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Trump wants to destroy democracy by dismantling the Bill of Rights

On September 25, 1789, the first United States Congress passed 12 amendments to the Constitution, which were then sent to the states to be ratified. Ten of those 12 amendments are known today as the Bill of Rights.  In December 1791,...Show More Summary

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up

Despite the "World War I" label attached to the substances in this week’s infographic, one of these gases was used (heavily) this week in the United States, another was deployed in Syria, and a third may have been used in Iraq in a shell fired by ISIS. Show More Summary

Open thread: Enthusiasm, the Bill of Rights and drill rap

What’s coming up on Sunday Kos … I am incredibly enthusiastic about voting for Hillary Clinton. Here’s why, by Ian Reifowitz Dear white people, it’s time that we talked seriously about this Trump noise, by Frank Vyan Walton Who willShow More Summary

Guess where August 2016 ended up, temperature wise?

Did you dare to guess it was the hottest August ever recorded in the global temperature record? Then you win! Your prize is figuring out how to announce this and still convey the significance despite the same thing happening for quite...Show More Summary

This week in science: trillions and trillions

What will happen to Dixie by the water after they foolishly fell for conservative talking points and elected clueless morons or willfully ignorant sociopaths ranting that global warming was a hoax made up by all those alleged evil conspirators...Show More Summary

Wells Fargo fired whistleblowers for reporting unethical behavior

Headlines about the millions of unauthorized accounts created by Wells Fargo employees have focused on the wrongdoing by the workers. But you don’t end up with thousands of workers doing the same thing wrong millions of times without the employer bearing some responsibility. Show More Summary

This week in the war on workers: Corporate share of federal taxes is low low low

A little reminder of one of the things that’s changed in the American economy in recent decades, from a great Economic Policy Institute roundup of information on corporate taxes: Federal revenue contributed by corporate taxes has dropped by two-thirds over the last six decades—from 32.1 percent in 1952 to 10.8 percent in 2015. Show More Summary

Charlotte police to release video of Keith Scott shooting

From the New York Times: The Charlotte authorities said Saturday that they would release dashboard and body camera recordings in the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, whose death has prompted large and sometimes violent protests...Show More Summary

Suck it, conservatives: By any objective measure, California is the most business-friendly state

Remember how California is a state “ burdened with a high tax rate, significant regulation and extreme housing costs”? Conservative think tanks like to claim it, and so does this New York Times writer. Yet if those “burdens” were so determinative, why would that same writer find this? California is the capital of American business [...]Show More Summary

Trump's disregard of the right to counsel is simply un-American

Here's yet another example of Trump completely disregarding the parts of the Constitution he doesn't like. This week, Trump lamented that Ahmad Rahami, the man allegedly responsible for the pipe bombings in New York and New Jersey, will be afforded constitutional protections. Show More Summary

This week at progressive state blogs: Does Kasich hope to save GOP after a Trump win? Renters rally

This week at progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Let me know via comments or Kosmail if you have a favorite state- or city-based blog you...Show More Summary

View from the Left: Can we please have a real debate?

If you’re in the camp that believes Hillary Clinton has received an unfair amount of unflattering coverage this election cycle, it’s not just your imagination. In an NPR piece this week, a data analytics firm called Quid surveyed text from about 7.5 million articles generated on some 300,000 news sites about the race. Show More Summary

New York Times strongly endorses Hillary Clinton, praising her 'intellect, experience, and courage'

With just over six weeks to go before Election Day, the New York Times editorial board has issued a powerful endorsement of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president, and there’s nothing half-hearted or subtle about it: In any normal election year, we’d compare the two presidential candidates side by side on the issues. Show More Summary

Five questions with David Dayen about foreclosure fraud, activism, and hope

David Dayen (dday to old-timers at Daily Kos) has been the most single most dogged journalist digging into the massive fraud perpetuated on American homeowners in the last decade, the fraud that almost brought down the global economy. Show More Summary

1,200 archeologists denounce desecration of Standing Rock burial grounds by DAPL, UN agrees

Campaign Action In a Friday letter to  President Obama, the United States Department of Justice, Department of the Interior, the Army Corps of Engineers, a coalition of more than 1,200 archeologists, museum directors, and historiansShow More Summary

Nuts & Bolts: Inside a Democratic Campaign—Getting GOTV Underway

Welcome back, Saturday Campaign D-I-Y’ers! For those who tune in, welcome to the Nuts & Bolts of a Democratic campaign. Each week, we discuss issues that help drive successful campaigns. If you’ve missed prior diaries, please visit our...Show More Summary

Donald Trump has white supremacist votes locked up: 'Our message is more visible than ever before'

Campaign Action Meet Donald Trump's basket of deplorables. According to an investigation by Mother Jones and the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute, since Trump officially announced his bid in June 2015 he has drawn effusiveShow More Summary

Spotlight on green news & views: DAPL protectors still at work; Human-made Texas earthquakes

Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the Green Diary Rescue) appears twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Here is the most recent previous Green Spotlight. More than 25,540 environmentally oriented stories haveShow More Summary

Obama celebrates in weekly address the opening of national African-American museum

x YouTube Video But this museum chooses to tell a fuller story.  It  doesn’t gauze up some bygone era or avoid uncomfortable truths.  Rather, it embraces the patriotic recognition that America is a constant work in progress; that each...Show More Summary

Gunman murders five at mall in Washington State; suspect still at large

CNN: A man carrying a rifle entered a Macy's store at a mall in Washington state, shot dead four women and a man, and vanished into the night, police said. Authorities believe only one person fired the shots Friday night at Cascade Mall...Show More Summary

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