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Kim Davis held in contempt of court, will go to jail

A fine wasn't enough, as she could have paid it (with the help of conservative donors) and continued to break law.

GOP debate moves seamlessly from birthright citizenship to English as official language

It is the Republican Party's deeply-held religious belief that English is the US's official language.

Kim Davis: “I’m prepared to go to jail” over refusal to do job

Jail is, after all, where people usually go when they insist on breaking the law.

Deeper dives into Donald Trump’s support used to be a sigh of relief. Now they’re a cry for help.

Donald Trump's support is broadening, as he is now the most common first and second choice in the GOP primary.

Nikki Haley defends voter ID laws as “not racist,” ignoring overwhelming evidence

So much for Haley representing the GOP's newfound concern for African-American voters.

Add adultery to the list of sins Kim Davis can live with ahead of same-sex marriage

God hates adulterers wayyyyy more than God hates gays, but no matter for County Clerk/Minister of God Kim Davis.

The Qur’an may be older than Muhammad, according to new carbon dating

Researchers have found a Qur'an that's very, very old. For the faith's most ardent followers, it may be too old.

Poll: Donald Trump leading because Republicans are still nuts

The Republican base still believes President Obama is a Kenyan Muslim. Because of course they do.

Pennsylvania launches online voter registration, becoming 23rd state to do so

It's about time. There's no good reason for online voter registration to not be a thing nationwide.

GOP Congressman Sessions blames gun violence on diversity

Rep. Pete Sessions doesn't know what diversity is, but he knows it's a big problem.

Donald Trump goes Willie Horton on Jeb Bush

The video is awful and racist, but it's also fittingly ironic.

Obama administration reverts Mount McKinley to original name, Ohio Republicans freak out

Combining the pettiness of Ohio state pride with the pettiness of Republican hatred of Obama.

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