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Absurdities of American higher education, financial edition

Pictured: Annual performance review between Dean Tyrell of the School of Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Synergies, and Assoc. Prof. Batty, 2034, post-CE. Oberlin College, the highly-regarded liberal arts college in Ohio (it has aShow More Summary

“Never again must this Thing happen”: Visions of the Past, Thanks to Gutenberg (VIII)

Most of these posts have discussed texts that there really isn’t much point for normal people to read. This post is an exception. Edward Carpenter’s furious 1916 pamphlet Never Again!, a plea to the people of Europe to never allow such a horrible war to happen in the future, is quite a good read. It’s […]

Brexit: What Can the Opposition Do?

      Jeremy Corbyn chairs a meeting of the Shadow Cabinet (a meme that did the rounds yesterday) Seeing as how it’s Labour, the obvious choice is to hit the self-destruct button. A vote of no-confidence in the Corbyn leadership will be held today, with an estimated 150 MPs expected to vote against the […]

“Moreover I had assumed a terrible responsibility in taking such extreme measures with him, for there was danger that he might go insane without confessing his guilt, and in that case my position would have been really dangerous”: Visions of the Past, Tha

During the peak of his fame as a private investigator and head-buster for capitalism, Allan Pinkerton “wrote” some detective stories. There’s no evidence Pinkerton actually wrote a word of them and he almost certainly employed ghostwriters. But he probably did approve of the stories because they lay out his basic philosophy and investigative methods. This […]

The Party of Lincoln

Don Doyle has a fine review of Louise Stevenson’s new book on Lincoln’s trans-Atlantic influences. It’s hard to read some of it without immediately thinking of the presumptive nominee of the Grand Old Party: Lincoln’s “German Lessons” take us to the many immigrants from the German states who had settled in the Midwest, many of […]

Strange Partners

My latest at the Diplomat looks at the strange case of the late Cold War relationship between North Korea and Guyana: Cold War politics made for strange bedfellows. Albania and the People’s Republic of China became fast friends, because of a shared aversion to the Soviet Union. The United States developed a cordial relationship with […]

England go out of Europe in the more traditional fashion

Seriously, it’s an amazing achievement for a country of 320,000 people to reach the final eight of the second-most competitive international soccer tournament. Share

Taking Abortion Rights Seriously

And about time: In a 5-3 opinion written by Bill Clinton-nominee Stephen Breyer and joined by Kennedy and the Court’s other Democratic nominees, the Court forcefully acknowledged this reality. “The surgical-center requirement also provides...Show More Summary


OLDMAN VIRGIL: WHY YOU PUT WATER BOWL ON HEAD SEK: It’s not a water bowl, it’s an ice pack. OLDMAN VIRGIL: WHY YOU PUT WATER BOWL ON HEAD SEK: It’s not a — I have a migraine. OLDMAN VIRGIL: I WANT SOME SEK: Some what? OLDMAN VIRGIL: GIVE ME YOUR GRAIN SEK: I don’t think […]

It’s OK to Dismiss this Genre of Music

When people say I don’t like ______________ music, I always cringe. I cringe because I think dismissing entire genres of music is silly. If we start with the caveat that 85% of ALL music is crap, it stands to reason that a significant portion of any given genre will also…be crap. But the truth is […]

You Can Only Push A Kennedy So Far

The two key restrictions in Texas’s abortion statute are struck down 5-3, opinion by Breyer, RBG concurrence. Much more on this later today. I’m not sure what will be more amusing; reading through all of Alito’s 43-page faux-minimalist dissent or reading the forthcoming tortured arguments from Freddie Brogan Bragman about how being cool with Donald […]

“I am sick of the shallow judgment that ranks the worth of a man by his poverty or by his wealth at death”: Visions of the Past, Thanks to Gutenberg (VI)

From almost the beginning of U.S. history to I guess about World War I, American writers and thinkers were obsessed with what it meant to be an American. What made an American an American? Was it the frontier? Was it the homespun speech? The lack of nobility? Underpinning all of this was a huge inferiority […]

“God deliver me from monarch’s gag laws and all their subjects”: Visions of the Past, Thanks to Gutenberg (V)

In 1909, an editor in Quebec released an anonymous, fragmentary diary of a U.S. officer captured in the War of 1812 and held prisoner. It’s titled Journal of an American Prisoner at Fort Malden and Quebec in the War of 1812. As I’ve observed reading other POW diaries, the basic story is that most days […]

Whole Woman’s Health Politburo Watching

We haven’t done a lot of this for the Supreme Court term wrapping up tomorrow, so to honor Lyle Denniston leaving SCOTUSBLOG, here are the possible outcomes in the biggest remaining case in the ascending order of probability as I see it: 4-4 one liner. A one sentence per curiam, like the Court issued last […]

Alfa Alfa Alfa!!!

In my latest at the National Interest, I look back at the Alfa: After the first few designs came to fruition, the Soviets decided to undertake a combination of brute force and extremely risky high technology. The brute-force part meant building a submarine that could move faster and dive deeper than any Western counterpart; the […]

An unsurprising Be Leaver interpretation of victory

My girlfriend just sent me this photo from #Newcastle. Absolutely unbelievable #BrexitBritain #Brexit #EUref — daniel watson (@DWxLW) June 25, 2016 Commentarion CrunchyFrog shared a link about responses to the success of the [ahem] populist Leave campaign. Show More Summary

PUMA II: Electric Boogaloo

Another reason not to panic: Donald Trump would like for Bernie Sanders supporters to ditch the Democratic Party and support him. There is very little evidence that they will do that, mind you, but it’s certainly possible that they might just stay home — which would help Trump. Well, we have some bad news for […]


Jill Stein did a Reddit awhile back. She was asked about vaccines. Her response: I don’t know if we have an “official” stance, but I can tell you my personal stance at this point. According to the most recent review of vaccination policies across the globe, mandatory vaccination that doesn’t allow for medical exemptions is […]

“How much of strength, of skill, of possible loyalty, does modern industry tap from the average Hunky?” Visions of the Past, Thanks to Gutenberg (IV)

The genre of “rich person going undercover to show us what the real life of the working class is like” is pretty old now, going from at least the mid-nineteenth century to Barbara Ehrenreich. Sometimes these exercises can be useful, often they are condescending. I decided to read Charles Rumford Walker’s 1922 book Steel: The […]


As the world disintegrated on Thursday night, I was at Ford Field in Detroit watching the first show of the new Guns N’ Roses tour. This was the third time I’ve seen GNR; the first in Seattle in October 1992, and the second in April 1993 in Portland. I don’t mind stadium shows, although I haven’t seen […]

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