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Drones Are Tracking the Stray Dogs of Houston

Getting a handle on the number of strays in cities like Houston is a difficult, nearly impossible job. Estimates put the number at nearly one million, but nobody really knows. One tool is helping to change that: the drone. "It's another...Show More Summary

National Park Service Wants to Release the Hounds in Fight Against Goose Poop

Washington, D.C., is having a big problem with geese. Apparently, if you want to go to any of the big tourist attractions around the National Mall, you're going to have to get through swarms of Canadian Geese first. Share this image Canada...Show More Summary

Who Dumps Their Dog at a Park With a Bag of Toys?

The Pit Bull must have suspected something was up when his owners took a bag of his toys to the park with them -- also when they attached his leash to a bench, stuck a note in his collar, and left him there when they took off. He'd been dumped. The note read: "I'm playful and friendly! I have never bit a single person. Show More Summary

Meet the 57 Dogs Rescued From a Dog Meat Farm in South Korea

Humane Society International has prevented another group of dogs from becoming dinner in South Korea. Rescued earlier this month from a dog farm outside of Seoul, 57 dogs and puppies -- including Beagles, Poodles, Korean Jindos, andShow More Summary

Canadian Law Will Attempt to Fight Fake Service Dogs

British Columbia is considering a bill that would reform the laws governing service animals, including an attempt to address the problem of fake service dogs by creating a licensing system. Bill Thornton, CEO of BC and Alberta GuideShow More Summary

Forget NCAA March Madness. It's Time for Rescue Madness

This year’s NCAA Tournament has not been kind to the dog teams. Northeastern’s Huskies, Albany’s Great Danes, Georgia and Butler’s Bulldogs, that last team despite my dog Rocky's predictions it would advance further. But every dog still has his day, and in another tournament going on this March, all the pups are winners. Show More Summary

New Smart911 Gives Important Pet Info to Emergency Services

Back when I was a kid -- sometime after the dinosaurs died out but before television had more than 12 channels -- it was very common for parents to put "Tot Finder" stickers on their children's windows. The stickers were supposed toShow More Summary

Study: Do Slobbery Dog Kisses Lead to Better Human Health?

How many times has your dog come running up and planted his mouth -- full of bacteria and goo and saliva and slime and likely traces of fecal matter somewhere in all that -- right on your lips for a giant slobbery kiss and you think,...Show More Summary

Medical Marijuana May Soon Be Legal for Dogs in Nevada

A new bill introduced Tuesday in the Nevada Legislature by Democratic Sen. Tick Segerblom promises relief for ailing dogs. It will allow pups to use pot, according to the AP. Share this image Medical marijuana by Shutterstock. Of course,...Show More Summary

DNA Testing Lets Shelter Rebrand Chihuahuas and Boost Adoptions

Ever since Watson and Crick discovered the double helix back in 1953, the benefits of DNA testing have transformed the medical, judicial, and law enforcement fields. But we know where DNA is put to its best use: Helping pups find their...Show More Summary

Police Kill Service Dog, His Devastated Owner Calls for Officer Training

The latest report of what journalist Radley Balko calls "puppycide" comes from San Diego. At 5 a.m. Sunday, two police officers knocked on the door of Ian Anderson, waking up him and his Pit Bull, Burberry. The officers were responding...Show More Summary

The Disco Dog Vest Turns Your Pup Into a Party Animal

The Kickstarter campaign tagline is a thing of beauty: "Finally, your dog can party with you! Introducing Disco Dog - The smartphone-controlled LED dog vest." A couple issues, right off the bat: Have we really been waiting for our dogs...Show More Summary

How to Help Moses the Boxer, Found Starving and Traumatized

Warning: This is a really disturbing story, with pictures to match. If you're not up to reading about animal neglect and suffering, this might be the time to click away. Last Thursday, Ruff Love Rescue, a volunteer organization in North...Show More Summary

Dog Dumped at Louisiana Gas Station Races After Owners

We have no idea why people dump their dogs when they can simply surrender them at a shelter and at least give them a shot at a new home. Are they unaware that shelters will take their animals? Are they embarrassed? Are they just lazy? At...Show More Summary

Rocky the Rescue Picks His NCAA Bracket

On the day that our rescue dog, Rocky, was born in Morristown, Tennessee -- on June 11, 2011 -- I was practically a bounce-pass away in Knoxville, doing an event at the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame for my recently released book, Bird...Show More Summary

These Pet Portraits Are Paying to Save a Dog From Cancer

There isn't anything nice to say about cancer. The very fact of its existence makes me hot with anger, even though I long ago gave up on the idea of a just or benign universe. I hate the fact that it not only kills people and animals who should live, but does so in a painful and degrading manner. Show More Summary

Kate Upton Brings Adoptable Dogs to Spring Training

You probably know that Kate Upton is a supermodel and actress who has adorned the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. You might know she is dating Detroit Tigers star pitcher Justin Verlander. You probably don't know, though,...Show More Summary

City Remembers Its K9 Officers With Their Own Cemetery

A lot of people look on Friday the 13th with fear, or at least mild trepidation, but this particular 13th holds something besides the possibility of bad luck. Today is also K9 Veterans Day, which is specially devoted to recognizing the...Show More Summary

Update: Police Arrest Four Who Shot and Tied Dog to Train Tracks

Last week, we told you about the horrifying case of Cabela, a dog who had been shot three times -- twice in the neck and once in the shoulder -- and tied with a belt to train tracks in the Sulphur Springs area of Tampa, Florida. TheShow More Summary

Vote for Your Favorite Animal Welfare Nonprofit in Trupanion's Funding Contest

Last year, Trupanion, a company that offers medical insurance for dogs and cats, raised an impressive $209,885 for nonprofit animal welfare organizations. This year, it aims to raise more, but it's putting a unique twist on its Member...Show More Summary

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