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Jon Stewart leads into interview with Rubio by ripping Florida

Stewart started by going off on Florida's opposition to gay marriage, but then went into much more. It's juicy.

Are the Charlie Hebdo shooters “radical” or simply “Orthodox”?

#NotJustMuslims is a more appropriate hashtag than #NotAllMuslims, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Parents arrested for videoing 1 y.o. with gun in his mouth

An Indiana couple was arrested when cops found a video of their child putting a gun barrel in his mouth.

ISIS allies hack major US military twitter account

Sympathizers of the terrorist group ISIS appear to have just hacked the Twitter account of CENTCOM, a major geographical unit of the US military covering the Middle East. The hackers have changed the account’s photo, and are tweeting personnel lists. Someone else already noted that the documents they’re posting are hardly classified. Some, in fact, […]

Why did the Paris attack go viral, while attacks on Jews did not?

Is it anti-Semitic that France hasn't had nationwide rallies for previous victims of anti-Jewish violence?

24 y.o. Muslim employee saved hostages at Paris kosher market

A really remarkable story out of Paris, of how a young Muslim supermarket employee helped save a number of his store’s clients during the recent hostage standoff in Paris. You know by now that terrorists killed the staff, and two policeman, at the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The next day, another terrorist, allied with […]

Live blog of French hostage / terror crisis

Major developments in the nationwide manhunt in France for the terrorists who murdered 12 people at the headquarter of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The two Charlie Hebdo terrorists who were still on the run (the third had already turned himself) are now dead. Another hostage stand-off was also resolved this morning in Paris. Basically, […]

Why did gay activists never embrace violence?

The recent terror attack in Paris got me wondering why other marginalized groups didn't take up violence.

Social media reacts to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris

Twitter and Facebook have had a number of poignant images in response to the murder of 12 in Paris by terrorists.

It’s time for a serious discussion about [insert latest case of religious violence here]

This horrible attack had nothing to do with religion, even if the attackers vigorously & repeatedly claim it did.

“They wanted to bring France to its knees — they brought it to its feet”

A brutal terror attack against a French magazine, killing 12 in Paris, has galvanized the world.

12 dead in Paris terror attack; magazine criticized Muhammad

A satirical magazine that has mocked the Muslim prophet Muhammad was attacked by gunmen shouting "Allahu Akbar."

Anita cried

Gay marriages begin in Florida. 14 states to go until all of the United States permits gays to marry.

Consider firing your financial adviser in 2015

My broker's exorbitant fees were eating half of my annual IRA contribution, until I finally said "enough."

Did GOP’s Steve Scalise vote for KKK’s David Duke in 1991?

Scalise's vote is the simplest measuring stick we have as to whether it's fair to associate him with David Duke.

FDA: Protecting blood supply from AIDS might “offend” straight people

The FDA says it would be "offensive" and "burdensome" to questions straight donors the way they questions gays.

Trans teen’s suicide, and posthumous note, touches a cord online

Leelah Alcorn, born Josh, a 17 y.o. trans teen from Kings Mills, Ohio, walked into traffic early Sunday morning.

Is inclusiveness becoming a new closet?

Considering how powerful coming out has been over the decades, I'm not sure "coming in" is the best the strategy.

The continuing adventures of Congressman Codel, Aaron Schock

She's baaack! GOP perma-bachelor Aaron Schock is off galavanting shirtless around the world again.

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