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Today’s Undue Burden

Bad news for women in Texas: Today, Whole Woman’s Health in Austin, Texas, was forced to close because of H.B. 2, the Texas law that erected a series of barriers to providing abortion care in the state. On September 1, a provision of H.B. 2 that requires all abortions be performed in ambulatory surgical centers […]

Everyone’s Looking Forward to the Weekend Links

Yes, Bloody Andy needs to be removed from the $20.  Rosa Parks and Elizabeth Cady Stanton seem like excellent candidates to replace him.  Alas, if done by a Republican Congress presumably the new bill would have Reagan on the front and John Calhoun on the back. “Reading the column is like listening to Dick Cheney mutter […]

Chinese Airpower

The next Guns N’ Roses album? No, my latest at the Diplomat: Ankit’s recent post (building on Rebecca Grant’s  longer list at Air Force Magazine) opens the question of whether China has structured its military institutions such that they support the sophisticated development and dynamic use of military aviation. Show More Summary

Today Among the Halbig Troofers

Sean Davis believes he has actual new evidence to support the particularly wingnutty theory that millions of people should be denied health care coverage not merely because the card says “Moops,” but because the Moops actually invaded Spain. You will be shocked that he does not. In defense of the theory that Congress actually intended […]

It’s Hard Out There For the 1 Percent

The Daily Capitalist urges us to understand the plight of the wealthy and how a visa glitch makes life so hard: In Washington, D.C., Mira Edmonds said her au pair’s arrival from France, which was scheduled for last Sunday, has been indefinitely delayed. Ms. Edmonds, who is a lawyer, and her husband work full-time and […]

The Goeben’s Saga Begins…

One hundred years ago today, Goeben and Breslau were preparing their escape… In the years prior to the war, Germany deployed naval squadrons around the world to protect its burgeoning colonial empire. War came so quickly that some of these squadrons were trapped in unfriendly waters, chased by superior British forces. Goeben and the light cruiser Breslau amounted […]

And the Winner of Satan’s Favorite Earthling Is…..

ALEC has an award for its favorite legislator. This is like, I don’t know, winning the award for the most horrible human being on the planet or something. Anyway, the winner, not surprisingly is an Art Pope lackey in North Carolina.

An Unconvincing Defense of the Poor Door

Given the, shall we say, “unfavorable optics” of the poor door scandal, I wasn’t exactly expecting to see a defense of the policy, let alone from the putative center-left. But Matt Yglesias has made an attempt at one, so let’s have a look: the idea of a single building with two different doors — one for […]

The Accommodation Shell Game

For some organizations in the wake of Hobby Lobby, the only acceptable answer is “no contraceptive coverage for you.” The Supreme Court may well go along.

The King’s English

I’m not sure Oak Ridge National Laboratory importing the ideas of Dr. Henry Higgins is such a good idea: The rain in Spain won’t be falling mainly on the plain after all, at least not at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The Tennessee-based research facility canceled what it had billed as a “Southern accent reduction” class […]

Don’t Over-Stupid an Already Stupid Conversation

Of all the stupid tropes that are used to describe the Israel-Palestine conflict: What would politicians in Arizona, Texas and California do if Mexico were shooting rockets into Scottsdale, Houston or Los Angeles? You can bet it wouldn’t last almost ten years. More like ten hours, before the USA would unleash whatever force was necessary […]

Still with the Air Force Bit

I have an op-ed at Aviation Week and Space Technology on abolishing the Air Force: Institutionally speaking, we are living in 1947. We created military services in order to provide institutional voice to certain kinds of capabilities. Interwar airpower enthusiasts argued that aviators needed an independent service because land and sea commanders could not appreciate […]

U.S. Responsibility for the Central American Child Immigrant Wave

The reasons for the wave of child immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are complex, but as Óscar Martínez correctly states, many of them are related to the United States: As thousands of children like Auner, Chele and Pitbull arrive at the US border, it is important to remember the role the United States […]

Immorality and Delulsion: Two Bad Tastes That Are Particularly Bad Together

This, from Benny Morris, is amazing: What should we do next time? The answer is clear and well known. All that’s needed is the courage to start down this path and the determination to finish the job. It won’t be either easy or quick. We’re talking about reoccupying the entire Gaza Strip and destroying Hamas […]

The Lawsuit

I guess I’m less than convinced that in this period of Republican extremism, the House GOP’s frivolous lawsuit against Obama is going to come back and bite them, certainly not to the point of being “politically disastrous.” Those who hate Obama love it. Those who hate the GOP are disgusted. For everyday people who don’t […]

A screaming comes across the Internet…

It just occurred to me that my daily output at Raw Story would make for a damn fine Pynchon novel: Pro-choice satanists align with bare-breasted anti-gun advocates and a liberal pope against a cabal of baby-penis-sucking Orthodox Jews controlled by a blowhard television personality calling his followers to “rise up” against an abortion clinic where […]


Whoa — I didn’t see this coming. I agree that it’s a good trade for both teams. The A’s get an ace starter not only for the postseason but for the push to avoid the one-game playoff, and the Red Sox get a very good hitter for two (meaningless) months of Letser, who they can […]

The Impact of the NLRB McDonald’s Franchise Decision

Yesterday’s decision by National Labor Relations Board general counsel Richard Griffin declaring corporations joint employers of the workers in their franchises is a big, big deal. Couple of key rundowns from Steven Greenhouse, Alec MacGillis, and Seth Michaels. Show More Summary

The More Effective Evil

A good contrast to Mississippi is the lovely bluegrass state. Kentucky’s governor is Steve Beshear, who is not particularly progressive but is nonetheless a Democrat. As a result, the state has accepted the Medicaid expansion and is actually trying to ensure that as many eligible citizens as possible are enrolling. The result is a substantial […]

Ivy League problems

“First world problems” is a well-known internet meme. I’d like to suggest a subcategory of the genre, Ivy League problems, which, rather than reflecting American upper middle class angst in general, chronicles the struggles of people very close to the tippy top of the SES pyramid. A nice example is this Atlantic piece on the […]

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