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What it means to be a minority according to Rand Paul

A recent quote by Rand Paul went like this: “Bias because of color, because you’re Jewish, or because you’re an Evangelical Christian, or because you teach your kids at home. You can be a minority for a variety of reasons.” Well, sure. Show More Summary

Gazpacho: "Golem" (live -- from Night of the Demon)

By Michael J.W. Stickings I'll start this post the same way I started my last two posts (here and here) about about this incredible band: One question I get a lot is, "What's your favorite band from Norway?" I always reply, "Gazpacho, of course. Show More Summary

What would be left enough for Clinton critics?

By Richard Barry Since Hillary Clinton let us know she wanted to be the next president of the United States, she has, perhaps surprisingly, delivered a leftish message on policies like income inequality and criminal justice reform. Her team has argued that Clinton was the Elizabeth Warren of politics long before Sen. Show More Summary

America is not so much ready for Hillary as ready to vote against the GOP

By Richard K. BarryA new poll by AP-Gfk indicates a number of findings that should give the Hillary Clinton campaign pause.Here are three that stood out for me: Nearly four in 10 Democrats, and more than six in 10 independents agreed that "honest" was not the best word for her. Show More Summary

Chris Christie moves aggressively into the "no-hoper" category

By Richard Barry Kudos to Harry Enten at FiveThirtyEight for one of the funnier opening lines of a post this campaign season. Regarding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, he writes: We may be about to find out whether a politician can have a negative chance of winning a presidential nomination. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders, you little scamp. This could be fun

By Richard Barry There won't be enough of them, but it looks like a lot of Americans are tired of the same old nonsense. By which I mean Sen. Bernie Sanders is already raising serious cash for his, yes, I'll say it, Quixotic bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders isn't going to win. Support him anyway

By Richard Barry We get it, Nate Cohn. We really do. Bernie Sanders isn't going to win the Democratic presidential nomination. And Elizabeth Warren, should she have run, would also not have won. Aside from the relative weakness of Sanders and Warren, and they are weak candidates, Mr. Show More Summary

The GOP presidential nomination process: Wasting our time raising their profile

By Richard BarryLast week The Economist ran a piece catagorizing 21 announced and potential Republican presidential candidates under six headings: A-listers, Insurgents, Dark Horses, Publicity Seekers, Job Hunters, and No Hopers.They...Show More Summary

Let's give Senator Sanders a fair hearing

By Richard Barry Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent of Vermont, is running for president as a Democratic, and he says he's running to win. Well, that's not true, but he will, as the New York Times reports, surely inject a consistently progressive voice into the contest. Show More Summary

Jeb's fundraising has Hillary's knickers twisted

By Richard Barry We don't need no stinkin' rules Every time we hear talk about big money on the Republican side in 2016, we are very quickly told not to worry because Hillary and Bill are monster fundraisers and will do fine. And that...Show More Summary

How big an issue will race be in 2016?

By Richard BarryEd Kilgore at the Washington Monthly asks a speculative though interesting question about whether the recent "urban unrest" or "racial tensions" or whatever we might call it in places like Ferguson and Baltimore might...Show More Summary

Does having a leftist challenge hurt or help Hillary?

By Richard Barry It is being reported that Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, will announce on Thursday his intention to run for president in 2016. Though an Independent, he plans to enter the primary and caucus contests as a Democrat, according to his advisors. Show More Summary

Like any good Republican, Rand Paul blames lack of fathers and morals for the violence in Baltimore

By Michael J.W. Stickings You might think a supposed libertarian like Rand Paul would look at the situation in Baltimore and see something similar to what most of us living in reality are seeing, namely, yet another despicable incident...Show More Summary

SCOTUS, same-sex marriage, and the electoral viability of the GOP

By Richard Barry It is axiomatic that the GOP will need to expand its base with younger and non-white voters if it hopes to capture the White House any time soon. The problem, of course, is that any movement towards positions that appeal...Show More Summary

The unintended consequences of Republican campaign funding

By Richard BarryIt doesn't take a rocket surgeon to understand that the more money a candidate has access to, the longer he or she can stay in the race. So, for example, to do poorly in the Iowa or New Hampshire primaries has in theShow More Summary

Hillary's the one

By Infidel753 Hillary Clinton is now officially in the 2016 Presidential race, and will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee. And we're lucky to have her. She can do the job, she can do the job right -- and, critically, she can get the job. Show More Summary

The 2016 Republican nomination race is going to be crazy. Is there any doubt?

By Richard Barry To hear some people tell it, we're going to go through a lot of trouble just to find out that Jeb Bush is the Republican nominee for president. And maybe I agree with them, but it's not going to be easy. Yes, Jeb's got that name, which is both a positive and a negative. Show More Summary

Is Rick Snyder going to run for the GOP presidential nomination? Doubt it

By Richard K. Barry Just kiddin' ya Although Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is not as clear on the matter as former Minnesota senator Norm Coleman, Snyder may be giving consideration to running for the GOP presidential nomination. Coleman is going around saying that Rick Snyder has, in fact, made up his mind. Show More Summary

Constitutional conservatives are neo-Confederates

By Frank Moraes Last week, Steve Benen wrote a post entitled "Steve King Unveils Radical Court Scheme." It seems that King is proposing a new law, Restrain the Judges on Marriage Act of 2015. It would stop federal courts from having jurisdiction over cases related to marriage. Show More Summary

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