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Why Rand Paul will never be president

By Richard K. Barry If you are only a casual observer of Republican politics in America, or no observer at all, you may not understand what has become a truism for electoral success amongst conservatives. David Ludwig at The Atlantic explains the dynamic succinctly, using same-sex marriage as a salient case-in-point. Show More Summary

President Obama honours "heroes" of "Bloody Sunday"

By Richard K. Barry President Obama spoke today in Selma, Alabama at a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the iconic "Bloody Sunday" civil rights march in which police attacked demonstrators campaigning for voting rights. "Because of what they did, the doors of opportunity swung open not just for African Americans, but for every American," he said.

The theme to "I Love Lucy" (music by Eliot Daniel, words by Harold Adamson)

By Richard K. Barry Eliot Daniel with Desi Arnaz Although the iconic "I Love Lucy" sitcom had its original run in the 1950s, it was going strong in syndication when I was a little kid in the '60s. The theme song is still probably the most recognizable in its genre, at least for those of a certain age. Show More Summary

Charlie Cook's odds on the GOP presidential nominee

By Richard K. Barry Writing in the National Journal this week, Charlie Cook, one of the country's most respected political prognosticators, said this about the GOP presidential nomination race: Acknowledging that much will inevitably...Show More Summary

C. Wright Mills

By Richard K. Barry One of my favourite political thinkers has for a long time been C. Wright Mills (1916-1962). Mills was an American sociologist known for books like White Collar (1951), The Power Elite (1956), and The Sociological Imagination (1959). Show More Summary

Hillary's e-mails or, don't people have anything better to do with their time?

By Richard K. Barry No one will care about the foolishness surrounding Hillary Clinton's e-mails by the time it matters. In fact, I'm not sure anyone really cares now except a bunch of bored journalists and right-wing hacks. Or, as Brendan...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush: Keepin' it real, $1 million at a time

By Richard K. Barry My favourite story in the political press yesterday was about how Jeb Bush is instructing his donors not to give more then $1 million right away.The Washington Post reported: The requested limit, confirmed by multiple...Show More Summary

Pulp fiction cover art: "The Marijuana Mob" (1950)

By Richard K. Barry "The Marijuana Mob" was written by Englishman James Hadley Chase (René Lodge Brabazon Raymond by birth). It's a story about private detectives trying to break up a dope ring. I understand that James Hadley Chase is...Show More Summary

Monica Lewinsky: Classic case of famous for being famous

By Richard K. Barry Here's what the magic Wiki says about the origin of the term "famous for being famous:" The term originates from an analysis of the media-dominated world called The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-events in America (1961), by historian and social theorist Daniel J. Show More Summary

Joni Mitchell: "Little Green" (1967)

By Richard K. Barry Joni Mitchell is one of the finest singer/songwriters ever to strum a guitar, and that's not just my Canadian pride talking. She wrote "Little Green" in 1967 and it appeared on her 1971 album Blue. It's about a daughter she gave up for adoption in 1965, when she was a struggling musician in Toronto. Show More Summary

Don't go away mad, Christie, just go away

By Richard K. Barry A new poll in New Jersey finds that Gov. Chris Christie is in some serious trouble in his home state. The most recent statewide survey of registered voters in the Garden State finds Governor Christie mired in upside down public perceptions of his leadership. Show More Summary

Guess we'll have Rick Perry to kick around some more

By Richard K. Barry Not that we didn't see this coming, but former governor of Texas Rick Perry is, as the New York Times writes, putting "pieces in place for a 2016 campaign" because, you know, his 2012 effort wasn't funny enough. Mr. Show More Summary

Martin O'Malley gets his snark on

By Richard K. Barry Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley made a somewhat nasty little comment about Hillary Clinton's approach to politics in a speech in South Carolina on Saturday, criticizing the idea of "triangulation" so much associated with the way the Clintons have historically done things. Show More Summary

Whiplash: Ridiculous movie, amazing music

By Richard K. Barry The music to the movie Whiplash is fantastic. It reminds me why I love ensemble jazz. Unfortunately, the movie is absurd. I get the whole idea that achieving greatness requires sacrifice and a single-focus. I suspect,...Show More Summary

Scott Walker could possibly, maybe, be for real

By Richard K. Barry It is true that the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) attendees tend to be younger (with about half of those in attendance in the past few years college-aged), and more libertarian than the GOP base more generally, but the results of their recent straw poll are instructive. Show More Summary

Republicans hate the U.S. Constitution

By Richard K. Barry Though I recognize I will not be the first to point this out, conservatives have a very peculiar understanding of intellectual consistency. A new national poll (Public Policy Polling) of Republican primary votersShow More Summary

Booing Jeb Bush at CPAC

By Richard K. Barry Activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) had a fine time booing Jeb Bush today. Jeb might be the only Republican who could give Hillary a run for her money. Great to see the party faithful so completely incapable of understanding their own best interests.

So whaat does it mean

Not to "love" America? By Capt. FoggThe question is unanswerable without asking what is meant by love, because in the era of accepted error, of laissez faire definitions, it can mean anything. So why ask? Certainly the intended audience of the assertion that Mr. Show More Summary

Typhoid Mary's Revenge

By Capt. FoggReductio ad absurdum. Its a common tool used in informal debate both properly or improperly, but although I won't say it's more common with the arguments we hear from the self styled Right, arguments such as this one seem to need no assistance from any opposition to reduce themselves to the ridiculous. Show More Summary

The Liberal Line Up

By Carl In case you haven't heard, MSNBC -- which has always had some pretty shaky ratings but can usually point to one or two juicy plums in their book -- has been suffering miserably since their most recent prime time shakeup: Amid...Show More Summary

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