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State Department Diplomatic Security Employee Arrested on Child Porn Charge

This post was originally published at A State Department Diplomatic Security employee with high-level access to government IT and security resources was arrested in Broward County, Florida on a federal charges of possessing child pornography. Show More Summary

Jim Crow in the Holy Land

Our own progress against racism in the United States remains too recent, too fragile, and too incomplete to go on abetting apartheid in Israel. By Phyllis Bennis The last days of the campaign sounded an awful lot like the Jim Crow South, when African Americans had officially won the right to vote but still faced [...]

NYC DOC Allegedly Withholds Records on Violence Against Developmentally Disabled Juvenile Inmate

This post was originally published at A lawsuit filed on March 12th in the Eastern District of New York claims the New York City Department of Corrections (DOC) withheld important records from a federally-mandated disability advocate after they learned guards had brutally attacked a developmentally disabled juvenile inmate at the Robert N. Davoren Complex [...]

Kansas Wants to Fund Discrimination, Missouri Ready to Follow

For years, California has had the reputation of being the incubator of policies that eventually become national, from environmental concerns to social concerns to economic concerns. But in the flyover land of Kansas, Sam Brownback is the leader of an ultra-conservative Republican party, purged of its merely-conservative elements. Show More Summary

The Roundup

We end our trip at Portugal. So ends our week on songs from the world. Expect it again next month with a new batch! International Politics Overall - The Islamic State now is the talk of the town as governments throughout the world boost their military budget as ISIS watches with glee - U.N. Secretary General Ban [...]

Saturday Art: Jean-Honoré Fragonard

The distinctively romantic style of French painter Fragonard was an integral part of the Belle Epoque he portrayed. In the many large canvas paintings of that era that he produced, Fragonard epitomized a style that showed lovely indulgence in the lives of fanciful people.

Late Night FDL: Bohemian Rhapsody

Peanuts Gang Singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen Garren Lazar, a.k.a. Super G., has done a masterful job of featuring the Peanut Gang in 'performing' a slew of Rock classics...!

Judge Orders Thousands of Detainee Abuse Photos to Be Disclosed After US Government Fails to Justify Secrecy

A federal district court judge will no longer accept the United States government’s secrecy arguments and has ruled that it must release thousands of photographs of detainee abuse and torture in Afghanistan and Iraq, including inhumane treatment at Abu Ghraib prison. The government is “required to disclose each and all the photographs responsive” to the [...]

Tsarnaev: The noose tightens

The pipe bombs were made out of a metal elbow pipe two inches in diameter. Metal BBs were epoxied to the inside wall of the pipe. The pipe was then packed with black gunpowder and the ends were sealed. Finally, a green hobby fuse was inserted into a hole that had been drilled in the elbow. Show More Summary

Give Snowden The Petraeus Deal?

White House acknowledges Petraeus advising gov't on ISIS, despite guilty plea: — FOX & Friends (@foxandfriends) March 17, 2015 Despite pleading guilty to mishandling classified information, former...Show More Summary

Elite Guard Unit in Illinois Prisons Allegedly Beat & Sexually Abused Numerous Inmates During Shakedowns

A class action lawsuit filed against officers of an elite guard unit in Illinois prisons accuses the officers of beating and sexually abusing and humiliating hundreds of inmates. The officers, as well as the wardens of multiple facilities and leadership of the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC), are accused of engaging in a conspiracy in [...]

Republicans Break Budget Promises To Increase Military Spending

House Budget would create a slush fund for extra defense spending: — Loren Adler (@LorenAdler) March 18, 2015 Republicans have now proposed a budget that contains billions of dollarsShow More Summary

The Roundup

May Danny Schechter rest in peace. International Politics Overall - The United Nations Security Council warned conflict can ensure should violence continue on the Lebanon-Israel border - European officials say P5+1-Iranian negotiations are not even close to be completed - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: The U.S. Show More Summary

Over Easy: Net Neutrality — The Fight Isn’t Over Yet

On February 26 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to reclassify broadband internet access as a "Title II" telecommunications service, which allows the FCC to impose specific open internet rules that prohibit activities like paid prioritization and blocking. Show More Summary

Late Night FDL: Something’s About To Change

Robin Trower - Something's About To Change The 'King of the Strat' released his latest album on his 70th Bday...

Libya Burning: ISIS Lays Claim To Another Country, Right At Europe’s Door

“We have failed to recognize that arming militias and manufacturing a mercenary army under the banner of the dollar would only exacerbate disunity and ultimately play to our disadvantage,” one expert tells MintPress of the international community’s failings in Libya. By Catherine Shakdam With global attention focused on Iraq and Syria, Libya was left to [...]

Taking Visas to the Supreme Court

On February 23, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Kerry v. Din. The U.S. government is seeking a writ of certiorari agreement by the Justices to review a lower court decision granting Ms. Din and her Afghan husband judicial review of his immigrant visa—green card—application. The state department permanently denied permission for the husband [...]

Petition: Tell DOJ To Bring Charges Against Wall Street Before Statute Of Limitations Is Up

The time has come to put Wall Street banksters in jail. — JPMadoff (@JPMadoff) March 14, 2015 Time is running out to criminally charge the Wall Street firms who caused the 2008 financial crisis. 2015 is the last bite at the apple due to the statute of limitations on criminal fraud being up. In February [...]

White House Signals It May Let Sanctions Against Israel Proceed At UN

Israel's Central Elections Committee publishes the final results for the 20th Knesset — Ben White (@benabyad) March 19, 2015 The fallout from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scorched earth re-election campaign continues. Show More Summary

The Roundup

We travel back in time to the Soviet Union to hear some jazz! International Politics Overall - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will still hold his position. So don’t expect him to be out of the U.S. picture anytime soon - President Barack Obama, meanwhile, did not call Netanyahu to congratulate him on his election victory. In fact, the [...]

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