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Maine voters raised the minimum wage. Now their governor wants to block the raise.

The 2016 ballot measure raising Maine’s minimum wage to $12 by 2020 got far more votes than Gov. Paul LePage did in 2014—417,132 vs. 294,533. But according to LePage, Maine voters just didn’t know what they were doing when they passed...Show More Summary

Nothing says 'Drain the Swamp!' like Trump's Treasury pick: Former Goldman Sachs exec Steven Mnuchin

Consider the “swamp” DRAINED! Steven Mnuchin, a hedge fund manager and former Goldman Sachs executive, is President-elect Donald Trump's choice for Treasury secretary, the New York Times and CBS News reported Tuesday. [...] A graduate...Show More Summary

This tool lets you see how just three counties could have flipped the presidential election

This awesome interactive tool from data scientist and mathematician Kevin Wilson lets you reassign counties from one state to any other state. As you can see above, even just a few minor changes could radically alter the balance of power in a given state, and consequently the Electoral College, too. Show More Summary

Sessions fixated on idea that there were just too many Latino judges during Sotomayor confirmation

During Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor's 2009 confirmation hearing, Jeff Sessions as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee had the chance to air his biggest concerns about Sotomayor's nomination. He had several and spent much...Show More Summary

Trump's potential Homeland Security chief wants to ship a million American citizens to Gitmo

It’s a good thing Fidel Castro is dead. I don’t say that just because of his political oppression and casual use of executions. I mean we're going to need the space. [ Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke]  called for rounding up Americans who sympathize with terrorists and shipping them to an offshore prison. Show More Summary

Meet Trump's education nominee: Her only experience is trying to destroy public education

Disqualified and unqualified are similar words that mean two different things, as Donald Trump’s cabinet picks are constantly reminding us. Jeff Sessions’ racism disqualifies him from being the nation’s top civil rights enforcer. Nikki Haley’s total lack of foreign policy experience renders her unqualified for the role of United Nations ambassador. Show More Summary

DREAMers who came forward now fear for their future under a Trump administration

Nearly a quarter of a million DREAMers signed up for President Obama's 2012 program granting them temporary deportation relief and opportunities to attend college and obtain work permits. Donald Trump has promised to end that program,...Show More Summary

Jason Chaffetz mysteriously loses his interest in investigations

One minute, he was on the starting line, just waiting for the green light. Back in October, Representative Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight Committee, had big plans for 2017. After leading the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s...Show More Summary

Trump may love his DC hotel—but he can't keep it

Argentina. Georgia. India. Philippines. UK. Every day seems to turn up another country in which Trump has a conflict of interest, and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. But you don’t have to travel overseas to find a fat conflict of interest for the president-elect. Show More Summary

Jeff Sessions: Protections for disabled kids are ruining America's schools

Back in 2000, Jeff Sessions put his finger squarely on the source of problems in America’s schools: disabled children. Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general claimed, on the floor of the Senate, that while it was a good thing for schools...Show More Summary

North Carolina gubernatorial update: McCrory running out of options

Bathroom guv Pat McCrory is just barely hanging on to hopes of a recount. In North Carolina, the State Board of Elections slapped down all 52 of his election complaints Monday night, and Roy Cooper's lead has been hovering around the 9,900 mark (sometimes over, sometimes under) as of early afternoon on Tuesday. Show More Summary

Fight for $15 celebrates fourth anniversary with widespread protest and $61 billion in wins

The Fight for $15 kicked off on November 29, 2012, with a fast food strike in New York City. On its fourth anniversary, workers and supporters were striking and rallying in airports and cities across the country, with civil disobedience...Show More Summary

Midday open thread: Fires, buckets and old age

Today’s comic from Jen Sorensen is Crude awakening at Standing Rock: The wild fires in Tennessee are frightening: The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency says National Guard troops are being sent in to help out as wildfires continue to spread in Gatlinburg and surrounding areas in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. [...]Show More Summary

Here's what the resistance looks like: We block f'n EVERYTHING

We are the opposition, we are the resistance. The 2009 through present-era Republicans have written the new rules, and they are: OPPOSE EVERYTHING—even if they might otherwise agree.  So it’s up to Democrats to do NOTHING to legitimize the loser of the popular vote. Show More Summary

Senate Democrats should ask a few questions as Grassley plans a speedy confirmation for Sessions

Chuck Grassley cannot wait for Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to become attorney general and start weakening voting rights and civil rights enforcement. The Senate Judiciary Committee chair is planning to kick off confirmation hearings...Show More Summary

Warren blasts GOP medical research bill as 'extortion'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is leading the charge to defeat a medical research bill she says is a big giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry covered by a "tiny fig leaf of funding" for actual research and other health spending. Warren, who was joined by Sen. Show More Summary

Trump's flag tweet disguises an assault on citizenship

Outside the 1984 Republican convention in Dallas, a small group of protesters from the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade marched through the streets carrying an American flag. It wasn’t a peaceful march. The group vandalized cars and buildings and scattered trash around the streets. Show More Summary

Morons who voted for Republicans now worry they will take away their health care—as promised

Trying hard not to roll my eyes too much. People in poverty-stricken Clay County [Kentucky] worry about what will happen to their health care if Gov. Matt Bevin's and President-elect Trump's ambitions to overhaul Medicaid proceed.  In Clay County, 60 percent of residents are covered by Medicaid. Show More Summary

Should we be concerned by warning signs that democracy itself is in danger?

Saying that democracy is in trouble weeks after Donald Trump was elected president may seem like posting a sign recommending flu vaccine in the morgue. However, there are reasons beyond Trump to be concerned about the health of modern democracies. Yascha Mounk... Show More Summary

Trump's Health and Human Services pick is ready to start taking your healthcare on day one

Donald Trump’s pick for Health and Human Services secretary is yet another sign that 20 million people can say bye-bye to their health insurance. Meet Rep. Tom Price: A former chairman of the conservative Republican study committee,Show More Summary

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