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ShtholeCongress & Trump’s porn collection

In today’s podcast, Cliff and I discuss the GOP Congress’ undying need to defend Donald Trump at all costs (the latest example being their determination to lie for Trump about ShtholeGate); a new report that Trump allegedly paid a porn star $130,000 to keep her quiet right before the election; and the importance of the […]

Playing fetch with seals at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, DC (video)

I had the joy of discovering this week that the seals at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, DC like to play fetch with the zoo visitors. (Note: About 3:25 into the video, my seal friend disappears for a sec, but he’s back in like 30 seconds. And sorry about the lack of sound, but the […]

President Oprah?

Are you for or against Oprah running for president? PRESIDENT OPRAH? A close friend of Oprah’s says she’s giving serious thought to running for president in 2020. It’s been interesting to see the reactions online from folks on the left — people are definitely divided. Many, like me, see Oprah as eminently qualified (though I […]

2017 Year in Review

I’m not such a New Years fan. I often find the demarcation between the years to be somewhat artificial. But this year has been so momentous, with Trump’s rise to power, that it’s worth taking stock of where we are and how far we’ve come. At the beginning of the year I was pretty despondent, […]

Trump’s hilarious denial of collusion with Russia

Trump’s disastrous New York Times interview is the topic of our latest UnPresidented Podcast episode, in part because the NYT got a lot of heat for — some say — letting Trump get away with a lot of lies. But also because Trump was so unhinged, even for him, that it’s a fascinating, and scary, […]

Trump claims to have most effective administration since Truman. It’s another huge lie.

Donald Trump yesterday claimed that he has had the most effective first-year of any president since Truman, who held the earlier record (Trump claimed) — but now, Trump has even beat Truman! Except it was all a lie. Trump didn’t beat Truman. Truman didn’t hold the record — Kennedy did. And in fact, Trump has […]

YES WE CAN defeat Roy Moore!

Our latest UnPresidented Podcast celebrates Roy Moore’s big loss. We also discuss the faux FBI scandal the GOP is using to undercut the Trump-Russia investigation, and Omarosa’s ignominious departure from the White House. Just click to listen below:

Tell Congress to Hold Trump Accountable for Sexual Assault

On the same day that women are demanding justice for Donald Trump’s serial sexual assault, Senate Democrats are providing Trump cover. Add your name: Demand that Democrats in Congress hold Donald Trump accountable for his already-confessed serial sexual assault. In the past 24 hours, two Senate Democrats, Chris Coons and Ben Cardin, suggested that it […]

Trump’s speech suddenly slurs during major Jerusalem statement

During his statement today about his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Donald Trump’s speech suddenly slurred in the last minute of his address. I’ve compiled a video comparing the first 30 seconds of Trump’s Jerusalem statement with the final 30 seconds or so. You’ll note that in the first few minutes, […]

The Alt Right is trying to destroy Sam Seder

?Progressive icon and Majority Report host Sam Seder is under attack from the so-called “Alt Right.” Sam needs our help now. Sign the petition at the bottom of this page, or via this link. Far-right Republican “men’s rights activist” Mike Cernovich, with the help of Seb Gorka and Donald Trump Jr., are trying to destroy Sam. And […]

Trump’s latest tweet might get him banned from UK as an extremist

Donald Trump may have just gotten himself banned from entering the United Kingdom under the country’s strict anti-extremism policies. Add your name to the petition calling on the British government to endorse British law, and ban Trump from entering the UK. Trump today retweeted a series of hateful anti-Muslim videos — at least one of […]

Gorka get your gun

Trump embarrasses the nation once again by using a racist slur about Native Americans in front of a group of Native American heroes at the White House; there’s growing evidence that former Trump aide, and far-right troll, Seb Gorka thinks he’s James Bond; and Trump, Roy Moore and their buddies at Project Veritas make a […]

Roy Moore’s lawyer makes offensive racial comment about MSNBC’s Ali Velshi

Roy More’s lawyer Trenton Garmon brought up MSNBC’s Ali Velshi’s “awesome diverse background” in defending Roy Moore’s claim that he asks the parents of young girls if he can date them. Velshi is Canadian. But he’s dark. And it appears the lawyer thinks Velshi is from a country where marriages are “arranged.” (Velshi was born […]

The yearbook signature “is” Roy Moore’s

Roy Moore has yet to explain how a seemingly perfect match of his signature appeared in a 16-year-old girl’s yearbook from 1977. The now-woman, Beverly Young Nelson, says Moore approached her at a diner, asked to sign her yearbook, and then later offered to give her a ride home and tried to rape her. Moore […]

McConnell: I believe the women, Moore should step down

The Roy Moore child molestation scandal continues to grow, with Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell now publicly saying that he believes the women, and he is calling on Moore to step down. Here’s my take on why this matters…. First, as background, I wrote extensively about this story here, you can listen to my podcast about it […]

Alabama GOP now openly defending pedophilia in defense of Roy Moore

In the wake of the Washington Post’s blockbuster story today that four women have accused Alabama Republican US Senate candidate Roy Moore of inappropriately touching them while they were teenagers aged 14 to 18, and Moore was in his 30s, Alabama Republicans are circling the wagons by openly defending pedophilia. Moore, a fire-and-brimstone anti-gay family […]

BREAKING: Roy Moore sexually assaulted 14 y.o. girl, woman alleges

Bombshell election news. Religious right US Senate candidate, Roy Moore, of Alabama, allegedly sexually harassed and/or assaulted four young girls, age 14 to 18, when he was in his 30s, according to a breaking story from the Washington Post. The special election in Alabama is next month, in early December. Moore is running against Democrat Doug […]

The latest on Trump-Russia

Lots of Trump-Russia updates, including Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner in increasing danger, the Flynn boys reportedly on the verge of being indicted, and the ongoing damage of Carter Page’s glorious public meltdown. Will Trump & company escape with some last-minute pardons? Not if the NY attorney general has anything to say about it. […]

Trump’s panders to Asia while the GOP destroys all cultural norms

Trump’s embarrassing trip to Asia, and the GOP effort to destroy any remaining cultural norms in politics (e.g., picking Quayle, Palin and Trump; trying to steal Al Franken’s seat, stealing the Supreme Court nomination), is the subject of our latest podcast. We decided to split this longer podcast into separate episodes by subject. That way […]

Papa John’s has a delicious Nazi pizza problem

The GOP’s favorite pizza, Papa John’s, has a delicious Nazi problem. It all began when the conservative owner of Papa John’s decided to weigh in on the NFL kneeling controversy — yes, the real victim of the police brutality controversy is Papa John’s — and the Nazis were so impressed they made him their official […]

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