Many of them surround the basic needs of human beings and how relatively fragile we are. One of those issues is the fact that humans need to pass waste. Show More Summary

How to get involved with NASA: Crowdsourcing ideas for Mars houses, robots, and space poop

Since 2011, NASA has been using crowdsourcing to help them solve some of the problems that crop up on the International Space Station (ISS), from coming up with solutions to the difficulties of astronauts exercising in space, and the...Show More Summary

NASA's Kepler Mission Reveals Our Solar System is Extremely Rare --"And We Have No Idea Why"

Of the more than 2,331 confirmed planets and 4,696 planetary candidates the Kepler Mission has identified to date, only one system resembles our own with terrestrial planets near the star and giant planets set at a distance. Since the time...

Astronomers discover a dense 'hot Jupiter' exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star

(—Astronomers have detected a so-called "hot Jupiter" exoplanet transiting a distant sun-like star located some 1,800 light years from the Earth. The newly discovered planet, designated EPIC 220504338b, was found using NASA's prolonged Kepler mission known as K2. The findings are presented in a paper published Nov. 23 on

SAPVoice: Will Teens Be The First To Walk On Mars?

By Angela Schuller, Communications Specialist, SAP While we are still 20 years out from a space expedition to Mars, NASA can already estimate the first of a small team of astronauts will take his or her first steps on Day 217 of the nearly two-year mission. Even more incredible is the fact [...]

Toyota And Volkswagen In Fierce Battle For World's Largest Automaker Title

With only two laps to go in the race for the title of World’s Largest Automaker, Volkswagen squeezed ahead of Toyota by just 9,000 units in January through October deliveries. Volkswagen, up 2.6% year-on-year, looks livelier than Toyota, which increased its output by a scant 0.5%.

Rugby-Experience key to England's winning run, says Johnson

LONDON, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Eddie Jones's rampant England side are benefiting from the experience in their ranks and have the potential to emulate the team that won the 2003 World Cup, according to former captain and coach Martin Johnson.

NASA's ISS-RapidScat Earth science mission ends

NASA's International Space Station Rapid Scatterometer (ISS-RapidScat) Earth science instrument has ended operations following a successful two-year mission aboard the space station. The mission launched Sept. 21, 2014, and had recently passed its original decommissioning date.

Selena Gomez May Have A New Song Coming Soon, But What About Her ‘Revival World Tour’?

Are Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga teaming up for a new song? Just days after the musicians hit it off at last Sunday’s 2016 American Music Awards, a source claims Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga could soon release a new track together. “[Selena Gomez] and Lady Gaga really bonded at the [2016 American Music Awards],”... Show More Summary

Toyota mulls Gazoo name for go-fast division

A senior Toyota executive has revealed to Autocar that the company is considering using the name of its motorsport division, Gazoo Racing, on high-performance road cars. Koei Saga, who heads both Gazoo and Toyota’s powertrain division, told the British publication that it is his intention to increase Gazoo’s presence in road cars to...

NASA's Cassini spacecraft is about to get a taste of Saturn's rings

It’s the beginning of the end. On Nov. 30, NASA’s Cassini mission will begin the ring-grazing final chapter of its career at Saturn, one that will end with the spacecraft’s terminal plunge into the gas giant’s unforgiving atmosphere. The second half of this chapter, in which the spacecraft will...

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