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Friday, Friday Links

Consumers don’t need “financial literacy” courses; they need consumer protection. Lawyer arrested for informing client of her rights. Sherman and Bennett v. the NCAA cartel.  Doug Henwood on the sharing economy. Oldie but goodie: Michael Berube on Dinesh D’Souza. I know that this is the favorite toy of every hack horse race pundit, but there […]

On “Identity Politics”

What Yglesisas says here, responding to Jon Chait’s definition of “identity politics” as “shorthand for articles principally about race or gender bias” is very true and very necessary: This is, I think, the problem with idea of “identity politics” as a shorthand for talking about feminism or anti-racism. The world of navel-gazing journalism is currently […]

“Won’t Someone Please Think of the Children?” “No.”

We’ve already established that for today’s Republicans the minimization of deaths is not a virtue, at least where something as important as arbitrary formal limitations on federal power are at stake. It’s important, therefore, that children get to share in this sweet, sweet freedom from tax credits Congress granted them: King v. Burwell, the latest […]

A Corner in Wheat

It is my birthday. I am now 41 with the personality of an 80 year old and the back of a 60 year old (as the snow has reminded me). Speaking of old things, my birthday present to the rest of you is A Corner in Wheat, the D.W. Griffith film from 1909. It has […]

The Party of Death

At The Week, I have some reflections on Michael Strain’s “sure, if we destroy the ACA plenty of people will die, your point being?” op-ed: But the fact that the costs of the ACA might theoretically exceed the benefits doesn’t get us very far. What benefits, exactly, would accrue if millions of people were denied […]

Defense Innovation in China

The Diplomat: APAC (one of my employers), recently introduced a new app. The app has a magazine format, and I have an article on defense innovation in the Chinese military-industrial complex in the third issue. Yet for all of this success, serious questions persist. China remains dependent on access to foreign technology, with many of […]

I believe that LGM will not merely endure: We will prevail

One more obstacle falls in LGM’s ruthless, albeit leisurely paced, march to the top of the blogosphere.

Marshawn Lynch and Work to Rule

Is Marshawn Lynch actually engaging in a labor action by his refusal to talk to the press. Sarah Jaffe makes a compelling case that Lynch’s continued defiance of the NFL and his refusal is actually a work-to-rule action: Lynch may be alone in his actions at the moment, but it seems fairly clear that in […]

Today In ACA Troofer Hackery

When you’re trying to sell one of the most risible conspiracy theories in the known universe, one almost remarkably devoid of evidence, you’re going to produce a lot of hackery.  For example, say your theory rests largely on an assertion that Ben Nelson demanded that subsidies be only made available on state exchanges (as opposed […]

Were the Poor Responsible For the Financial Meltdown? (SPOILER: No.)

The only possible value of Christopher Caldwell’s self-immolating attempt to define Obama’s legacy is the compendium of particularly witless winger talking points it offers to future historians.  One of these silly arguments was an assertion...Show More Summary


Roscoe Conkling was the sort of platonic ideal of the Gilded Age politician. Rich, incredibly powerful, corrupt. In 1888, New York was struck by a blizzard. It didn’t go well for Conkling: Roscoe Conkling is looking out the window of his Wall Street law office on a Tuesday afternoon in March 1888. He sees mountains […]

Post-Snow Day Links

Anti-vaxxers are not clustered on the left, but among conspiracy-minded individuals across the political spectrum. The limits of litigation as a strategy for vindicating the rights of the less powerful, tenants edition. Whaddya know — Bill Cosby’s books have a lot of creepy stuff about women and sex in them.   How can truth be […]


Last Tuesday, my daughter Miriam complained at breakfast of itchy skin. Miriam complains about a great many things (she’s generally quite insistent that most maladies, from stubbed toe to mild fever, require a trip to the emergency room), and so I didn’t initially take the complaint all that seriously. That afternoon, she complained to her […]

Jon Chait’s Political Correctness

Unlike at least one commenter, I’m inclined to think that Erik’s reaction to the unfortunate Chait p.c. piece was pretty much appropriate.  But I suppose what’s wrong with it could be spelled out in more detail.  First, as Angus Johnston says, it has a serious “what’s true isn’t relevant and what’s relevant isn’t true” problem.  […]

Air Forces All Over the Place!

My latest at the National Interest takes a look at the three most effective air forces flown by Asian countries: B ut effective air forces need more than flashy fighters. They need transport aircraft that can provide strategic and tactical airlift, and Aerial Early Warning (AEW) planes that can maintain surveillance and control of the […]

BREAKING! Spain Still Not Invaded By The Moops

As I recently noted, Brian Beutler has an excellent piece pointing out that Republican members of Congress universally rejected the contention soon to be considered by the Supreme Court that Congress did not make subsidies available on the federally established exchanges: they assumed that the subsidies would be uniformly available even after it was abundantly […]

Political Correctness

Some essays are better left unwritten. Jonathan Chait’s essay bemoaning the “political correctness” supposedly defining and dominating modern American liberalism is one of those essays.

Book Review: Marina Welker, Enacting the Corporation: An American Mining Firm in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia

In Enacting the Corporation, the anthropologist Marina Welker seeks to humanize corporate behavior by examining how the Denver-based mining conglomerate Newmont attempts to enact the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in its dealings at a mine site on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia. Show More Summary

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