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Gates going down

Here we go with Gates: A superseding information — not indictment — filed in DC. Two counts: Conspiracy against the US and false statement. / Follow @ZoeTillman, who is at court, for the latest. — Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) February 23, 2018 and from a trained observer and commenter we get some rapid reaction: […]

Gates Cooperating?

The Times is reporting that Rick Gates has flipped. They’re the only news outlet reporting it at the moment, and we all heard that he was “queen for a day” a last week, but I’m posting this anyway because fun if true.

Good Guy with a Gun “Never Went In”

Steve Israel, the Sheriff of Broward County, announced last night that the deputy assigned to Stoneman Douglas waited for four minutes outside the building where the shooting was happening and did not go in. That deputy took retirement yesterday. German Lopez at Vox drills in on whether good guys with guns can do anything at […]

Knees, balls and bullets — or young invincible risks

A friend of the blog e-mailed me a question about short term plans and young invincibles: At age 30, what conditions would, a) have a >~1% chance of occurring, b) will cost you >$25K OOP, and c) get covered under those shitty plans. Presumably a young, invinicible would want to know that. As I read […]

Friday Morning Open Thread: CPAC, Reliable Point’n’Mock Post Topic

Following LaPierre, who warned elites don't care about children, media root for mass shootings, and liberals are engaged in a subversive plot to claim authoritarian control, Pence laments "a time of too much division and too much anger in America" — Benjy Sarlin (@BenjySarlin) February 22, 2018 Daniel Dale, at Toronto’s The Star: … For […]

Late Night Open Thread: Don’t Get Our Hopes Up

"Awful nice state ya got here. Be a shame if, y'know, somethin' bad happened to it." — Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) February 22, 2018 The president says he is “thinking about” removing ICE from California so crime spikes to unprecedented levels and then California would have to beg him to bring ICE back. […]

All I’ve got is a photograph

Look, I know that in Red America all the NASCAR dads are blackmailing their mistresses, and that’s just something liberal elites like me can’t understand. That’s why Trump won, right? Nevertheless, the latest Show Me State shenanigans are a good example of why this is true: Democrats should contest every political office in the land, […]

Gunfondler BS Open Thread: Oh, Right, Trump Went to Military School

“I don't want teachers to have guns. I want certain highly adept people who understand weaponry and guns,” President Trump says. “These people are cowards. They're not going to walk into a school if 20% of the teachers have guns — or maybe 10% or 40%.” — CBS News (@CBSNews) February 22, 2018 […]

Yes, I’m Planning Prevenge

What kind of a fucked up piece of shit has an affair and pre-plans blackmail of his mistress to keep her quiet? In Missouri, they call him “Governor”: Gov. Eric Greitens was indicted Thursday afternoon by a St. Louis grand jury on a felony charge of invasion of privacy. The charge stems from a 2015 […]

Thursday Night Open Thread

I’m being judged harshly for not sharing my hunk of cheese and apple: Although I am pretty sure they don’t care about the apple. Steve is punishing me and has been MIA since I got home. Lock him in a bathroom for six hours yesterday, then leave him with a stranger overnight. I wonder how […]

CPAC Open Thread: Social Notes from the Clown Parade

Reminder to media: CPAC doesn't represent the now non-existent conservative movement, but rather is a gathering of fringe players, low travelers, white nationalists and knuckle heads. Being kind, actually. — John Weaver (@JWGOP) February 22, 2018 This is what many conservatives complained to reporters who covered CPAC for the last decade. Then the speakers they […]

New Indictments Against Manafort And Gates

Here’s the red meat for you to chew on. A summary – not sure if this is going to be readable, but worth a try. NEW: Here are all 32 new charges Mueller brought against MANAFORT and GATES — Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) February 22, 2018 Pretty curious decision by Gates not to take a […]

Listen To The Women – Anita Hill Edition

Jill Abramson goes back to reporting and gives us a long-form look at Clarence Thomas’s other accusers. She refers to Moira Smith’s story, very similar to Anita Hill’s, which was published in Fall 2016, just before James Comey made his news. Abramson wrote a book in the mid-nineties about “ three other women who had experiences […]

Why Them? Why Now?

Dalia Lithwick has an interesting piece on why the Stoneman Douglas kids are keeping gun control front and center. She has four reasons, including this one: 4. They Expect to Win The adults forgot to tell the kids at Stoneman Douglas that they can’t win against the NRA. As Alec MacGillis suggested last week, decades […]

That Was Refreshing

Had the ultrasound this morning and it was so uneventful I almost fell asleep on the table during the procedure. On the drive home, I saw something pretty remarkable- a fair number of Conor Lamb signs along Rt. 844, equal in number to the Saccone signs. I don’t recall seeing signs for a Democrat along […]

Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Loesch Of War!

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch spoke this morning at CPAC. She was the warm up for NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. I’m not sure I know exactly how to describe her remarks, so you’ll just have to watch for herself. I’ve spent a 1/2 hour looking for a transcript to no avail for those who […]

“Progressive Independent” Open Thread: Death Wish

Watch this space: @StMartinsPress announces @BernieSanders will be publishing a new book called "WHERE WE GO FROM HERE" exactly one week after the midterms… — Gabriel Debenedetti (@gdebenedetti) February 21, 2018 … AWAY & SHUT UP, if I get my wish. I'm not saying Bernie's running. I'm not! But… • Meeting with his team to […]

Five stories on high drug prices

I’ll read through the Center for American Progress Medicare Extra proposal tonight but I actually have things I need to do today.  Instead, I want to highlight a brief by Ari Friedman and Janet Weiner, both at Penn when it was written, that tells five different stories on high drug prices.  I come back to […]

The Kids are Amazing and the Parents Are Amazing

Here are a couple of clips from last night’s CNN Town Hall in Florida. This man buried his daughter after she was shot in the back in school a week ago, and he takes it to Marco Rubio. How can he even speak, not to mention speak so eloquently? I thought this wrap up interview […]

Thursday Morning Open Thread: The CPAC Clown Parade Is Back in DC

Of course the first thing I see as I pull up to the Gaylord hotel for CPAC is @SebGorka hopping into his “Art of War” Mustang — Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) February 22, 2018. … and this year, they have a drum major! Remember when we could laugh at these creeps, grifters, bloviators, and […]

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