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Race in America

TPM has a new featured called Primary Source, where historians present and interpret a primary source for the site’s readership. Josh Marshall, a historian in his previous life, has been opening his site up in recent months to more historical-based work. The latest entry is well worth your time. It’s a 1955 article in Ebony […]

“He’s Right, Williamson Merkel.”

Some #realtalk from Thomas Piketty: But Piketty, who penned the blockbuster 2013 book on income inequality Capital in the Twenty-First Century, slammed conservatives who favor the economic austerity measures Germany and France are demanding of Greece, saying they demonstrate a “shocking ignorance” of European history. Show More Summary

How to Get Something Done in Government, 1949

I am presently doing research at the Library of Congress. I just ran across this oddity. Ula Glen of Crestone, Colorado was a ranch wife. Somehow (this is not quite clear to me), she knew Leo Goodman, who was a housing and later nuclear expert for the CIO, who I am researching. The Rural Electrification […]

Just Words

When I was in grad school, a very pompous male guest speaker came to my mostly female lab and at one point decided, apropos of absolutely nothing, to launch into a tangent about how women needed to learn to control their uptalk, complete with mocking imitations of how all our sentences sounded like questions. He […]

The Party of Lincoln Is Now the Party of Jackson, and Vice Versa

It’s not exactly news that Sean Wilentz’s punditry during the 2008 primaries was an embarrassment. But, via Chait, I somehow missed this definitive example: Under those pressures, the Barack Obama campaign and its sympathizers have begun to articulate much more clearly what they mean by their vague slogan of “change” – nothing less than usurping […]

China: 2025

My latest at the National Interest takes a look at a few trends in Chinese military affairs: The People’s Liberation Army and its constituent branches have undergone extraordinary change over the last fifteen years.  Doctrine, equipment, training, and strategic orientation have all evolved to the point that the PLA, the PLAN, and the PLAAF have […]

Michael Eisner Thinks Beautiful Women Aren’t Funny

Huh. A tweep of mine went on a righteous rant in response to his idiocy. I Storified it. I’ll say here what I said to her: a.) Where do men get these idiotic ideas? b.) Why do they feel safe expressing them?

An interview with Erik Loomis about Out of Sight

That I just happened to stumble across somewhere on the Internet.

Bloody, Bloody William Kristol

The Man Who Just Couldn’t Be Right About Anything.


In a landslide. I don’t claim expertise, but I’m inclined to defer to this actual expert and see this as the least terrible outcome. As Krugman acknowledges, there’s reason to be concerned about Syriza’s competence (and indeed the heighten-the-contradictions bureaucratic reform proposal is amateur hour.) But nevertheless the troika’s conduct and its offer of austerity […]

The Reverse Grift

In some cases — Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain most obviously in the last cycle — no-hope presidential candidates are essentially running a grift, trying to build their personal brands and sell books or get themselves Fox News sinecures or whatever. Some are ideological true believers trying to draw attention to issues — your Ron […]

The Colonel…

The final post in my series on Kentucky in the Asia-Pacific takes a look at… chicken! Internationally, there can be little debate; Harland Sanders is the face of Kentucky in a way that no other individual can match. Kentucky Fried Chicken (now known as KFC in most of the U.S.) has become one of the […]

What Should Labor Law Do?

Today is the 80th anniversary of the National Labor Relations Act. Of course, the NLRA is hardly working for workers these days, with regulatory capture and unfriendly court decisions creating a regime that keeps all the restrictions on workers and eliminates all the benefits. The extent to which labor should hope to keep using the […]

Sex Offender Registeries

Sex offender registries are a great injustice and need to be stopped. While there is some value in tracking real sex offenders, a lot of these people have done nothing more than had sex with a slightly underage woman when they were themselves young men or, as in the case linked above, hooked up with […]


So I finally watched Selma. A few observations long after the debate has dissipated. 1. The main issue in the Selma debate was the portrayal of Lyndon Johnson. Critics said the portrayal was too cynical and didn’t give LBJ his due. Phooey. First, this isn’t a documentary. Second, at the core of the LBJ defense […]

Happy Independence Day!

Incidentally, this is a thing. And BATTLESHIP is a code. More details later.

Independence Day

On this July 4, I embraced the fruits of this great land. Well, technically the fruits of our salt marsh ponds as I gorged myself on this pile of fried whole belly clams from the Clam Shack in Falmouth, Massachusetts, where the real July 4th tradition is sitting in traffic. Please note that while there […]

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