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Ted Brown for Libertarian Party of California Chair

Pasadena libertarian activist Ted Brown plans to run for chair of the California Libertarian Party at the upcoming state convention in May.Kevin Takenaga, who's been chair since May of 2007, will likely run for yet another term. But after eight years, he's been in there long enough. Show More Summary

Going Galt on Politically Correct Hiring

One reason libertarians oppose "anti-discrimination" employment laws is because they pressure employers to hire by quota rather than by ability. To avoid government prosecution for "discriminatory" employment practices, employers seek a "diverse" workforce, balanced along racial, ethnic, and sexual lines, irrespective of talent or ability. Show More Summary

Libertarian for Bobby Shriver

Two progressives are running for Los Angeles County Supervisor in the 3rd District -- Sheila Kuehland Bobby Shriver. As a libertarian, I endorse Shriver. Both Kuehl and Shriver are longtime Santa Monica residents, as am I. So I have watched their political careers for many years. Show More Summary

AB 2351 Assures California Libertarian Party's Ballot Access

Los Angeles Libertarian Party activist Ted Brown sent out the following news item from Richard Winger of Ballot Access News:"On September 30, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 2351. It makes it easier for a group to qualify as a 'party.' It changes the registration test from 1% of the last gubernatorial vote, to 0.33% of total registration. Show More Summary

Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County's 2014 California Ballot Proposition Suggestions

Here are the Los Angeles County LP's recommendations for the November 2014 statewide ballot propositions for California. (The state LP formed a committee to consider making endorsements, but its Executive Committee has yet to officially approve the committee's suggestions.)Prop 1 -- Water Bond for $7.12 Billion. Show More Summary

Rand Paul Is No Ron Paul

Because I'm a pessimist, I never had much hope for Senator Rand Paul. Unless and until a politician proves otherwise, I assume he'll support the politically safe, mainstream positions.Ron Paul earned his reputation as a maverick. Rand...Show More Summary

Professor Bell-Villada Links Nabokov with Ayn Rand

Gene H. Bell-Villada is a professor of romance languages at Williams College, having earned his doctorate in the field at Harvard.He's written or edited eleven books, including Art for Art's Sake & Literary Life, a finalist for the 1997...Show More Summary

Libertarian Congressional Candidate Mark Matthew Herd Defends Muslims

Since 9/11, even Libertarians have engaged in lunatic, Islamophobic Muslim-bashing. It is therefore refreshing whenever a Libertarian candidate or party official disavows such blind hatred. Mark Matthew Herd is running for Congress in California's 33rd C.D. Show More Summary

Tom Fox Challenges Neoconservatives in 33rd Congressional District Race

Tom Fox is running for Congress in the 33rd C.D. He's a former Democrat turned Independent.Refreshingly, and unlike the New Agey Marianne Williamson, Fox does not shy away from using harsh terms like Neocon and Neoconservative.From Fox's website:"There is no shortage of Neoconservatives, or Neocons, that support American intervention at every turn. Show More Summary

Marianne Williamson, Democrat for Congress

Marianne Williamson is an "Independent" running for Congress in California's 33rd district.She doesn't hide that she is a "progressive." She is proud of it.Now, there are good things about progressives, but also much bad, at least from a libertarian perspective. Show More Summary

Congressional Candidate Ted Lieu Skews Libertarian on Rights of the Accused

California State Senator Ted Lieu (Democrat) is running for Congress, hoping to replace retiring Congressman Henry Waxman.I won't call Lieu a libertarian. I'm sure he's taken many "progressive" positions I dislike. But he's currently...Show More Summary

Libertarian Party of California Attracts New Low in Delegate Count

The recently concluded Libertarian Party of California 2014 state convention has attracted a new low in delegate count -- 44 delegates (according to Independent Political Report). I've previously reported on the declining numbers of delegates attending LPC conventions. Show More Summary

The Daily Show Punks Wayne Allyn Root

I've not been active in the libertarian party or movement lately -- that may or may not change -- so I've not been posting much. Nor have I been interested in libertarian embarrassment Wayne Allyn Root since he quite the LP in 2012.Show More Summary

Vietnam War Veteran Turns Antiwar Songwriter

Walt Cronin fought in the Vietnam War. Long after he returned to the U.S., late in life -- his late 40's -- he turned to songwriting and performing.He's even had some success. His band, The Gousters, has professionally released several...Show More Summary

Israel Steals Christian Lands

Reports of Israel confiscating Arab/Muslim land have long been in the news, albeit buried in the back pages of mainstream newspapers. Lately Israel has stolen much land through the building of its Apartheid Wall. Israel claims the wall...Show More Summary

Libertarian National Committee Members Consult Astrologers

Libertarian Party members have long complained that voters don't appreciate that LP candidates are smarter, wiser, and more competent than are their Demopublican rivals -- if only voters gave the LP a chance!But LP members have longShow More Summary

Libertarian Party Links Boston Marathon Bombing to US Foreign Wars

The Libertarian National Committee issued a surprisingly strong press release on May 1, comparing the Boston Marathon bombing to America's foreign wars.It took about two weeks after the bombing for the LNC to draft and release the statement...Show More Summary

Angela Keaton: Is the Antiwar Movement Dead?

It would seem so. I myself have not been posting much, for various reasons that I won't go into now (though I'll try to increase output in the near future).In the meantime, Angela Keaton of was interviewed on that very topic last February by RT. She came across very well, and made some accurate observations.

Mike Gravel Criticizes Pro-War Hollywood in Iran

Mike Gravel, who ran for the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination in 2008, recently attended Iran's third annual "Hollywoodism" conference. This appears to be an event that examines how Iran and Islam are portrayed by America's entertainment industry. Show More Summary

SNL's Hagel Satire Shows Israel Lobby Losing Grip on Popular Culture

The Israel lobby has long dominated America's mideast foreign policy, not only though a direct political influence, but also by its influence on America's popular culture. Any real criticism of Israel has long been absent (taboo?) on America TV. Show More Summary

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