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Last week the Gulf of Mexico saw the largest oil spill since the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, the Delta House oil production facility began spilling oil into the Gulf of Mexico, about 40 miles southeast of Louisiana. While not widely reported, this may be the largest oil spill since the BP Deepwater Horizon in 2010. Show More Summary

Leaked memo shows the Trump admin has a new birth control plan for women: the rhythm method!

Crooked Media got their hands on an internal Trump administration memo that outlines the goals of the worst president in history, from the "travel ban to the budget process." But the document also revealed plans to drastically slash federal funding for family planning and pregnancy prevention programs. Show More Summary

This week in the war on workers: Millions of women lack legal protection from the Harvey Weinsteins

Sexual harassment and assault has been in the headlines, thanks/no thanks to serial offender Harvey Weinstein, and many reasons have been offered for why women wouldn’t or couldn’t come forward. Bryce Covert offers an additional one: actresses...Show More Summary

North Carolina Republicans keep losing in the courts, now they want to change the referees

No lawmakers epitomize this truth more than those in the state of North Carolina: When Republicans lose, they cheat.  Ever since Tar Heel Republicans lost the state's gubernatorial race in 2016 while the rest of the country went red, GOP lawmakers have worked diligently to undermine the will of the voters. Show More Summary

Air, water pollution linked to the deaths of nearly 9 million people annually worldwide

A new study paints a bleak picture of the state of pollution around the globe, with poor air quality, water pollution and other environmental factors contributing to nearly one in six deaths annually worldwide. The study, published this...Show More Summary

View from the Left: John Kelly now just a tool of the 'deranged animal' in the White House

When Donald Trump heard the words he spoke this week to a grieving pregnant widow repeated back to him, even he seemed to grasp how horrific they were. “Didn't say what that congresswoman said—didn't say it at all," Trump charged Wednesday, his arms crossed defiantly at a White House meeting. Show More Summary

The NFL dispute isn't the first time Trump has weaponized the American flag against a community

When Donald Trump decided to accuse NFL players protesting police brutality of "disrespecting" the American flag, it wasn't his first turn with using nationalistic jingoism to divide a community against itself for his own benefit. In...Show More Summary

Ghoulish Trump hopes for four appointments to the Supreme Court

Here's a thing to fuel your nightmares all the way through Halloween: Trump reshaping the Supreme Court. He's absolutely giddy at the prospect that by the end of his first term, he might have four Supreme Court appointments. One—Neil Gorsuch—is already done. Show More Summary

New study finds that 'waiting periods' for gun ownership could save a lot of lives

A new study by a few Harvard professors found that requiring a waiting period for someone to own a gun could reduce firearm homicides by 17 percent. Handgun waiting periods are laws that impose a delay between the initiation of a purchase and final acquisition of a firearm. Show More Summary

ICE to open new, privately run detention facility in Texas

Interstate 35 runs down through Texas like a stone version of the lower Colorado River. From north to south, the first major metropolis it runs through is ruby red Dallas-Ft. Worth, then through redneck country 200 miles or so further...Show More Summary

Voting Rights Roundup: North Carolina Republicans continue their assault on judicial independence

Leading Off ? North Carolina : Hardly a week goes by without North Carolina Republicans concocting new schemes to undermine elections and swing them their way. The GOP’s latest new law, passed over the veto of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, will literally eliminate judicial primaries—for 2018 only. Show More Summary

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Trump and Kelly dig themselves deeper into a hole

It’s clear General Kelly got it wrong. That’s not in dispute. But doubling down on the inaccuracy is an awful look for the WH, and apologizing for their screw-ups (including getting the role of Rep. Wilson wrong) is beyond their ability,...Show More Summary

Detroit makes a statement: Eminem gets huge ovation while Kid Rock gets booed at Pistons game

It’s been almost 40 years since the Detroit Pistons played a NBA game inside of the Detroit City limits. But last night, the Pistons faced off against the Charlotte Hornets to open the season in their new arena—inside the city of Detroit. Show More Summary

The New York Times' Maggie Haberman has been a consistent embarrassment. Now, she is despicable.

Donald Trump's bedpan carrier, White House chief of staff  John Kelly, stepped up to the podium once again to prove that whatever fine reputation he once had is completely gone. His soul is sold. Absent. Kelly has chosen not to politicize his own son’s death in combat, and that is his right. Show More Summary

George W. Bush takes thinly veiled shots at Trump over 'bullying and prejudice' and Russia

George W. Bush hasn’t done much in the public eye since leaving office, but on Thursday he gave a speech in which, without saying the name of his successor in losing the popular vote but gaining the White House, he took several clear shots at Donald Trump. Show More Summary

Lawyer who defended North Carolina's voter suppression laws could end up on the federal bench

Campaign Action In a party-line vote Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination of Thomas Farr as a judge on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. Who's Thomas Farr? He's the go-to lawyer for North Carolina Republicans. Show More Summary

Federal lawsuit challenges Betsy DeVos' campus rapist-protection guidelines

Betsy DeVos’s decision to weaken campus sexual discrimination and assault response guidelines is being challenged in court. Equal Means Equal, on behalf of three plaintiffs, has filed a federal lawsuit calling the DeVos policy  “unlawful,...Show More Summary

Trump interviewed US attorney candidates who would have jurisdiction in investigations of him

This is not how this works. This is not at all how it works.  President Donald Trump has personally interviewed at least two potential candidates for U.S. attorney positions in New York, according to two sources familiar with the matter—a...Show More Summary

Koch group Americans for Prosperity pouring $1 million into Virginia governor's race

Koch brothers affiliate Americans for Prosperity is spending big in the race for Virginia governor, targeting Democrat Ralph Northam with $1 million or more in mail and digital ads. They’re even attacking Northam for supporting a bipartisan...Show More Summary

Trump voters not happy that maybe they're losing their Obamacare

Campaign Action In another in the long series, "Trump regrets," meet some voters who didn't think he was really going to take away their health care. Tom Westerman voted for Donald Trump in last year's election but says he might notShow More Summary

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