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Farewell thought: Conservatism is still the enemy

Please see the end for my thanks yous and where to find me after today. I have opted to close with an attempt to describe the field of play -D Shortly after Kerry's loss in 2004, at MyDD, Chris wrote "Conservatism is our enemy" which I think is the first time I ever encountered a direct ideological assault on conservatism itself. Show More Summary

I'm not very good at goodbyes, so...

How about, "See you around"? I don't know where, exactly, though I do have some good ideas. More on that at the end. While that may suffice for us individually, though, it certainly can't for us as a community. And that's what I will miss most of all about Open Left. Show More Summary

Open Left is closing

I have some sad news. After nearly four years in operation, today will be the final day Open Left publishes new content. The site will not disappear, and all published content will remain online, but after today we will cease producing new content. Show More Summary

Open Thread

Well, all the goodbye posts have been made, so this is really it. Comments on articles will continue to work for seven days after the articles were posted. After that point, Open Left will become frozen in time. This is, both ironically and fittingly, an open thread.

Lasting impressions...

March 19, 2009. Gchat: Stoller: Does Forrest Brown work for you?Me: ??? who?Stoller: Someone at PCCC. New GChat window with my Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Stephanie Taylor: Me: Do we have someone named Forrest working...Show More Summary

Thank you and a sort of goodbye...

Thanks for being part of this community, and thank you for letting me develop my voice and ideas in concert with your voice and your ideas. In 2007, Chris, Mike, and I started OpenLeft based on the idea that there was a new ideologically left-wing yet open set of actors on stage. Show More Summary

Goodbye isn't a very good title because I hope it won't be.

This has been a wonderful community to be a very small part of. When Matt and Chris said they were leaving MyDD, I knew I would be following them to wherever they were going. I thought they were full of wild and crazy ideas, but ones that could be implemented. Show More Summary

Thank You

I am going to keep this pretty short because I don't want to get too maudlin. When we started OpenLeft, it was an experiment: By combining the ideas, skills, creativity, and experience of three incredibly different partners, and bringing...Show More Summary

The End of and the Beginning of a Newly Open Left In America

I can still remember starting out in progressive politics. It was back in the early part of the last decade, and there was very little tolerance back then for anything even remotely resembling a progressive counterforce to the corporatist conservatism embedding itself within the Democratic Party. Show More Summary

Thank you OpenLeft

Some of you may have noticed I haven't been writing for some time. The reason is because I recently accepted a position as Director of Online Programs at the Courage Campaign, where I will be running the online shop with a special emphasis on LGBT equality campaigns, but have been so engaged I haven't found time to write a farewell post. Show More Summary

HR #3: The Whole Bill is Rape - Not Just the Rape Provision

Many of you have now heard about the right's inflammatory redefinition of rape. You may or may not realize that it is only one part of another truly extreme bill, HR #3, The No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act. This bill is codifies the Hyde Amendment and eliminates aboriton coverage in all insurance. Show More Summary

The "free trade" foundations of "comparative advantage" debunked--for all pracical purposes

FLGibsonJr in Quick Hits takes note of Public Citizen calling Obama's economic mixed-message "beyond surreal": It was beyond surreal to hear President Barack Obama talk about the priority of creating U.S. jobs while saying nothing about...Show More Summary

This is what democracy looks like.. in Egypt, no thanks to America

"We don't have only one Ben Ali in the Arab world; we have 22 Ben Alis, and they all need to go." -- -- Independent journalist and blogger Hossam el-Hamalawy, on Democracy Now! Weds. AM HousesofProgress posted this picture...Show More Summary

Krugman goes with "stupid" on Ryan

Instead of "evil" in that age-old debate. I'm glad he's giving Ryan the time; the Bachman debacle really did succeed in making Ryan seem sober and serious just by contrast. Yeah she's ridiculous, but she's not US history's most powerful Budget Chair. Show More Summary

France Fox Piven & the spread of Beck's crazy, violent worldview

Cenk Uygur had a very good debut show, IMHO, and this segment with France Fox Piven was particularly good. This story needs to get as much attention as possible: What I want to underscore is that, as crazy as Beck's thinking seems, it's entirely characteristic of the reactionary right. Show More Summary

Metrize the morons

It all started with this from Brad DeLong: Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? In my email inbox this morning, apropos of the New Yorker: All the little details are off. Cloudberry gelato isn't a thing. (Cloudberry sorbet maybe). Show More Summary

The Situationist blog raises critiquing Sarah Palin to a high art

Last week, the Situationist blog had a most illuminating take on Sarah Palin's speech, which was also quite illuminating about the nature of situationism, for those of you still trying to figure out what I've been talking about, on and off, for all this time. Show More Summary

"Taxation is tyranny"--the far reach of Randian "morality" in perpetuating economic derangement

Last Friday, I wrote a diary, "The moral battle of our age", in which I discussed Paul Krugman's Jan 13 column, "A Tale of Two Moralities". In it, I raised a number of objections to how Krugman was framing things, and I also linked to a diary by Teacherken Dkos, which raised a somewhat different, but not unrelated set of concerns. Show More Summary

Death of a drug lord

On January 8, the NY Times ran an 800-word obituary for Laotian-American leader Vang Pao which began thus: Gen. Vang Pao, Laotian Who Aided U.S., Dies at 81 By DOUGLAS MARTIN Vang Pao, a charismatic Laotian general who commanded a secret...Show More Summary

Francis Fox Piven: Despite Beck's ravings, no violence, just calls for empowering the powerless.

Last Friday, Democracy Now did an interview with activist-scholar Frances Fox Pivens, dealing with how she's been demonized by Glenn Beck for quite some time now-something that's been stepped up remarkably in the wake of the attempted...Show More Summary

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