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Dennis Hastert indictment hints at ugly possibilities

Dennis Hastert, former Republican speaker of the House When news broke that former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert had been indicted for structuring transactions to avoid IRS detection and lying about it to the FBI, it sounded like routine corruption. Show More Summary

Cartoon: Mitch McConnell and Snuggly the Security Bear Beg to Spy

Is this the end of our domestic spying pal, Snuggly the Security Bear? Most likely not. Snuggly will probably still be in business and up to his usual tricks, he just may have to work with a huge telecom company or some kind of NSA-corporate...Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Former Republican House Speaker Denny Hastert indicted

Ex-Republican House Speaker Denny Hastert Leading Off: • WATN: Did anyone see this coming? Former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, a Republican who represented Illinois for almost two decades, was just indicted on charges that he lied to the FBI and "structured" financial transactions to avoid IRS detection. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Radio is BOUND FOR DC at 9 am ET!

Yes, it's a "scheduled absence" today. I'm on my way to hang out with and/or near President Obama. That is, I'm taking my kids on a standard, public White House tour this morning. I was going to bring some o.j. and some granola bars in case the President came out of the Oval Office looking for a snack, but they won't let us bring food in. Show More Summary

Abbreviated pundit roundup: The Patriot Act renewal debate, the GOP's Iraq problem, and more

We begin today's roundup with The New York Times editorial urging lawmakers to let certain Patriot Act provisions expire: Barring a last-minute compromise, congressional authorization for the program the government uses to sweep up Americans’ phone records in bulk will lapse on Sunday. Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: Too many of the people in Washington do not rep those who elected them

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2014—Texas legislature gives 1.5 million poor residents the finger: It's not enough just to refuse federal health care funds to expand Medicaid. Not in Texas. The legislature there has passed a bill prohibiting the state from taking the funds. Show More Summary

U.S.-trained commander of elite Tajik force joins the Islamic State

When has U.S. military involvement in the Middle East or Western Asia ever produced positive results? it's bad enough that the arms sent to the supposed good guys to fight the supposed bad guys keep ending up in the hands of those same...Show More Summary

Lawyers for the officers indicted in death of Freddie Gray want their trial moved out of Baltimore

While it's not surprising that the lawyers for the six officers accused of killing Freddie Gray want their trial moved out of Baltimore, some of the rationale they gave is highly problematic. In essence, the lawyers are claiming that...Show More Summary

FCC wants to expand internet fight with Republicans with broadband subsidies for the poor

They have the power. The Federal Communications Commission got such a thrill out of passing strong net neutrality rules that it's now flexing some more muscle to do a really good thing. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is set to propose subsidized...Show More Summary

You're not going to believe what the Cleveland Police Union says is going to get officers killed

Cleveland Police Union President Steve Loomis Death by paperwork? Officers could be hesitant to draw their guns because doing so would result in more paperwork under the terms of the agreement, Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association president Steve Loomis said Wednesday. Show More Summary

Obama's immigration plans are on hold as court battle continues

On Tuesday, a panel of judges on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to lift a hold and let President Obama's immigration reforms go forward while litigation continues, with Texas and 25 other states suing to block Obama's executive orders and promote deportation as a national policy. Show More Summary

Camera catches police wrestling pregnant black woman to the ground for no reason whatsoever

This is a terrible injustice. Dropping her daughter off for elementary school, Charlena Cook, eight months pregnant in Barstow, California, ended up being forcibly handcuffed and wrestled to the ground for no reason whatsoever. Not only...Show More Summary

How gerrymandering cost Democrats the House in 2012: An interactive look at the Northeast

In 2012, Democratic House candidates earned more votes combined than Republicans did, but the Democratic Party still came nowhere close to reclaiming the chamber. Now, Democrats are faced with the grim reality that they're likely toShow More Summary

Could Jeb Bush's time on boards of corporations with legal troubles become a 2016 focus?

Busy, busy, busy. Ron Green at the Associated Press has taken a look at all the corporate and non-profit boards and advisory boards Jeb Bush has served on since he left the Florida governorship in 2007. Bush has been shedding these posts since late last year in preparation for a presidential run. Show More Summary

Cartoon: American exceptionalism

Click image to enlarge. This week, Ireland voted YES (by vast majority) for same-sex marriage in a nationwide referendum, becoming the 20th country to do so, and the first in history to legalize marriage equality democratically. This...Show More Summary

Whoa: Former Republican House Speaker Denny Hastert indicted for lying to FBI, hiding transactions

Denny Hastert Did anyone see this coming? Former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, a Republican who represented Illinois for almost two decades, was just indicted on charges that he lied to the FBI and "structured" financial transactions to avoid IRS detection. Show More Summary

62 percent of Republicans still say Iraq War was the 'right thing' to do

This has to be simple tribalism, right? Going to war with Iraq was the wrong thing to do, American voters say 59 - 32 percent. Republicans support the 2003 decision 62 - 28 percent, while opposition is 78 - 16 percent among Democrats...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush takes a dig at Republican immigration flip-floppers

Jeb Bush Jeb Bush, facing a stiffer challenge than he may have expected in the Republican presidential primary, is seeking to cast himself as a resolute leader with strong convictions... unlike all those other flip-floppers in the race. Show More Summary

Midday open thread: Is rent out of reach? Col. Graham retiring; Cubans not keen on Marco Rubio

Today's comic by Ruben Bolling is Introducing Louis 'Flash' Maltby: Initial claims for unemployment compensation remain low: Initial jobless claims were 282,000 for the week ending May 23, up 7,000 form the previous week. They remain at historic lows as does the less volatile four-week average, which rose 5,000 to 271,500. Show More Summary

Pennsylvania paper apologizes for Memorial Day letter calling for execution of President Obama

'Divisive rhetoric', and so on. Ya think. A Pennsylvania newspaper has apologized for printing a Memorial Day letter to the editor that called for a "regime change" and the execution of President Obama. [...] "The Daily Item apologizes...Show More Summary

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