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The Roundup

May Leonard Nimoy rest in peace. International Politics Overall - A former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union during the Cold War believed the Obama administration made a mistake against Russia in regards to Ukraine. He believes the country should seek a compromise. - It is worth examining how the U.S. pays for accidental deaths it causes in Afghanistan Middle [...]

Saturday Art: George Bellows

One of the best regarded American realist painters of the past century, George Bellows was a promising athlete from Columbus, Ohio, who chose to follow a life as an artist and achieved renown for his honest portrayal of urban life. Bellows...Show More Summary

Late Night FDL: Shoot For Thrills

L.A. Guns - Shoot For Thrills L.A. Guns is reloading...

Socialism is American as Apple Pie

Rudy Giuliani’s recent rant questioning President Obama’s love for his country has drawn severe criticism. While the defense of the President’s commitment to his country is laudable, there has been scant comment on Giuliani’s clarification, which was directed at Obama’s supposed socialist leanings. Giuliani’s charge that President Obama is a socialist is not only factually [...]

You Can’t Fix Stupid II

You would think the House would pass this bill to avoid public excoriation and humiliation, but you would be wrong. As I write this, House Republicans are talking about playing a stupid kid's game called Kick The Can. In this situation,...Show More Summary

Former CIA Operative Who Suffers from Narcolepsy Has Discrimination Lawsuit Dismissed Over ‘State Secrets’

A federal judge dismissed a former CIA operative’s lawsuit alleging he was subject to a “hostile work environment” and discriminated against because of his disability and race. The judge decided the CIA had appropriately made a state secrets claim and there was no way to litigate the case without creating “substantial risk” to “national security.” [...]

Larry Summers Shifts To See Rentier Capitalism As Threat

Former Clinton Treasury Secretary and Economic Advisor to the Obama Administration Larry Summers has had a change of heart. After decades of promoting deregulation of the financial system that expanded the power of Wall Street, Summers now sees the dangers of rentier capitalism. At a discussion on technology and the workforce hosted by the Hamilton [...]

Scott Walker Claims Fight With Unions Has Prepared Him To Take On ISIS

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told a crowd at the annual meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that he was qualified to take on ISIS because he fought unions in his home state claiming “If I can take on a 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.” Since when is dealing [...]

The Roundup

Friday mornings are the best since it’s the end of the week! International Politics Overall - Gallup: Fifty-seven percent of Americans say the United Nations does a poor job in solving international problems - Phyllis Bennis talks to The Real News about the role of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in regards to the Iran-P5+1 negotiations and what his impact can [...]

Over Easy: NSA SIM Hackers are Up to No Good!

According to documents provided to The Intercept by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, both American and British spies hacked into the internal network of the world’s largest manufacturer of SIM cards, Gemalto, and stole encryption keys that protect the privacy of cellphone communications across the globe.

Late Night FDL: Am I Evil?

Metallica - Am I Evil? Metallica has a busy schedule ahead of them...

After Hearing, Capitol Police Arrest Lawyer for Shouting Question at Clapper About NSA Surveillance

Shahid Buttar, a constitutional lawyer and executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC), was arrested by Capitol police at the end of a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing in which Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified. In video posted by the peace group, CODEPINK, Buttar shouts a question about NSA surveillance [...]

Chicago News Radio Show Mocks, Laughs & Downplays Guardian Story About Chicago Police ‘Black Site’

Radio hosts for WGN, a major AM radio station, have mocked, laughed and downplayed a story from The Guardian suggesting the Chicago Police Department operates a “black site” or secret interrogation site at Homan Square, where people arrested have been disappeared, abused and denied due process. Hosts Roe Conn and Sylvia Perez of “The Roe [...]

Thousands of Immigrant Prisoners Moved to Undisclosed Locations After Protesting Conditions

Nearly three thousand immigrant prisoners are being transferred to undisclosed federal facilities after a two-day demonstration against indecent living conditions and medical care left the Willacy County Regional Detention Facility in need of repairs.

FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rule

FCC votes on #NetNeutrality plan opposed by @comcast, which spent $107M on lobbying @mmasnick — MapLight (@MapLight) February 26, 2015 The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted...Show More Summary

John McCain Calls For US War In Ukraine, Libya, Syria, And Iraq

Yesterday Senator John McCain spoke at the New America Foundation’s Future of War Conference on his vision for American foreign policy – war. McCain said the US should send (more) ground forces into Iraq and expand the combat mission into Syria to destroy ISIS. McCain lamented that Libya had fallen into chaos and said the [...]

The Roundup

Good day folks! We’re still up thankfully. International Politics Overall - Gallup: Sixty-one percent of Americans are disappointed with the position of the United States in the world today - Former nuclear engineer Robert Kelley speaks with The Real News on to Iran-P5+1 talks and the role of the U.S. in relation to the alleged Iranian nuclear program - Israeli [...]

Over Easy

Good morning. Seems Over Easy has gone missing this moring, so I’ll put this up as a place to gather and chat. I see that Toronto ex-Mayor Rob Ford is auctioning his tie from the crack cocaine confession on eBay! The UK man behind ISIS beheadings has been publicly identified. The FCC is to vote [...]

Late Night FDL: Diggin’ Up The Dirt

FM - Digging Up the Dirt Canadian rockers FM have a new album coming out, Heroes and Villains...

3 Easy Steps to Change the Media’s Views on War & Torture

These days I’m like Mr. Spock in the dark, parallel universe of Star Trek. I see our leadership going down the wrong path regarding the use of war and torture. It’s an illogical, fear-based path, and it’s presented as the only alternative.

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