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ICE calls detainee fatalities 'exceedingly rare'—except two have died this week on their watch

As information continues to come in about the tragic suicide of  Jean Jimenez-Joseph while under ICE custody   in a Georgia facility earlier this week, CNN reports and ICE confirms that yet another detainee in the state has died. Atulkumar...Show More Summary

Thursday morning recap: Russia special counsel, 'Putin pays Trump,' Flynn's Turkish masters

If you signed off early on Wednesday, you missed several major Trump-related stories that broke in the evening. The biggest of all, by far, was the news that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein—the chump who allowed Donald Trump to...Show More Summary

Morning Digest: Criminal justice reformers score key victory in Philadelphia district attorney race

Leading Off ? Philadelphia, PA District Attorney : Criminal justice reformers scored a major victory on Tuesday when longtime civil rights attorney Larry Krasner won the Democratic primary for district attorney in Philadelphia, whose 1.5 million residents make it America's fifth-largest city. Show More Summary

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OK, the leak of Israeli intelligence to the Russians has got to be it, right? And the Comey memo? Peak Trump insanity, right? And a special prosecutor, too! I think we can handle it from here. It literally cannot get any… OMFG! HOW DID...Show More Summary

Cheers and Jeers: Thursday

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE … The Child President [Adjusts cold compress on head, washes down six aspirin with Scotch whiskey] Jesus. At next week's NATO summit, world leaders are---says a source to Vanity Fair---" preparing to deal...Show More Summary

Abbreviated pundit round-up: Stay or go, Trump has harmed America; Pentagon preps for audit

Even the most optimistic person on the left could not have imagined on January 20 how quickly Donald Trump would spark so many serious mentions of “impeachment.” But, then, the four-month interval of surreality we’ve just endured isShow More Summary

Open thread for night owls: Funded by 0.001%ers, charter school backers take over L.A. school board

Edwin Rios at Mother Jones reports—Los Angeles Just Had the Most Expensive School Board Race Ever—and Betsy DeVos Couldn't Be Happier: Charter school advocates   landed   a major victory Tuesday night, winning two seats on the Los Angeles Board of Education in the most expensive school board race in US history. Show More Summary

Republicans just won a special election for the Georgia state Senate. They shouldn't be pleased.

On Tuesday night, Republican Kay Kirkpatrick, a retired orthopedic surgeon, easily defeated Democratic attorney Christine Triebsch by a 57-43 margin in a special election for Georgia's 32nd State Senate District, which happens to be located almost entirely within Georgia's 6th Congressional District. Show More Summary

Iowa was a sore spot for Democrats on Election Day, and they'll need a Trump backlash to make gains

Daily Kos Elections' project to calculate the 2016 presidential results for every state legislative seat in the nation hits Iowa, which swung very sharply against the Democrats: Barack Obama carried the state 52-46 in 2012, but Donald Trump won it 52-42 last year, a shift of 16 points. Show More Summary

NYT: Team Trump knew Flynn was being investigated and Trump still hired him

This is some transition team Mike Pence ran. New York Times with another big scoop on disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn: Michael T. Flynn told President Trump’s transition team weeks before the inauguration that he was...Show More Summary

ICE arrests two undocumented workers trying to get to construction job on military base

Two undocumented immigrant workers are facing deportation after security officials at Travis Air Force Base contacted ICE when the two men could not provide valid Social Security numbers to get through a security check for a construction...Show More Summary

Missouri lawmakers cut uninsured women's access to reproductive healthcare just to prevent abortions

Republicans in Missouri are so desperate for women not to have abortions that they are willing to cut uninsured women’s access to any kind of family planning services. The budget that lawmakers have passed and are sending to Republican Gov. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan, leader: 'There are some people out there who want to harm the president'

Campaign Action Speaker Paul Ryan advised his Republican colleagues in the House to be "sober" in responding to the latest bombshell in the ongoing Russia/Trump saga—the documentation fired FBI Director James Comey is reported to have as evidence that popular vote loser Donald Trump tried to obstruct justice. Show More Summary

GOP talking points on Trump's attempt to end Russia investigation taking shape: 'Yo, he's an idiot'

There can be no argument that the past week has been a very difficult time to be a Republican. Day after day, the scenario is the same: Scandal erupts in the Trump White House, aides frantically scurry to explain away the latest outrage,...Show More Summary

TV news shows hunt for, and fail to find, Republicans willing to talk about Trump-Comey

When a “senior administration official” quoted by Politico says that “there is this  misunderstanding all these people want to go out there and defend us,” it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to fill in who holds that misunderstanding: the guy who needs to be defended. Show More Summary

Vladimir Putin steps up to say Donald Trump didn't give him valuable intelligence

How do you say “throwing someone an anchor” in Russian? It think it goes something like this … Kremlin aide says Putin prepared to provide transcript, not audio recording, of Trump and Lavrov meeting Yes. Vladimir Putin says that Trump...Show More Summary

Eleven days in May—how Donald Trump made impeaching Donald Trump a mainstream issue

It’s quiet out there … so quiet … Charlie Rose just said CBS This Morning asked 20 Republicans and White House on air to speak to Comey memo today; all declined. Campaign Action It’s only a matter of time—probably minutes—before a new revelation roils the nation. Show More Summary

'Helpless' to stop Trump from creating scandal, his aides leak stories about the toxic White House

The White House is getting battered with one scandal after another, thanks to the unstable, irresponsible, dangerous narcissist in the Oval Office. And it sometimes seems as though the only break Donald Trump’s staff are taking fromShow More Summary

Republicans dodge and weave to avoid talking about Trump

Republicans may have avoided going on television news shows to address James Comey’s written account of Donald Trump asking him to drop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s Russia ties, but many of them couldn’t entirely avoid the subject. Show More Summary

El Paso, Texas, wants 'more funding for bridges, not walls'

The massive border wall along the entire U.S./Mexico border ain’t happening. To quote a certain orange madman: you know it, I know it, everybody knows it. But it’s still worth checking out this Dallas News profile on some of the most...Show More Summary

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