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The Roundup

Under went a major change today. Cut my long hair and donated it. For those interested, it was 16 inches. International Politics Overall - Reporters are not allowed to sit in on an international meeting dealing with Chevron’s actions in Ecuador - Major Hollywood figures called the CEO of Al-Jazeera America a member of “Hamas,” based on documents leaked [...]

Over Easy; Science Monday Placeholder

Good morning, as BoxTurtle is 'dead in the water', this will be just temporary so we can comment at Over Easy. Wishing BT well, in getting his post up when he gets through the difficulties.

Late Night FDL: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Members of Nirvana w/ Joan Jett – "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Live at 2014 Rock Hall Induction Last night, Joan Jett was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Miley...

‘Peace doesn’t pay the bills’: Profiting from a war-torn Middle East

There is a heightened sense of threats across the Middle East and states have focused on military power to address their newly found challenges By Sharif Nashashibi Secretary of State John Kerry said 9 April the US would support any Middle Eastern state that felt threatened by Iran, and would not “stand by” if Tehran [...]

acTVism Munich: Whistleblowers, Activism and the Alternative Media

Recently, an informational event was hosted by Actvism Munich at the Muffatwerk in Munich, in which the significance and role of whistleblowers, the alternative media, activism and a host of other related issues were discussed. The guests included Annie Machon, Noam Chomsky, Paul Jay and Zain Raza. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

Time to redefine what it means to be an American

We also need to acknowledge that we are a melting pot of people. We are composed of different races, speak different languages and practice different religions (or no religion) and we come from everywhere on the planet. I believe our diversity stimulates and exposes us to new ideas.

Camera Work: Bright Ideas

So many ideas for today's post, the mind boggles!

Sunday Food: Shellfish in Months that have an ‘R’

Most of us have been told at some time during our lives that we only should eat shellfish, most particularly oysters, during months that have an 'R' in their names. This being April, it traditionally is the last month of the warm part...Show More Summary

Late Night FDL: Sunny Afternoon

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon Congrats to Ray Davies and the Cast...

The Iranian Ascendancy

John Kerry basically took up residence in Switzerland to negotiate with the Iranians. He sat at the table in Lausanne bargaining while Tikrit burned, Syria simmered, his country was chased out of Yemen, with hardly a word to say about any of those events Twelve years later, we know the winner in Iraq: Iran The [...]

‘Stop TTIP’: Global Day of Action Draws Tens of Thousands

‘Rising anti-American sentiment linked to revelations of U.S. spying and fears of digital domination by firms like Google’ By Common Dreams Demonstrators marched around the globe Saturday to protest the Transatlantic Trade and Investment...Show More Summary

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (R) and the Republican majorities in both houses of the state legislature hate working people

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (R) and the Republican majorities in both houses of the state legislature hate working people. For example, Think Progress reports, At a time when many states and cities are working on passing minimum wage increases, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) has gone in the opposite direction and signed a law banning [...]

Missouri Republican State Senators Sure Don’t Like Sunshine

Progress Missouri has been a thorn in the side of the Republicans who run the Missouri state legislature for quite some time, and last January they thoroughly embarrassed the Missouri House into abandoning their time-honored tradition...Show More Summary

The Roundup

We end on a soothe note with Italy. International Politics Overall - Black Lives Matter even throughout Africa, a continent ravaged by imperialism, violence and exploitation - The United Nations called for $275 million from members to help those living in Yemen Middle East - Gareth Porter: “The ‘Possible Military Dimensions’ Bomb That Could Blow Up the Iran [...]

Saturday Art: Thomas Eakins

In the early 20th century, Thomas Eakins took the course of realism and produced a body of work that represents the life of that era in the U.S. He was an educator and painter who drew subjects from everyday life in his large body of productive work. He is widely acknowledged to be one of the most important artists in American art history.[3][4]

Late Night FDL: Basket Case

Green Day - Basket Case Ahead of Green Day's HoF induction this weekend in Cleveland...

The Murderers of Kiev

Late last night I’d quipped; “Tell me Nuland’s minions aren’t hard at work…” in sharing this LA Times report, Third pro-Russia activist found dead in Ukraine capital this week. Today, b @ Moon of Alabama posted this eye-opener… Ukraine: “Both Sides Touched” By NATO Related Murder Of The Other Side The Washington Post’s Michael Birnbaum [...]

Recent poll shows more people support sentencing Tsarnaev to LWOP than death in the Boston area

Meanwhile, as support sentencing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death continues to drop, Tracy L. Dayton, an Assistant U.S.Attorney in Bridgeport, CT filed a notice of appearance in the Tsarnaev case on April 1st. She convinced a federal court jury in Connecticut to impose the death penalty in the so-called baseball bat murders

Advisor Huma Abedin’s Job Arrangement under Hillary Investigated by State Department

The State Department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has agreed, only two years after the fact, to investigate a program that allowed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to hire one of her key personal advisors, Huma Abedin, for government work even as she was also employed by a private firm. Conflict of Interest? [...]

Wall Street Is Cool With Hillary Clinton Pretending To Be A Populist

good lord it never stops — Zaid Jilani (@ZaidJilani) April 16, 2015 At this stage of the game you have to be exceedingly dim or incredibly delusional to think that Hillary Clinton is a progressive. Her record of supporting cuts to programs helping children in poverty, voting for reckless wars overseas, applauding domestic surveillance, [...]

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