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Straight outta physics

It's a good thing nukes are really hard to make. If they could be fabricated as easily as mustard gas or gunpowder, we would be in a world of trouble, literally and figuratively. And there's another reason it's such a good thing. The...Show More Summary


Unveiling the Congressional Budget Office's latest long-term forecast this week, new CBO Director Keith Hall made an unremarkable statement. "The evidence," Hall explained, "is that tax cuts do not pay for themselves." For the overwhelming majority of economists, or just about anyone familiar with the U.S. Show More Summary

Immigration is all the GOP has and Donald Trump is the canary in the coal mine

Does the Republican establishment really want Donald Trump to get out of the presidential race? Do party leaders want him to tone it down? On the contrary, there seems to be some unanticipated genius in Trump's method. He is the canary...Show More Summary

'My body, my choice' is not true for women in poverty, in federal employment, or in the military

"My body, my choice" is a privilege for those whose insurance provides coverage for abortions (assuming that their employers don't object), or who can afford to pay the expense out of pocket. That privilege doesn't extend to women who...Show More Summary

A newly displaced centrist Republican's guide to third parties

'Merica! Watching the GOP's three-ring nomination circus has been entertaining and terrifying at the same time. We have witnessed what were once considered fringe positions be embraced by many mainstream Republicans. Because of this,...Show More Summary

The 2016 presidential polling is deeply weird (but does that matter?)

Jeb Bush: Trailing nationally, but leading in... Michigan?! Perhaps predictably, most of the attention being lavished upon the nascent 2016 presidential election is centering on the increasingly entertaining primary contests. This is particularly true as it relates to polling. Show More Summary

Tea party and Trump supporters can't accept people like Jorge Ramos and Barack Obama as Americans

American. Let's start with the obvious. Given that the candidate himself has characterized Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists, we can't be surprised that one of his partisans told Jorge Ramos, the most influential Latino journalist there is, to "get out of my country." Ramos responded: "This is my country. Show More Summary

Remembering Thurgood Marshall and fighting to ensure the future of the Supreme Court

Thurgood Marshall, associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, serving from October 1967 until October 1991. Marshall was the court's 96th justice and its first African-American justice. It was 48 years ago today that the U.S. Show More Summary

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up

Ruth Marcus makes the case for Joe. Could Joe Biden be the man for this season? ... there is an argument that 2016 could be Biden’s year — a moment that will reward, even celebrate, his loose-lipped authenticity and his from-the-gut middle-class politics. Show More Summary

Sunday Talk: Through the looking glass

In 1988, Jeb!'s daddy—not to be confused with his sugar daddies—famously declared "Read my lips: no new taxes." That promise helped the elder Bush win the election, but it also played a role in his defeat four years later. Fast forward...Show More Summary

Open thread: A Republican's guide, Thurgood Marshall and physics

What's coming up on Sunday Kos.. A newly displaced centrist Republican's guide to third parties, by Mark E Andersen Remembering Thurgood Marshall, and fighting to ensure the future of SCOTUS, by Denise Oliver Velez Straight outta physics,...Show More Summary

Alaska Republicans ready to spend upward of $1 million in taxpayer money to stop Medicaid expansion

Alaska Gov. Bill Walker Alaska's independent Gov. Bill Walker, fed up with a Republican legislature which refused to even debate a Medicaid expansion proposal, decided last month to act unilaterally and take the expansion. Alaska's attorney general and the legislature's legal department agree that the state constitution gives him authority to do so. Show More Summary

Cliff Notes from Donald Trump's Campaign Speech In South Carolina

Hey y'all here ya go! Honestly I need an enema after this one. I created a new Facebook page, Trump Notes with a bit more of a subversive presentation to confuse his supporters and entertain the rest. 1. My Iowa speech was the best speech I ever gave. 2. Show More Summary

This week in the war on workers: Gap to end abusive on-call scheduling

Workers in low-wage industries like retail and food service don't just need better pay. They need stable schedules—to know ahead of time when they're going to work, how many hours they'll be paid for in a week, when they'll need child care. Show More Summary

How much money does a family need to get by where you live?

We talk a fair amount about what people earn. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, or $15,080 for a year of full-time work. Workers are organizing to demand $15 an hour, or $31,200 a year. The median household income is around $52,000. Show More Summary

Senate Republicans are working with corporate America to screw over the working poor, again

There's a ton of crap in the Senate Republicans' funding bill for financial services, including trying to gut the Dodd-Frank Wall Street, slash IRS funding, and prevent enforcement of net neutrality rules. Here's another: H&R Block lobbied...Show More Summary

Pew: Americans don't want mass deportation or an end to birthright citizenship

Pew Research Center dug back in its archives for its surveys of American preferences on some of the most pressing issues on immigration this election season. Guess what? The Donald is on the wrong side of basically every immigrationShow More Summary

Republican leaders still support 'gun rights' everywhere but near them

What, you don't want this guy protecting you? At ThinkProgress, Scott Keyes compiles a list of super-duper pro-gun Republicans that think Americans should be able to carry loaded guns everywhere, all the time but have barred guns from places or events where they themselves might be appearing. Show More Summary

View from the left—why gun safety isn't a lost cause

Gun control may have cemented a place in the 2016 elections this week after two aspiring young journalists who worked at a Roanoke, Virginia, TV station were shot on live television. The graphic killings came just over a month afterShow More Summary

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