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SCORCHING HOT Iran Take of the Day

As a colleague observes, Leon Wieseltier has written an interesting critique of the Bush administration’s decision to attack Iraq: The rut of history: It is a phrase worth pondering. It expresses a deep scorn for the past, a zeal for newness and rupture, an arrogance about old struggles and old accomplishments, a hastiness with inherited […]

Will the Clinton Rules Still Apply?

The public editor assails the latest round of making stuff up about Hillary Clinton: First, consider the elements. When you add together the lack of accountability that comes with anonymous sources, along with no ability to examine the referral itself, and then mix in the ever-faster pace of competitive reporting for the web, you’ve got […]

Today In Bad Pundit’s Fallacies: “Joe Lieberman Cost Gore the Election”

Almost anytime either the 2000 election or Joe Lieberman come up in comments, someone will proffer their theory that Gore picking Lieberman was why he lost the election in 2000. Just so I have something to link to so I don’t have to go through this every time it comes up, here’s why this is […]

Today In Editorial Misjudgment

I love the NYRB in general, but…publishing a self-serving, fact-challenged defense of the nail salon industry that didn’t meet the standards of the New York Post (!) (No, really, !) is a doozy of a blunder. Hopefully, this is is an aberration — if I see “Massey Energy: The World’s Safest Workplaces” by Don Blankenship […]

Slave Labor in Fishing

I’ve talked about this several times before and I discuss it in Out of Sight, but slave labor in the southeast Asian fisheries is endemic and basically no one cares. This is an outstanding report on that slave labor. Almost all of the fish in the southeast Asian seas goes to the United States in […]

Foreign Entanglements: The Battle for Britain

On this week’s episode of Foreign Entanglements, I spoke with Tony Cummings about his new book, The Battle for Britain: Interservice Rivalry between the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, 1909-1940:

Confederate Monuments: Memorials to State-Sponsored Terrorism

Brent Staples makes good points about what Confederate statuary is really about, especially when we are talking about people like Nathan Bedford Forrest. Not all monuments warrant that kind of challenge. But those honoring the Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest deserve the backlash they have generated. Forrest presided over the 1864 massacre of Union soldiers, […]

The 35

Noreen Malone’s story about Bill Cosby’s accusers will be a blockbuster, and it eminently deserves to be. The sheer fact of 35 women pictured together and telling their stories is powerful enough. But what they have to say is equally important. Essential reading.


  Over at the National Interest, I run through some of the history of late-Cold War operational planning… During the 1950s and 1960s, NATO and the Warsaw Pact agreed about two things regarding combat on the Central front. First, Warsaw Pact forces would quickly overrun NATO forces, achieving rates of advance across Western Europe that […]

That Green Lantern Won’t Raise Itself!

In this confusing, ever-changing world, it’s reassuring to know that Joe Lieberman is always an asshole: Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) is pressuring a top Senate Democrat to buck the Obama administration on its Iran nuclear deal to ensure a safer future for Israel. Yes, nothing would ensure a “safer future for Israel” than having […]

The Flagship Journal of American Conservatism, Everybody!

Shorter Crazy Andy McCarthy: “Given that Obama has used his imaginary “executive branch” powers to reach an agreement with Iran, he should be impeached for treason. I am not a crackpot.” Meanwhile, at America’s most popular winger blog: McCarthy’s right, of course. But as his ending query reveals, no one realistically expects the Republican establishment […]

The Great One Speaks

I will have more about my favorite of today’s Cooperstown honorees later today, but let us explore some other reasons why Pedro Martinez is awesome. First, his remarks on “sock a teenage boy keeps under his mattress” Colin Cowherd: Here's Pedro's complete answer when asked about Cowherd's comments: — Tim Britton (@TimBritton) July 25, […]

Saturday Night Creatures Feature

Someone discovered a new species of octopus and rightly deemed it adorable. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s an octopus, a hat that some dude wore in the “Fat Albert” cartoon or an “Octonauts” character come to life. All I know is I have purchased two: I am petting one and wearing the other one […]

The Clinton Rules

Kurt Eichenwald — author of two of my favorite nonfiction books — has an excellent piece about the train colliding with a bus that just got hit by a blimp that is the latest NYT HILLARY CLINTON’S DISTURBING EMAILS story: The story seemed to further fall apart on Friday morning when Representative Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) […]


We can learn lessons from the mass murders that are a monthly event in this nation. We learned, as a nation, from Dylann Roof, that the Confederate flag is a symbol of horrible evil that inspires racist violence. It has since come down at the South Carolina statehouse. That’s pretty amazing. There’s plenty of lessons […]

Book Review: Greg Grandin, The Empire of Necessity: Slavery, Freedom, and Deception in the New World

We are living in a renaissance of historical writing. There’s always been a good market for popularly written histories, but that market consisted of books on presidents and wars written for a white, male, conservative reading audience. That’s not going away of course. But what has developed in the 21st century is an alternative market […]

Saturday Links

Jeb Lund situates Trump within the Republican Party.  Clearly, the only solution is moar guns. The law and the Sandra Bland traffic stop.  America’s 8 biggest military disasters.  “You took me out of context”: the first and last refuge of the racist douche.  The many manipulations of the Planned Parenthood attack videos Azari on the […]

Bad anti-housing arguments

In the San Francisco housing thread below, Steven Attewell points to this post by Robert Cruikshank that complicates the most simplistic version of the claim that some portions of ‘the left’ in San Francisco oppose housing. Cruikshank, accurately, points out that a number of recent leftist politicians and mayoral candidates ran on platforms with thoughtful, […]

The Southern Capitalist Economy, Then and Now

Slaves, Montgomery, Alabama, 1861 Harold Meyerson overstates his argument on the Southern economy as the point of low-wage capitalist production both before the Civil War and today, but he makes a lot of good points and it’s well worth your time. Basically, Meyerson uses the new historical literature on the connections between northern capitalists and […]

What Punishment Should CEO’s Receive for Egregious Violations of Safety Standards?

Is life in prison too harsh a punishment for this guy? Federal court officers have recommended a sentence of life in prison for a peanut company executive convicted of selling salmonella-tainted food, a move that attorneys on both sides called “unprecedented” for a food-poisoning case. The potential life sentence for former Peanut Corporation of America […]

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