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Camera Work: Accidents, Happy and Otherwise

With going on 60 years doing photography steadily, one would expect to encounter accidents of many kinds. Accidents bordering on catastrophic to accidents game changing.

Late Night FDL: Black Magic Woman

Santana - Black Magic Woman Gregg Rolie has rejoined Carlos on tour...

How The Flood Wall Street Trial Changed The Game Of Policing

“By ordering protesters to leave the entire Wall Street area, police violated protesters’ First Amendment right to carry their message directly to its intended recipients: the Wall Street bankers who bankroll climate change,” Judge Mandelbaum said in his decision. By Shawn Carrie It was an unwinnable case. The motley pack of defendants making up the [...]

Savannah Great Horned Owls – Branching/Fledging; Decorah Eagles – First Hatch 2015

The Savannah, Georgia Great Horned owlets are exercising their wings and visiting branches as they learn to fly. The first fledge was on Wednesday. In Decorah, Iowa, on the Decorah Bald Eagle nest, eaglet D-21 hatched yesterday

State Department Now Just Making It Up to Explain Away Clinton’s Excesses

State Department spokesdrone Jen Psaki is now just straight out making things up to explain away the questions surrounding Clinton and her email, and the State Department’s complicity. Her “misstatements” can now be debunked with a click of a mouse, which we will do in a moment. The devil is in the details on these [...]

The Roundup

With this week officially over, we await the next one (and I am one step closer to spring break) International Politics Overall - Part one of three with the parents of Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old American killed by a bulldozer in Israel in 2003, about the pain they still feel - A new study found, as a result of [...]

Saturday Art and Archaeology; Poverty Point, Louisiana

The home of tribal ceremonial construction by original inhabitants of the North American continent, Poverty Point has proved to be exceptional in skill and the extent of the tribal center of inhabitation. The mounds were not discovered...Show More Summary

Late NIght: Anne Murray

In honer of the return of winter North Eastern Ohio, with temps in the 20s and off and on snow I present this little ditty. I have liked most of Ann Murray’s stuff including her covers of Beatles tunes. As you can see I am covering for Mr. Tuttle again tonight so he can get [...]

Boston Bombing News: Khairullozhon Matanov’s Plea Hearing

[Editor's Note: The following is an account of the plea hearing for a friend of accused Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who federal investigators claim lied to them about his friendship with Tsarnaev.] A plea hearing took place at 3.00 pm on Wednesday, March 24, for Khairullozhon Matanov before Judge William G. Young. Scott Garland [...]

Tsarnaevs: Why did they murder the innocent?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev needs to come to an understanding that his God, whom he calls Allah, does not approve of what he and his brother did. He has an opportunity in this lifetime to atone for what he did, but he is running out of time. A...Show More Summary

FBI Claims Disrupted Plot Against ‘Military Installation’ But No Plot Existed Before Undercover Agent Impersonated ISIS Fighter

The FBI announced in a press release that it had stopped a US Army National Guard soldier and his cousin from carrying out a terrorism plot against a “military installation” in Illinois on behalf of the Islamic State. The men were charged with conspiracy to “provide material support” to the terrorist organization and arrested as [...]

Boston Bombing News: Tsarnaev Trial: Day 38

[Editor's Note: Below is an account of proceedings in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on March 24.] Proceedings began on March 24 with a continuation of testimony by Mathew Levitt, a witness for the prosecution who is claimed to be an “expert on terrorism.” I am given to understand that during an adequate cross examination [...]

Wall Street Firms Threatens Democratic Party After Call To Break Them Up

#WallSt banks trying to intimidate elected officials. The public knows how dangerous they are: — Better Markets (@Bettermarkets) March 27, 2015 The Too Big To Fail banks are none too pleased with Senator Elizabeth Warren’s call to break them up so they no longer pose a systemic risk to the financial system and [...]

Obama Escalates US Involvement In Iraq With Bombing Of Tikrit

Endless War: As US Strikes Tikrit & Delays Afghan Pullout, War on Terror Toll Tops 1.3 Million — Democracy Now! (@democracynow) March 26, 2015 President Barack Obama has plunged the US even deeper into the war in Iraq ordering the bombing of Tikrit at the behest of Iraqi officials. Obama has no authorization [...]

The Roundup

Good day folks! It’s the end of the week! International Politics Overall - While Iran denounced Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen, other Arab states agreed on a joint military force to fight in Yemen - Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S. said Iran was supporting the Houthis in Yemen - Turkey, meanwhile, offered to provide “logistical support” as they support the [...]

Over Easy: Rolling In the Surveillance Program

As substitute for msmolly's usual Friday post, I felt like this should reflect her interests, and searched for something about our country's often hamhanded surveillance program. That wasn't hard. It seems with a compulsion to use up...Show More Summary

Late Night FDL: Working In The Coal Mine

Lee Dorsey – Working In The Coal Mine Aloha, Firepups…! Since I was quickly hired after my interview yesterday, I will be unavailable to host y’all tonite, I do expect to be available for the weekend LN’s. Be nice to one another and the liquor cabinet is open to all. Be sure to clean up [...]

The Thirty-Eighth Day of the Trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

[Editor's Note: Below is an account of proceedings in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on March 24.] Proceedings began on March 24 with a continuation of testimony by Mathew Levitt, a witness for the prosecution who is claimed to be an “expert on terrorism.” I am given to understand that during an adequate cross examination [...]

TPP Would Empower Thousands of US Firms to Sue Governments, According to Document Published by WikiLeaks

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement being negotiated between the United States and eleven other nations in the Pacific Rim would empower tens of thousands of corporations or firms to sue governments through largely secret tribunal proceedings if regulations violated their expectation for profits. Show More Summary

Why the U.S. Will Fail by Winning in Mosul (and Tikrit)

The United States will most likely suffer defeat in Mosul, even if it “wins” against IS. And you can pretty much substitute “Tikrit” in the story below anywhere you see “Mosul.” The reasons will be much the same as those that caused the defeat of American strategy in Iraq War 2.0: a failure to force [...]

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