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Despite Changes, US Government Still Unwilling to Provide Meaningful Information to Americans on No Fly List

The United States government will now inform US citizens placed on the No Fly List whether they have, in fact, been put on the No Fly List and possibly some details related to the basis for the listing. But an attorney for an American challenging the government’s No Fly List authority has suggested that the [...]

DEA Faces Criticism From Congress Over Drug Cartel-Backed Sex Parties

The DEA has been caught up in so many scandals lately it is hard to keep track but the one the embattled agency faced yesterday in a hearing before Congress was particularly embarrassing. Members of Congress grilled DEA officials over a report that showed that DEA agents had sex parties with prostitutes connected to Colombian drug [...]

Google Charged With Antitrust Violations By European Union

BREAKING: EU Competition Commissioner filling antitrust complaint saying Google abuses dominant position: — The Associated Press (@AP) April 15, 2015 Search monopoly Google has now been formally charged by theShow More Summary

The Roundup

May Percy Sledge rest in peace. International Politics Overall - Nick Turse: “Military Missions Reach Record Levels After US Inks Deal to Remain in Africa for Decades” - With Turkey obviously supporting the Islamic State, what is the U.S. to do? Well, uh, they’ll get back to you on that - After the United Nations approved an embargo [...]

Over Easy: 2600 Miles in 4 Minutes

Andy Davidhazy hiked the Pacific Trail and snapped a selfie every mile- and the video became viral. The music is by Martin Sexton. Ecowatch reports that Andy is now working on a film, Lost or Found.

Late Night FDL: Warm and Tender Love

Percy Sledge - Warm and Tender Love R.I.P. Percy...!

Killings by Police: Several Vectors of Potential Tipping Points

By wendy davis Rob Urie, writing at Counterpunch, posits that the murder of Unarmed Black While Running Away™ #Walter Scott by Michael Slager in North Charleston, SC might be a social inflection point for killings by police, given that he will be tried for murder. Cops Planting Evidence Standard Operating Procedure? (video): #WalterScott #p2 [...]

Victory for Movement: Chicago Agrees to Reparations for Police Torture Survivors

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, his administration and lawyers and police torture survivors announced at a city council finance committee hearing that they had agreed upon a package for reparations. The package includes $5.5 million for survivors, public acknowledgment of torture and other non-financial benefits that will help families of survivors heal. From 1972 to 1991, [...]

Reviewing The Life of Eduardo Galeano Who Passed Away At 74

Eduardo Galeano, a Uruguayan journalist and author, passed away on April 13 at the age of 74 due to lung cancer. He is most well-known for writing “Open Veins of Latin America,” a best-selling book detailing the history of the Europe’s exploitation of Latin America since the days of Columbus, along with other classics. Galeano [...]

Body Blows Against the First Amendment

wo recent cases show the contempt with which our government, at the federal and state levels, views the First Amendment. First Amendment Semi-Win After Military Police Harass, Sexually Threaten Journalist A very basic tenet of our democracy is that a free press exists to report to The People on the actions of their government, and [...]

Video Shows Chevron Unable To Find Clean Soil Samples In Ecuador

A video published by Amazon Watch shows that Chevron found polluted soil samples while running “pre-inspections” in Ecuador prior to official ones, providing further evidence that Chevron knew about environmental degradation caused by the company’s involvement in extracting oil from the country. Show More Summary

Marco Rubio Announces Run For President To Build ‘A New American Century’

Yesterday Republican Senator Marco Rubio announced he was running for president. In a speech in his home state of Florida Senator Rubio emphasized his working class and Hispanic background and claimed it was time for the Republican Party to make a “generational choice.” Rubio appeared to be attacking both his Republican rival for the nomination, Jeb Bush, [...]

The Roundup

May Eduardo Galeano rest in peace. He’s an inspiration whose work Open Veins of Latin America really influenced me as a journalist, Marxist and person, especially on the topic of Latin America in general. Like D’Alessio says, there are things changing in Latin America. Show More Summary

Over Easy: The map is not the territory !

This is going to be a very geekie post. It’s about PCs and Operating Systems. Just about anything that has a computer processor has an operating system of some sort From the ISS to the iWatch. From the complex general purpose to the simple single purpose. An operating system (OS) is software that manages computer [...]

Late Night FDL: People Are Strange The Doors - People Are Strange

Hillary Clinton Team Held Off-The-Record Journalist Dinner Ahead Of 2016 Announcement

No doubt vying to be the most transparent administration ever someday, the Clinton campaign is off to a great start — sucking up to powerful journalists, who are happy to play along, excluding non-mainstream press, and swearing everyone to secrecy. What more likely scenario for open and objective news coverage could there be? Oh, in [...]

Pay to play reserve sheriff’s deputy claims he mistook his gun for a taser when he killed a man in handcuffs

Tulsa police officer, Sergeant Jim Clark, who was appointed to investigate the shooting death of Eric Harris, 44, came up with an incredibly lame explanation to justify his conclusion that no crime was committed and no departmental policy was violated. Vox sets the scene, Robert Bates, a white reserve deputy in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, shot [...]

Hillary Clinton’s Announcement Paves Way for Progressives to Abandon Principles Very Early in 2016 Election

Hillary Clinton’s long-anticipated announcement that she will run for president in the 2016 election paves the way for progressives to abandon their principles and values much earlier than previous elections. A number of progressives are not likely to wait this time for the Democratic Party’s primary to unfold because they contend it is inevitable Clinton [...]

CISPA Is Back With A Vengeance

CISA Security Bill: An F for Security But an A+ for Spying #privacy #security #cisa Prote… — A.T.O.M (@atomsoffice) March 24, 2015 First introduced in the House of Representatives inShow More Summary

Hillary Clinton Announces Run For President As Clinton Foundation Faces Further Scrutiny

On Sunday Hillary Clinton officially announced that she was running for president. The announcement surprised few as Clinton has been positioning herself to run for president for quite some time. In the video announcing Clinton’s candidacy Clinton said she was going to be a champion for “everyday Americans.” What that will actually entail has yet to [...]

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