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Machine Made: Tammany Hall and the Creation of Modern American Politics – Book Salon Preview

A major, surprising new history of New York’s most famous political machine—Tammany Hall—revealing, beyond the vice and corruption, a birthplace of progressive urban politics. Hosted by Phoenix Woman, join us this afternoon at 5PM EDT, 2PM PDT to talk with Terry Golway about his new book. For decades, history has considered Tammany Hall, New York’s [...]

John Brennan, Dianne Feinstein, and the Soon-to-be-Released (?) Torture Report

CIA Director John "We Don't Need No Stinkin' Overseers" Brennan and Dianne Feinstein's Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (i.e., the aforementioned "Stinkin' Overseers") have been having a nasty little spat, revolving around both...Show More Summary

Lawyer for Edward Snowden: Positive Developments in Switzerland But Issues Still Remain

The attorney general of Switzerland did a review of whether National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden would have to be extradited to the United States if he came to the country to testify as part of an inquiry into NSA surveillance. He concluded that Snowden would be safe from extradition, however, “upper-level government commitments” might [...]

Come Saturday Morning: Profiles of the Future

One of the most fascinating books you will ever read is a slim tome entitled Profiles of the Future, written by the late Sir Arthur C. Clarke, scientist, engineer, and futurist without peer.

Pull Up A Chair: Is It Fall Yet?

Here in Lexington, KY it is sure a nice fall day today. Earlier this week, we had temps in the mid to upper 80s with some high humidity but early Thursday morning a cold front came through with a good deal of rain (three plus inches here although just 15 miles south they got less [...]

Late Late Night FDL: Simon Smith and The Amazing Dancing Bear

Scooter and Fozzie Bear -- Simon Smith and The Amazing Dancing Bear, from episode 101 of The Muppet Show.

Late Night: The Roundup

- Attorney Michael Ratner joins The Real News to discuss the world after Sept. 11 and how the U.S. contributed to instability around the globe - As the U.S. arms Lebanon to attack the ISIL, Secretary of State John Kerry said it would...Show More Summary

Unit 8200 Intelligence Reservists in Israel Boycott “Intrusive” Spying on Palestinians

Israeli Unit 8200 Intelligence Reservists Boycott “Intrusive” Spying On Palestinians "Dozens of Israeli reservists with an elite intelligence unit have refused to take part in spying activities on Palestinians, denouncing the military’s intrusive security policies in an open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and armed forces chiefs."

Austin Banner Drop for Texas Abortion Access

On Thursday activists in Austin, Texas performed a “banner drop” — tying a painted sheet to a highway overpass — above Interstate Highway 35 during a busy evening’s rush hour. The banner read, “Abortions Save Lives, Keep Clinics Open,...Show More Summary

American Held in Incommunicado Detention in Yemen Calls Family, Says He’s Being Beaten & Gassed

An American citizen in Yemeni custody who his lawyers say has been disappeared for over 180 days has surfaced. One of his lawyers reports he was apparently allowed to make two calls to his wife and mother last night and a guard saidShow More Summary

Congressional Gridlock Indirectly Helps Legalization Efforts in D.C.

The historic level of Congressional dysfunction this year has indirectly delivered a victory for marijuana legalization efforts in the District of Columbia.

Opinion of Obamacare Drops Among Middle Income Families

For a long time Democrats banked on the fact that once people started directly experiencing the planned benefits of the Affordable Care Act they would come to like it, but that hasn't happened. If anything the implementation of the law seems to have just hardened the divide.

NSA Extorted Yahoo’s Compliance With PRISM With $250,000 Per Day Fine Threat

While many in the tech industry appear to have no trouble collaborating with those illegally spying on American citizens, it is instructive to see what happened to the companies that even put up mild resistance to the NSA's mission of "collect it all."

GOP Leads in Three New Generic Ballot Polls

If the election was held today according to the ABC/Washington Post poll 47 percent of likely voters would back a Republican and only 44 percent would vote for a Democrat. The other polls are even worse.

CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou Recounts How Prison Gave Him Wrong Medication in New Letter From Loretto

In a letter from CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, who has been serving a prison sentence in a federal correctional facility in Loretto, Pennsylvania for over a year, he recounts how he had a medical emergency in the prison and received virtually none of the appropriate care or treatment that a person should typically receive. Show More Summary

Ukraine President Says No Military Solution To Crisis, May Need To Decentralize Power

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko has conceded that there is no military solution to the crisis in Ukraine. Though initially the war in East Ukraine against separatists was called a counter-terrorism campaign, after a string of defeats by forces (semi-)loyal to the government in Kiev it seems Poroshenko is changing part of the approach to the crisis.

CBO: Smarter Sentencing Act Would Save Billions Over the Next Decade

A new report from the Congressional Budget Office looks at the financial impact of the Senate proposed Smarter Sentencing Act, which would reduce mandatory minimums for non-violent drug offenses. It found the law would on net save the federal government roughly $3 billion over the next decade and reduce the prison terms of roughly a quarter million people.

Obama Should Go to Tehran

President Obama left out the most important word of all in his speech outlining a strategy for Iraq: Iran. For if Iran is the 500 pound gorilla in the room with Iraq, it is the 800 pound monster in the Middle East. No real stability can be achieved without Iran. It is time for the president to go to Tehran.

Obama Does Not Have Authority To Bomb Syria Without Congressional Approval

Though President Obama made a number of absurd and unsupported claims in his address on ISIS, the one that already launched a thousands tweets is his assertion that he had the authority to bomb Syria without seeking congressional approval. Show More Summary

The Roundup

- While some Arab countries pledged to help in the coalition against the ISIL, Iran expressed skepticism - Rania Khalek: "Israeli officer admits ordering lethal strike on own soldier during Gaza massacre" - Clashes in Chile erupted between...Show More Summary

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