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Dick Cheney is back. GOP rejoices (not)

By Richard Barry Several media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, note that former vice president Dick Cheney and daughter Liz intend to be a part of the foreign policy debate in the 2016 election cycle through their advocacy group, Alliance for a Strong America. Show More Summary

And Chafee makes four

By Richard Barry And there you have it fans, your 2016 Democratic presidential contenders, or after June 3rd you will have your complete field unless Joe Biden surprises everyone and jumps in, because on that day in June former Rhode...Show More Summary

Mythology and the acceptance of police brutality

By Frank Moraes I’ve been thinking a lot about the mythology of American policing and how it allows our criminal justice system to stay so messed up. And over at Vox, Redditt Hudson wrote an article that touches on this issue, I’m a Black Ex-Cop, and This Is the Real Truth About Race and Policing. Show More Summary

When the Democrats' big tent is too big (I mean you Rep. Delaney)

By Richard Barry In a Washinton Post op-ed, House Democrat Rep. John Delaney (Md.) complains that the left has "hijacked" the party's message. "With Washington already broken, the last thing we need is a left-wing version of the tea party. Show More Summary

What's Martin O'Malley's game?

By Richard Barry Reports are that former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley will launch his presidential candidacy Saturday in what most are politely calling an uphill battle. He'll talk about income inequality, helping the middle class,...Show More Summary

Behind the Ad: Rand Paul, defender of liberty with the pectorals of a god

By Richard BarryWho: America's Liberty PAC (supporting Sen. Rand Paul) Where: A digital ad What's going on: In what The Hill calls an attempt to mimic "the aggressive style of a pro wrestling promo," this very strange ad displays parts of the Patriot Act, alluding to Sen. Show More Summary

Carly Fiorina's rookie mistakes

By Richard Barry This was my favourite political story of the week and proof that Carly Fiorina, the Republican presidential "contender" who has never been elected to anything, is an amateur. Carly Fiorina spends a lot of her time as...Show More Summary

Donald Trump and "the question"

By Richard Barry The Beatles were wrong. Money can in fact buy you love, at least some. Donald Trump is proof of that. Are we excited that Trump is about to announce his intention to run for the GOP presidential nomination? Not really, but it looks like he's going to do it anyway, sometime in mid-June. Show More Summary

Sen. Sanders will allow liberals to feel good about themselves

By Richard Barry Politico has a story today that Democrats see Sen. Bernie Sanders as the greatest threat amongst potential challengers to Hillary Clinton for the party's presidential nomination. This is another way of saying that she is not going to be challenged at all, not at least as far as winning and losing goes. Show More Summary

Come on, Bernie. Stick to the issues

By Richard Barry I like Sen. Bernie Sanders. I like the issues he's raising and how he's doing it. I'm glad he's in the race and I'm sure I'll be saying some nice things about him in the coming months. However, I don't particularly like the shot he took at Hillary Clinton that her wealth could "isolate" her from the concerns of working-class voters. Show More Summary

Down ticket, up ticket

By Richard Barry One of the issues political outsiders don't typically concern themselves with is the thought process that goes into deciding to run for office from election cycle to election cycle, particularly in down ticket races....Show More Summary

Oh, that wacky Pope

By Richard Barry Hey, how often do you get to write a headline like that? The point, though, is that Pope Francis is making some conservatives very unhappy. Catholic Republicans are developing a pope problem. Earlier this month, Francis recognized Palestinian statehood. Show More Summary

George Pataki: Yesterday's man

By Richard Barry It would appear that former New York Governor George Pataki doesn't get out much, by which I mean he is pro choice, very concerned about environmental protection, has a record of promoting stronger gun laws, and still wants to run for the GOP presidential nomination. Show More Summary

Never too early to think about GOP VP possibilities

By Richard Barry There were several reports over the weekend that Ohio Governor John Kasich is getting closer to announcing his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination. An interesting adjunct to these stories was speculation that...Show More Summary

Radio Shack shows no company values privacy

By Frank Moraes Have you read the privacy policy at my blog Frankly Curious? I’m assuming not, because there isn’t one. But if there were one, I can promise you this: I would have really meant it when I wrote it. I’m like Google: I do my best not to be evil — as long as it doesn’t inconvenience me much. Show More Summary

Will there ever come a time when social media can elect a president?

By Richard Barry A piece by Ryan Cooper in The Week raises an interesting, if overstated, point that 2016 could be the first election in which the political press is sidelined. He argues that politicians are becoming so adept at using...Show More Summary

Progressives shouldn't think of voting for Hillary Clinton as "settling"

By Richard Barry My instinct is to push hard against wealth and privilege in American politics, which is what makes it hard for me to fully embrace Hillary Clinton's candidacy. I continue to hope that some of Bernie Sanders "social democratic" ideas get a fair hearing. Show More Summary

Should politicians be allowed to relax?

By Richard Barry I've been to a number of those off-the-record media roasts in which skits and songs are performed and politicians mix it up with members of the press, frequently making fun of themselves in a way that resonates with the tenor of media coverage of them. Show More Summary

Jeb Bush's bad conscience on climate change

By Richard Barry Just as we saw Mitt Romney do a 180 on policies he had previously championed in order to appeal to the "activist base" of the Republican Party, I have to wonder if Jeb Bush is similarly conflicted, at least in terms of what he thinks and what he has to say. Show More Summary

Mandatory same-sex marriage? Really?

By Richard Barry Through the miracle of the Internet, I found myself reading an article about Sen. Ted Cruz in a publication called the Texas Tribune. They first reported on his stump speech and the usual platitudes involving lovingShow More Summary

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