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Ted Nugent and cruelty to black bears

By Frank Moraes I was over on No More Mister Nice Blog the other day, and I learned, Some of Ted Nugent’s Best Friends Are Illegal Bear-Penis Traffickers, Allegedly. It’s all about that strange little man and his hunting activities. The main thing involving Nugent dates back to 2009 when he was hunting black bears with a bow up in Alaska. Show More Summary

No path to socialism for America, but we can dream

By Richard Barry When will this "road to serfdom" nonesense end? Probably never. Republicans love it too much, along with the claim that America is becoming just like Europe, and not in the good way. The latest is Bobby Jindal, another GOP presidential hopeful with absolutely no reason for optimism. Show More Summary

Meeting expectations in an irrational society is the definition of insanity

By Richard Barry I don't mean to be unkind to Jenna Johnson, a writer for the Washington Post, and there really is no need to be as she is simply following convention when she writes about Bernie Sanders and the things he advocates for on the campaign trail, most recently in Madison, Wisconsin. Show More Summary

Follow the money

By Richard BarryFirst Read wonders if the Republican Party should still be considered the party of big business. Donald Trump vs. Macy's. The battle over the Ex-Im bank. Conservatives decrying the same-sex marriage ruling, immigration reform and normalization of relations with Cuba. Show More Summary

No path for Christie

By Richard Barry Chuck Todd and company at NBC describe two ways to win the GOP nomination. They go on to say that neither way is available to Gov. Christie who announced his candidacy today. The first is to "sell yourself as the right...Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton's ideal opponent

By Richard Barry Yesterday I wrote about some reasons it was good Bernie Sanders was running for the Democratic presidential nomination. One of them was that it would push Hillary Clinton to talk about issues important to the left that might not otherwise get a full hearing. Show More Summary

Three reasons to be glad Sanders is in the race

By Richard BarryThe first thing that should be said about the Clinton-Sanders match-up is that it is a good thing that Clinton is being seriously challenged. It generates interest in the campaign and encourages discussions amongst voters that otherwise would not have happened. Show More Summary

What do you do with a problem like Donald?

By Richard Barry Donald Trump is going to be such a headache for Republicans this campaign cycle. He has virtually zero chance of winning the presidential nomination. But insiders worry that the loud-mouthed mogul is more than just a...Show More Summary

Republicans secretly cheer survival of Obamacare

By Richard BarryIn a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court saved President Obama's signature health care law and, as countless news organization said this morning, ensured his legacy. The ruling holds that the Affordable Care Act authorized...Show More Summary

Even Fox News is bored by Sarah Palin

By Richard Barry If you follow politics, the only reason to pay attention to the wackier sorts in and around the Republican side of things is to discern why their brand of self-aggrandizing foolishness has any traction at all. People...Show More Summary

Behind the Ad: Bailout Bush?

By Richard BarryWho: America's Liberty (a super-PAC backing Sen. Rand Paul)Where: Web ad in early primary states (though it appears to be running elsewhere)What's going on: Here comes the crazy. In the style of a loud and frenetic infomercial,...Show More Summary

TPP represents the failed neoliberal past

By Frank Moreas Lydia DePillis tried to get to the bottom of a question, Why NAFTA Passed and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Failed. She noted that nothing had really changed in terms of the arguments for and against the two deals. Show More Summary

The revolution is not coming (not this week, anyway)

By Richard BarryTell me Bernie-mania isn't fun. Yes, in Colorado over the weekend Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders tore it up with a crowd of nearly 5,000 in Denver, his largest since announcing for the Democratic nomination in May. Breathing a progressive political fire, Vermont Sen. Show More Summary

When the political elite come calling

By Richard BarryI have always enjoyed watching presidential candidates try to sell themselves as ordinary Jills or Joes who just happen to be in a position to run for the top political job in the country. They spend time in diners, maybe...Show More Summary

The Confederate flag is racist. Full stop

By Richard Barry Too often politics is about avoiding, at great cost to a candidate's personal integrity, saying anything that could alienate voters in a perceived universe of support. We have seen evidence of this all week as GOP presidential...Show More Summary

Pity the poor Christians in America

By Richard Barry Okay. Let's see a show of hands. Who agrees with me that of all the clueless remarks made about the Charleston, S.C. shooting, Rick Santorum's was the most absurd. I can't see you, but I know more than a few arms are going up. Show More Summary

Pastor Steven Anderson and Christian hate

By Frank Moraes Graham Greene’s excellent Monsignor Quixote is mostly one big excuse to discuss the overlap between religious and political faith. A one point, Quixote relates a story about a saint from La Mancha who was being raped by a Moor in her kitchen. Show More Summary

Yes, gay rights are the same as civil rights

By Richard Barry In an interview on CNN recently, Republican GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson said this: What position can a person take who has no animosity toward gay people, but believes in the traditional definition of marriage...Show More Summary

Getting to know Jeb Bush (and not in a good way)

By Richard Barry I wonder how many people look somewhat favourably on Jeb Bush because he seems so much more intelligent than brother George. Not that the bar is very high, but Jeb is mostly able to string together a few coherent sentences...Show More Summary

How not to start a presidential campaign

By Richard Barry I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Jeb Bush's campaign has been a disaster so far. No, Jeb Bush's campaign apparently thinks the same thing. First Read notes that it's not that unusual for a presidential campaign to change managers when things aren't going well. Show More Summary

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