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For St Patrick's Day: The Legend of Páid O’Donoghue, Ireland's Farrier Hero

St Patrick's Day is a day to tell stories and have some fun. While you might not be able to recite the lyrics to this Irish ballad, you can certainly tell the story and entertain some people. Paid O'Donoghue was just one of many Irish farrier heroes, but his story isn't told often. Show More Summary

Chain Reaction Traction: If they worked for car tires, would they work for horse hooves?

When Harry Weed invented snow chains for automobile tires in 1904, he was just following a trend. He had seen people wrap grapevines and ropes around their tires. There was a lot of snow where he lived in Canastota, New York. For people to use cars year round, they needed more traction. Show More Summary

Traction History: Non-Skid Over-Shoes Were the Humane Society's Gift to the Horses of New York City

I can remember the first time that the sales rep from EasyBoot showed me the boot with sharp studs inserted on the bottom. It made so much sense. Winter problems solved. That must have been how the people of New York felt in 1919 when they saw Harry Moran from the Humane Society coming down the street. Show More Summary

Vet School Rankings: University of California at Davis Takes #1 Spot for US

I'd like to preface this article by asking you to pay no attention to it at all. This is just one of those things that will surely come up over dinner with strangers who know nothing about horses or whose children are considering vet school or when speaking with small animal vets with strong alumni ties to their old schools. School rankings means some things to some people, but

Sire De Grugy's Sporty White Horseshoes Go Beyond Fashion for Cheltenham Festival Jump Race

Sire De Grugy, 2014 British Jumps Horse of the Year, won his last race wearing EzyFit white polyurethane shoes with steel cores and is expected to continue to wear them when he defends his Cheltenham Festival title in the Queen Mother Champion Chase this week. White shoes. The first thing you wonder is if he has a girth to match, right? But Sire De Grugy is going after more than

Horses Need Traction: Why Did Cities Have Cobblestone Streets?

A cobbletone street in Italy paved with round stones; some sources say that a "cobble" originally meant a round stone. These look like old cannon balls. Where they put there to keep horses off the courtyard? Cobblestones were laid to make streets safer for horses; the original cobblestones were rounded river rocks. Show More Summary

Dudley’s New Leg: Gentle Barn Charity Follows “Worthy” Horse Leg Surgery with Prosthesis for a Bovine Amputee

Not your typical steer: Dudley has been through amputation surgery and is learning to live with a prosthesis on his left hind leg, thanks to the charity of The Gentle Barn, a California charity. Now he's getting acupuncture and E-stim treatments. Show More Summary

First-Person Research: The Paleopathology of Laminitis in Horses with Lane A. Wallett, DVM

Introduction: Lane A. Wallett, DVM is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Florida in Gainesville. She presented an abstract on her research related to evidence of laminitis in ancient horses at the 2013 International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot. Show More Summary

Laminitis Research: Milk Thistle Tested in Laboratory for Possible Endotoxin Neutralization

Researchers in Vienna, Austria have conducted in vitro studies of the  milk thistle plant to determine its effect on laminar tissue during  separation caused by endotoxin introduction. Laminitis research has created protocols for testing the effects of different substances on samples of equine hoof tissue. One of these protocols is the introduction of endotoxins, or

Biomechanics of Horseshoes by Dr. Jenny Hagen for Werkman: How Does a Side-Wedge Shoe Work?

The Hoof Blog is pleased to share with you the next video from the research of Dr. Jenny Hagen at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Today we share the biomechanics of the "side wedge" shoe. Dr. Hagen's video is sponsored by Werkman Horseshoes of The Netherlands.This video picks up from the previous videos from Dr. Show More Summary

Grayson-Jockey Club Foundation and Starlight Racing Reach $150,000 Laminitis Research Goal

News release: Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation (GJCRF) announced today that it had reached the target in fund raising prompted by Starlight Stable’s challenge to raise $75,000 for laminitis research. Starlight issued the challenge last year in memory of Intense Holiday, a stakes-winning colt that seemed headed for additional success until he suffered a condylar fracture.

How Did Pythagoras Use Hammer Tones on the Anvil to Decode the Musical Scale?

Music was born in a forge. Did you know that? The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras decoded, or invented, the musical scale, and he came up with it after discerning the relative musical tones of different blacksmiths' hammers. Or so history tells us. Show More Summary

Polyflex Horseshoes Hosts Informational Farrier Session with VEPG Chair Mark Silverman at Palm Beach Farrier Supply

On Saturday, January 31, Polyflex Horseshoes hosted an informational session for farriers with Mark Silverman, MS, DVM, owner of Sport Horse Veterinary Services and a partner in Southern California Equine Podiatry with farrier Ernest Woodward in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Show More Summary

Blacksmith Buddy Junior: The New Hoofcare Education Tool for Teaching, Practice, and Demonstrations

                             Sponsored Post from Blacksmith Buddy                                        Practice makes perfect...sense, when a new student practices on a Blacksmith Buddy or Buddy Junior. Even an experienced vet or farrier...Show More Summary

The Barbaro Effect: Changing the Face of Laminitis Education

Barbaro died on January 29, 2007. Where were you eight years ago? More importantly, where was your awareness and knowledge of the disease of laminitis? And where are you--and your laminitis awareness and knowledge--now? Laminitis was once a dreaded word that was spoken in a whisper. Show More Summary

Introduction to Winter Traction: Finding the Roots of Today's Safety and Fun Under Foot in Snow and Ice

Like a scene from Black Beauty, a horse goes down in the shafts of a delivery wagon on a Boston street, sometime between 1917 and 1934. From the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection. A blizzard hit the Northeast Corridor of the United States today. Show More Summary

Watch Now: "Lost Dog" Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl Commercial Released; Puppy Ads Under Scrutiny

I don't know about you, but I'm still snowbound. Cable service returned just in time for me to catch the new Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl commercial (a.k.a. "Lost Dog") on The Today Show this morning. And here it is, along with a behind-the-scenes reel, thanks to Budweiser, to share with you. I wonder what people will think of this one. Show More Summary

Prix d'Amerique 2015: 15 of 18 Horses Will Race "Barefoot" by Pulling Shoes Before Race

72 hooves. 12 shoes.(Maybe). That's the ratio for Sunday's Prix d'Amerique trotting race in Vincennes, France. The purse is worth $1.15 Million (US). You'd take your shoes off, too, for that kind of prize money. This is not just another horse race. Show More Summary

Teaser: Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl Commercial, or at least a few seconds of it

Fans of the Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl commercials could celebrate a small step forward this afternoon as the St. Louis brewery released probably about nine seconds of the upcoming one-minute commercial for next weekend's actual...Show More Summary

Barefoot Research: What Are the Consequences of Shoe Removal for Trotting Racehorses?

How are the health, comfort and wear of the horse's feet affected when shoes are removed for racing? A research special report from Hippolia Foundation and CIRALE Text and images © CIRALE and/or Hoofcare Publishing  No reproduction or...Show More Summary

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