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Power goes out at CIA director hearing, while C-SPAN mysteriously replaced by Russian TV

The power went out today at the Senate hearing for the new CIA director, while C-SPAN was replaced by Russian TV.

Michelle Obama surprises people making “thank you” videos for her

Michelle Obama was on Jimmy Fallon's show where she surprised people making "thank you" videos for her. Wonderful.

Tell Columbia to investigate and revoke Monica Crowley’s Ph.D.

Senior Trump White House appointee Monica Crowley has been accused of plagiarizing her Ph.D. She should lose it.

Hacker tool psychologically profilesTrump by his tweets

An American hacker has created a "Minority Report" style tool that lets him profile Donald Trump by his tweets.

Wikileaks threatens to collect dossiers on Twitter users

In a move some on Twitter are calling Gestapo-esque, appeared to threaten every single verified Twitter user — a move that would appear to violate Twitter’s anti-harassment policy. In a series of tweets today, Wikileaks stated that it is considering creating a database of the family members, job, financial situation, and home addresses of every […]

Trump and Russians use same talking point to disparage CIA, Congress over hacks

President-elect Donald Trump today used a Russian government talking point to disparage the US intelligence community and Republicans (and Democrats) in Congress who want answers about Russia’s attack on the American election. (I was initially alerted to this by Peter Sinclair on Twitter.) In an interview with the New York Times this morning, Trump called […]

Intell leaders: Trump is hurting morale, could force people to leave

US intelligence community leaders says Donald Trump has hurt morale, and may force staff to quit.

And unto us a child is born

The GOP compared Trump to the baby Jesus on Christmas Day. The baby thing was that far off the mark.

Trump NY campaign chair wishes Obama dead, calls Michelle a male ape who belongs in Africa

When will Donald Trump show some leadership and rebuke the racism of the co-chair of his New York campaign?

The merits of yelling at Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump got yelled at on a plane. But the GOP routinely uses scream-tactics to great advantage. Shouldn't we?

We can stop Trump

Together we can stop Donald Trump. Please donate, and help me lead the anti-Trump charge in the new year.

Merry Christmas, from Chiron Beta Prime

Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime where we're working in a mine for our robot overlords. Did I say overlords?

How to stop Trump

Trump's insecurity is his tragic flaw; we should use it against him.

Will Trump join Putin’s international white nationalist movement?

Trump's NSA Gen. Flynn meets with Austria's far-right leader, who recently entered a pact with Putin.

What if we asked the Electoral College to choose Mike Pence over Donald Trump?

What if the Electoral College selected Mike Pence instead of Donald Trump as president?

How to beat Trump, the Russians, and avoid the pitfalls of purity politics

A talk about why it's important that Democrats work with Republican allies on issues like Russia.

Condi Rice praises Putin bff Tillerson for State Dept, doesn’t divulge he’s paying her

Condi Rice praised Tillerson's nomination for State, without divulging that he's her client.

McConnel rebukes Trump on Russia, endorses hacking investigation

GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell today broke with Trump, calling for a Senate investigation of Russian hacking.

Trump accuses CIA of partisan conspiracy to stop his presidency

Donald Trump today accused the CIA of being part of a partisan conspiracy to stop his presidency.

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