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This week in science: the deafening silence

New Horizons continues to beam back images of Pluto and its moons, reviving US fascination with space exploration. And just how economical was this deep space adventure? Just to put NASA's cost efficiency into context: $700 million is less than a tenth of the amount Microsoft wrote off after its takeover of Nokia. Show More Summary

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and always Donald Trump

NPR: Kenyans like to tweet. A lot. The report "How Africa Tweets" says Nairobi is "the most active East African city on Twitter. Dana Milbank: This is the essence of Walker’s appeal — and why he is so dangerous. He is not as outrageous...Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: In Kansas, an 'invisible water crisis' becomes visible

Western Kansas has borne brunt of aquifer loss. Full chart and legend here. In Kansas, wells tapping the critical Ogallala Aquifer continue to run dry. [I]rrigation soon could end on Peterson’s southwest Kansas farm. The wells underShow More Summary

Senate holds hearings into how to change the Constitution to circumvent Supreme Court

Sen. Ted Cruz In case you had not noticed, the far-right is having an extended meltdown over the Roberts-led Supreme Court not being conservative enough. They have yet to latch on to a reason to gut Romneycare Obamacare like a fish,Show More Summary

Waller County DA accuses Sandra Bland of eating a large volume of marijuana while incarcerated

Sandra Bland... alive Really? This is what we're coming to? According to Reuters: Sandra Bland, the black woman found hanging dead in a Texas jail days after a traffic stop, smoked or possibly swallowed a large amount of marijuana while...Show More Summary

It's civil war now: Chamber of Commerce will primary House Republicans

The Chamber of Commerce to the rescue. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is ready to try to take out House Republican hard-liners who have been getting in their way, Politico reports. The group’s apparent new willingness to engage in hand-to-hand...Show More Summary

Democrats will benefit when Florida's most twisted district gets blown up, but they'll also suffer

A map showing hypothetical new 2nd and 5th Congressional Districts in Florida (click to enlarge) For those wondering why so many observers are confident that Florida's 2nd District will get redder following the upcoming round of court-ordered...Show More Summary

Good Samaritan helping mother having mental health episode is tasered by police in Denton, Texas

Moments before Marcus Coleman is tasered by police in Denton, Texas While it's true that cell phones and body cameras alone aren't solving police brutality, they sure as hell are documenting plenty of it. On Wednesday, July 22, 18-year-old...Show More Summary

Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY!

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Late Night Snark: Kasichmentum! Edition "Ohio Governor John Kasich...announced that he is running for president. During his speech he referred to Jesus Christ, which is ironic because so did Americans when they heard another Republican was running for president." ---Jimmy Fallon Earth, meet your new cousin Kepler-452b. Show More Summary

Trump draws wall-to-wall coverage from Spanish-language media

Every Thursday evening newscast devoted some time to the spectacle of Donald's Trump's trip to the border, but none of the national newscasts from the three majors could compete with those of Univision and Telemundo. Ed O'Keefe reports: Univision devoted six minutes of coverage to Trump's visit, while Telemundo gave him a total of nine minutes. Show More Summary

Mitch McConnell setting himself up for another epic leadership fail

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has set up a rare Sunday vote ahead of a looming and critical deadline which will fall just before Congress goes on a long recess, hoping he can twist arms in the Senate and jam the House of Representatives into going along with the bill he wants instead of what they already passed. Show More Summary

Cartoon: The side effects of diplomacy

Click to enlarge. There’s finally a nuclear agreement with Iran, and of course it’s not going over so well with the warmonger set. The only alternative to this deal is another war. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or incredibly...Show More Summary

Chris Christie says he'll replace the Hudson River tunnels—if you make him president first

Christie is known for his intense interest in traffic issues. This guy is unbelievable. As in it's legitimately impossible to believe him. Governor Chris Christie, who killed the last, best plan for new tunnels under the Hudson River,...Show More Summary

Jeb! Bush tells senior he's serious about killing Medicare

Boy, does Jeb! Bush want to win the Koch lottery or what? Because he just wrote off the votes of millions of senior citizens by telling them he really does mean it when he says he wants to end Medicare. And Social Security to boot. At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, an elderly woman blasted Bush. Show More Summary

Spin, GOP, spin: Insiders say Trump is 'peaking'

Republican insiders, ignoring the blaring message of Donald Trump leading in the polls, say he's just a flash-in-the-pan, that he's peaked, maybe. About three quarters of Republican early-state insiders say they believe Donald Trump has peaked—but many acknowledge that may also be wishful thinking. Show More Summary

Midday open thread: Leprosy, armadillos and Captain James T. Kirk

Today's comic by Mark Fiore is Raising your candidate: What's coming up on Sunday Kos... Reaction by some Liberals at Netroots Nation to Black Lives Matter disappointing, by Egberto Willies Sanders, Clinton, and the Democratic PartyShow More Summary

That New York Times story on the Clinton emails has turned out to be a total crock

Just before the stroke of midnight Thursday, New York Times reporters Michael Schmidt and Matt Apuzzo dropped what looked like a bombshell story: Two inspectors general had supposedly asked the Department of Justice to launch a criminal...Show More Summary

About that job-killing Obamacare: Jobless claims fall to lowest level in 40 years

Clearly, President Obama's socialism is destroying the country. The fewest Americans in four decades filed applications for unemployment benefits last week, continuing to unwind an early-July surge that was probably tied to mid-yearShow More Summary

False reports of Hillary Clinton investigation just keep falling apart

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) The false story that the Justice Department was being asked to launch a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton continues to be shoved back into the faces of the New York Times and whoever leaked the fake version of the story. Show More Summary

State-level Republicans eagerly embrace their latest bogus excuse to attack Planned Parenthood

It's likely that Senate Democrats can block Republicans from using two heavily edited, misleading videos as an excuse to end federal funding for the health care Planned Parenthood provides to low-income women. But Republican-controlled states are another matter: Louisiana Gov. Show More Summary

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