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On Realignment

It’s not wrong to suggest that the Tyrion of Game of Thrones is different than the Tyrion of Song of Ice and Fire, or even that these differences are not all for the better. But this is surely problematic: The problem, however, with making Shae love Tyrion is that it trivializes his story. He is […]

Immigration policy and the rule of law I

Scott addressed the most glaring flaws with Damon Linker’s column the other day, but I want to discuss another one: his invocation of his commitment to “the rule of law” as a reason to oppose this executive action: The rule of law is far more about how things are done than about what is done. If Obama does what […]

How to Embarrass Yourself as a University Administration

Graduate students at the University of Oregon are threatening to strike over the university not giving their demand of paid family leave. You can read the details of the bargaining in quite a bit of detail here. It is nearing the end of the quarter at UO, so the graduate students have as much power […]

Are the Mariners the best team in the American League right now?

Ask 100 Mariners fans this question, and 85 would say immediately say no, and other 15 would eventually say it when they stopped laughing. So I expect I’m not the only Mariners fan struggling to process this. As the team managed to succeed and stay into contention through September this year, missing the playoffs by […]

Immigration Concern Trolling 2: Paul Ryan’s Empty Threats Edition

Shorter Paul Ryan: The unprecedented tyranny of Emperor Obama issuing an unquestionably legal order as a term-limited elected official will prevent Congress passing upper-class tax cuts!

Another Example of the Reconquista Obama Has Instigated

Here’s another example of the kind of horrible terrorist Obama is legalizing through the greatest oppression of whites known in human history: giving undocumented people the chance to live in this nation without fear of deportation: I’m Odilia Chavez, a 40-year-old migrant farm worker based in Madera, California, the heart of the fertile Central Valley. […]

Shorter Rand Paul: “Obama, Like FDR, Oppresses Minorities”

The Only Progressive Alternative in 2016 points out how Democratic presidents oppress minorities. Just like FDR threw all the Japanese-Americans into internment camps, Obama is oppressing the white minority by allowing undocumented immigrants to go to school without fear their parents will be locked up when they return home from 5th grade or allowing immigrant […]


Looks like the revelation of the truth that Saul Alinsky was covering up for Hillary Clinton will have to wait for the next Gruber video.

Concern Trolling on Immigration I

Via Edroso, we have warnings of TYRANNY coming from Damon Linker: The rule of law is far more about how things are done than about what is done. If Obama does what he appears poised to do, I won’t be the least bit troubled about the government breaking up fewer families and deporting fewer immigrants. […]

Why did Obama claim he couldn’t do what he in fact could do regarding immigration policy?

I have a piece at the Daily Beast on this question. The real reason is surely far more prosaic: Obama claimed he didn’t have the power to do things he had the power to do because the administration calculated that it was politically expedient for him to do so. By claiming that his hands were […]

Obama’s Immigration Order: Good Policy, Legal, And Doesn’t Establish A New Precedent

I have a piece up on Obama’s immigration order. It’s formally legal, it’s good policy for the reasons Paul explains below, and while it’s not the ideal means of establishing the policy it’s the only game in town. In particular, I reject the idea that this establishes some kind of dangerous new precedent: If the […]

The Impact of the Obama Immigration Action

Obama’s executive order on deporting immigrants, while unfortunately temporary, makes the lives of people better. People such as Clara Cortes: I came here illegally because there were few, if any, economic opportunities in my native Mexico. I was a lawyer and a single parent who could not afford to pay for my daughter’s schooling and […]

Native Americans on Route 66

I admit I’ve always found the fascination with Route 66 a bit perplexing, since it’s really just another road that, outside of New Mexico, does not really go through our most fascinating landscape. Even in New Mexico, that’s a less than compelling road as far as touring goes than many other highways. But whatever, people […]


My latest at the Diplomat looks at the results of a recent simulation at the Patterson School: Last weekend, the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, in conjunction with the Army War College, conducted a negotiation simulation on crisis resolution in the South China Sea. The simulation began shortly after an incident between Chinese […]

Race War!

For a sizable faction of Republicans with significant electoral support, Obama’s immigration executive order is tantamount to race war. And they are ready take up the fight to protect the white race. We talked about Tom Coburn earlier today. There’s also Alabama congressman Mo Brooks. And then, of course, Kansas attorney general Kris Kobach: “The […]

Now You’ve Gone Too Far

Feminism encourages women to leave husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians #GamerGate — Leona Rainha (@Leonasexyseias) November 20, 2014   I’ve seen lots of ridiculous things attributed to feminism, but this ridiculous. I did NOT leave my husband or kill my child. I did, however, leave my child in a […]

Commonsense Bipartisan Legislation

Since we all know that a divided government is the answer to the problems of this nation, I present you the kind of commonsense bipartisan leadership that Americans are demanding. Rep. Steve Stockman: We have introduced legislation renaming Labor Department headquarters after National Right to Work Committee founder Reed Larson (HR 5757) — Rep. Steve […]

Work on Thanksgiving or Lose Your Job

K-Mart is forcing its employees to work on Thanksgiving or be fired: Jillian Fisher, who started a petition on asking Kmart to give her mother and other employees the flexibility to take the holiday off, surveyed 56 self-identified employees from more than 13 states. Of those, just three said they had the option to […]

Republicans Threaten Violence

I guess I’m not sure the last time senators openly threatened violent revolution against a presidential policy. Maybe during the civil rights movement. Certainly upon the election of Lincoln. And they are doing it again. Or at least the ever classy Tom Coburn: “The country’s going to go nuts, because they’re going to see it […]

The Republican Health Care Pathology

Reihan Salam has a long Slate article explaining why Republicans generally want to repeal the ACA, conceding that have no actual alternative to the ACA with any possibility of generating consensus with the party, and…not really dealing with the implications of the latter. The article does serve one useful purpose in explaining why there’s nothing […]

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