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Pennsylvania Law Aimed at Silencing Prisoners Like Mumia Abu-Jamal Declared Unconstitutional

A federal judge has ruled that a Pennsylvania law passed to silence prisoners, like Mumia Abu-Jamal, who speak about mass incarceration and other criminal justice issues from jail violates freedom of speech and due process rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution. A permanent injunction against the law was issued and the attorney general is [...]

Clinton Foundation Took Money From Firms Lobbying Hillary Clinton State Department, Paying Bill Clinton

Clinton Foundation failed to disclose 1,100 foreign donations — Bloomberg Business (@business) April 29, 2015 Last Sunday the acting CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Maura Pally, posted...Show More Summary

Obama Laments Poverty In Baltimore While Pushing TPP

In a surreal moment at Tuesday’s joint-press conference, President Barack Obama addressed the unrest in Baltimore by lamenting the effects of poverty in America’s inner cities which was then immediately followed by Japanese Prime Minister...Show More Summary

The Roundup

Keep that funky groove going, Baltimore. Rebellion in Baltimore - The folks in Baltimore are saying enough of the violence and demand change to a failed system. The riot in the city is just fury citizens there have - Here are five things to keep in mind when listening and reading about what’s happening in Baltimore - Max Blumenthal: “You Will [...]

Over Easy: Texas A&M Galveston Professor Fails Entire Class, Quits Course

Texas A&M Galveston Professor Irwin Horwitz, fed up with the attitude and behavior of students in his Strategic Management class, notified them in an email that he would be flunking all of them. According to the Houston Chronicle, after...Show More Summary

Late Night FDL: Louie Louie

Louie Louie - The Kingsmen R.I.P. Jack Ely...

Boston Bombing News: Penalty Phase (Day One)

Editor’s Note: The following is an account of the proceedings on Monday, April 27, in the case of the US v. Tsarnaev. The defense began to present its case to avert the death penalty. As is becoming quite usual, the first hour of proceedings today were taken up by yet another “closed door” meeting in [...]

It’s On: Bernie Sanders to Announce Bid for Presidency on Thursday

Sanders, the longest-serving Independent member of Congress, will reportedly run as a Democrat By Common Dreams Sources reported Tuesday afternoon that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), will officially launch a bid for the White House—as a Democrat—on Thursday. Sanders will release a short statement on that day and then hold a major campaign kickoff in [...]

Baltimore Uprising: Insisting What Happened Was Not a Protest is Delusional

The establishment press and the ruling class did not care about the people in the community of West Baltimore until rocks and bottles were thrown, businesses were looted and police cars, trash cans and buildings were set on fire. Then, everyone in a position of power in Baltimore, the state of Maryland and the federal [...]

Japan And US Strike Major Military Agreement

U.S. & Japan unveil new cybersecurity alliance: — The Hill (@thehill) April 28, 2015 In the decades after World War II the nation of Japan has maintained a small military and abided by laws designed to restrain militarism. Though that restraint was initially imposed by the US in the aftermath of World War [...]

Baltimore Burns After Funeral For Freddie Gray

Pent up anger over police conduct boiled over once again in Baltimore on Monday leading to riots across the city. The triggering event appears to be the funeral of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old man who died in police custody after his spine was severed. Gray was never charged with a crime and is believed to have died [...]

The Roundup

Good day folks! International Politics Overall - Attorney Michael Ratner joins The Real News to talk about the success of the BDS campaign and the resistance against it - History is written in the eyes of the victor, even if the victor lost the Vietnam War - An investigation by the United Nations found Israel to blame for bombing schools in [...]

Over Easy: The technology two step

You take one step forward and two steps back. Or so it seemed. Having been around some 65 years and more than a bit of a geek, I have seen a lot of New And Improved, come and go. Broken promises of things to come, as it were.  Here is a brief list. Automobile automatic [...]

Late Night FDL: Big Shot

Billy Joel - Big Shot Billy will be playing his 32nd gig at Nassau...

US Marshals Service Whistleblowers Allege Officials Use Freedom of Information Act to Retaliate Against Them

Multiple whistleblowers in the US Marshals Service have informed Republican Senator Chuck Grassley’s office that leadership is allegedly using Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to retaliate against them for seeking to report systemic abuses of power. In a letter to the Acting Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates of the Justice Department, Grassley, who [...]

What to Do if You Think You’re on the No-Fly List

It has come to this. There is a self-help guides from the ACLU on what to do if you think you are on the U.S. government’s no-fly list. Oh, and the TSA says 99 percent of the people who contact them about no-fly have been denied boarding only because their names are similar to a [...]

Defense Opening Statement for Tsarnaev in Penalty Phase as support for the death penalty drops to 15%

"Nothing you will hear from the defense will say that he could not control himself or that his brother forced him to commit crimes. “No one is going to tell you to feel sorry for him." "No one will say Tamerlan forced him to do it...Tamerlan's motivation was so much stronger & existed much longer."

Podcast: Questions That Should Be Answered About FBI’s Conduct Before & After Boston Bombings

The trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was convicted of thirty offenses stemming from his role in the Boston Marathon bombings, will enter the sentencing phase this week. Tsarnaev’s defense will focus on showing why Tsarnaev should not be executed, and part of the defense is likely to involve a focus on Dzhokhar’s brother, Tamerlan, and [...]

Loretta Lynch Sworn In As Attorney General As Wall Street Deadline Looms

JUST IN: Loretta Lynch sworn in as attorney general — The Hill (@thehill) April 27, 2015 Loretta Lynch has sworn in today as the first female African-American Attorney General. LynchShow More Summary

News Networks Stay On Media Gala Instead Of Covering Unrest In Baltimore

The annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner is always an obnoxious event that provides further visual evidence of an out of touch and aloof mainstream media compromising its integrity for access to power, but this year was particularly gross. While so-called journalists were toasting champagne and laughing at inside Beltway jokes a unrest raged in Baltimore over [...]

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