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Clinton hits McCarthy's Benghazi comments with new ad, while House Democrats mull ethics complaint

Democrats are not going to let go of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's comments about the partisan aims of the Benghazi Committee. Not only not going to let go, but actively using them as a bludgeon. As NBC's Andrea Mitchell isShow More Summary

Cartoon: The joys of 'campus carry'

(Click to enlarge) Earlier this year, Texas passed its own "campus carry" law despite opposition from University of Texas Chancellor William McRaven, former leader of the U.S. Special Operations Command who oversaw the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Show More Summary

Lindsey Graham, seeking aid for home state, says he can't remember why he voted against Sandy relief

Please give to me, but not to thee Oh, fuck this guy: Graham was among the Republican senators who opposed a federal aid package in January 2013 to assist states hit by Hurricane Sandy, but now he doesn't remember why. "I'm all for helping the people in New Jersey. Show More Summary

Morning Digest: Democrats land another top-shelf recruit as Hassan will run in New Hampshire

Newly-minted Democratic Senate candidate Maggie Hassan, with would-be colleague Jeanne Shaheen and a friend Leading Off: • NH-Sen: The long-awaited duel between Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan is on! On...Show More Summary

Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!

Well, I looked it up, and Carly Fiorina is still in the race. And that means there are plenty of people working on stories about how she's even more terrible than we previously knew. That sounds like it could be fun to look into! I hope...Show More Summary

Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… The Kossack Brain is a Fearsome Beast The third quarter of 2015 has officially been vanquished by the evil time troopers and their leader, Sir Ticksalot. That means it's C&J number-crunching time. Every...Show More Summary

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump, gun control and more

We begin today's roundup with The Washington Post's Catherine Rampell who analyzes Donal Trump's position on gun control: When host George Stephanopoulos noted how uncharacteristically can’t-do this attitude was for Trump, the latter insisted: “Now, George, I could say, oh, we’re going to do this and that and it’s never going to happen again. Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: Central States Pension Fund cuts could be harbinger of same elsewhere

Teamsters recently protested possible pension cuts at a meeting of the Central States Pension Fund. David Moberg is senior editor at In These Times, where he has worked covering labor issues since the publication began in 1976. He writes—Central...Show More Summary

'The Martian' explores the human will to survive and the meaning of community

Matt Damon in Ridley Scott's 'The Martian' Of all the television series and movies I've reviewed in these posts, most of them take a very dim view of human nature. A fundamental aspect of drama is conflict, and most conflict comes from flawed people making questionable choices. Show More Summary

Armed vet proves NRA wrong, explains why he didn't confront Oregon shooter with his 'good guy' gun

In a predictable response to yet another mass gun murder, we are already hearing the loud cries that more guns are what was needed in the situation. Concealed carry is the solution, and all this death is actually the fault of "gun-free...Show More Summary

Why is a Republican senator running on defunding Planned Parenthood in Ohio? It might be helping him

Rob Portman Ohio Sen. Rob Portman got a bunch of flak on Thursday, and rightly so, for saying that the public dollars that currently fund Planned Parenthood should instead go to "community health centers" that "provide the women's health needs that are legitimate"—implying, of course, that Planned Parenthood's services are not legitimate. Show More Summary

More proof of a cover-up in the St. Louis police murder of VonDerrit Myers

VonDerrit Myers—alive and well Evidence continues to mount that the St. Louis Police Department is covering up what truly happened when they shot and killed VonDerrit Myers in October 2014. His family just released the autopsy results, which show that Myers appears to have been shot from behind. Myers’ family hired pathologist Dr. Show More Summary

Florida Libertarian candidate dinged for goat sacrifice, but strong on need for armed rebellion

Did what now? Meet the Libertarian Party of Florida's candidate for U.S. Senate, because Florida. Two years ago, Augustus Sol Invictus walked from central Florida to the Mojave Desert and spent a week fasting and praying, at times thinking he wouldn't survive. In a pagan ritual to give thanks when he returned home, he killed a goat and drank its blood. [...]Show More Summary

Being a good guy with a gun doesn't necessarily mean you're all that good with a gun. GunFAIL CXL

Fifteen of 64 guns discovered by TSA agents at airports around the country, during the week of 9/18 - 9/24/15. Fully one-half of our list this time is made up of people accidentally shooting themselves or family members. Most of theShow More Summary

Fox News 'analyst': 'At the Berlin Wall last week. Walls work.'

The above would be a tweet this morning from Fox News analyst Monica Crowley. At the Berlin Wall last week. Walls work. Discuss.

Why in the hell did it take a random viral video for McGraw-Hill to fix this mistake on slavery?

Screenshot of the actual textbook Welcome to America: Where in 2015, even our textbooks are racist. Disgusted at what she saw in her ninth-grade son's high school geography textbook, Roni Dean-Burren took to Facebook to express how outraged she was to see the horrors of American slavery glossed over and rewritten. Show More Summary

Pentagon now says U.S. airstrikes that killed 22 in Kunduz hospital were sought by Afghan military

Zemairy, an Afghan boy, receiving treatment at Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) after a mortar exploded in his yard, and recovering from a drug-resistant bacterial infection, lies in an isolation ward in Kunduz June 11, 2015. The hospital was hit and 60 patients and staff killed or wounded in a U.S. Show More Summary

Gun violence is the only American epidemic we are legislatively required to accept

I know there's going to be steep competition for the dumbest column about guns in the wake of [insert latest horrific mass murder here], but since The Fix keeps flogging this rather silly effort we're going to at least give it an honorable mention. Show More Summary

Mitch McConnell plays stupid political tricks while budget crisis looms

Last week, news broke that Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and John Boehner were meeting with President Obama on negotiating a two-year budget. Turns out, that information came from McConnell and was another move to screw over Senate...Show More Summary

Maryland Republicans take a page from North Carolina on voter suppression

The Republican majority on the Montgomery County, Maryland board of elections is using the same playbook as North Carolin Republicans, apparently. They've decided to close two early voting sites in the county where there are more blacks and Democrats, moving them to lower population, white, Republican communities. Show More Summary

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