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On the Hustings

National Journal: "Hillary Clinton finally takes reporters' questions in Iowa" (Emily Schultheis) ABC News: "How the State Department is tackling 55000 pages of Hillary Clinton emails" (Justin Fishel) Politico: "Florida quietly setsShow More Summary

Fox New's 24-hour outrage cycle and how it hurts Republicans

By Richard Barry James Fallows at The Atlantic cites a new study by Bruce Bartlet called "How Fox News Changed American Media and Political Dynamics."He draws attention to two aspects of the study he finds particularly noteworthy. The...Show More Summary

Is Scott Walker ready for this?

By Richard BarryIn a series of short items of campaign news, the New York Times notes: "[Scott] Walker Team Has Experience but No Clear Leader." Scott Walker has been in elected office since the age of 26 and is known to act as his own political strategist. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders is popular on social media because he is actually saying something

By Richard Barry Nick Corasaniti at the New York Times begins a profile of Bernie Sanders and his surprisingly effective use of social media like this: The quotations he posts, rarely pithy, are often sayings he thinks up in the shower. Show More Summary

Julian Castro at the top of Clinton's VP list?

By Richard Barry The Republican Party is no doubt proud of itself for having Hispanic candidates like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz running for the GOP presidential nomination, as it should be. And then there's Jeb Bush and however it is he positions himself as Hispanic-friendly. Show More Summary

Will the media let Bernie Sanders talk about real issues?

By Richard BarryIn an interview on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday, Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders expressed concern about the way the media is likely to cover his nomination contest against Hillary Clinton and potentially others. Show More Summary

But can Scott Walker see Russia from his house?

By Richard BarryAppearing on CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said he would make his intentions known in June about a presidential run. Walker said he believes, if he were to run, he’d have strong foreign...Show More Summary

The GOP presidential nomination: A crowded stage and many reasons for being there

By Richard Barry As it is becoming increasingly clear that Jeb Bush's path to the GOP presidential nomination is anything but certain, party officials are growing concerned that the process could continue on well into the spring of 2016, with all the problems that prolonged internal snipping could bring. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton: A traitor to her class?

By Richard Barry I've been trying to figure out what point Republicans are attempting to make as they criticize the recent disclosure that the Clintons make a shipload of money giving speeches. If you missed it, based on a filing with...Show More Summary

Do Republicans read election issue polls, and does it matter?

By Richard Barry A new Gallup poll places the economy as the top concern for Americans with 86% saying it is extremely or very important to their vote next year. This compares with 74% saying the same of terrorism and 61% of foreign affairs. Show More Summary

Will Gov. Perry be taken seriously?

By Richard Barry In three weeks former Texas Gov. Rick Perry will officially declare his intention to run for the Republican presidential nomination. No great surprise. We knew this day was coming.He has been making all the required stops in early contest states. Show More Summary

Jeb, you're disappointing me (even though I would never vote for you)

By Richard Barry Until about a week ago, I believed Jeb Bush's eventual victory in the GOP presenting nomination sweepstakes was a slam-dunk. I really bought into the narrative his team was spinning that he might not shine on a day-to-day...Show More Summary

HRC's very important litmus test for SCOTUS nominees

By Richard Barry Let's be honest, many Democrats who place themselves on the left flank of the party are somewhat uneasy about supporting Hillary Clinton. These people, me among them, should understand though that she is what mainstream...Show More Summary

Public policy is hard. Political rhetoric is easy

By Richard Barry One of the saddest things about politics is that politicians can say almost anything about the potential consequences of a given policy of their opponents and then, when it doesn't happen, be sure that most of the electorate will either have forgetten or lost interest in what was previously predicted. Show More Summary

Hey, look at me! I'm a potential Republican presidential hopeful

By Richard Barry To be filed under the category "those who insist on wasting our time," two more potential Republican presidential aspirants are gearing up to tell the world of their plans. Former New York Governor George Pataki has Tweeted that he will announce a decision on May 28th in New Hampshire, and former U.S. Show More Summary

"Modern Family" at the White House?

By Richard Barry I am not one who believes Hillary Clinton's election as president is inevitable. I have said before that under normal circumstances she should be the underdog, what with 8 years of Democratic incumbency, etc. But then there is the disarray of the GOP, etc. Show More Summary

Come on, Barack. You should know better

By Richard Barry President Barack Obama is getting some heat for the way he referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren in citing her criticism of his trade agenda. Among others, Ohio Senator Sherrod Bown, a top Democrat leading the fight against...Show More Summary

Behind the Ad: Get ready Clinton supporters, it's going to get ugly out there (but funny, too)

By Richard Barry Who: America Rising PAC (conservative) Where: Iowa What's going on: As so often happens in presidential politics, you might not even know there was a campaign coming unless you lived in a contested state or region. Last...Show More Summary

Can activist conservatives stop Jeb?

By Richard Barry We are told time and again that the activist conservative base plays a disproportionately large role choosing the Republican presidential nominee. We are also frequently told that mega-donors play an out-sized role, as well as the media, who read the tea leaves in order to pronounce on who has the Big Mo. Show More Summary

Some people use money to influence political decisions - sad, I know

By Richard BarryI'm sure the implication for everyone reading the recent New York Times piece on Marco Rubio's biggest benefactor is that the Clinton's are not the only ones with rich friends who help out and may expect a little assistance in return. Show More Summary

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