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Trump threatens to stop insurance payments for poor as Obamacare repeal leverage

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Donald Trump is threatening to hold hostage billions of Obamacare dollars used to pay the health care bills of the poorest Americans, unless Democrats agree to his Affordable Care Act repeal proposal. The payments are used to reduce copayments and deductibles for poor people. So Trump is literally […]

Joe “You lie!” Wilson shouted down with cries of “You lie!” at townhall

Republican Congressman Joe Wilson, who infamously shouted “You lie!” at President Obama during a joint session of Congress back in 2009, just got shouted down at a constituent townhall back home in South Carolina. And it was delicious. WATCH: Remember @RepJoeWilson who shouted “you lie!” at President Obama? His constituents shouted “you lie” at him […]

Smearing United’s victim

Last night, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz blamed a bleeding passenger for the cops dragging him unconscious from a United flight this past Sunday. Now we have press reports attempting to smear the victim of the assault. Please join the over 50,000 people who have added their name calling on United to fix this now, and ensure that no United passengers […]

28% of Trump’s Twitter followers are eggs

28% of Donald Trump’s Twitter followers are eggs, according to an analysis from Bloomberg. In Twitter parlance, an egg is trouble. Sometimes a bot, usually a troll, eggs tends to be people who didn’t bother taking the time to even upload a photo in their profile, often because they’re so busy creating fake profiles, it’s […]

United Airlines PR crisis grows as cops claim bloody passenger “fell.” Video says otherwise.

In a horrifying story that’s taken over Twitter this morning, United Airlines last night had the Chicago police violently remove a passenger from a flight because United wanted his seat for some United employees. The man, reportedly a doctor returning to a hospital where he had to see a patient the next day, had paid for his […]

Colbert on Putin banning depiction of himself as a gay clown

Russian president Vladimir Putin has reportedly banned a depiction of himself, used by opposition protesters, as a gay clown. It’s not known exactly which gay-clown depiction Putin has banned. I’ve previously posted one that has been used at anti-Putin protests in Russia. I’d argue it’s more drag than clown, but this being Russia, all bets […]

Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway promote conspiracist who says Syria gas attack is a hoax

Donald Trump Jr. and senior Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway this week promoted a far-right leader who is claiming that the Syrian chemical weapons attack is a hoax perpetrated by the American government. The man, Mike Cernovich, is a conspiracy theorists who is popular among the Alt Right white supremacist movement. Show More Summary

Why were Bannon, Kushner, Miller, Ross, Spicer in Situation Room Syria briefing?

White House spokesman Sean Spicer tweeted a photo today of Donald Trump and key staff receiving a Syria briefing from his national security team. The photo is reminiscent of the Situation Room photo of President Obama, VP Biden, Secretary of State Clinton and others being briefed on the status of the raid that killed Osama […]

Magazine owner Jared Kushner doesn’t understand a free press

Donald Trump’s son-in law, and putative secretary of state, vice president, and First Lady Jared Kushner doesn’t seem to understand the concept of a free press. It’s a remarkable thing for any American, let alone one who works for the president. But it’s also noteworthy because Kushner owns a magazine, the New York Observer. So […]

GOP Congress to let women be a pre-existing condition again

The new Republican health care proposal floating around Capitol Hill would effectively gut the Affordable Care Act’s (Obamacare’s) pre-existing condition protections. Currently, under the ACA, you’re protected in two ways from discrimination based on a pre-existing condition. Show More Summary

It was impossible for Susan Rice’s “unmasking” to be directed at Trump

CNN had a good segment last night with terrorism expert Juliette Kayyem, among others. Kayyem raised an excellent point about “unmasking,” that proves that whatever Susan Rice, or anyone else in the Obama administration did, it’s simply impossible that their motive was political. As background, you know that Donald Trump has been claiming, falsely, for […]

Trump & Putin had secret back-channel line of communication during transition

The Washington Post is reporting that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin established a secret back-channel line of communication during the transition in early January. Trump and Putin allegedly used the founder of Blackwater (who has ties to Steve Bannon, and is the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos) and a Russian close to Putin as the go-betweens. The two […]

Embattled White House social media director Scavino crazy-tweets AP reporter

White House social media director Dan Scavino flipped out yesterday on Twitter at a reporter who asked him about allegations that he violated federal ethics laws. Ethics experts say Scavino violated the Hatch Act, a law that prohibits federal employees from using their positions for electioneering, when he used his personal Twitter account to call for […]

Send a letter to your Senators: Block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch

Donald Trump’s nominee to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, is moving along in confirmation hearings. Gorsuch is a right-wing ideologue, but even Senate Democrats are not sure they’ll reject his confirmation. We can’t let Gorsuch on to the Supreme Court. Please click on this link to send a CUSTOM letter to […]

Gen. Flynn last September: Immunity means you’ve probably committed a crime

Breaking news tonight that former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is asking for immunity to testify before Congress. It’s thus rather timely to rerun Flynn’s comments from last September about Hillary Clinton, in which Flynn said if you have to ask for immunity you’ve probably committed a crime. And Flynn isn’t wrong. Asking for […]

April Ryan says Hillary is right, Spicer treated her with “indignity”

April Ryan, Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, was told to by White House press secretary Sean Spicer yesterday to stop shaking her head during the daily press briefing at the White House. Ryan was asking Spicer a question about Russia when he became incensed. A lot of people found Spicer’s comment condescending, sexist, and […]

Tell Trump & GOP: My Web history and geo-location aren’t for sale

The Republican Congress has passed legislation, that Trump has promised to sign, repealing Obama-era Internet privacy protections that prevent your Internet provider (Verizon, Xfinity/Comcast, Time Warner) from selling your Web surfing history and the history of where you’ve been physically, to the highest bidder. Show More Summary

Trump tweets Russia conspiracy theories about his enemies, but nothing about mass arrests in Russia

While Donald Trump has published a number of tweets about Russia in the past few week, none of them have been about the hundreds of journalists and protesters arrested by Russian authorities during peaceful protests across that country this past Sunday. Trump has been prolific, however, in tweeting about Russia when it comes to attempting to […]

Cover-up: House GOP shuts down Yates’ Russia testimony

House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes appears to have shut down today’s Russia hearing in order to censor the testimony of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Yates, you’ll recall, notified the Trump White House in January that ex- Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was lying about a secret conversation he had with the Russian ambassador. It […]

Trump demands House Intel Committee investigate Hillary over fake conspiracy theory

Sounding increasingly like a third-world despot, Donald Trump moments ago called on the House Intelligence Committee to investigate a debunked conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton. There are a few important points here: 1. American electoral victors don’t launch fake investigations to destroy their political opponents who lost. Show More Summary

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