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Underdeveloped Nations and the Left

Above: Gamal Abdel Nassar I’ve long thought Jacobin is at its best when it is moving the conversation on what it means to be a leftist ahead in the post-Soviet era, as opposed to commenting on the issues of the day. It’s certainly my long-standing contention that the way to a viable left in the […]

Trump, Rubio and Cruz (an unlimited liability partnership)

Ezra Klein interviews political scientist Alan Abramowitz: I certainly don’t think [Trump is] a strong favorite, but there’s no way of really coming up with an accurate prediction of these things. Forecasting nomination contests is a fool’s game, I think. I saw what Nate Silver posted on FiveThirtyEight, and what he’s saying is reasonable based […]

Look Around, Look Around, at How Lucky We Are to Be Alive Right Now…

Even more Thanksgiving Day links, for your reading pleasure: Chuck Dunlap, retired USAF general and JAG, on why the Turkish shootdown may have violated international law: The problem here is that the Turks are not asserting that any armed attack took place or, for that matter, that any armed attack was even being contemplated by the […]

This Day in Labor History: November 26, 1910

On November 26, 1910, a factory building in Newark, New Jersey caught on fire, killing 25 textile workers. This should have been a call to arms for workplace safety reform, but because it was in Newark and wealthy people did not see the people making their clothing die, nothing happened. The situation would be very […]

Thanksgiving Links

Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your spaghetti carbonara! If this isn’t the greatest advice column ever written I’ll buy you a gold plated nail. On yoga and “appropriation.” Good for Beshear. Terrorism and today’s Republican Party will not combine to produce sane results. Will Jeff Lurie try to save Chip Kelly from himself? The latest theory […]

Setsuko Hara, RIP

Setsuko Hara, one of the greatest actors in film historym has died. Hara worked with most of the great Japanese directors of the postwar era, but her finest work was in the wonderful films of Yasujiro Ozu, including the transcendent Tokyo Story, where she plays the widowed daughter-in-law who cares more about her aging in-laws […]

What? My House is Next to a Former Smelter?

When you bought your house (this is strictly theoretical in my case since I doubt I will ever be able to buy a house), did your real estate agent tell you what toxic industries have historically been located near your new house? I’m guessing not. And if you are a homeowner near the old ASARCO […]

Everybody’s in show biz

I’ve spent much of the last two decades “doing” both conventional academic work and freelance journalism, and over that time I’ve come to appreciate that academia and journalism share some similar problems. The one that interests me the most at the moment is the practical problem of producing what in many ways is or ought […]

A quick rummage in the media’s mailbox

From: Skyhorse Publishing (because this shit seems to fall from above) Subject: Who Armed ISIS (the answer will fail to shock you) Oh look, it is an image-laden email informing me that Roger Stone has said something! Let’s scroll past all of these big empty boxes because I’m not going to activate the images, and […]

The Carson Bubble Has Burst

We can argue about the extent to which he’s the con or the mark, but between his spectacular burn rate and Rick Perry-caliber campaign skills, we’ve passed peak Carson: Ted Cruz, buoyed by tea party support and the backing of much of the conservative wing of the Republican Party, has surged to a virtual tie […]

Crime in the city

Jason Van Dyke murdered Laquan McDonald more than a year ago, and a lot of people throughout the city of Chicago’s power structure were well aware of that at the time. Those people did everything they could to cover up the facts in the case, and they would have gotten away with doing so if […]

Journalist Confirms Earth is Round

Kudos to Jim Dwyer for meeting the challenge of having a racist who is also a pathological liar attract support for a presidential bid: How alarmed were New Jersey officials by reports of Muslims dancing in the streets of Jersey City and Paterson on Sept. 11, 2001, to celebrate the destruction of the World Trade […]

They Couldn’t Wait Until After Thanksgiving

U.S. Steel decided they couldn’t wait until after Thanksgiving to lay off 2000 workers at its Granite City, Illinois facility. What a lovely holiday those unemployed workers will have. At the same time, U.S. Steel is demanding 20,000 union workers give away much of their contract in current negotiations, no doubt using the threat of […]

Simply Murder

In this kind of case, there can never really be justice, but the outcome is certainly preferable to the alternative: A white Chicago policeman who killed a black teenager was charged with murder on Tuesday, hours before authorities released a long-awaited video that shows the youth walking away from officers as he is shot 16 […]

How Do You Create the Labor Force for the Maquiladoras and to Work in the Gardens of Rich Americans?

Above: Honduran sweatshop workers, i.e., people with histories One of the worst parts of the debate on the globalization of production is the discussion of workers. For promoters of uncontrolled capital mobility, workers are just sitting there in horrible poverty, waiting for the gift of a low-wage job. But that totally ignores the history of […]

That “extreme racists are a dying breed” theory

Needs work unless the shooters made their escape on Hoverounds : Five protesters were shot late Monday night near the Black Lives Matter encampment at the Fourth Precinct police station in north Minneapolis, according to police. […] One of the three men wore a mask, said Dana Jaehnert, who had been at the protest site […]

Foreign Entanglements: Russia-Turkey

Who knew that Turkey would become an important subject of debate this week? Share

More Penetrating Insights From Richard Dawkins, SUPERGENIUS

You may recall Richard Dawkins from such original, deeply important thoughts as “Ahmed Mohamed did not invent the concept of timepieces.” The world’s most important public intellectual — just ask him! — would like to expand on that: "But he's only a kid." Yes, a "kid" old enough to sue for $15M those whom he […]

Heat Stress as Global Health Crisis

With climate change leading to the warming of the planet, we need to start thinking about heat stress as a major global health problem that deserves serious attention. This story on Central American sugar workers should alarm you and move you to thinking about these issues more carefully. Protecting agricultural workers from heat exposure is […]

Academic Job Applications

Above: And should include no more This post is probably only of interest to academics, but then that probably describes half the readership. Increasingly, universities are asking for ridiculous amounts of material for job applications. It needs to stop. It’s unfair to the job applicants, who are already subject to all sorts of unfair and […]

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