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This Day in Labor History: March 6, 1886

On March 6, 1886, the Great Southwestern Strike began, marking the start of a year of worker revolt against the exploitation of Gilded Age capitalism. Over 200,000 railroad workers went on strike, but the failure to win helped usher in the decline of the Knights of Labor. The widely and publicly loathed Jay Gould was […]

Coates on Ferguson

If you’ve been following him on twitter, you’ve waiting for this, which is excellent. No quotes, just read the whole damn thing. Have a stiff drink at the ready. As the media and general public consume and digest the Justice Department’s report on the Ferguson PD, I very much hope we don’t make the mistake […]


Because of course I’d have more than just one thing to say about HIJMS Musashi: The sinking of HIJMS Musashi in October 1944 made depressingly clear what many observers had suspected since 1941, and even as early as the 1920s: sufficient numbers of committed carrier aircraft could sink a battleship, even when that battleship carried […]


Perhaps the fact that the people of Chicago hate him is unnerving Rahm Emanuel. Or maybe he’s just an awful human being.

Greil Marcus

I was going to try and write a proper review of Greil Marcus’ new book The History of Rock N’ Roll in Ten Songs for the blog. But I found myself having not a lot to say about it. Mostly, I thought Marcus’ over the top writing style and tendency to mythologize rock pioneers took […]

Historical Images

After a long hiatus to finish the two books, I have begun updating my historical image blog again. I just put up a set of images on immigration. I like to collect historical images for teaching, as I always have PowerPoint presentations for my lectures that consist of nothing but an outline, key terms, and […]

You Can’t Spell “Reformicon” Without “Con”

Remember when Republicans were totally going to be the Party of Ideas (TM) because a small group of conservative intellectuals with little discernible influence on Republican legislators thought that George W. Bush-style supply side politics should be supplemented by some feints towards the middle class? Well, funny thing about that. Reformocon darlings Mike Lee and […]

The Best Case For Televised Hearings

Were yesterday’s oral arguments. When people say that having cameras in the courtroom would undermine the solemn seriousity of Supreme Court oral arguments I never have any idea what the hell they’re talking about. Oh noes, if we have cameras in the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia might start ranting like a third-tier winger talk radio […]

Strict Deconstructionism: Republican Legal and Political Values in 2015

My take on yesterday’s oral argument is up. The first main point is that unlike many smart observers I’m not really much more optimistic than I was yesterday.  And second, it’s like how much more hackish could Scalia be?  And the answer is none.  None more hackish: Particularly remarkable, however, was this exchange: SCALIA: What […]

How Do You Brisket?

Brisket is a cut of meat with which I’ve never had a tremendous amount of luck; I’ve never made a transcendent brisket dish, and, frankly, I just don’t know a lot about the cut. The other day I came pretty close to justifying its existence (And cost–Have you heard people say brisket is cheap??? That […]

Game of Thrones podcast: Season 2, Episode 3 — “What Is Dead May Never Die”

Enjoy! Works Attewell discusses (warning all these posts contain spoilers for all five books): Tyrion IV (one, two three), Tyrion V (arguing with Cersei), Tyrion VI (Pycelle the traitor) Jon III (what did Mormont know?) Bran IV (talking with Luwin about magic) Catelyn II (the Tourney at Bitterbridge) Theon II (the plan) Arya III and […]

The War On Worker’s Comp

The new Gilded Age: It was exactly the sort of accident that workers’ compensation was designed for. Until recently, America’s workers could rely on a compact struck at the dawn of the Industrial Age: They would give up their right to sue. In exchange, if they were injured on the job, their employers would pay […]

Bobo: The Midlife Crisis Years

Some thoughts should be shared on the op-ed page, and others are probably better confined to scotches at the 19th hole.  And you may want to consider the possibility that if you were less sexist you wouldn’t be thinking these things at all.

Deep Thoughts From Movement Conservative Superstars

Shorter Verbatim Ben Carson: “Because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay. So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question.” But remember, according to the man who invented the concept of same-sex marriage he’s only a homophobe […]

HIJMS Musashi

It appears that Paul Allen has found a very large battleship: Musashi expedition captures amazing video of remarkable WWII warship — Paul Allen (@PaulGAllen) March 4, 2015 More about the expedition here. I suppose this means that a Gamilon attack is right around the corner…

Lock Out the Kids!

The refinery giant Tesoro has decided that it can’t allow youth baseball leagues to use the fields it owns next to its Martinez, California refinery. That’s because there are pickets at the plant due to the refinery strike. Oh, and also to protect the kids from the horrors of the outside agitator. Oil giant Tesoro […]

The Secret Talks

The secrecy revolving around the Trans-Pacific Partnership continues to disturb those who are interested in fair trade. Noting that this agreement isn’t really even about American exports since the world is already basically fully globalized already, Robert Reich and Richard Trumka express their concerns over the TPP’s secrecy. In the first three decades after World […]

Previewing Two Years of Journalistic Excellence in Election Coverage

Did Rand Paul clap loudly enough for Netanyahu’s speech? That’s what Jen Rubin wants to know at the beginning of an election cycle that is sure sure to be filled with hard-hitting two years of journalistic excellence. The Republican primaries are sure to be filled with such important points as who can scream loudest at […]

For King v. Burwell Day

I have an explainer about the case up at Gawker.  (Immense credit to them for the awesome graphic at the top.)  For the record, without benefit of oral argument I remained a pessimist: To oversimplify, the political science literature on judicial behavior suggests that the votes of Supreme Court justices in politically controversial cases tend […]

How law schools priced themselves out of the market for college graduates

‘How did you go bankrupt?’ Bill asked. ‘Two ways,’ Mike said. ‘Gradually and then suddenly.’ — The Sun Also Rises — Over the past half century, higher education in America has been a spectacularly successful growth industry. At the beginning of the 1960s about 400,000 people were graduating each year with four-year degrees: by 1970, […]

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