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A Message for Monday Evening

Here’s something for the people. I await commenters complaining that this just can’t reach out to the people like that Joan Baez. Now there was a singer for the revolution! And so nice too! Share

The Man Who Knew Nothing

I honestly can’t see any problems with this man being vested with the powers of the presidency of the United States: It’s not exactly a news flash at this point that Donald Trump isn’t very fluent on questions of public policy, but his interview over the weekend with Fox Business Channel’s Maria Bartiromo is really […]

“Tory Men and Trumpy Measures”

Good piece by Eve Peyser about how George W. Bush’s veiled shots at Trump don’t mean anything: Before Trump took office, there was concern that his administration would create a database of Muslims, which he repeatedly threatened to do (before denying he made those threats). But Bush did actually create such a database, called the National Security […]

Monday Links

Stuff going on today: VPAF and USAF fighter pilots meet in San Diego.  In other news, it remains a tragedy that we have yet to see a cinematic treatment of Robin Olds’ career. The Indian Air Force is not bullish on the Su-57.  Laura Seay is very good on the relevant and irrelevant questions associated […]

When Is Dressing Up Like Hitler Okay?

The difference between “good” Nazi humor and bad is about who gets to be the butt of the joke. “There can be no poetry after Auschwitz,” said Theodor Adorno. One can only imagine what he might of said about laughter. Black humor, dark humor, gallows humor; none of this is new to human cultures. Legendary American […]

Bodies in Action

Tiya Miles is one of our top historians of slavery in its various 19th century forms (this is a really great book on slavery and the Cherokees) and I really appreciated this essay about how faculty like to write a bunch of statements condemning racism on campus, but that what actually matters at a time […]

This Day in Labor History: October 23, 1995

On October 23, 1995, John Sweeney won the election to become president of the AFL-CIO. This ground shifting event began the process of moving the federation away from its staid Cold War policies and unwillingness to organize workers and attempted to make it once again a fighting force for the nation’s working people. The success […]

Attacking People With Disabilities

The Trump administration embodies the character if its leader: The Education Department has rescinded 72 policy documents that outline the rights of students with disabilities as part of the Trump administration’s effort to eliminate regulations it deems superfluous. Show More Summary

NFL Open Thread: Trent Richardson Takes Regina Edition

In highly relevant to LGM news, my father told me that Trent Richardson made his debut for the Saskatchewan Roughriders this week. He was pretty good, getting 52 yards in 9 carries. I hope he does well. Although it was sometimes misread, I never had anything against Richardson — when I invoked “Trent Richardson” I […]

Today in Bad Headlines

Look, we all know Frederica Wilson has major hat game. But somehow I don’t think it’s the hat that is driving Donald Trump crazy. Wilson, a flamboyant, cowboy-hat-wearing Democrat, is just the kind of critic that can push Trump’s buttons — The New York Times (@nytimes) October 22, 2017 You know, it’s OK to […]

Capitalism, Socialism, Forestry

It’s not often that essays are published that combine socialism with forest policy, so I may be legally obligated to comment on this Jacobin essay by a British Columbia firefighter on capitalism and the destructive forest fires of the West, as well of course as the socialist prescription that will fix the problem. However, this […]

Sexual Predators Are Everywhere Too Much Power Resides

My only take about the Harvey Weinstein situation is that there are so many people like him in positions of power throughout the nation and the world and that while exposing each and every one of his crimes is really important, I hope this conversation is more about the general attitude of sexual harassment and […]

Fantastic Planet

I subscribed to Filmstruck awhile ago and have seen some pretty interesting films on it. But perhaps none as fascinating as Fantastic Planet, from 1973. A Czech animated film, except that the director (Renè Laloux) and language was French, this film, made in Prague and begun just before the Soviet invasion in 1968, follows the […]

Xi Jinping’s China, Trumpism, and International Order

Noah Smith argues that China’s a bigger economic power than the United States. In Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) terms, which Smith does a nice job of explaining, China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is already likely higher than that of the United States. And, at comparative growth rates that don’t seem unreasonable given macroeconomic conditions, China’s […]

ALCS Open Thread

I can’t say I’m optimistic about this game, as my lack of faith in the Astros bullpen has been rather too amply justified, but a Game 7 between two teams with a lot of young talent is always fun. …at least my lack of faith of Charlie Morton has not been justified so far! Share

“Ideological Extremism, Tempered by Incomptence”

It’s the Trump administration, and it’s not just Trump: But an internal White House document, obtained exclusively by Crooked Media, suggests that the reach of Islamophobia among Trump administration aides and advisers stretches far beyond the four corners of the travel ban, into the budget-writing process, where the White House’s full agenda comes together. The document […]

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 159

This is the grave of Collis Huntington. One of the most corrupt capitalists of the Gilded Age, Collis Huntington was born in 1821 in Harwinton, Connecticut. He traveled around a lot as a young man, from Virginia to New York, before heading to California during the gold rush. There he had success running a hardware […]

Today Among the Adults In the White House Who Will Constrain Trump

John Kelly uses his own dishonest techniques to defend Trumpism: Kelly’s appearance may have been compelling because of John Kelly, the man; but it mattered because it was one of the most powerful advisers to the most powerful man on earth, using his personal experience and gravitas to attempt to lay a political controversy to […]


Some thoughts on espionage, hacking, and the defense industrial base: The latest breach in the F-35 program has come out of Australia, where a subcontractor reportedly lost unclassified data on the fighter (and the P-8 maritime patrol aircraft) to a sophisticated hacking operation. The Australian government does not seem overly concerned about the incident, and the data […]

Trump’s War on Women

Truly, Hillary Clinton was the more dangerous evil: In early September, a 17-year-old girl from Central America was apprehended trying cross the border between the United States and Mexico. After being taken to a shelter for unaccompanied minors in South Texas to await immigration proceedings, she learned she was pregnant. The girl, referred to as […]

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