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Highmark dumps people with pre-existing conditions (as well as cancer patients)

Why is it great to be a "supposedly non-profit" corporate giant in the land of government-subsidized corporate welfare...... or why Federal anti-trust laws apparently do not apply to entities like Highmark no matter how horrible the corporation's conduct is...Here's two new examples:1. Show More Summary

The State of Michigan admits it intends to regulate sexual relationships

Many of my Libertarian friends are agnostic toward the idea of legislating same-sex marriage because they see this as extending the State's power to license another form of marriage while they would rather have the State completely out...Show More Summary

Our government doesn't sell arms to terrorists ... except when it does

The lead-in: The Obama administration promises over and over again they are only sending arms to secular, freedom-loving Syrian rebels, not those Islamic jihadists associated with terrorist groups like al-Qaeda. The pay-off: President...Show More Summary

Healthcare exchanges: the Devil (Highmark) is in the Details (Obamacare) ...

You should have been able to see this coming.First, think about those healthcare exchanges, those Federal and State-run marketplaces for low-cost insurance. In case you forgot, here's the promise from a Health and Human Services spokesperson: "When the marketplaces open on Oct. Show More Summary

Science news that makes me squirm uncomfortably in my seat

Better fathers have smaller testicles OK, well maybe I'm not that good at this Dad stuff.

Protected speech? Not according to the FBI ...

Take a few moments and read this Facebook comment by one Blaine Cooper: Cooper posted this on either August 21 or 22, 2013, and on August 23 the local police department contacted him and told him to come downtown: the FBI wanted speak with him. Show More Summary

Senator Coons: A moron as well as a hypocrite on Syria?

Senator Chris Coons: availableto repeat even the most inanetalking points without checking. While I rarely agree with Senator Chris Coons' politics, I always thought he was a pretty smart guy.That's over.Here's his quote today as heShow More Summary

School reform goals that (amazingly) gag even Governor Markell

The so-called Center for Education Reform has lauded Jack Markell for being an educationally reform minded governor, but apparently fears that he is being held hostage by the forces of darkness (that would be you, apparently, John Kowalko,...Show More Summary

Obama and Syria: News Journal editorial board replaced by space aliens

That's pretty much the only explanation that I can offer for the fact that the WNJ today joined the rest of the country in realizing that we are even having a debate over attacking Syria because of President Barack Obama's inept foreign...Show More Summary

Breibart with yet another "winner"

The other day I blogged about Breitbart distorting the story about the Longshoremen's union disaffiliating with the AFL-CIO, and the impact that had on the conservative/libertarian blogging world.The point: if you want to win heartsShow More Summary

Top Ten stupid things about the Delaware Insurance "Marketplace"

10. The Federal government gave Delaware a $4 million grant to get people to sign up for insurance coverage. We're hiring people to go out and convince people to pay money for premiums. Ironically, that $4 million could have put another 526 Delaware children on Medicaid, but it won't.9. Show More Summary

Being careful about your facts: Longshoremen and the ACLU

If you google "International Longshoremen quit AFL-CIO,"you will get pages and pages of results about the 40,000-member ILWU leaving the country's largest labor organization as a result of Obamacare.The only major media outlet you will...Show More Summary

BlueLine: Police with their own social media site is a BAD idea

You gotta think this one through.Here's the appropriately bland intro from USA Today:SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The final stages are near completion for the launch of a law enforcement social media network designed exclusively for the men and women in blue. Show More Summary

Syria isn't about chemical weapons

I remember Dubya's Axis of Evil speech back in January 2002.If I recall correctly, speechwriter David Frum originally wanted an Axis of Hatred.Anyway, the original Axis of Evil included Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, with Syria, Libya,...Show More Summary

Government forbids people to feed the homeless

I often hear people express scorn of the voluntarism embodied in Libertarian thought. They assert that Libertarians are effectively heartless because they prefer to rely first on people helping other people than to invoke the power of...Show More Summary

Princeton study: Poverty drives down intelligence

I think I've always known this.I remember watching the early seasons of "The Waltons" and my Dad, who remembered the Great Depression, refusing to watch."It's a lie," he'd say. "They want to show you this family closing ranks and prospering...Show More Summary

PA judge rules that it's OK for "non-profit" Highmark to make "incidental" profit of $1.2 billion

From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:Highmark Inc. has not accumulated "excess profits" in violation of state law, and its executives make a "reasonable" salary, according to a judge's dismissal of a lawsuit that had been filed against the insurer. Show More Summary

Syria and Delaware

Seriously? Yes.Because this issue is big enough, and far enough beyond partisanship, that Senators Carper and Coons, as well as Congressman Carney, need direction from us.And if they don't follow those directions, there need to be consequences.First,...Show More Summary

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