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Georgia legislator says she was trying to be 'provocative' with HIV 'quarantine' comments

Ah, the old "I was just trying to be edgy" defense. Betty Price, the wife of former HHS Secretary Tom Price, is defending her comment about quarantining people with HIV as an attempt to be provocative about a public health crisis. [...] "I...Show More Summary

Ocean acidification is on the rise, putting marine species at risk around the world

Rapidly increasing ocean acidification is combining with rising water temperatures, hypoxic “dead zones,” and torrents of trash to threaten marine species around the globe, a new study has concluded. Acidification levels are on the rise thanks...Show More Summary

Trump administration bars government scientists from speaking at climate change conference

Under Donald Blowhard Trump, Republican thought leaders continue implementing their lifelong dream of kicking objective reality in the shins because reasons. The Environmental Protection Agency has canceled the speaking appearance of...Show More Summary

Sessions' Dept. of Justice will say anything to prevent an undocumented immigrant's right to choose

On Friday, a panel of the D.C. Circuit’s U.S. Court of Appeals entered an order preventing a 17-year-old undocumented woman in federal detention from exercising her constitutional right to choose. This happened despite the fact thatShow More Summary

Obama kicks off campaign to fight Republican gerrymandering

As president, Barack Obama did not always put the most effort into building the Democratic Party. As a former president, he’s working to undo some of the losses the party has suffered at the state level in recent years. Organizing for...Show More Summary

Russia investigations in House and Senate likely to generate little but political statements

While special counsel Robert Mueller continues to work his way up the chain of Trump-related staffers, there are three other investigations of the relationship between Russian officials and the Trump campaign supposedly still underway. Show More Summary

'Disturbing': Advocates slam report Trump administration may seek even more vetting for refugees

It’s been more than three weeks since Stephen Paddock opened fire on concertgoers in Las Vegas, Nevada, killing nearly 60 Americans and injuring over 500 others. According to Mother Jones, more than half of all mass shootings since 1982 have been committed by white men. Show More Summary

Trump regime protects corporate cronies by censoring science paid for by the American public

More than two months ago, Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke raised his very special flag to show that a study already underway on the health effects of mountaintop removal mining was being put into the freezer. The justificationShow More Summary

What happened in Niger? Joint Chiefs of Staff chair briefs the press but offers little clarity

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. held a press conference on Monday afternoon to update the public on the U.S. military presence in Niger (which came as a surprise to many) and the early October attack that left four...Show More Summary

Sinclair Broadcasting's plan to take over local news should frighten us all

With 193 television stations across the nation, Sinclair Broadcasting's influence already extends into 40 percent of American households. But the broadcast empire, which often requires its stations to air unabashed conservative content,...Show More Summary

McConnell so toxic, almost two dozen GOP Senate candidates decline to back him as leader

This is absolutely stunning reporting from The Hill: The Hill asked nearly two dozen Senate candidates this week if they would support McConnell as leader if elected. Not one campaign said outright that they would support him, although...Show More Summary

Lifesaving 'Border Angels' leave jugs of water for migrants along the U.S./Mexico border

Humanitarian group Border Angels estimates that since 1994, some 10,000 migrants have lost their lives attempting to cross the U.S./Mexico border, dying of dehydration and exposure in the searing desert sun, where temperatures can climb as high as 127 degrees during the day. Show More Summary

23 days after CHIP expired, Virginia preparing to tell families their kids will lose health coverage

Campaign Action Nearly 9 million children across the country are in the Children’s Health Insurance Program, with 65,000 of them (along with 1,100 pregnant women) in Virginia. Thanks to Republicans in Congress letting the CHIP program...Show More Summary

Midday open thread: McCain burns Trump on 'bone spurs,' Bill O'Reilly was and is scum

Today’s comic by Tom Tomorrow is State of denial: What you missed on Sunday Kos … Puerto Rico: Symbols and songs from the island of Boriken, by   Denise Oliver Velez Polls: Media offer fake news, but news from Trump seen as phoniestShow More Summary

U.S. troop presence in Niger comes as a surprise to some key senators

The United States has troops dying in a country where a number of United States senators did not know troops were stationed to begin with. There are a lot of questions after four soldiers died in Niger, and apparently, for several of the 100 people in the Senate, one of the questions was, “Wait—we have troops in Niger?” "I did not," Sen. Show More Summary

'We don’t need a warrant': ICE agents illegally enter Oregon home to arrest man later released

Campaign Action Carlos Bolanos and his coworker George Cardenas were painting the inside of a Salem, Oregon, home when two ICE agents stepped inside, without their permission and without a warrant, to demand ID from Bolanos, with one...Show More Summary

Democrats' early fundraising eclipsing that of GOP incumbents

Republicans are stunned at both the sheer number of Democratic candidates throwing their hats in the ring for 2018 and the cash they are amassing in these early fundraising days. Politico writes: Animated by opposition to President Donald...Show More Summary

Trump's executive order recalls pilots as Air Force returns nuclear bombers to Cold War status

Last week, Donald Trump signed a new executive order that’s being widely interpreted as allowing the Air Force to pull in pilots to fill between 75 and 100 critical open seats. However, the number actually called up could be far larger. President...Show More Summary

Lawyers for immigrant teen take her fight for an abortion to full appeals court in Washington, D.C.

Campaign Action On Friday, Oct. 20, an appeals court in Washington, D.C., ruled that the Trump administration cannot block a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant woman in a detention facility from getting an abortion. In case you are keeping...Show More Summary

White House selling tax plan through use of lies, damned lies, and statistics

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is mostly known for spewing BS in person from behind the podium of the White House press room, but look! She can do it on Twitter, too: x What would your family do w/ a $4,000 raise from the President�s tax...Show More Summary

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