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2018 Toyota Camry teased ahead of Detroit auto show

Toyota isn't about to let its main bread-winner, the Camry, get old. It is, after all, the best selling car in America. The Camry was new for the 2012 model year, and Toyota gave it a major refresh for 2015 after some negative reviews. Now Toyota is planning to release an all-new Camry for the 2018 model year and we will see it next month at the...

Toyota gives first glimpse at edgier 2018 Camry - Roadshow

yesterdayVehicles / Cars : Car Tech

First look suggests America's perennial best-selling car will embrace a bolder look.

NASA and Orbital ATK partner up to build technologies for space-based construction

Building things in orbit is an inherently tricky business – just look at the 13 or so years it took to us piece together the International Space Station. Granted not all the structures we build in space will be the size of a football...Show More Summary

Private moon rovers may visit the Apollo 17 landing site

yesterdayNews : The Raw Story

German Xprize team sets its sights on a vintage moon buggy NASA Astronaut Harrison H. Schmitt at the Apollo 17 landing site. The Apollo 17 landing site has been abandoned since the last lunar astronauts went home in 1972. Now the site could get its first visitor in 44 years, as private companies...

2018 Toyota Camry looking pretty ahead of Detroit debut

We know it's only a taillight, but Toyota's Camry teaser foreshadows a more interesting design from the usually anonymous sedan. Continue reading 2018 Toyota Camry looking pretty ahead of Detroit debut 2018 Toyota Camry looking pretty ahead of Detroit debut originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 01 Dec 2016 14:40:00 EST. Show More Summary

Sun 'Heat Bombs' Its Atmosphere, Evidence Found | Video

Solar physicists have been studying how the Sun's corona, which is 200 to 500 times hotter than the surface, with NASA's Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) mission.

UH-OH: Russia Launches Space Cargo Ship, But Its Fate Is Unclear. Today’s launch started off seem…

UH-OH: Russia Launches Space Cargo Ship, But Its Fate Is Unclear. Today’s launch started off seemingly smooth and flawless. During a live webcast of the launch, NASA spokesman Rob Navias of the Johnson Space Center in Houston announced that “all vehicle parameters [were] reported performing perfectly” about 2 minutes after liftoff. Nearly 7 minutes later, […]

The Street Fighter World Champion Will Emerge This Weekend at PS Experience

The culmination of the 2016 Season of the Capcom Pro Tour is upon us with Capcom Cup 2016 this weekend on December 2 and December 3! 32 of the best Street Fighter V players will come together and fight for more than $400,000 in prizing, and the title of Street Fighter World Champion.

NASA's Sun-observing IRIS mission

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) The sun may seem static from Earth's vantage point, 93 million miles away, but our star is constantly changing. Complex magnetic interactions force material throughout the solar atmosphere that can burst forth in massive eruptions. NASA's recently extended IRIS mission watches the interface region, the lower levels of the sun's atmosphere.

NASA's Sun-observing IRIS mission

While it seems static from our vantage point on Earth 93 million miles away, the sun is constantly changing. Under the influence of complex magnetic forces, material moves throughout the solar atmosphere and can burst forth in massive eruptions.

Want to help astronauts poop on the go in space? NASA may have $30,000 for you

President-elect Donald Trump has said he wants humankind to explore the entire solar system by the end of the 21st century. President Obama has called for the U.S. to send … Click to Continue »

10 incredible space photos from astronaut Don Pettit’s new book

yesterdayNews : The Raw Story

Spaceborne just landed in book stores Don Pettit/NASA Star trails Photographs can show us things that unaided human eyes cannot see. Mount a camera on a tripod, point it at the heavens, and open the shutter, and you can capture an image of curving streaks of starlight that reveal information about...

Can Trump Solve The Problem Of Alien Contamination From Mars?

NASA's new report lists 25 worries related to interplanetary travel, such as alien contamination. What's the solution? Cartoon by Ted Rall.

Something Was Off About Lady Gaga’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Performance

Listen, we love “Joanne” as much as the next card-carrying Lady Gaga fan, but maybe the folksy dive-bar rock album isn’t the best soundtrack to the high-energy Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you know? Dressed in an intricate sheer gown...Show More Summary

Russian spacecraft headed to resupply International Space Station in trouble, NASA says.

'Anomaly' is the fourth time spacecraft headed to the station have encountered problems in two years.

Lady GaGa Wows With Her Performance Of Million Reasons At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

For her first time ever, Lady GaGa performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday! Surrounded by the lingerie-clad supermodels, the Perfect Illusion songstress took the runway to perform her single Million Reasons in Paris. Video: Watch GaGa & The VS Angels Sing Together! So amazing! Watch the full video (above) and let us know how U thought [...]

Russian spacecraft headed to resupply International Space Station in trouble, NASA says.

A Russian spacecraft that launched from Kazakhstan Thursday morning suffered a problem as it was making its way to the International Space Station, NASA said. If the vehicle doesn't reach the station, it would mark the fourth time spacecrafts launched on resupply missions to the station have failed in two years. No one was on board the […]

Watch Lady GaGa & The Victoria's Secret Angels Sing Million Reasons!

They don't just have perfect walks, they can also sing! While they were backstage getting ready for the big show, the Victoria's Secret models took time to join a sing-a-long with none other than Lady GaGa, one of the night's performers. Related: Kendall, Gigi, & Bella Chow Down After The VSFS The girls gathered around GaGa as she [...]

Lindsey Vonn Does Pullups With Broken Arm, Makes Us All Feel Like Wusses

Skier Lindsey Vonn, who has won Olympic gold and World Cup titles, just proved she’s a champ at making a speedy recovery. About three weeks removed from a training accident that left her right arm snapped like a twig, Vonn posted video evidence of her progress on Wednesday. Watch her do pullups. Show More Summary

Northern Ohio institutions become laboratories for future energy usage

(Case Western Reserve University) Case Western Reserve University, NASA Glenn Research Center and the University of Toledo will serve as 'living laboratories' that demonstrate the value of integrating distributed energy sources with the assortment of devices, equipment and other power consumers within buildings and across the grid.

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