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Notre Dame grads walk out of VP Pence’s commencement speech

A large group of graduates walked out of Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement speech today at Notre Dame University. Pence’s politics is extreme religious right, which includes being a virulent homophobia. While Pence is far slicker than Trump — Pence is an experienced, polished politician — his politics are pure Jerry Falwell. So it’s perhaps […]

Trump just curtsied to the Saudi King

Conservative media is crowing that unlike President Obama, Donald Trump did not “bow” to the Saudi King. And they’re right. He curtsied. Did Trump curtsy to the King of Saudi Arabia? — Jennifer Hayden (@Scout_Finch) May 20, 2017 With the election of Donald Trump, AMERICAblog’s independent journalism and activism is more needed than ever. […]

Trump told Russians Comey firing linked to Russia probe. Trump called Comey a “nutjob.”

Donald Trump admitted to the Russians earlier this month that he fired FBI Director Comey because of the pressure the Russia probe was putting on him, according to the NYT. In an effort to explain Trump’s words, White House press secretary Sean Spicer today backed up Trump’s assertion that it was the Russia probe that […]

Republicans twice as likely to find interracial marriage “bad”

PEW Research Center has a new poll on interracial marriage that shows Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to find interracial marriage “a bad thing.” 12% of Republicans found it a bad thing, while 6% of Democrats felt the same. Just as interesting, 49% of Democrats found interracial marriage “a good thing,” while only […]

Comey found “disgusting” Trump’s efforts to compromise him

Benjamin Wittes over at Lawfare blog, an invaluable site for analyzing the impact of the law on politics, wrote a fascinating story yesterday about his friend, former FBI Director James Comey. Specifically, Wittes wrote about Comey’s ongoing “disgust” over Donald Trump’s incessant efforts to make Comey his guy. An effort inimical to the FBI’s status as […]

It’s time to Resist Everywhere

I want to let you know about a new Resistance group I am partnering with and advising: Resist Everywhere PAC. Resist Everywhere is bringing together creative and hard-hitting online and on-the-ground activists from around the country. Our goal: To make sure there are no more “safe seats” for Republicans who vote against the interests of […]

BREAKING: DOJ appoints special counsel to investigate Russia-Trump

The Department of Justice has just appointed a special counsel to investigate Russia’s involvement in our election, and any collusion by Trump and his associates. The investigation will be led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who was originally appointed director by George W. Bush, and then asked to remain on the job for another […]

I’m with Lawrence O’Donnell — add your name

Longtime MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell is in danger of losing his show when his contract ends in early June. Show your public support for Lawrence and his show — add your name to the petition and tell MSNBC that you’re with Lawrence. While contract negotiations have finally begun (very late, which is a bad sign), […]

Comey: Trump asked me to kill Flynn probe

The NYT is reporting that Donald Trump asked then- FBI Director James Comey to kill the FBI’s investigation of former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The FBI was investigating Flynn, among other reasons, because of his having lied about secret conversations he had with the Russian ambassador during the presidential transition. Trump asked Comey […]

Trump “accidentally” revealed highly-classified info to Russians

The Washington Post just broke a huge story that Donald Trump revealed highly-classified information to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister last week, violating an agreement with a key US ally, and putting at risk the source of that information in the Middle East. In a nutshell, Trump went “off script” and started bragging to […]

Trump fires FBI Director Comey, the man investigating Trump for treason

Donald Trump just fired FBI Director James Comey, the man investigating Trump’s potential collusion with Russia during the 2016 election. Donald Trump has finally made his first clear-cut impeachable offense. Add your name below to those demanding the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russia’s involvement in the 2016 campaign. Comey was fired not 24 hours […]

White House says Flynn deserved “due process” before curtailing his access – that’s nuts

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said today that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn deserved “due process” before the White House acted on reports that he had been compromised by the Russians. Yes, the same due process that Sally Yates was offered before she was summarily fired. And the same due diligence the White House […]

No girls allowed: New Senate GOP health care caucus is all white men

There are five women in the US Senate Republican caucus. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at the make-up of the new GOP health care working group, responsible for coming up with the Senate’s Obamacare repeal bill. The entire group of 13 Senators is white men. Look forward to some really progressive views on women’s […]

Trump blames Obama for Gen. Flynn hire, when Obama told Trump not to hire Flynn

Donald Trump lied again today. Which isn’t news in and of itself. It’s simply evidence that Trump is still breathing. But what is news is that Trump is now trying to blame President Obama for Trump having hired Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser, even though Obama told Trump not to hire him. All of […]

Flori-duh: GOP Rep. Brian Mast can’t explain his Obamacare repeal vote

Vying for the title of dumbest congressmen ever, Republican Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) was at pains yesterday to explain to CNN’s Manu Raju how he knew that the House Obamacare repeal bill would lower costs and increase benefits, since the Republicans voted on the bill before the Congressional Budget Office had a chance to review […]

TrumpCare architect lost daughter, left with $1m medical bills, then took away your health care

The chief architect of TrumpCare is Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur (R-NJ). His legislation, passed by the US House yesterday, could cost 24 million Americans their health insurance, increase premiums on healthy people age 50-64...Show More Summary

CBO: House GOP Obamacare repeal saves $3 billion by killing people early

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler discovered an interesting tidbit buried in the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the earlier House GOP Obamacare repeal bill, that isn’t that much different from this one. According to CBO, House Republicans will save $3 billion in Social Security payments because more people will be dead after the bill passes: The […]

Don’t get mad, get even. Donate to the opponents of Republicans who voted to repeal Obamacare

Republicans in the US House of Representatives have just voted to gut Obamacare, and make your health insurance so expensive that many Americans would no longer be able to afford insurance. It’s time for revenge. I worked as a lawyer in the US Senate. And the only thing politicians in Washington understand is fear. We need […]

TrumpCare could gut employer health plans as well

A shocking new analysis from the Brookings Institution explains who TrumpCare, which is on the verge of passing in the US House, won’t just decimate health coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and raise prices 66% on people age 50-64, but the legislation may also gut employer-based health insurance that most Americans rely on. In a […]

Before Obamacare, you couldn’t get insurance if you had any of these conditions

Kaiser compiled an interesting list of conditions — pre-existing conditions — that could get you denied for health insurance before passage of Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act. AIDS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, MS, being transgender, and even being an expectant parent. All of those could be cause for denial when applying […]

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