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Collapse: Against 'fierce Democratic opposition' Trump surrenders on funding for his wall

Donald Trump still insists that Mexico is going to pay for the border wall. Except Mexico stubbornly refuses to send an up-front check for something that would cost as much as their national budget, is designed to wreck their economy, and is basically the world’s biggest and “most beautiful” screw-you. Show More Summary

Morning Digest: Colorado Democrats might flip the state Senate in 2018 and regain unified control

Leading Off ? Pres-by-LD: Daily Kos Elections' project to calculate the 2016 presidential results for every state legislative seat in the nation arrives in Colorado, where Democrats hold the state House and the governorship, but where the GOP has a one-seat edge in the Senate. Show More Summary

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Much speculation about our immediate future with respect to North Korea today. Trump has summoned all 100 Senators to the White House for a briefing on the subject, and no one is sure why. My suspicion is that he’s built a giant shark pit covered by an enormous trap door, but I can’t be 100% sure about that. Show More Summary

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump's failure of a presidency

We begin today’s roundup with Peter Baker at The New York Times who highlights Trump’s trail of broken promises: Many of the more high-profile promises he made on the campaign trail are stalled or incomplete, like building a border wall,...Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: 'I do not want to dedicate my life to assholes'

At some point, every public servant must reevaluate his or her dedication to his job and to those they serve. Sometimes this is done in private; sometimes it is not. Meet Daniel Delomez, the mayor of the town of Annezin in northern France. Show More Summary

Colorado Republicans need to defend two Clinton seats in suburban Denver to save their slim majority

Daily Kos Elections' project to calculate the 2016 presidential results for every state legislative seat in the nation   arrives in Colorado, where Democrats hold the state House and the governorship, but where the GOP has a one-seat...Show More Summary

Sessions might give other media the Wikileaks treatment—charging them for covering leaks

Attorney General Jeff Session is reportedly prepping to throw the book at Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for allegedly aiding Edward Snowden in disclosing a trove of classified documents. Until now, bringing charges against Wikileaks...Show More Summary

Insurers aren't falling for Trump's sabotage efforts, yet

The first deadline for insurers to commit to participating in the Obamacare markets was this week in Kentucky and Virginia, and they're still in: Initial filings from Virginia and Kentucky show that insurers are still contemplating offering Obamacare coverage in 2018, even amid continuing uncertainty over Republicans' plans for health reform. Show More Summary

A note on Holocaust Remembrance Day: Anti-Semitic incidents rose 86% in first three months of 2017

On this Holocaust Remembrance Day comes this appalling news: Harassment, vandalism and other hostile acts against Jewish people and sites in the U.S. increased by 34 percent last year and are up 86 percent through the first three months of 2017, according t o   data released on Monday. [...]Show More Summary

Trump and Pence fill the swap with a new generation of lobbyists from their campaign

Back up the truck. Here come a fresh order of ‘gators. Former campaign aides, fundraisers and others with ties to President Trump and Vice President Pence have attracted dozens of new lobbying clients in Washington, raking in more than...Show More Summary

Obamacare cuts about to hit rural areas show how little Republicans care about their constituents

One of the many components of the Affordable Care Act that made access to quality care better was one designed to help Republican territory—rural  areas—as well as other, underserved urban areas. It's providing training—and bringingShow More Summary

Republicans starting to sweat fallout from potential Obamacare sabotage

Democrats are feeling a renewed vigor over Obamacare, whose public approval rating keeps climbing as popular vote loser Donald Trump's approval rating slides ever downward. While their prospects seem to be looking up, Republicans face...Show More Summary

After years of obstructing judges, Republicans anxious to pack the courts with extremists

Senate Republicans used every trick in the parliamentary playbook—and invented a few new ones—to keep President Barack Obama from appointing federal judges. Progressive critics of Obama will note that he was also slow to nominate them, but the lion's share of the blame for the judicial crisis across the country rests on Mitch McConnell and crew. Show More Summary

Trump's 'big, beautiful' wall gets downsized to a couple of 'high priority' areas

Donald Trump is desperate to get the ball rolling on his precious border wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for—but in reality could lead to a government shutdown. So maybe that’s why he wants “to start with a much less ambitious footprint”...Show More Summary

Peoples Climate March just one piece of the resistance against lethal eco-policies. Join us on 4/29

“The planet is well outside its comfort zone now. If the planet’s outside its comfort zone then perhaps we need to be a little bit outside our comfort zones in dealing with it.”                     ~ Bill McKibben, speech at Northhampton Community College, April 19 Solidarity is an essential element of resistance. Show More Summary

Spicer channels Trump's fierce urgency of whenever on vote timing

A week after Donald Trump told reporters he hoped to "get both" a spending bill and a Trumpcare 2.0 vote—and then pledged an all-caps  “TAX REFORM AND TAX REDUCTION" roll out to punctuate his first 100 days in office, press secretary...Show More Summary

Huge majority of Americans demand an independent commission to investigate Trump–Russia connections

When it comes to investigating the Trump-Russia connection, the House Intelligence Committee has been successfully driven into the weeds by Devin Nunes. The Senate Intelligence Committee has been slowed to a stop by Richard Burr.  While...Show More Summary

Shameless promotion, U.S. Embassy website features ‘Mar-A-Lago: the winter White House’ article

For 12 weekends in a row, Donald Trump has spent time at a Donald Trump-owned or managed property in what has to be a financial boon for the Trump family. Of course, everywhere Donald Trump goes, gaggles of Secret Service agents, staff...Show More Summary

Trump's disastrous start is leading to Democrats feeling fiesty

House Democrats have been constrained by being a distinct minority since November 2010. But popular vote loser Donald Trump and his disastrous poll numbers, as well as the total dysfunction in the fractious Republican party is giving...Show More Summary

Republican candidates weigh sitting out 2018, because Trump

The struggle is real for prospective 2018 GOP candidates: Should they or shouldn't they jump in? With a commander in chief who's as predictable as an untethered balloon in a tornado touting a list of legislative accomplishments as short...Show More Summary

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