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Republicans are trying to legally rig elections: Ohio Edition

By now, Americans no strangers to the variety of inventive and ill-conceived ways that Republican state legislators have found to build barriers to the ballot box. AMERICAblog readers already know about the attempt to tweak the rules for electoral votes in Michigan and Nebraska, along with poll taxes in North Carolina and voter ID laws in […]

Anti-herpes drug to treat HIV?

If proven effective, the drug would also be cheaper than current HIV treatments.

In defense of bloody primaries

Democrats lack a deep bench of talent. To get one, party leadership should stop interfering in primaries.

David Brooks is a Stalinist

Like any other week, the opinion pages of the New York Times two weeks ago brought us another rip-roaring David Brooks piece, wherein he pontificates about moral fibers and “the Cost of Relativism.” If Americans would just get back to enforcing social norms and usher in a “moral revival,” Brooks suggests, somehow we would be better off […]

New Jersey privatizes its water in the worst way possible

Many New Jerseyans will soon have private water with no public recourse.

Steve King Jewsplains how anti-Semitic Jewish Democrats are

According to King, you can only be a real Jew if you hate Arabs as much as he does.

Let’s slow down this race, together: Starbucks and a bad hashtag

Starbucks' #RaceTogether campaign was the wrong way to go about the right discussion.

It’s time to make college free

Guaranteeing tuition for every college student is necessary. And we can afford it.

Rick Perry’s new adviser has suggested that God isn’t #ReadyForHillary. Technically, he’s right.

Rick Perry's newest hire has some politically incorrect -- and theologically sound -- views on women and power.

Fatwas, gay sex tourism and the Indonesian LGBT underground

Context surrounding the recent fatwa against gays issued by Indonesia's most prominent Muslim clerical body.

Florida Democrats’ Savior

Gwen Graham is Democrats' best chance at turning the state's GOP tide.

Aaron Schock goes down

America's bougiest Congressman has resigned amid yet another round of spending revelations.

Indonesia’s top clerics issue fatwa against gays

The country's leading Islamic scholars are worried that homosexuals create a "stain on the dignity of Indonesia."

Republicans are trying to legally rig elections: Michigan edition

The GOP's latest attempt to change the rules of the game in their favor.

Pat Robertson: Treat your gay son like a “drug addict”

Because if being gay is a choice, like drug use, it's so much easier to "fix"

It’s time to stop debating the Islamic-ness of the Islamic State

Last Thursday, Mehdi Hassan published a rebuttal to Graeme Wood’s widely-read analysis of the Islamic State. Wood’s piece illustrated the ways in which the Islamic State “derives from coherent and even learned interpretations of Islam.” By contrast, Hassan entitled his response: “How Islamic is the Islamic State? Not at all.” The back-and-forth is only the latest […]

It’s time for House Republicans to demote Aaron Schock

Congressman Aaron Schock (R - Downton Abbey) is more trouble than he's worth for GOP leadership.

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