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Fix Route 12 for Colman Dock Accessibility

The south half of downtown, set on a steep hill, has always presented accessibility problems.  With elevation changes of as much as 50 feet per block, people with impaired mobility frequently have difficulty traveling even one block in the east-west direction.  For the transit network, this results in an intermodal transfer challenge: there is more […]

Sunday Open Thread: Mayoral Debate on “Changing Seattle”

Mayoral candidates Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon debate how Seattle’s next mayor would address our city’s most pressing issues: growth, affordable housing, and homelessness (via Seattle Channel). This is an open thread.

All-day Transit Lanes Considered for 3rd Ave

The latest iteration of the One Center City plan considers 3rd Ave transit-only all day, a cycle track on 4th, and some 4th Avenue buses moved to 5th and 6th. A delay in the convention center project gave bus riders a reprieve, as buses can use the Downtown Transit Tunnel until 2019. But as the “period of maximum […]

Podcast #46: Hopelessly Optimistic

Taking questions from the reader mailbag.

July 17 Sound Transit Ridership – Still going and going and going

Sound Transit has released their July Ridership Report and Link is still going strong, up 16.7% overall. Average daily ridership for Link in July was: Weekday: 77,081 (+16.8%) Saturday: 57,037 (+15.2%) Sunday: 45,017 (+17.7%) Other weekday...Show More Summary

3-Car Midday Trains to Continue Indefinitely

At the beginning of the summer, Sound Transit inverted the weekday Link schedule. Instead of two-car trains all day with a few three-car trains during rush hour, three-car trains would run all day and a few two-car trains would supplement peak capacity. This increased the proportion of three-car trains during rush hour from about one-third […]

Metro Adds Service, Fixes Broken Stuff

It wasn’t so long ago that Metro service changes arrived in the dead of night, accompanied mainly by dread about whether your favorite route would be on the chopping block.  But it’s amazing what a few years of explosive economic growth will do.  County Executive Dow Constantine trumpeted Metro’s service changes starting next Saturday, September 23 in […]

News Roundup: You May Have Heard

Erica Barnett explains why development around Rainier Beach Station is anemic. Seattle Council Candidate Pat Murakami is not going for the STB vote. Pierce Transit now has a pay-by-phone app. It is not integrated with Metro’s pay-by-phone app. Seattle working to rezone Uptown, simplify design review. You may have heard: Amazon is seeking a […]

SDOT Aims To Prioritizes People in New Mobility Playbook

When cars began rolling off assembly lines a hundred years ago, cities were reshaped to accommodate the automobile. Sidewalks narrowed to widen streets, parking garages appeared, transit systems disappeared, and eventually Interstate 5 splintered downtown Seattle from neighborhoods to the east. This resulted in a city that is unfriendly and at times a dangerous place to […]

For Link a Drawbridge is a Bridge to Nowhere

SEATTLE SUBWAY Sound Transit is currently developing a consulting contract to oversee the process for selection of West Seattle and Ballard route alignments as part of Sound Transit 3 (ST3) light rail expansion.  They’ve concluded that by selecting a preferred alternative prior to the technical work of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), they are able […]

Submit Your Podcast Mailbag Questions Here

It’s been a while. If you’d like Frank and I to try to answer your question on the next podcast, submit it in this comment thread by Wednesday evening. As always, try to keep it to one, answerable question.

But “Luxury” Housing is Good

The Mayoral Primary inspired more discussion between growth advocates and renters’ advocates. Renters’ advocates wonder why market urbanists didn’t rally to Nikkita Oliver. Market urbanists wonder why Oliver didn’t embrace developers who can address the affordability crisis. Show More Summary

Sunday Open Thread: Seattle Transit Flows

Generated by Will Geary using an open-source data repository known as Transitland. Other cities available here. While it doesn’t seem to include Sounder, it hits just about every other regional bus system. This is an open thread.

Challenges to Automatic Enforcement: Q&A with Mark Hallenbeck

Automatic cameras have been approved by the state legislature to monitor speeds, discourage drivers from running red lights and penalize cars not yielding to stopped school buses. But so far, they are not authorized to keep cars out of transit-only lanes by consistently ticketing offending vehicles. (A previous STB post explored the path to using automatic […]

Making it Easier to Get an ORCA Card

As Metro evaluates fare simplification, one thing is clear: getting more riders to use ORCA would be a win.  ORCA speeds up boarding times and makes for more efficient bus service. Unlimited ORCA passes, such as PugetPass and the employer-provided Passport, make people more likely to use transit, by reducing the marginal cost of a […]

Modest service changes proposed for March 2018

Tuesday Metro presented a list of proposed services changes slated for next March to members of King County Council’s Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee. The proposal includes adding over 50,000 hours of service and eliminating bus Route 99. As the proposal added service to only one Eastside bus route, Councilmember Claudia Balducci criticized the proposed […]

News Roundup: Abomination

SDOT finished its sidewalk survey. There’s a lot of work to do. West Seattle Transportation Coalition provides its ST3 input to Sound Transit. Most readers won’t like the conclusions: park and rides! driverless cars! tunnels everywhere! This 11-lane monster ($) in Bothell is an abomination. Uber discounts for Link riders. The trouble with bike helmet […]

High-Speed Rail Study Underway

WSDOT has posted some new information about the high speed rail study funded by the legislature this session to the tune of $300,000. The final report is due on December 15, just three months from now.  Five “conceptual corridors” will be studied between Vancouver and Portland. The team of consultants is led by CH2M and includes […]

What is Fare Policy Trying to Accomplish?

After a long listening process, Metro settled on a flat $2.75 adult fare for all regular bus trips. Riders asked for a simpler system, and they got one. On Saturday Brent lamented the missed opportunity to accelerate ORCA adoption with a slightly more complicated fare system. But that’s only one example of how the fare […]

Bicyclist Deaths are on the Rise

After hitting an all-time low in 2010, bicycle deaths have risen 12 percent nationwide, the largest increase in two decades and outpacing the overall rise all traffic fatalities, according to a new report by the Governors Highway Safety Association. But contrary to four decades ago, adults rather than children are more likely to die in […]

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