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In Case You Missed It

Here's where things wound up last night on the Hill. More on the new version of the bill, released overnight, soon.

So Much Winning

A very strange day in Washington as Republicans failed, as they have for seven years, to come up with a viable alternative to Obamacare. The nugget that probably best captures the day came from the Congressional Budget Office. It assessed...Show More Summary

All The Marbles!

White House demands vote Friday on Obamacare repeal, come hell or high water. No CBO score. Still no bill! But from what we know of it, it's an objectively terrible piece of legislation, whether you're a purveyor of sane health care policy or a conservative looking for ideological purity. Show More Summary

What Comes Next?

The potentially historic vote to end Medicaid as we know it and repeal Obamacare was postponed today, in a devastating setback for Paul Ryan and Donald Trump. But we're still closely monitoring the ongoing negotiations on the Hill this evening, with Tierney Sneed and Alice Ollstein on the ground. Here's a rough outline of what we're expecting: Read More ?

24 Million People Still Lose Coverage

The CBO has re-scored the Obamacare repeal bill taking into account the so-called managers amendments.


Reports coming out that the vote on the House GOP's Obamacare repeal vote will be postponed. Nothing official yet. But it's looking mighty unrealistic that this is happening today. Here's the latest from TPM's Tierney Sneed.

'I Deeply Regret My Comments'

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) quickly apologizes for his crack about mammograms to TPM's Alice Ollstein.


A few minutes ago, TPM's Alice Ollstein asked Sen. Pat Roberts (R-OK) if he supports scrapping Obamacare's 10 essential health benefits (more here on that). Roberts deadpanned: "I sure don't want my mammogram benefits taken away."

So Much #flail

The very latest from our two reporters on the Hill about where things stand this morning on Obamacare repeal. Could be a very late night.

CNN: FBI Has Info That Trump Associates Did 'Possibly Coordinate' With Russia

CNN digs in on what James Comey meant when he told Congress this week that the FBI is investigating whether there was "coordination" between the Trump campaign and Russia. Read More ?

Here's The Latest On Obamacare Repeal

It would appear that Paul Ryan still lacks the votes to pass the Obamacare repeal and replace bill (that also ends Medicaid as we know it) tomorrow. Reports are he will be putting the squeeze on individual members this evening, but in...Show More Summary

Bye for Now

It's been pretty much nonstop since the conventions last year, so I'm off for one week of vacation, hopefully totally off the grid. We will try to keep you up to date with the very latest links in the editors blog to our team's essential...Show More Summary

Insider the Alt-Right/All-Russia Nexus

Now that we've learned that Breitbart and Infowars have somehow figured into the FBI's counter-intelligence probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, I want to return to a topic we discussed late last summer and into the fall. Show More Summary

Donald Trump, GoodFellas Edition

So there was an FBI wiretap in Trump Tower! Just not placed there by Barack Obama and not targeting Donald Trump. Between 2011 and 2013 the FBI had a court approved warrant to eavesdrop on a Russian organized crime and money laundering operation out of the 63rd floor of Trump Tower. Here's one interesting little nugget. Read More ?

The Real Story

As we move toward Thursday's (likely) vote on the Ryan/Trump Obamacare repeal bill, we should remember that under the guise of repealing Obamacare, the House bill writers are actually going to great lengths to gut Medicaid. Last week,...Show More Summary

What Did We Learn Today?

Judged by time, today's House Intelligence Committee hearing was mainly an exercise in hypotheticals and 'no comments'. For those who hadn't gotten the full treatment until now, it was also an exposure to what we might term James Comey's militant earnestness. What did we learn? Read More ?

This Actually Happened

So a Republican member of Congress just suggested that articles in the Times and the Post reporting information about Russian ties to Trump associates may actually be using sources who pretend to be US intelligence or law enforcement officials but are in fact Russian agents. Show More Summary

Such a Mystery

Republican congressmen profess to be very worried that meeting with a foreign ambassador might put them at the center of a counter-intelligence probe. They're also worried that making a paid speech in another country might do the same - if not for them than people who they know. Show More Summary


It is worth remembering that with any other President, making up out of whole cloth false allegations of serious crimes on the part of his predecessor, would trigger at least talk of resignation. In this case, most seem willing to move on since it's now been shown that the President was clearly lying.

'No Information'

FBI Director James Comey tells House Intelligence Committee that the FBI – and the Justice Department more broadly– have "no information" to support President Trump's claim that he was wiretapped on order of then-President Obama.

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