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Texas moves forward with a range of anti-abortion bills, including a ban on insurance coverage

Slowly but surely, states with Republican majority leadership are working toward ending women’s access to abortion—and they are looking to do it by any means necessary. Last week in Iowa, Republicans managed to pass a law which willShow More Summary

Midday open thread: Francis gives Trump something to (ha-ha-ha) read; Lieberman out for FBI post

Today’s comic by Matt Bors is Sheriff Clarke's real, not at all fake medals: Prsident Trump has 1366 days left in office if he stays through his full term. • Pope Francis gives Trump a copy of his encyclical on the urgency of climate...Show More Summary

Senate Republicans catching a clue that saving themselves politically could mean saving Obamacare

The healthcare industry is in full-on panic mode over the Trump regime's continuing sabotage of Obamacare, which means they're in full-on pressure mode with Congress—specifically with the Senate, where they apparently believe their only...Show More Summary

Psst, rural voters: you're getting screwed in Trump's budget

Last November, a Politico article titled "Revenge of the rural voter" quoted a Democratic operative acknowledging that Hillary Clinton lost rural voters 3 to 1. If she had only lost them 2 to 1, the source added, the election "wouldShow More Summary

Teen comes home to find out undocumented dad with no criminal record has been deported

Despite vocal support from faith leaders and members of the  Metuchen, New Jersey, community, Arino Massie was deported by ICE last week after living in the U.S. for 16 years. Massie, a Chinese Christian, fled Indonesia nearly two decades ago to escape religious persecution. Show More Summary

Another broken promise and a legal snag: Trump's not tracking foreign payments at his hotels

When serious questions arose during the transition over Donald Trump's potential for violating the Emoluments Clause as president, Trump promised to avoid legal trouble by donating all his business profits from foreign governments to the U.S. Show More Summary

Republican lawmaker whose previous claim to fame was ducky pajamas embraces insane murder conspiracy

Sean Hannity and a legion of far-right conspiracy theorists are not backing down from claiming that Seth Rich, the young Democratic National Committee staffer who was murdered in 2016 (probably by Hillary Clinton in troll-land; in a botched robbery according to the police), was WikiLeaks’ source of DNC emails. Show More Summary

Trump team didn't make a $2 trillion mistake on the budget—it engaged in massive accounting fraud

A couple trillion here, a couple trillion there. No matter how many times Trump's budget team tries to reuse the same fake money, that doesn’t make it real. President Donald Trump's newly unveiled budget contains a massive accounting error that uses the same money twice for two different purposes. Show More Summary

Mitch McConnell wants to talk Trumpcare in quiet rooms

You might think that the example of the process of getting Trumpcare and Zombie Trumpcare through the House—and the massive opposition to it among the general populace—would have made Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell approach the...Show More Summary

Republicans say Montana special election is 'closer than it should be'

Well, yeah: Republican Greg Gianforte’s closing motivational speech to voters ahead of Thursday’s special House election in Montana is the same thing GOP strategists are whispering in private: “This race is closer than it should be.” We should not be talking about this race at all, because Greg Gianforte should have put it away long ago. Show More Summary

Michael Flynn gets more subpoenas, and more subpoenas, and a bonus reminder: No immunity

The Senate Intelligence Committee  subpoenaed   Michael Flynn. He didn’t come. They asked for this documents. He refuses to produce. The House House Intelligence Committee apparently wants in on some of that fine Fifth Amendment action,...Show More Summary

Republican redistricting setbacks in courts open the door to future litigation, Democratic gains

When the Supreme Court knocked down GOP electoral maps in two North Carolina congressional districts Monday, the ruling joined a string of court opinions from Virginia, Texas, Alabama, and Wisconsin that have mainly gone against Republican...Show More Summary

Even some Republicans balk at Trump's 'draconian,' 'make-believe debate' of a budget

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s attempts to act happy about Donald Trump’s budget aren’t being imitated by the members of his caucus. In fact, Republicans sound unhappy about a lot of things in the budget: Longtime GOP Rep. Hal Rogers of Kentucky declared proposed cuts to safety net and environmental proposals “draconian.” [...]Show More Summary

Distinguishing between Trump and his campaign staff on collusion won't shield Trump from obstruction

The media has focused in on one key moment in Tuesday's House Intelligence hearing, when former CIA director John Brennan told lawmakers he saw intelligence indicating contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia that was "worthy"Show More Summary

Too much crazy: Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte debate the sanity of Kim Jong Un

Rodrigo Duterte   has used his time as president of the Philippines to murder opponents, murder journalists,  and murder anyone who questions his murdering all in the name of a war on drugs. So naturally, Donald Trump thinks Duterte   is a great guy. Show More Summary

Health care for children is on the chopping block in Donald Trump's budget

Congressional Republicans have put the smooth functioning of the Children’s Health Insurance Program at risk by not renewing its funding in time for states to plan their budgets. But Donald Trump is taking the next step:  President Donald...Show More Summary

Cartoon: Sheriff Clarke's real, not at all fake medals

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Donald Trump's laughably uncomfortable meeting and gift exchange with Pope Francis

Donald Trump, and his family made their way to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis, who seemed to be in no mood to be schmoozed by America’s top con man. The meeting seemed icy from the start. From the press pool report of the initial...Show More Summary

Democrats pick up two GOP-held legislative seats, the first flips of the Trump era. There'll be more

On Tuesday night, Democrats flipped not one but two state legislative seats in special elections—and both came in deep red territory. In New Hampshire, Democrat Edie DesMarais defeated Republican Matthew Plache by a 52-48 margin in the state House’s 6th Carroll District, a seat Donald Trump won 51-44 last fall. Show More Summary

Morning Digest: Maine Supreme Court says new instant-runoff voting law violates state constitution

Leading Off ? ME-Ballot : On Tuesday, Maine's state Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a 2016 ballot initiative that switched Maine's elections to instant-runoff voting for state and congressional races violates the state constitution. Show More Summary

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