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The most fundamental political act is that of defining what constitutes a political act

As in Tunisia, so in Arizona. In Arizona, they say that shooting a congresswoman and killing federal judge--as well as her staffers and constituents--is not a political act. "It is the act of a madman"--as if the two were clearly and cleanly mutually exclusive. Show More Summary

What "Santa Clausifying" Dr. King Looks Like In Practice

The esteemed Cornel West has previously noted that America has "Santa Clausified" Martin Luther King, Jr., effectively removing what the man clearly stood for from our psychological memory of him. We have, in other words, turned himShow More Summary

America's systemic failures of governance: The story behind the Tucson massacre.

The rightwing's justifiable fear of being held partly responsible for the Tucson massacre has helped fuel outpouring of denial that insists the shootings were solely the responsibility of the shooter. While no one can seriously doubt Jared Loughner's responsibility, the idea that there's nothing else to consider is absurd. Show More Summary

Golden Oldie: Martin Luther King - A Different Drum Major

A Paul Rosenberg Golden Oldie Originally published at Open Left on Jan 16, 2010, here. Originally published online Jan 13, 1995, archived here. It's fashionable today to pose the theme of personal responsibility in opposition to the continued quest for social justice. Show More Summary

Tell the Senate to confirm Andy Traver to head the ATF

A mid-week story in the NY Times after the Tucson massacre, "A Clamor for Gun Limits, but Few Expect Real Changes", was not encouraging about congressional action: Gun control advocates say they believe the shock of the attack has altered the political atmosphere, in no small part because one of the victims is a member of Congress. Show More Summary

Left Ed: Will Students Have to Lead the Way?

Although I tend to concentrate these posts on K-12 education, I had the distinct privilege to spend yesterday involved in a meet-up with an exceptional group of college students in the state of Georgia who have organized to push back...Show More Summary

Shifting the Focus to Improving Voter Registration Access, Not Inhibiting It

In a democracy that can only boast that 71 percent of its citizens are registered and able to exercise their civic duty in any given election, access to the franchise is crucial.? For decades, millions of citizens have relied on either voter registration drives or government agencies to help them get on the voter rolls. Show More Summary

Homeopathy: Cure or Con?

For a quiet winter's evening, I'd like to highlight a great piece of journalism by CBC's consumer investigative show Marketplace called "Cure or Con?" on homeopathy. Despite the obligatory Cavuto-mark in the title, the piece asks all...Show More Summary

Obama eases Cuba travel restrictions

Not sure why this isn't bigger news: The president said he had instructed the relevant government departments to allow religious groups and students to travel to the communist-run island. [...] The rules will be modified to, among other...Show More Summary

Obama's Tucson memorial speech: A conversation in dissent

In part because there's been such rush to sanctify Obama's Tucson's speech--not just in Versailles, but online as well--I feel a need to end the week with a reiteration of dissenting opinion. To state my case (perhaps too) succinctly: It's not that I object to a speech that makes people feel good. Show More Summary

Why Pentagon Says MLK Would Love War Today

According to the Pentagon's lawyer, Martin Luther King Jr., if alive today, would view the US war on Afghanistan as both the act of a Good Samaritan and as necessary self-defense. Jeh C. Johnson, the "Defense" Department's general counsel, said, on the one hand: "I believe that if Dr. Show More Summary

The moral battle of our age

Paul Krugman's column yesterday was, predictably, a significant cut above the common response to Obama's speech: A Tale of Two Moralities By PAUL KRUGMAN Published: January 13, 2011 On Wednesday, President Obama called on Americans to...Show More Summary

In Wake of Arizona Shooting, Media Needs to Find the Forgotten Majority

"There is a need for some reflection here: What is too far now? What was too far when Oklahoma City happened is accepted now. There's been a desensitizing. These town halls and cable TV and talk radio, everybody's trying to outdo each...Show More Summary

Another myth: the "violent left" of the 1960s & 70s

Yesterday, digby pointed to a piece by Chris Kromm, of the Institute of Southern Studies, "Do violent words cause violence? Lessons from the civil rights era", which begins thus: The tragic Arizona shootings that left six dead and others, including Rep. Show More Summary

Back to reality: Tea Party election-day violence

Back in late November, I wrote a diary, "Congressmember Bob Filner: Confronting racist Tea Party violence on election night ". Filner, I noted, had been a Freedom Rider in Mississippi in 1961, who spent two months in the state pennitentiary rather than posting bond, in order to further draw attention to the cause. Show More Summary

Gay acceptance: GOP's Black Swan

In Black Swan, Natalie Portman, a pristine and proper ballerina, must figure out how to go beyond her ability to dance the white swan in "Swan Lake." She must find the passion, a darker side if you will, to convincingly portray the seductress that is the black swan. Show More Summary

The Politics of the Foreclosure Mess: Another Big Bank Bailout?

Everything I am reading these days on financial issues points to some serious reckoning soon to come, especially because of - as the folks at Third Way are calling it - foreclosure-gate. The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling in theShow More Summary

A clever speech, in place of a wise one

Tristero is utterly ecstatic over Obama's speech: More Like This, Please. Much More. I just finished reading "Obama's Tucson speech". I really must go further than Digby and declare it was not only the best speech Obama has given since becoming president, but also one of the greatest speeches given by any sitting president. Show More Summary

It's NOT about civility

Here's Steve Benan on Rush Limbaugh on Monday: QUOTE OF THE DAY.... Rush Limbaugh actually said this on the air today. He wasn't kidding. "What Mr. Loughner knows is that he has the full support of a major political party in this country. Show More Summary

AM760 Interview: Spike Lee Says He Wouldn't Be Allowed to Make Do the Right Thing Today

On my AM760 radio show this morning, I had the honor and privilege of interviewing actor/director Spike Lee and his wife, author Tonya Lewis Lee. We discussed their new children's book, Giant Steps to Change the World, and in the course of the conversation, we discussed what has changed over the last few decades of his work. Show More Summary

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