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Things Bad Organizations Do, Part 1

The Oakland Raiders have determined that the greatest athletic talent to emerge in American sports since Joba Chamberlain is not one of the 75 best players on their roster: Out on the field, in uniform this summer, he was just No. 33. He was just a guy in a sea of players, some great ones, […]

You’ve just been selected as the new dean of Acme Law School

This is a test. This is only a test. Acme Law School is part of the main campus of a state university. State appropriations make up a very small part of the campus budget — less than 5% — and this figure is expected to go to zero within a few years. So for fiscal […]

Drones as Workplace Monitors

Who else is excited to have your workplace performance monitored by drones? I know I am shocked to see technological advancement embraced by employers to control workers!

How long will people born in 2015 actually live?

The answer to this question depends on being able to determine the probable life expectancy of a birth cohort, rather than the cohort’s life expectancy at birth. The difference between these two numbers is that life expectancy at birth (LEB) isn’t a prediction: it’s a statistical fact, that is, it’s a statement of the mean […]

Tianjin, Texas

Above: The 2013 West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion There’s been a lot of media discussion over the past week about Chinese workplace safety conditions because of the Tianjin explosion that killed more than 150 people and spewed toxic material into the air. The problem is a lack of regulatory control, corruption, and a culture of […]

Hugos/Sad Puppies Guest Post by Jameson Quinn

Hi folks! Please enjoy this guest post on the Hugos!: Hi, I’m Jameson Quinn, the guy who came up with the basic idea for the E Pluribus Hugo proposal to fix the Hugo Award voting so that minorities like this year’s Sad and Rabid Puppy slates can’t take over the nominations. I’m also a board […]


Ruth Marcus has an exciting HOT TAKE on the prospect of a white guy with Hillary Clinton’s views making a late, half-assed challenge to Hillary Clinton. The exciting twist: Joe Biden could run as a one-termer, and therefore ignore those pesky “voters” and cut deals with the Republicans! I find this prospect less than exciting: […]

McKinley Hot Takes

Above: Conservative hero of the New Gilded Age Proving there is literally nothing President Obama can do that won’t threaten their whiteness and send them into spasms of uncontrolled fury, conservatives are going ballistic over the official name of change of Mt. McKinley to Denali. There’s no reason to spend any real time explaining this […]

Music Reads for Your Tuesday

Above: Oum Khaltoum This is a great read taking you on a tour of the first recorded music from spots around the world in the mid to late 1920s. Well worth your time. And a discussion on the evolution of the cheating song in country music.

Creeping Lochnerism

Above: The libertarian vision of America’s future Brian Beutler’s piece on libertarians’ goal to return the U.S. to the Lochner Era through the courts should scare you. It’s hardly news to political junkies that libertarians seek to destroy a century of regulations that created what was great about the United States in the twentieth century. […]

West Point Also Apparently a Fifth Column in the War on Terror

You may remember William C. Bradford for such articles as “there are too many academics who disagree with me, please arbitrarily detain and execute 40 of them,I am not a crackpot.” He has now resigned from West Point, and apparently he’s not just a crank but a serial liar about his credentials: Bradford had represented […]

“Aside from Carolyn, my four children, and my immediate family, I consider you to be the best friend and the best person I have met in my long life”

The Hillary Clinton email “scandal” is a whole lot of nothing. But there are limits to how mad I can be about it, because at least it gave us this. Nobody can do greasy kiss-ass like Lanny Davis.

Organizing Against Lincoln

It’s almost hard to believe Abraham Lincoln survived until 1865 given the hate he engendered among northern racists. While we can certainly argue that Lincoln was not that radical compared to Charles Sumner or Thaddeus Stevens, moving a white supremacist nation to eliminate its most dominant white supremacy institution through means of a war and […]

Monuments to What?

Mixed feelings… The dull reverberations of the underwater explosions are clearly audible from the surface. The scavengers have returned, laying home-made charges to break up the hulls of two of the most celebrated British warships of the age, sunk in December 1941 and the last resting places of more than 830 Royal Navy sailors. No-one […]

McDonald’s and Franchising

You may have some questions about just how McDonald’s runs its franchising operations and why the company is the focus of so much attention with the NLRB’s Browning decision from last week. Of course, franchising can mean a lot of different things with a number of varying arrangements. In the case of McDonald’s, the company […]

Browning Commentary

There was a lot of good commentary late last week to the NLRB decision in the Browning-Ferris case, ruling that joint employer status applied to this contractor for the purpose of unionization and other labor law, potentially repealing some of corporations’ favorite strategies for protecting themselves from legal accountability. Let me link to a couple. […]

The “Repugnant Conclusion” Is Aptly Described

I don’t have strong feelings about whether it was right for Vox to pull the essay it commissioned from Torbjörn Tännsjö about the “repugnant conclusion.” As a freelancer, I’m inclined to think that when you ask for something you shouldn’t then reject it because it was what you asked for. On the other hand, as […]

DuPont and Teflon, Revisited

A few weeks ago, I linked to a good in-depth discussion of how DuPont had poisoned the people of Parkersburg, West Virginia through the production of C8, the chemical making up the key component of Teflon. The Huffington Post now has a very long and in-depth piece on the same subject, which you should also […]

All Y’all Listen Here…

Well now this is interesting: It’s true that “y’all” is “the most identifiable feature of the dialect known as Southern American English.” But where did it come from? And how did it end up in the South? Many discussions of the word connect it to the history of second-person pronouns in English. Old English had […]

Our Army Corps of Engineers Problem

As Michael Grunwald observes, Katrina was a man-made disaster, and there are likely to be more where that came from: In his speech today in New Orleans for the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, President Obama described the storm as a natural event that became a manmade disaster, thanks to a sluggish government response to a […]

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