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Former staff of Trump's new campaign chief call him 'one of the worst people on God’s green earth'

Well, this is a shocker. Steven Bannon, Donald Trump's new campaign chief, is a Trump Mini-me, according to people who used to work for him at the alt-right outlet Breitbart News. Allegra Kirkland writes: “It signals a dangerous and,...Show More Summary

Chicago seeks to fire seven cops for lying about the Laquan McDonald shooting

Chicago’s top cop Eddie Johnson is recommending termination for seven of the 10 officers on the scene the night that Laquan McDonald was executed. Jason Van Dyke, the officer that fired the fatal shots, is currently awaiting trial after being charged with McDonald’s murder. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz trails Rick Perry by 9 points in a hypothetical 2018 Texas Senate primary poll

It’s been less than a month since Sen. Ted Cruz took to the floor of the Republican National Convention and refused to endorse Donald Trump, and his move appears to have done him at least some short-term damage at home. A new PPP poll...Show More Summary

Example #321 of damnably clueless GOP leadership: Speaker Ryan loves pseudo-historian David Barton

Speaker Paul Ryan apparently has a penchant for the work of the notorious “historian” and Christian nationalist David Barton. Once again illustrating just how rotten Ryan’s judgment can be. Barton has long been one of the gaudy grifters of the right wing. Show More Summary

Jeff Wood didn't kill anyone, but next week Texas is going to kill him

Jeff Wood, 22, waited in a Texaco parking lot in Kerrville, Texas, a town of less than 20,000 people. It was 6 AM on the morning after New Year's Day, 1996. Daniel Reneau, a "drifter" whom Wood had met a few months prior, had run inside the gas station for a second while Wood waited in the car. Show More Summary

Kellyanne Conway, translated: We're gonna make sure Trump stays just as awful as he's always been

Donald Trump's new campaign manager, Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway, says the haters gonna hate but they're just gonna shake it off and let Trump do Trump. Here's a mishmash of two different write-ups of a recent CNN interviewShow More Summary

News station blames white supremacist stabbing on Black Lives Matter, NOT on white supremacy

An Olympia, Washington, interracial couple was attacked by a white supremacist on August 16, but one local news station blamed the attack on Black Lives Matter, and not on the white supremacist who stabbed the couple. Thirty-two-year-old Daniel Rowe stabbed the man in the abdomen and his girlfriend was grazed by the knife. Show More Summary

Latest polls: Is it a bump if the ball never comes back down?

The polling is gaudy, definitely in wave territory. So much so, in fact, that we can start pivoting from worrying about the presidency, and figuring out how to best take advantage of this historic opportunity. The Senate? Yeah, we’re...Show More Summary

Midday open thread: 18 introductions of the 'new Trump'; rising sea spurs relocation vote in Alaska

81 days remain until the general election. Are you registered to vote? Click here to be sure. Today’s comic by Ruben Bolling is Billy Dare, Boy Adventurer, in a three-act adventure: • James O’Keefe wannabe busted by Russ Feingold’s Senate campaign. • Eighteen times the media introduced a new Trump: It all started 11 months ago on Sept. Show More Summary

Philadelphia DA failed to disclose $160,000 in gifts

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams could be facing penalties for his late disclosure of gifts he received while in office. Williams recently filed a 34-page accounting of $160,000 worth of gifts he's received from 2010 to 2015. Show More Summary

Hilarious spin from Trump camp: 'It helps us to be a little bit behind.' Just a little bit, though?

Donald Trump’s new campaign manager (as distinct from his campaign chairman and campaign CEO) is frantically trying to give his campaign a new, more media-friendly face. In short, she’s spinning furiously—and she’s coming up with some comedy gold. Show More Summary

Panic setting in for Senate Republicans

Once again, they built this. Hillary Clinton's increasingly dominant lead in the presidential race is solidifying many Republicans' worst 2016 fears that Donald Trump will cost the party not only the White House but also control of the...Show More Summary

Department of Justice to stop using private prisons

The prison industrial complex has been one of the great success stories of the last few decades—if “success” can stretch to mean more than tripling the number of Americans locked up. As conservatives privatized prisons in the name of “efficiency”...Show More Summary

Clinton camp pushes back on Trump's 'deranged conspiracy theories' about her health

Donald Trump may have the most preposterous health record ever released by a presidential candidate, but that's not stopping him from making completely unfounded accusations about Hillary Clinton's health. Naturally, the Clinton campaign...Show More Summary

Obamacare six years later: 10 million still uninsured, thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts

Obamacare is six years old, and has been fully implemented now for two years, with one big exception. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, in being the fifth vote to uphold the law back in 2012, tried to save a scrap of his conservative credibility by carving out a big exception: Medicaid expansion. Show More Summary

Donald Trump shuffled his campaign because it was going great!

Trump’s campaign manager is accused of taking $12.7 million under the table from Russian puppets, helping to start protests in Crimea that served as a pretext for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and illegally funneling $7 million in foreign firms to US lobbying firms. Show More Summary

North Carolina Republican party pushes counties to 'make party line changes to early voting'

You would think North Carolina Republicans might want to be a little more subtle than they have been now that the Supreme Court will be weighing whether they can keep their voter suppression laws for this election—particularly in light...Show More Summary

Eight is not enough — Republicans launch new House investigation of Clinton email. Because.

Wait. Is it eight investigations of Hillary Clinton’s email? Or what that Benghazi? Not that it really matters. There is no number of investigations that are enough investigations. Republicans will always find an excuse for one more. Republicans...Show More Summary

Cartoon: Billy Dare, Boy Adventurer, in a three-act adventure

Follow @RubenBolling on Twitter and Facebook. Please join Tom the Dancing Bug's subscription club, the INNER HIVE, for early access to comics, and much, much more. And DID YOU KNOW that you can buy Ruben Bolling’s new book series for kids, The EMU Club Adventures? You can. Book One here.  Book Two here. Much

Christie gave Trump a $25 million gift — and was still left on the sidelines

Chris Christie was one of the first notable Republicans to endorse Donald Trump. But former presidential candidate and very part-time New Jersey Gov. Christie did a lot more for Trump than just stand behind him and give a profound “help...Show More Summary

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