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Interviewing Louis J. Schiliro, DE Homeland Security Czar

Louis J. Schiliro, ourHomeland Security czar The whole interview actually took place about a year ago in Security Management, the PR blog for ASIS International, which does puff pieces on "security professionals." But you would never...Show More Summary

When progressives make libertarian arguments and the WNJ censors itself

Today's story in the WNJ that Senator Carper, Senator Coons, and Governor Markell all oppose the reinstatement of anything resembling Glass-Steagall on our "too big to fail" banks is pretty damn predictable.Those corporations boughtShow More Summary

Delaware's Fusion Center [DIAC]: More on Big Brother

Sometimes we all laugh (a bit nervously perhaps) at the idea that Google eventually wants to have access to every piece of information on Earth.We should not be laughing, however, at the intention of the Delaware Information Analysis Center (1575 McKee Road, Dover) to eventually have access to every piece of information about Delaware. Show More Summary

GOP gubernatorial candidate in Va leading the right flank in the war on women ... and men ...

... by actively campaigning to re-institute the Old Dominion's anti-sodomy law that makes oral or anal sex between consenting adult a felony...Ken Cuccinelli, the current VA Attorney General, claims that it's all for the children and...Show More Summary

Where Jack Markell gets his ideas

... from President Barack Obama, who has found the only way to cut the world's largest "defense" budget without cutting any weapon systems or deployments...He'll just cut the health benefits for active and retired troops, while maintaining them for unionized civilian DoD employees. Show More Summary

On DSU the News Journal inverts chronology to give itself a pat on the back

My guess is that yesterday's refusal by DSU senior official to give the News Journal comments on its story about felon-dean Freddy Asinor rankled the reporters quite a bit.But you really have to love the slick inversion of chronology...Show More Summary

The wrong response to Jenny McCarthy

I have been watching and listening to the ABC/The View/Jenny McCarthy hysteria both nationally and in Delaware.I don't have to link to it, because unless you live in a cave and don't have wireless you know that ABC has been royally roasted...Show More Summary

The "Promoting Charter-District Collaboration Task Force": a lesson in Delaware politics

So we are now filling the newest education task force, and I am pleased to see Representative Paul Baumbach on the committee (although one wonders if he counter-balances Senator Dave Sokola).But the task force itself gives me the opportunity...Show More Summary

Belief in God as a graduation requirement in Arizona?

Now THIS is a great GOP plan for winning the culture wars.Yep: we'll just keep them damn atheists from getting diplomas with a "So help me, God" loyalty oath.

Sadly, it is time to put Ted Kaufman out to pasture

I like Ted Kaufman--hardly ever agree with him, but I have always admired his integrity and his intellectual consistency.Until today.The horrible whitewashing of the Obama administration's surveillance programs is not just unbecoming...Show More Summary

Don't mess with Texas ... women

Libertarians differ over abortion; I fall into the camp that supports women's abortion rights (I refuse to use the ridiculous weasel terms "pro choice" and "pro life).But there are libertarians who hold that abortion is murder, and that...Show More Summary

Libertarians, Rand Paul, the Civil War, neo-Confederates, and why none of this matters

What you think you know about the significance of thisphoto of elderly US and CS veterans is very likely aswrong as what you think you know about Civil Warhistory, at least if you haven't read David Blight orJohn Coski or Ervin Jordan, and instead depend onThomas DiLorenzo or Paul Krugman for your history. Show More Summary

News Journal comes out in favor of grade inflation, diploma mills for state universities

At least, that's what you will get if you tie state aid to graduation rates.Want to see UD and DSU hit graduation rates of over 90%? Tell them that the more students they push through, the more money you will give them.Brilliant.AndShow More Summary

I'm beginning to understand this gun control thing

I believe I've been going about this the wrong way.It is obviously important that the mentally ill (or even just the mentally queasy) be kept away from guns. It's not just for the violence that they might do to other people, but also...Show More Summary

Headline of the day

Soccer Referee Killed And Quartered By Fans In Brazil After Fatally Stabbing Player: POLICE

This is tacky, politically incorrect, and definitely NSFW ...

On the other hand, this is also the funniest and most depraved thing you will read all week.But only because you have to watch THIS, not read it.Yes, occasionally it does come out that I am a really sick puppy.Warning: if blatantly sexual humor is offensive to you, don't click these links.

Disarming Delaware: one step at a time

Although only one major piece of gun control legislation (SB 35; universal background checks) actually passed the General Assembly this year, and--of course--advocates of "common sense gun laws" said they were not attempting to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, the truth is somewhat different. Show More Summary

We spend little enough time consciously thinking about how to live ...

... so it is no wonder we spend almost no time thinking about how to die.I have parents in their eighties and children who could be in an accident any day--just like yours.Spend ten minutes with this article, and then perhaps an hour thinking about the unthinkable.Today.

Nobody cares.

It's not like he's actually running our non-existent foreign policy, anyway. The picture that proves Secretary of State John Kerry HAS been out on his boat while Egypt plunges into chaos - after his spokesman denied he had been sailing in Nantucket

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