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This Animated Tribute to the NASA Voyager Space Program Is Simply Stunning

19 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Launched in 1977, the Voyager 1 and 2 are still exploring interstellar space today. Both probes have flown by Jupiter and Saturn while the Voyager 2 has made its way to Uranus and Neptune too. The Voyager space program has traveled further in space than anything ever has and serves as a wonderful reminder of how much farther we can go. Show More Summary

China Bans Lady Gaga After Pop Star Meets 14th Dalai Lama

Lady Gaga is banned in China after meeting with the 14th Dalai Lama Sunday before the United States Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis, Indiana, reported CNET. The meeting prompted Chinese officials from the communist party’s propaganda department to issue a ban on Lady Gaga in China, blocking the singer’s entire body of work from access... Show More Summary

Sweating, Tears and 6 Other Weird Moments from 'The Bachelorette' in Week 6

The Bachelorette has lost something since Chad went home, mainly threats of bodily violence and homicide. It also lost a certain "je ne sais quoi," a phrase which here means any guys of real interest. However while the majority of JoJo's final 8 suck more than Alex is short, there were enough ridiculous moments to go around. Here are 8 of the weirdest moments from week 6.

See NASA test-fire its huge Mars rocket in the desert - CNET

22 hours agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

The space agency adds even more heat to the hot Utah summer with a second successful firing of the largest rocket in history on Tuesday.

NASA’s supersized rocket passes a key test in northern Utah

The second qualification test of the SLS boosters was a noisy, fiery success.

Born in the USA: Toyota Camry earns 'Most American Car' honor again - Roadshow

22 hours agoVehicles / Cars : Car Tech

Because nothing's more fun than schooling ultranationalists on how to actually buy American.

Lady Gaga's Chinese Fans are Not Happy She Met the Dalai Lama

Singer Lady Gaga has set off a bit of a firestorm in China after she posted a picture on Instagram of herself and the Dalai Lama. Lady Gaga, whose...

NASA tests the massive rocket booster it says will go to Mars

The booster test was delayed for an hour because of a computer glitch, but NASA officials said it was a success.

NASA tests the massive rocket booster it says will go to Mars

23 hours agoTechnology : Post Tech

NASA on Tuesday tested one of the solid rocket boosters that would power its new rocket, the Space Launch System, which the agency hopes will one day fly to Mars. Shortly after 11 a.m. Eastern time, NASA fired the engine, sending a torrent of fire gushing from the nozzle and a volcano-like plume of smoke […]

We're Getting Really Fucking Close to Jupiter

23 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

On July 4th, NASA’s Juno spacecraft will arrive in orbit around Jupiter for a new scientific mission that seeks to solve the decades-long mystery of what lies beneath the gas giant’s swirling cloud tops. As the latest stunning image from the spacecraft’s approach shows, we’re getting really fucking close. Read more...

NASA’s Mars-Bound Rocket Just Passed a Major Test

23 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

To get the world’s most powerful rocket off the ground, it’s going to take some serious thrust from its rocket boosters. Today, NASA successfully tested one of those 77-ton rocket boosters by lighting it up at full power—all while never leaving the ground. Read more...

Deflated Argentina Must Rebuild Without Lionel Messi for World Cup Qualifiers

After the painful interlude of the Copa America Centenario, the long slog to the Russia World Cup resumes for Argentina. But the team that takes up the qualifying mantle may look rather different to the line-up that fell just short in...Show More Summary

Toyota Camry again tops American-Made Index

23 hours agoVehicles / Cars : Leftlane

The Camry is assembled in Kentucky and sources parts from more than 270 suppliers in the US.

‘Top Gear USA’ Canceled by History Channel

Amid all the controversy surrounding the Chris Evans/Matt LeBlanc feud over on the revived Top Gear in the UK, one story has seemingly been lost in the shuffle: History has canceled Top Gear USA after six seasons.

AM BRIEFING: China Bans Lady Gaga After Dalai Lama Meeting • Facebook Adds Slideshow, Curated Events • More

Tuesday 6.28.16 Music Business News From Around The Web Will Lady Gaga fans revolt if China tries to erase her from the internet? Updated continuously under our More News ? Related articles Merch Smarter - Unraveling 5 Common Mistakes Artists Make With Their Merch Business The New Artist Model Approach...

Watch as NASA Tests the Rocket Motor that Could Take Us to Mars

Scientists will test the motor that will power the Space Launch System rocket booster.

Sorry GM Crossovers, Says the Toyota Camry is the Most American Vehicle

In its 2016 American-Made Index, returned a familiar nameplate to the top spot, but it isn’t built by a domestic automaker. According to the annual ranking, Toyota Camry retains the American-made crown this year with 75-percent domestic content. Show More Summary

Toyota Tundra Pro Runner Off-Road Review – Japanese Raptor with a Warranty

Do you yearn to feel your truck lunge forward under moderate throttle, the hood heaving up before you? Do you ache for that gentle linear pre-runner sway into every corner? Does your current rig sport a sticker with Calvin maliciously...Show More Summary

New Horizons Reveals Extremely Large Canyon in Pluto's Moon

The latest image from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft reveals a canyon that is much longer and much deeper than the Grand Canyon. Known by its unofficial name Argo Chasma, it is estimated to be 5.5 miles (9 kilometers) deep, and 185 miles (300 kilometers) long. Show More Summary

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