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Revive Regional Economic Planning

One of the takeaways from the election disaster for me is (of course) that the economic problems of deindustrialized communities are a very real thing that neither Democrats nor Republicans have taken seriously during the half-century of globalization, automation, and capital mobility that has decimated the American working class. The fact that we saw significant […]

Happy birthday Kirk Douglas

Born 100 years ago today.   In his 1988 autobiography, The Ragman’s Son, Douglas notes the hardships that he, along with six sisters and his parents, endured during their early years in Amsterdam, New York: “My father, who had been a horse trader in Russia, got himself a horse and a small wagon, and became […]

Donald Trump: Republican

Once again, it’s worth noting that while there are some things about Donald Trump that are uniquely horrible, most of his appointments are just bog-standard right-wing choices any Republican president would make. He just named Cathy McMorris Rodgers as Secretary of the Interior, a completely expected and utterly horrendous choice to administer the nation’s public […]

This Year Has Been Shit. So We Might As Well Talk About Some Shit.

Guano, that is. Here’s a podcast on U.S imperialism and guano, a critical product in the rise of global imperialism. Much of this area also makes up the new marine national monument first created by George W. Bush and then vastly expanded by President Obama. Ultimately, our national monuments are part of our imperialist legacy. […]

As Bad As It Is, the Electoral College Could Get Even Worse

“I applaud the brave bipartisan idea that the winner-take-all allocation of electoral votes is unconstitutional”   Larry Lessig proposes ONE MAGIC TRICK that could reform the Electoral College and possibly keep Trump out of the White House. The beginning is a trademark misreading of the political landscape: In 2000, Republican lawyers, desperately seeking a way […]

The Cold War Reimagined

Thought experiment: What would have had to change to enable the USSR to “win” the Cold War? Could the Soviets have won the Cold War? In retrospect, Soviet defeat seems overdetermined.  The USSR suffered from a backwards economy, an unappealing political system, and unfortunate geography. But even into the 1980s, many Cold Warriors in the […]

Draining the Swamp!

Just be thankful that the NEOLIBERAL Hillary Clinton was kept out of the White House: President-elect Donald Trump has asked Goldman Sachs executive Gary Cohn to head his White House National Economic Council, a group tasked with coordinating economic policy across agencies, NBC News reported on Friday. Cohn, president and chief operating officer at the […]

Trump’s Lies to Workers

Donald Trump’s absurd attacks on USW Local 1999 president Chuck Jones gives him the opportunity to respond and note Trump’s lies to working-class Americans, as well as why Trump appealed to union members through those lies. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Trump got involved. He sat down with Carrier leaders. Afterward, he announced that […]

How Fascism Rises

Michigan Republicans are attempting to make protest illegal. Republicans in the Michigan House voted late Wednesday to make it easier for courts to shut down “mass picketing” demonstrations and fine protesters who block entrances to businesses, private residences or roadways. Show More Summary

OK this is all just a reality TV show right?

I don’t think I ever really appreciated the psychological concept of denial until the last 30 days.  On some level, I’m still in denial that this is actually happening. Donald Trump will remain as an executive producer on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” even while serving as president of the United States. That agreement, first reported by […]

More Wacky Locker Room Hi-Jinx In Trump Administration-Elect

This seems overdetermined: Andrew Puzder, the St. Louis attorney who rose to become CEO of Carl’s Jr. and now stands as Donald Trump’s pick to be Secretary of Labor, was accused of abuse by his first wife in the 1980s — with police twice summoned to the couple’s home. The allegations were first aired in […]

Naval Cooperation

Some thoughts on some recent work on naval cooperation in the Indian Ocean: What can the success of counter-piracy operations in the Indian Ocean tell us about military cooperation more generally? Counter-piracy was the quintessential example of what cooperative sea power could accomplish, and the success of operations off Somalia helped drive the thinking of […]

Donald Scrooge

This came up on Twitter earlier today. Holy shit, I hope Trump gets visited by three ghosts this Christmas. — Bob Blaskiewicz (@rjblaskiewicz) December 8, 2016 So I wondered what sort of Tweet storms Trump would deliver between the different ghosts. A couple of replies: @ErikLoomis Marley! I worked with the guy. Big, big deals. […]

Today in False Equivalence

I am beginning to wonder why I subscribe to the New York Times. In today’s NYT false equivalence operation, colleges are unsafe overly politicized spaces and it truly affects both sides. You see some students feel physically threatened because they are Muslim and have been verbally threatened. And other students have the sads because some […]

Not That This Resulted In A Cross Between George Wallace, Calvin Coolidge and Jean-Claude Duvalier Becoming President Or Anything

A couple people flagged this in comments, but here’s another important finding from the Shorenstein Center’s study of the media’s performance covering the 2016 election (Tl; dr: it was the Hindenburg crashing into the Titanic while an atomic bomb was detonated in each): K-Drum: The Shorenstein Center has published its analysis of 2016 election coverage, […]

We Are All Oklahoma Now

Donald Trump naming Scott Pruitt as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency is really just bog-standard Republicanism, which of course makes the entire existence of the Green Party an absurdity bordering on tragedy. Pruitt of course is from Oklahoma, a climate denier who has overseen the vast growth of increasingly powerful earthquakes in this […]

Maryland keeps rocking the vote

If I had had to guess the next city in Maryland that would allow non-citizens to vote in local elections … I would have gone with Berwyn Heights. But Hyattsville would have been #3 or 4. Seen as a move to further protect immigrants, Hyattsville’s City Council approved a new city-only ordinance that allows everyone […]

Great moments in syphilis

Today being the last teaching day of fall semester, I finally get to reveal to my students the outcome of the American Civil War. Ordinarily, I would resort to boring clichés about how the Union won the war only to squander the aftermath, or how blood drawn by the lash was repaid with blood drawn […]

The Wages of Mining

In 1985, I took the first trip of my life. We drove from Oregon to Minnesota for a family reunion. For me, at that age, this was exciting. As we drove east on I-90, we stopped in Butte, Montana. There, I saw the Berkeley Pit, the gigantic open pit copper mine now filling with incredibly […]

The Roots of Trumpism

There are many roots of Trumpism. We are just beginning to figure all of this out. In coming decades, assuming historians are still allowed to practice in fascist America, there will be a lot of books exploring where this fanaticism came from. Lawrence Glickman makes a useful contribution to these emerging ideas in the blog […]

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