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Omron Shows Off Project Zero 2.0 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Last year at CES, we had the opportunity to preview Project Zero, a new generation of Omron blood pressure monitors that take the commonly used and clinically-validated inflatable cuff method and fits it into a wrist-worn wearable. At...Show More Summary

Myoelectric Orthosis for The Upper Limb: Interview with Paul Gudonis, CEO of Myomo.

Myomo, a medical robotics firm based in Cambridge, MA, has developed the MyoPro Motion-G, a powered rigid brace designed to support an arm that is weak or deformed by neurologic impairments such as stroke or brachial plexus injuries....Show More Summary

Smartphone App Evaluates Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Sleep/Wake Activity

At the Ben-Gurion University in Israel researchers have developed a smartphone-based system for evaluating a patient’s obstructive sleep apnea, as well as sleep-wake activity, an analysis of how sleepy one feels. The hope is that this...Show More Summary

Orthofix Cleared to Introduce Two New Post Spinal Fusion Bone Growth Stimulators in U.S. and Europe

Orthofix International, a company out of Lewisville, Texas, landed both FDA clearance and European CE Mark approval for its new CervicalStim and SpinalStim bone growth stimulators. The devices deliver electromagnetic field pulses toward the bone to speed up its natural healing process. Show More Summary

Memorial Sloan Kettering Develops New Tool for Planning Cryoablation Procedures

Cryoablation is similar to radiosurgery in that a volume of neoplastic tissue is carefully killed while sparring healthy tissue around it. Interventional radiologists have a lot of advanced tools at their disposal to plan procedures so as to achieve the most targeted interventions. Show More Summary

Noble Smart Injection Pad for Practicing Use of Auto Injectors

Patients having to use auto injectors to administer therapeutic medications  often struggle to learn the process and perform the task on themselves. Noble, a company out of Orlando, Florida, has unveiled its new Smart Injection Pad for training patients on how to use auto injectors so they’re more prepared to give shots to themselves. Show More Summary

Philips Announces New Augmented Reality Spine Surgery Navigation Tech

Philips today announced a rather interesting new breakthrough navigation technology meant for minimally invasive spine surgery for use in their “hybrid ORs.” The ORs themselves are specialized for procedures like spine surgery and contain an integrated fluoroscopy unit with 3D reconstructions like that seen in technologies like the O-arm. Show More Summary

Video Previews Augmented Reality Technology in Operating Room

Augmented reality (AR), a technology that overlays virtual graphics onto a user’s field of view, may turn out to be a very useful tool for surgical planning and collaboration. HoloEyes, a Japanese firm that aims to bring AR into theShow More Summary

Artificial Stem Cells Promote Tissue Healing Minus Side Effects

A collaboration between researchers at North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University have apparently created a synthetic mimic of cardiac stem cells. Show More Summary

Paperfuge: A Low-Cost Power-Free Centrifuge for Rapid Diagnostics

Centrifuges are universal machines routinely used in every lab in order to spin solutions at high speeds to separate liquids, such as blood, into different components. While they are easily available in developed countries, they areShow More Summary

HyperView Tissue Oxygenation Imaging System Cleared by FDA

HyperMed Imaging, a company out of Memphis, Tennessee, won FDA clearance to introduce its HyperView tissue oxygenation imaging system. The device can be used following vascular procedures, in wound care, and in patients post amputation, among other uses. Show More Summary

GE Releases New Portable Ultrasound, The Vscan Extend

GE Healthcare, the company that wowed the world with its tiny Vscan ultrasound a number of years ago, is unveiling a new device for performing ultrasound exams in a variety of settings. The Vscan Extend features two ultrasound probes built into the transducer head, which is connected via a wire to a smartphone-like touchscreen display. Show More Summary

Medgadget @ CES 2017: ARA, a Toothbrush with AI

At the CES 2017, Medgadget had a chance to take a look at the new toothbrush from a French company called Kolibree. The sonic-based ARA is touted as the first toothbrush with artificial intelligence, which basically means the toothbrush...Show More Summary

Samsung S Skin Analyzes and Improves Your Skin

At CES last week, Samsung showed off a unique handheld device called “S Skin” that uses a combination of sensors and therapy to help your skin. It’s a prototype from Samsung’s C Lab department that experiments with concepts that go beyond Samsung’s typical portfolio of TV’s, mobile devices, and other consumer products. Show More Summary

Nanodiscs Train Immune System to Attack and Kill Tumors

Immunotherapy has great great potential for fighting cancer, but controlling it is difficult. At University of Michigan investigators have developed an approach that uses specially designed nanodiscs to train the immune system to attack tumors. Show More Summary

Cambridge Consultants’ Smart Medical Packaging Simplifies Product Instructions

Written instructions can sometimes be overwhelming for people to follow, leading often to burned dinners, unnecessary calls to technical support, and partially-assembled IKEA furniture. But when it comes to medical products, failure to read instructions could very well be a matter of life or death. Show More Summary

Illumina Introduces New Sequencers to Help Reduce Whole Genome Analysis to $100

Illumina, one of the big players in genetic sequencing technology, is introducing a new sequencer that the company believes may make possible personal genomes for $100 a pop. Crossing below the $100 barrier is thought by many to be an...Show More Summary

AeroForm Tissue Expander System for Breast Reconstruction Cleared by FDA

The AeroForm Tissue Expander System from AirXpanders, a company based in Palo Alto, California, won FDA de novo regulatory approval to be introduced for sale in the U.S. The device is designed to provide a better option over saline expanders for women undergoing breast reconstruction following a mastectomy. Show More Summary

Holoxica Developing 3D Holographic Display for Interactive Visualization of Medical Imaging Data

Holoxica Limited, based out of the United Kingdom’s CodeBase accelerator and working in conjunction with scientists at ACTPHAST (the Access Center for Photonics Innovations Solutions and Technology Support), is currently developing interactive...Show More Summary

Wearable Wristband Painlessly Measures Glucose and Lactic Acid Levels

In recent years, the annual CES in Las Vegas has been the place for companies to announce what they think will be the next greatest wearable. While we’ve typically been less than impressed with the new offerings in past years, PKVitality showed off what we think is the best one so far. Show More Summary

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