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The Lesson of San Jose

I have been neglecting my NHL playoff blogging duties, being reduced to Twitter predictions of the conference finals and finals. I don’t have a great deal to say about the finals, which strike me as even more of a coin flip than usual. I will, however, direct you to my epic post on the Sharks […]

American Secularism

For your evening reading, check out this Sam Haselby discussion of the United States as a secularist nation, including understanding its Protestant intellectual origins, the heresy of men like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in pressing for it as the state non-religion for the new nation, and why their goal mostly failed but did not […]

Clinton and Campaign Finance

This makes a lot of sense. Even while having to play by the rules as currently defined, Hillary Clinton should be running hard on campaign finance. Her stated positions on it are very solid, even if she has also had to raise a lot of money from corporate donors, perhaps making her reticent to focus […]

Child Labor in Tobacco Supply Chains

As I have said repeatedly, without holding western corporations legally responsible for what happens in their supply chains, massive global exploitation will continue. Human Rights Watch has a new report on out on child labor in Indonesian tobacco fields, noting that the profits from this labor go straight to big tobacco companies. The impact on […]


Unfortunately, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has started another round of deporting thousands of people who have undergone great risks to be Americans, especially Central Americans fleeing horrible violence at home. In a climate of intense scrutiny and activism relating to the global refugee and immigration crisis, the U.S. Show More Summary

Highlights of the Libertarian National Convention

Mostly not inaccurate summary: Johnson by a head. Coverage devoid of word play @ Reason. Share

Who’s Ready for Some Pork Sashimi?

Hmmm…. Since the popularization of beef tartare in the 1950s and sushi in the 1980s, raw animal products have been a widely accepted luxury item in the US. But historically, raw pork was seldom, if ever, seen on menus, even in the most adventurous of nose-to-tail restaurants. In fact, there’s no other non-poultry meat that […]

Taking Your Ball And Going Home Preemptively Is Not Really a Strategy

Salon‘s EDITOR’S PICK today is yet another random guy who wishes to confirm that he understands politics much less well than Bernie Sanders: The idea that Bernie Sanders might mount a third-party or independent run has little basis in reality. Sanders himself has said as much. He’d have to fight a legal battle to gain […]

The J’accusing Jackoffs of the NYT

Nicholas Kristof makes a strong case against the need release more conservatives/Evangelicals into the groves of academe. Which is interesting because he claims he is doing the opposite. If you’re in a hurry this morning, two excerpts summarize Kristof’s position. 1. My Facebook followers have incredible compassion for war victims in South Sudan, for kids […]

Some Memorial Day Links with All the Gravitas You’d Expect from Me

One of the candidates for Libertarian Party chair used his two minute speech to strip. — Byron Tau (@ByronTau) May 29, 2016   Chuck Tingle continues to knock the wind out of the sails of folks like the Rabid Puppies by pounding them in the butt with kindness. (Thanks to OI for the link!) […]

The Extremely Poor and the States

You want to read Christopher Jencks’ review of a new book on the extreme poor in America. It’s a serious indictment of federal policy in dealing with the poorest of the poor, part of a much broader problem of states having leeway to take federal money earmarked for particular programs and divert it to the […]

Waste Workers

Tonight, I put out my trash and my recycling. What will happen to it tomorrow morning when the workers come pick it up? Almost no one thinks about this. Especially when it comes to recycling, we are convinced of our own good behavior to an extent that we usually assume that something goods come of […]

Recipe Reviews: New York Times All Feta Edition

Recently I tried two New York Times Cooking recipes. They were both terrific. First up is Greek Chicken Stew with Cauliflower and Olives. Unsure was to why this was called a stew; I think of it more as a braise. It’s not something I’d just pop in a bowl and eat with a spoon. It’s […]

It’s Like, How Much More Mariners Could This Be?

Every once and a while, as a Mariners fan you might allow yourself some measure of optimism. It’s Memorial Day weekend, you’re in first place, one of the two other teams you figured would contend for the division has failed to launch, and you have the second-best run differential in the league. Your optimism might […]

Only You Can Save White Mankind

Too stupid; didn’t read Pat Buchanan – Skreee! White men are an endangered species! Skreee! Middle-aged whites are four times as likely as middle-aged blacks to kill themselves. Their fitness levels are falling as they suffer rising levels of physical pain, emotional stress and mental depression, which helps explain the alcohol and drug addiction. But […]

Another comment on legal scholarship

The massive increase in the cost of American legal education has been driven largely by a massive increase in the size of law school faculties. (Student-faculty ratios fell by half between 1978 and 2013.) The most common justification for this increase has been that larger faculties allow for lower teaching loads, which in turn allow […]

Ammo Bundy & the Whack Snack Attack Gang, Pt. V

I feel I have been neglecting Ammo Bundy & the Whack Snack Attack Gang, what are they up to now? Demanding better pens while in the pen. What else? Multnomah County did agree to give the defendants more than the standard six hours access to the law library on days when other inmates cancel their […]

David French & the Obama Hiroshima Drama

Anyone familiar with David French (the NR scribbler, not the playwright) will be non-surprised to learn that President Obama’s speech at Hiroshima upset him a great deal. Apparently French thinks Obama should have reminded the people of Japan that during WWII they were a nation of blood-thirsty maniacs who were at least as bad as […]

Bad Arguments of the Left

Normally this sort of thing wouldn’t even be worth linking to, but given the current political battles on the left, I will make an exception. I am as big a believer in the need for socialism as anyone. The working classes should be united against economic exploitation and the class warfare from the plutocrats in […]

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