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The Many Paths to Universal Coverage

This good article from Harold Pollock contains a highly valuable resource: Virtually every other wealthy democracy provides universal coverage, achieves good population health, and spends much less on health care than the United States does. Show More Summary

Donald the Dove

Hillary Clinton was the more dangerous evil: President Trump, who has been accused by lawmakers of dragging his feet on Afghanistan, has settled on a new strategy to carry on the nearly 16-year-old conflict there, administration officials said Sunday. The move, following a detailed review, is likely to open the door to the deployment of […]


All, As you can see, we are changing!  A word on the ads; many come with the template, which we chose because of the general similarity to the old look. We’ll be killing a lot of these off. Management Share

Eclipse Mania!

Don’t listen to Big Eclipse! It’s a government hoax to deny you of your rights! Stare into that sun! It will provide the key to understanding how Big Vaxx and Big Internet are destroying your bodies! Yes, I voted for Jill Stein! Enjoy your day of staring at the sun and considering why the gods […]

Jerry Lewis

R.I.P. His perfect performance as Jerry Langford is critical to one of my favorite movies, The King of Comedy. Share

Mazda isn’t Wankeling around this time

Mazda is at it again. The auto manufacturer – famous for its rotary engines – has moved on to breeding hybrid compression/spark ignition engines. Set to debut in 2019, Skyactiv-X is Mazda’s next-generation engine that uses Spark Controlled Compression Ignition. In other words, it’s a homogenous charge compression ignition engine sometimes, but it seamlessly changes […]

Democrats Are Doomed

I think it’s safe to say that when you lose 3 states by 70,000 or so votes you are pretty much permanently locked out of the Electoral College in those states: In the 2016 presidential election, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin accounted for a combined 46 electoral votes which helped propel Donald Trump into the White […]

Template Revision

Hey all, Tomorrow we’ll begin shifting towards our new template.  Much will remain familiar, but a few things will change place, and the feel will be somewhat different.  In particular, we’ll be shifting the bulk of the text of the posts off the main page, leaving more open links to posts and more pictures.  This […]

The chief causes of TrumperTantrums: Lawyers, Mondays, uneven paint jobs, surprises, warm woolen mittens that make his hands look small…

People who work with the #WorstPresidentEver and reporters who write about him keep trying to find sense in the nonsense that is the abusive personality. They’re more likely to find a pony in a pile of horseshit. For Trump, anger serves as a way to manage staff, express his displeasure or simply as an outlet […]

The World’s Most [Your Descriptor Here] Mansion

As some of you know, I am fascinated by the places people live. Weird, humble abodes and houses with bowling alleys in them. More modern, “classy” monuments to wealth. I love it all. In that spirit, please enjoy this tour of the world’s Trumpiest, weirdest mansion. Hello, architect, may I have a house with no […]

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 130

This is the grave of LeRoy Neiman. Born in 1921 in St. Paul, Minnesota, Neiman had a rough upbringing. His father walked out when he was young. His mother married and divorced and then married again. He joined the Army in World War II. Already a talented artist, when he returned, he attended the St. […]

This Day in Labor History: August 20, 1976

On August 20, 1976, the Grunwick Strike began. This strike showed the potential of the British trade union movement to embrace immigrant workers for the first time, but its defeat was a critical moment in the rise of the vociferously anti-union Margaret Thatcher and began the decline of the British labor movement that would suffer […]

Dick Gregory, RIP

The great Dick Gregory, one of the most amazing living Americans, has died. Gregory was both a pioneering comedian who influenced people such as Richard Pryor and someone who was at the front lines of civil rights and racial justice for decades. More than a comedian, Mr. Gregory was driven by an unwavering commitment to […]


Here’s a list. What do these organizations have in common? The Red Cross. The Salvation Army. Susan G. Komen. The Palm Beach Preservation Foundation. The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation. Cleveland Clinic. The American Cancer Society. American Friends of Magen David Adom. They have all canceled events at Boobla Con’s sleazy pleasure dome in Palm […]

Treason in Defense of Slavery Statue Problem Solved!

Now this my friends is what you do with statues of horrible people who oppressed and killed others. Here's what Paraguayans did with a statue of dictator Alfredo Stroessner (1954-89). It's an interesting compromise. — Laurence Blair (@LABlair1492) August 16, 2017 Share

Himmlerian Slip

When you realize winning in real life is harder than on the internet — Jess Dweck (@TheDweck) August 19, 2017 Today, the fine people of Boston overwhelmed a Nazi rally. The President of the United States has some thoughts on the subject he wishes to share: Donald J. Trump is the President of the […]


What is the shelf life of “Democrats are the real racists because Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK before most Americans living today were born”? Because it’s amazing that right-wingers pointing out that Hillary Clinton knew Robert Byrd is supposed to be a legitimate comeback to the fact that Donald Trump is an […]

USS Indianapolis

Paul Allen’s team has found the Indianapolis: We’ve located wreckage of USS Indianapolis in Philippine Sea at 5500m below the sea. ’35’ on hull 1st confirmation: — Paul Allen (@PaulGAllen) August 19, 2017 And just because. Share

Of Course America’s Dumbest President Would Embrace America’s Dumbest Industry

I’ve ranted against the bottled water industry before. It’s a completely useless product for most people, who have perfectly good water in the taps. It privatizes water supplies for profit, which is antithetical to basic moral values. It drains local water sources and spreads that water across the world. Mostly, it just doesn’t need to […]

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 129

This is the grave of Shirley Chisholm. Born in 1924 in Brooklyn, Chisholm, then known as Shirley St. Hill, was the daughter of Caribbean immigrants and grew up poor. In 1929, she and her sisters were sent to Barbados to live with their grandmother because their parents could not afford their upkeep. She returned in […]

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