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We Shall Overcome

On the death of Guy Carawan, I’ve been poking around various folk music sites and the like today and I thought this video of Pete Seeger explaining the development of We Shall Overcome was really interesting and I think a lot of you would find it worthy.


As some of you know, I moonlight as an analyst at Wikistrat, a crowd-sourcing strategy firm. The idea is to take advantage of a wide range of vantage points on a particular problem, and the technical solution (a wiki that allows anyone to propose ideas and edit) is pretty nifty. This is one of our […]

Clearly, Hillary Just Wants to Free Mumia

Shorter verbatim Mittens: “We don’t have mass incarcerations in America. Individuals are brought before tribunals, and they have counsel, they’re given certain rights. Are we not going to lock people up who commit crimes, is that what she’s suggesting?” It’s sad that the last Republican nominee for president doesn’t even know what “mass incarceration” means. […]

Texas Sex-Ed

Abstinence only sexual education works great. A small Texas high school has notified parents that it was dealing with a chlamydia outbreak. Officials from the Crane Independent School District confirmed to KWES that the state health department was sending a letter to Crane High School parents informing that at least 20 cases had been reported. […]

Hog Drives

I confess I knew nothing about 19th century hog drives, which were like cattle drives except with much more independent minded animals and generally took place in Appalachia and not the Great Plains. Pork was the staple meat of the nation before the rise of packaged beef in refrigerated rail cars. So I guess such […]

Was the Sexual Harassment Portrayed On Mad Men Unrealistically Crude or Implausible? (SPOILER: No.)

Hanna Rosin objects to the sexual harassment depicted on last night’s Mad Men as unrealistically crude: My one problem with the development is that it depended on such obvious villainy. Typically on Mad Men the demons are internal, or historical, or temporarily conjured. But this episode depended on some pretty crudely-drawn enemies. The bros at […]

Guy Carawan, RIP

Guy Carawan, the folk singer who taught the civil rights movement “We Shall Overcome” has died at the age of 87. Carawan is a super interesting guy, someone who came out of California at the very beginning of the folk movement and ended up at the Highlander Research and Education Center in east Tennessee, famous […]

Church and State, Church vs. State: The Power of Faith in Westeros

It’s another Monday, which means I have another essay on Game of Thrones up on This time, the topic is the interaction between religious and monarchical sources of authority. As I neglected to put up an open thread for Sunday’s episode last night, feel free to use this thread for your kibitzing purposes.

Government Provolone

Conservatives seemingly never run out of ideas for trying to deprive and humiliate poor people. Check out this list of dairy items poor Wisconsinites may or may not be able to buy: No fresh Mozzarella for the plebes. No sharp cheddar, either. Everybody knows one taste of sharp cheddar leads to revolution. I didn’t know […]

Tippi Hedren and the Vietnamese Nail Salons

I tend to believe that events have their roots in structural causes rather than the actions of a single individual. And I confess to not thinking too much about nail salons. But who knows, maybe the actions of Tippi Hedren in having Vietnamese refugees trained to do nails is why the Vietnamese play such a […]

Twelve Dollar Minimum Wage

Can the nation afford a $12 minimum wage in 2020? The answer is obviously yes on the face of it. But the always useful Economic Policy Institute released a report showing that the answer is in fact yes. A federal minimum wage of $12.00 in 2020 would return the wage floor to about the same […]

The Democrats We Don’t Need

Another reason why we need pressure from Bernie Sanders and the left wing of the Democratic Party is to push back against the corporate pressure that motivates much of the Democratic political class. Delaware governor Jack Markell is the perfect example of this, as his Atlantic piece is nothing but a restatement of centrist, pro-business, […]

The Democrats We Need

When Bernie Sanders announced his presidential bid, I saw several comments from people who may have supported the third party campaigns of people like Ralph Nader in the past respond by asking when the people who supposedly prefer primary challenges to third parties would start criticizing Sanders for challenging Hillary Clinton. The upshot of these […]

The Frank Bruni Award For Uncritical Coverage Goes To…

Much of this article smooching the hindquarters of Colts GM Ryan Grigson, who had Andrew Luck fall into his lap and has repeatedly assembled an exceptionally unimpressive supporting cast around him, is unintentionally hilarious. But it obviously peaks here: GMs must weigh money whenever they make a decision. This helps explain the most-discussed move of […]

A Timely Reminder

Floyd Mayweather is a horrible person with many powerful enablers.


The Derby is for amateurs; sophisticates devote their precious sobriety and attention to the Oaks. Nevertheless, as it’s clear what sort of audience this blog caters to, here are my Derby picks: Firing Line Carpe Diem American Pharoah  Any relationship between picks and actual order of finish is entirely coincidental.

David Brooks is not on a Path of Upward Intellectual Mobility

One could probably observe the fact that David “vast, lavishly taxpayer-subsidized spaces for entertaining” Brooks’s scorching Burke-abject-morons hot take on the killing of Freddie Gray cites Robert “alas, not Paul” Samuelson favorably and drop the mic. Show More Summary

Hack of the Day

Nicholas Kristof. “American schools are horrible” is something that most mainstream pundits feel compelled to say on every possible occasion. If the facts don’t justify the narrative, so much worse for the facts.

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