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In Memoriam: Emmett Till Was Born on 25 July 1941

Emmett Till was born on this date in 1941. He would have been 76 years old today. — Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) July 25, 2017 Had Emmitt Till not been brutally murdered for a crime he didn’t commit he would have been 76 today. I don’t mean to step on AL’s post, but I think […]

Open Thread: MOMENTUM! (More on Trump’s Jamboree at the BSA)

Tonight, Donald Trump triggered himself with the word "momentum" and told Boy Scouts this five-minute story. Just read it. — Daniel Dale (@ddale8) July 25, 2017 Via TIME: … I’ll tell you a story that’s very interesting for me. When I was young there was a man named William Levitt. You have some here. […]

Fee fee fi fi fo-fo fum

I’m of the opinion that establishment media doth protest too much about its powerlessness in the face of Trump and the right-wing echo chamber. Atrios: Those of us with long memories remember how, at best, you would find one lonely Clinton defender against 3 or more rabid antagonists during Monica Madness (at best, as often […]

REPUBS IN DISARRAY! Open Thread: Rooting for Injuries, Trump / Sessions Edition

I asked two ppl close to Trump why he is tormenting Sessions instead of firing him. The answer from both, paraphrased: Because he can. — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) July 25, 2017 President wants to remove his handpicked AG for not handling criminal investigation of him in more politicized manner. Unthinkable pre-Trump — Brendan Nyhan […]

Media Outlet Interviews Clinton Voter

Haha, not really! They’re still holding panels with Trump-voting idiots as if — instead of being the mush-brained goobers who have plunged our country into an interminable series of political, international and moral crises that they are — they were founts of homespun political wisdom. But fuck it; instead of cursing the darkness, I’ll light […]

Opportunity Space now and in the future

I could go all wonky and technical right now. Intellectualizing has always been one of my favored coping systems. But I just want to highlight two short threads on Twitter. The first is between me and my sister. This is a vote to make our country a whole lot nastier and crueler and sicker. As […]

Mavericky Maverick Mavericks

But it was a really mavericky party vote he cast followed by some real straight talk. Anyone for some tire swinging? Fuck that worthless scumbag. Oh, and Capito decided to screw her state. As did Heller and Portman.

Afternoon Update

The Senatortoise from Kentucky shamelessly played the McCain card, and The Washington Post says Republicans are close to moving forward on renewing the wealthcare debate: Senate Republican leaders appeared close to securing the support they needed Tuesday to begin debate on their plan to rewrite the Affordable Care Act, according to lawmakers and aides, though […]

Site Maintenance Update

Just a quick update and test. This post will appear and then disappear, and then reappear again. Kind of like the health care travesty in the Senate. Last night, our hosting company updated a lot of the back-end server stuff and that was why the site was a bit twitchy. It should be fine now. […]

Hello Juicers

Been busy with real life stuff for the last 48 hours so I haven’t been able to check the news, and the amazing thing is that I have exactly the same amount of information about what the Senate will be voting on today in regards to health care as do the members of the Senate. […]

Rotten PEARS

Consumerism and patient directed insurance design is predicated on the assumption that pricing is transparent enough and choices are clear enough that patients can make reasonable decisions about cost effective treatment. There are a number of problems with that assumption, but I want to look at one today regarding the Pathology, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology and […]

You know what to do

And that is call the Senate. I don’t know if it will help beyond not not doing nothing.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Banana Republicans

(Tom Toles via Oh, how I would love to see Catherine Rampell’s Washington Post suggestion in action! “Jared Kushner ‘forgets’ to disclose his assets? Seize them.: … For the 39th time, top presidential adviser (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner has revised his financial disclosure forms. Kushner disclosed 77 additional assets, collectively worth millions of […]

Late Night Waste of Skin Pixels Open Thread: At the Boy Scout Jamboree

Trump tells 40,000 Boy Scouts: "We could really use some more loyalty, I will tell you that." — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) July 24, 2017 So this all seems horrible. — Daniel W. Drezner (@dandrezner) July 25, 2017 Well at least it was over before it got so dark they'd have to light the […]

Russiagate Open Thread: Trump Is Really Angry At “His” Government

JUST IN: Trump considering Ted Cruz as to replace Sessions as AG: report — The Hill (@thehill) July 25, 2017 Yeah, he’d be just about as terrible to everyone-not-a-rich-Republican as the Malevolent Leprechaun, but I’m not sure Cruz could even get confirmed, given how much his colleagues do not love him. And it […]

Monday Evening Open Thread: Gathering the Ghouls

Cornyn says they are trying to get doctor approval for McCain to come back tomorrow for healthcare vote (!) — Burgess Everett (@burgessev) July 24, 2017 They really don’t care. If they can’t be arsed to provide a halfway plausible cover story for whatever pile of manure they’ll present as a bill tomorrow, why should […]


Here’s some exclusive video of Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn working over the Republican caucus in a closed door meeting. Must credit Balloon Juice.

Trump Screams “Death”

Remember Trump’s bizarre “Democrats scream death” tweet 500 years ago? Actually, it was only five days ago. Well, now HE’S the one screaming “death,” in a speech this afternoon. Via NBCNews: Trump: ‘Obamacare is Death’ WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump declared the Affordable Care Act a “meaningless promise” Monday, using his presidential bully pulpit to […]

First, we kill all the facts…

The Congressional Budget Office has been an obstacle to Republicans bent on stripping access to healthcare from tens of millions of Americans. Every time Zombie Trumpcare rises from the grave and totters toward the finish line, the CBO score provides one of the stakes that brings the monster down, albeit temporarily. It would be so […]

Chuck Schumer’s “Better Deal” Op-Ed

So, Chuck Schumer wrote a NYT op-ed that’s drawing a lot of fire: “A Better Deal for American Workers.” Here are a few excerpts: Americans are clamoring for bold changes to our politics and our economy. They feel, rightfully, that both systems are rigged against them, and they made that clear in last year’s election. […]

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