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Undemocratic Elections Have Very Bad Consequences

None of this is surprising, but it’s still terrible: The Trump Administration released new rules Tuesday that will hugely increase the number of undocumented people who are targeted for deportation. The new directives from the Department of Homeland Security call more people to be deported more quickly, even for non-violent crimes like abuse of public […]

Preventing Panic?

As the Trump administration seeks to implement precisely what he said he would do and deport every undocumented immigrant in the country (although somehow I think the Irish undocumented immigrants won’t quite be treated the same as those from El Salvador and I wonder why that is….), it tries to claim that it wants to […]

Ellison or Perez?

Above: Idiotic bullshit I have stated several times that the DNC race is an overheated attempt to relitigate the primary at great damage to the party. It barely matters who the head of the DNC is. The idea that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was the greatest enemy to democracy since Benito Mussolini was so ridiculously out of […]


The consensus is that Alexander Acosta is a less horrible choice for Secretary of Labor than Andy Puzder. But that doesn’t mean he is good: Even though Acosta is a more mainline conservative than Puzder, labor groups have a lot of policy concerns. Obama’s Labor Department pushed through a number of policies, including executive orders […]

A Pro-Trump Anarchobro Says What?

I award this take 10 Baylesses and 20 Horowitzes: If you’re an American liberal, as opposed to a professional ratfucker of elections on behalf of the alt-right, you may be unaware that “people are not merely entitled by right to six-figure book contracts and speaking gigs an the fora of their choice, but entitled to […]

Automation and Working Class Displacement

This piece on automation in the Permian Basin oil fields is telling for both why companies want to automate all their jobs and why this is disastrous for working-class Americans. A few bits: In the land where oil jobs were once a guaranteed road to security for blue-collar workers, Eustasio Velazquez’s career has been upended […]

Scenes from the new gilded age, law school edition

Five years ago this month I gave a talk to about 100 Stanford Law School students, with a professor or three in the audience as well.  Among other things I talked about how super-elite law schools like Stanford were having an invidious effect on the economics of legal education by continually jacking up their revenues […]


Folks seem generally pleased with the choice of H.R. McMaster as NSA, and it’s hard for me to disagree; McMaster is almost universally well-respected in the national security community, both among soldiers and civilians. He brings a fine analytical mind, a wealth of experience, and a scholarly understanding of national security problems to the NSA […]

Simon and Schuster Makes Another Decision Not About “Free Speech”

Roxane Gay, as you would expect, hits a moon shot: In canceling Milo’s book contract, Simon & Schuster made a business decision the same way they made a business decision when they decided to publish that man in the first place. When his comments about pedophilia/pederasty came to light, Simon & Schuster realized it would […]

Enough with “the deep state”

I’ve been mildly confused and dismayed by the speed with which dark musings about “the deep state” have found their way into mainstream political conversation. I’ve been relieved of the need to write something about this by this excellent column by Rafael Khachaturian at Jacobin, which I heartily endorse. A few choice cuts, but read […]

THIS JUST IN: Flamboyantly Evil Dumpster Fire of a Person Loses Book Deal

  Milo has lost his book deal and been disinvited to CPAC. Apparently if you’re down for harassment campaigns and doxing and are rabidly misogynistic and transphobic you can still go quite far in this world, but advocating for pedophilia is a bridge too far. And, hey listen, I’m glad folks decided to draw the […]

Today in Texas

So two hunters (not just hunters but hunting guides) shoot at each other, lie about it and blame undocumented immigrants “ambushing” them. The punchline: Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller cited the shooting as “proof” that the border wall proposed by President Donald Trump was needed. When confronted about previous inaccurate Facebook messages, Miller said his […]

Trump Supporters Are Nice People

Jeb Lund on the type of person who comes out to a Trump rally. “America was going down the tubes,” said Bill Moro, a raspy-voiced and stubbly 50-something who voted for the first time ever for Trump. “They said our constitution was unconstitutional. That’s what Obama said. And Clinton.” “[Trump] needs to drain the swamp […]

“Comey sent a letter with no information about a trivial micro-scandal, and yadda yadda yadda President Trump.”

A recent editorial in the New York Times makes a convincing argument in favor of a special prosecutor to look into Trump’s ties to the Russia campaign — futile, but not wrong. In an epic moment of non-self-awareness, it contains this graf: James Comey, the embattled F.B.I. director, can’t be trusted to be a neutral […]


Nobody could have anticipated that a company whose business model is predicated on breaking the law would have a dysfunctional and massively sexist corporate culture: Uber was a pretty good-sized company at that time, and I had pretty standard expectations of how they would handle situations like this. I expected that I would report him to […]

The Rugged Independence of Maverick Senator John “Maverick” McCain (R-Maverick)

A commenter observed recently that a “moderate Republican” in Congress is someone who talks about opposing some Republican bill before voting for it. (In a few cases, the scam is casting a meaningless nay vote once McConnell has counted the votes.) And since the media is already getting ready to crown John McCain a mavericky […]

Life in Texas

Now that the entire nation is on the road to becoming Texas, let’s see what life is like in the Lone Star Republic. Texans Carlos Santiago and Mary New, who both went from local schools to careers to partial retirement in Houston may as well live on separate planets when it comes to their lifestyles […]

The Fed and Job Growth

Nothing excites the blood like the fed and monetary policy. So here’s a great piece by Dean Baker getting after the fed for raising interest rates and causing unemployment. However, there is little basis for concern about sudden spikes in the inflation rate. We haven’t seen large jumps in inflation except in response to events […]

No. No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Just Stop with This. Just Stop.

If you remember, in the run-up to election day we were subjected to what felt like thousands of gauzy, rose-tinted portraits of Trump voters. I thought that once President Snowflake won I wouldn’t have to read any more. I was wrong. Thanks, New York Times!   Jeffrey Medford, a small-business owner in South Carolina, voted […]

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 71

This is the grave of Edward Everett. Born in 1794 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, Everett quickly rose into the ranks of the Boston elite. He was admitted to Harvard at the age of 13 and graduated as valedictorian at 17. He became a Unitarian minister and had his own church by 1813. He became known for […]

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