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BBC’s top 100 century list

The BBC list has been making the rounds; seems like it deserves a thread. I think I share two of my top three with the list; In The Mood For Love remains a clear #1 for me (indeed, I’d have to go back to at least the 70’s to think of a film that would […]

Genteel Union-Busting in the Ivies

Like many of you, I was overjoyed to hear that the NLRB had ruled that graduate students in private universities once again have the right to form a union. This case was especially meaningful to me, because I was an undergraduate when Columbia University graduate students last tried to organize and ran headlong into the […]

A hero for our time

Tales from the New Gilded Age, Part Infinity: America is the only developed nation that lets drugmakers set their own prices on life-saving medications. One of the great things about this liberty-maximizing approach is that it gives pharmaceutical entrepreneurs the incentive to innovate. And few entrepreneurs have done more to disrupt the provision of life-saving […]

Texting while driving

I see people texting while driving constantly. A couple of months ago I was a passenger in a car that got rear-ended by a driver who was in the midst of posting an update to her Facebook page. Three years ago, AT&T approached Werner Herzog about making a few short public service messages about texting […]

Banning “Burkinis” is a Disgrace

Katha Pollitt is excellent on why coercively policing the appearance of women in the name of secularism is not better than doing so in the name of religion: ?But how do bans on Islamic dress—the head scarf, the niqab, and now the burkini—free women? That would be true only if wearing them were enforced by […]

Local Food? What About Local Farm Working Conditions?

Liberals love local food. But for the most part, they really don’t want to know what’s going on at the farm. They are fine with pictures of community members going out to the co-op farm and picking tomatoes or whatnot. But working conditions simply do not matter to most consumers. That’s almost as true for […]

The GOP’s minority outreach programs are 100% successful

GOP minority outreach often looks like some sort of sick joke to people who aren’t members of the GOP. Is that talk about welfare addiction and shared values while simultaneously blaming people for ruining America  supposed to work? After some thought I’ve concluded that the answer is yes. And it does. To understand how, imagine […]

Cities versus States

This is a good piece on the battles in conservative states between their liberal enclave cities and the right-wing extremists who control the statehouse. “PREEMPTION” LAWS ARE not new, nor are they necessarily about undoing local legislation. But with some notable exceptions, past preemption laws have generally enforced what can be called “minimum preemption”: They […]

The Clinton Rules: Still In Effect

I mentioned earlier this week how the Washington Post used misleading language to try to turn distinctly non-scandalous behavior into a scandal because Hillary Clinton. Well, the AP had an even more ambitious attempt at making a scandal out of nothing at all, which Clizza et al. immediately swallowed whole. The problem is that it […]

Happy Centennial to the National Park Service

One hundred years ago today, Woodrow Wilson signed the bill creating the National Park Service. While other nations do have national parks, no other nation has used the idea to also tell interpretations of the nation’s history, protecting not only battlefields and a few other nationally famous places, but also relatively obscure places that tell […]

The A2/AD Challenge

Stephen Biddle and Ivan Oelrich recently wrote an important article about the balance of military technology in the Western Pacific. This is the first of what will likely amount to three commentaries: In a recent article in International Security, Stephen Biddle and Ivan Oelrich have developed a formidable analysis of how the balance of power […]

Party of Trump, Party of Breitbart

Really good piece by Zack Beauchamp about Breitbart portending Trump, with its indifference to both truth and policy, overt racism, and belief that political correctness is the biggest threat facing the country: So in March, when then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski manhandled Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields and then denied it, the site faced an existential […]

Le Chant du Styrène

In 1958, Alain Resnais made an industrial film, for whatever reason. Money I assume. Le Chant du Styrène is about plastics. It’s also an absolutely beautiful film, really a wonderful artifact of postwar modernism. Unfortunately, the only copy on YouTube I can find is subtitled–in Spanish. But even if you don’t speak French or read […]

Cherry Catsup Salad

As is clear by now, like many others, I am both fascinated and horrified by postwar food. The terrible recipes of the 1950s-1970s are a wonder to behold. Today, I was introduced to this. Color me shocked that this horror comes from South Dakota. Probably some distant relative of mine. Really, this is the single […]


OLDMAN MUND: I SO FUCKING BUFF I DO CROSSFOOT SEK: You mean CrossFit? OLDMAN MUND: CROSSFOOT MAKE ME SO FUCKING BUFF SEK: You don’t do CrossFit — but you’re annoying as people who do, so there’s that. OLDMAN MUND: FUCK YEAH I DO CROSSFOOT I DO IT RIGHT NOW SEK: That’s not CrossFit — that’s […]


I can’t tell if Uber’s decision to offer retirement planning to people who use its app to find people who wish to be driven somewhere for a fee its drivers in several cities is a sign it’s about to admit it is in fact a taxi service, or an attempt to improve its public image. […]


This is a thing that exists. [TRIGGER WARNING: to paraphrase Pauline Kael, it would take the wisdom of Solomon to determine whether this video is more offensive aesthetically, psychologically, morally, or politically.] This is surely the greatest piece of winger art since “Take the R Train.” [Via Weigel] Share

Elites vs. The Masses

I don’t agree with everything in this article, particularly that we have less democracy in society than 40 years ago. I think the answer to such a question is tremendously complicated but surely isn’t obviously this conclusion. But I do approve of the overall tenor of it. The last thing we should be doing in […]

Teen Minimum Wage?

To say the least, the idea of a teen minimum wage of $4.25 is a horrendous idea with enormously awful policy implications. It also underplays the actual cost of being a teenager which is not going out with Biff and Cindy to the drive-in and maybe getting some malts afterwards and gee isn’t that soda […]

Bad Campaign Will Make Futile Attempt to Counter Accurate Perception

The Trump campaign perceives a problem: Donald Trump is rapidly trying to turn around his presidential campaign with a vigorous and at times strained effort to shed a label applied to him by a substantial portion of the electorate: racist. Guided by his new campaign leadership, the Republican nominee has ordered a full-fledged strategy to […]

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