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Making it easy for the clean up woman

I’m not much for “heightening the contradictions”. There’s an old saying, that when someone says “minor surgery” means someone else is getting operated on. Well, I think when someone says “heighten the contradictions”, it means someone else’s life is being destroyed by awful government policy. So I think we should fight like hell to save […]

Four Cassidy-Graham State Funds Flow Analyses

Cassidy-Graham-Heller is a real threat. The post below is an inventory of four separate analysis of the flow of funds between states under C-G-H in 2026 compared to current law as projected by the Congressional Budget Office. I am just collating and collecting the information. Center for Budget Policy and Priorities is a liberal think […]

Keep on calling

Keep on calling. Call the Senate. Call your governor. And if you live in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, North Dakota, Montana, Louisiana, Arkansas, call your Representative in the House. The Senate plan is to jam it through with 50 votes and present the House with a take it […]

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Disingenuity

It's fun to hurt people! — Schooley (@Rschooley) September 18, 2017 Telling moment from Graham: Notes CA & NY are "big blue states" “I'm not out to hurt them—but Im trying to, you know, create parity here” — Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller) September 19, 2017 Asked Ron Johnson why CA/NY House GOP should support this. […]

Random Thoughts about the Vietnam War Documentary

One of the things that I have been wondering about our involvement in the Vietnam War is how arrogant we were- at one point late in episode 2, Neil Sheehan mentions that “We thought we were the exceptions to history, the Americans. History didn’t apply to us.” It makes me wonder- how did we get […]

Thoughts on the President’s Remarks to the UN General Assembly

I originally did this as a comment to BettyC’s post, but decided I wanted to elevate it to the front page, make a tweak or two, and add a couple of additional points. The President’s remarks today are clearly a Stephen Miller authored speech. With the exception of the Rocket Man quip. It is Miller […]

Look at the Birdy (Open Thread)

This mockingbird rested briefly on my wrecked banana trees earlier: She looks weary but determined, which is why I assume she’s a “she.” Horrible news out of Mexico City. I hope, unlike last time, Twitler is able to scare up a satellite phone to communicate with Mexico’s president before several days elapse. Or not. Mexico’s […]

So, Trump’s fucking U.N. speech…

I couldn’t bear to watch the speech live. Trump could read MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech and ruin it with his horrible snuffling and fake-tough-guy patois. Saw a couple of clips on Twitter. This one seems to be getting the most attention: Trump, referring to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un: “Rocket man is on […]

I Like Peas

Rather than think about the fact that our President is a god damned lunatic and national embarrassment who just disgraced us all with a bellicose stream of bullshit at the UN, I’d like to follow Betty’s lead and offer my hot take on peas. I like them. A good bit. I really like them fresh […]

Visualize Whirled Peas

I know there’s a series of acute global and national crises brewing. There’s climate change, which may have flung hurricanes and typhoons across the oceans like so many martial arts stars targeting our vulnerable coastlines. And the quickening investigation into the role a foreign power played in installing a racist, sexist, xenophobic demagogue in the […]

Russiagate Open Thread: Everybody’s Talking ’bout Me…

NYT: White House officials fear other White House officials are "wearing a wire" for Mueller. But who could it be? — Schooley (@Rschooley) September 18, 2017 One of my fav moments… ?? More Summary

Call the Senate

Keep on banging the drum today on Cassidy-Graham. None of the 3 GOP senators who killed last Obamacare repeal effort are on board the new one, at least not yet — Laura Litvan (@LauraLitvan) September 18, 2017 Reward good behavior with praise and let everyone who has not announced a firm yes that there is […]

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: “Family” Value(s) for Money

Shot… Trump spent $25 MILLION on 3 Doors Down and the Piano Guys, more than Obama spent on Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen — Brendan Fischer (@brendan_fischer) September 16, 2017 …John...Show More Summary

Late Evening Open Thread: Florida Man and Woman in the Wake of Hurricane Irma Edition

It’s too late in the evening for another serious post, so here’s some Florida man and woman for you. A Florida man and woman were arrested for stealing downed power lines after Hurricane Irma, according to officials. Deputies were called to an Altamonte Springs neighborhood Sept. 16 after a neighbor said two people were cutting […]

Paul Manafort In Tonight’s Russiagate News

CNN says that Paul Manafort was wiretapped through the past couple of years under suspicion for his ties to Russia. The warrants for the wiretaps were obtained through the secret FISA court. One seems to have started in 2014 and ended last year, under concerns about  work done by a group of Washington consulting firms for […]

Reinforce good behavior

For those who live in Arizona — encourage good behavior McCAIN on Graham-Cassidy: "I am not supportive of the bill yet." He emphasizes he wants regular order, says CBO non-score affects his view. — Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) September 18, 2017 And if need be, drink after you thank the very nice intern for working for […]

Speaking of assholes

Fuck Paul Ryan (give to Iron Stache below): And fuck all the Republicans in the House (give to the eventual Democratic nominees in all districts currently held by Republicans):

Fuck Him

Fuck the Emmys for having him, and fuck the NY Times for this handjob: During his surprise comedy skit at the Emmys on Sunday, Sean Spicer may have made light of his six-month tenure as the White House press secretary, but a message was also embedded in his performance. In an interview on Monday morning, […]

Open Thread: Criminally Stupid, Too

DISSENT INSIDE TRUMP LEGAL TEAM: Ty Cobb complained that McGahn is withholding documents & has a spy on Cobb's team. — Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel) September 18, 2017 President Trump’s legal team is wrestling with how much to cooperate with the special counsel looking into Russian election interference, an internal debate that led to […]

Afternoon Open Thread

This is how Rosie sleeps every day- right smack dab in the middle of the carpet, with her eyes open, and she won’t move if you need to walk somewhere: I’m pretty sure if she dies in her sleep I won’t notice for two days.

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