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A People’s History of the Marvel Universe, Week 3

Face front, true believers! Welcome back to A People’s History of the Marvel Universe, where I explore how real-world politics (and weird bits of pop culture) was presented in some of my favorite bits of classic Marvel comics. In this issue, I’ll be discussing how Captain America made the transition from his Timely Comics incarnation […]

Profiles in Courage

Paul Ryan is a real leader: Members of the Congressional Black Caucus said House Speaker Paul Ryan told them he backs a bill to restore portions of the Voting Rights Act gutted by the Supreme Court, but won’t bypass his committee chairman to bring it the floor for a vote, The Hill reported. Rep. Emanuel […]

The tragi-comedy of the commons

Jon Chait points out that the looming Trump Tower casting its shadow over the Babylon of the GOP nomination struggle is a product of a classic collective action problem: it’s in the interest of the Republican establishment as a whole to unify to stop Trump (and Cruz), but doing so isn’t in the interest of […]

What Happens When You @ a Reason Writer

Last night I made the mistake of @ting Reason Writer and enthusiastic Gamergate supporter, Cathy Young. She retweeted my innocuous tweet, sicking her followers on me. I ended up with a bunch of Reason readers/Gaters blowing up my mentions. To be fair, Ms. Young never said anything particularly vile or rude to me. (She did […]

The Future! Of the Future!

Political Science and Politics has collected a set of articles on the professional future of the discipline, including my own.  The rest of the author list includes: Kent Worcester Robert Keohane Gary King Jeffrey Isaac Robert Maranto and Matthew Woessner Jeffrey Knopf Beth Miller, Jon Pevehouse, Ron Rogowski, Dustin Tingley, and Rick Wilson Timothy Rich […]

Why I Care More About the General Election than the Primary

People don’t understand why I am not FeelingtheBern as much as others. I’m a socialist after all, right? I am actually feeling it to some degree, but between having a cautious nature and being very much a historian, I don’t really do full-throttled cheerleading for anyone. But part of it is also that the general […]

New Hampshire

On the GOP side, this was the best possible result for Trump: a blowout win, combined with a continued fracturing of the Not-Trump/Not-Cruz vote. Kasich is polling at around negative two percent in South Carolina and Florida, but it’s not completely unreasonable for him to hope that somehow he’ll now emerge as the establishment darling. […]

Some Brave Apollo

If Reason isn’t careful, it’s going to get done for false and misleading labeling. New ‘Trust and Safety Council’ Is Twitter Version of 1984’s Ministry of Truth Twitter says it wants to strike a balance between free speech and harassment. It didn’t. And that, mesdames et messieurs is just headline. But at least the breathless […]

New Hampshire Open Thread

I’m inclined to stay out of the predictions racket tonight — if the Maple Leafs can dump Dion Phaneuf’s contract and somehow get a second round draft pick back surely anything is possible. Some links: Greg Sargent has a good deep dive into the issue of Clinton and bankruptcy. I think he’s right on both […]

Brown As An Anti-Integration Weapon

My colleague Ryane McAuliffe Straus and I have a new paper out, “The Two Browns: Policy Implementation and the Retrenchment of Brown v. Board of Education.” As many of you know, de facto segregation of American schools is on the rise. Part of the reason for this is some crucial Supreme Court decisions, beginning in […]

The Most Offensive Thing Donald Trump Has Ever Done

That’s it, Donald Trump is simply not qualified to be president: #Trump came into the steak restaurant I was in. He ordered a well done rib-eye steak. Well done?! — Ruth Sherlock (@Rsherlock) February 9, 2016 Although, as always, given the constituencies he’s appealing to it’s pretty shrewd… Share

The Rubiobot Is No Poet And They Don’t Know It

In light of the latest malfunction of the Rubiobot, some desperate hacks have come up with the idea that the Rubiobot is in fact engaged in a subtle literary technique. This is laughable on its face — the fact that he catches himself during the second “throat” should probably be the tipoff that this wasn’t […]

India’s Air Pollution

While all the dialogue on horrible air pollution in the world focuses on China, it’s really awful in India as well. Josh Busby muses on his recent experience with the air of New Dehli and Mumbai to wonder what improvements India might make in pollution and how it might deal with climate change: We often […]

Bernie Ho’s

First off the bat I want to say that I have as much interest in the Hillary vs. Clinton war as I did in the Hillary vs. Obama war, in that I have none. If you searched my heart, you’d probably find that I’m excited about the idea of having our first woman president. That […]


My latest at the National Interest takes a look at the 1969 Sino-Soviet border crisis: Seven years later, in March 1969, a contingent of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers raided a Soviet border outpost on Zhenbao Island, killing dozens and injuring scores. The incident brought Russia and China to the brink of war, a conflict that might have led […]

The AFL-CIO, Black Lives Matter, and Police Unions

This is a good piece on how the AFL-CIO is trying to thread the needle between supporting the rights of police unions to collectively bargain and be part of the labor movement and support the millions of people of color in this country, many of whom are also union members, who rightfully fear the violence […]

This Man Will Almost Certainly Win the New Hampshire Republican Primary

Not a dime’s worth of etc. Surely reasonable, moderate, thinking-person’s conservative Marco Rubio will save the party! Let’s see some reviews from his latest series of words next to each other: Whatever frantic hackathon Marco Rubio’s programmers conducted after Chris Christie demagnetized their creation on Saturday night seems only to have made the existing problems […]

Race-Baiting Hot-Taker of the Day

Colin Cowherd. (Some context about Cowherd’s repeated race-baiting of Wall here.) The good news is that sometimes you can grow broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public: Take Colin Cowherd, whose July departure from ESPN was hastened due to his thoughts on Dominican baseball players. While Fox Sports suits have talked up the show’s […]

Oh Manchester, so much to answer for

A gay voter took Rubio to task for being a homophobic weasel. That’s all I need to say, isn’t it? The only question is the order in which the Ruborg 2000 blurted out the appropriate talking points. A middle-age gay man confronted Senator Marco Rubio here on Monday over his opposition to same-sex marriage, pointedly […]

The Problem with Economists

As has bothered some of you, I think the field of Economics is largely intellectually bankrupt, a field specializing in mathematical formulas that tell us almost nothing about human behavior, a field serving as intellectual hacks for free-market global capitalism that provides justification for the exploitation of the world’s workers without actually caring about those […]

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