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How to Buy a Used Road Bike

If you’re new to bike commuting and not ready to run out and drop $1,000 on a new bike at the local bike shop (and I don’t blame you) you will probably be looking to purchase a used bike. Even if it isn’t your first bike, a used cycle is always a good idea for [...]Show More Summary


We don’t really think about how that twenty five dollar flip flop might hurt the environment. Just to think about it most main brand shoes ranging from Jordan’s to Clark’s use mainly rubber to create their shoes. To make these shoes that we have come to know and love releases bad chemicals into the air [...]Show More Summary

Please Dont Bike To School!?!?

I found an article on kids not being allowed to ride their bikes to school. It was in Saratoga Springs NY. School officials protested against a mother and son when they decided to ride their bikes to school on Bike to Work day. The boy’s bike was confiscated. Read story on The Saratogian here: [...]Show More Summary

Car Parking Free Light Rail Stations

“Light rail was meant to be fed by people taking the bus, walking or biking,” said Rick Sheridan, spokesman for the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). “It was not meant to be fed by cars.” Light rail starting in Seattle this Saturday is generating some bad PR for not having car parking at the stations. Restricted [...]Show More Summary

The Bike to (xyz) Day

Most advocates talk about bike commuting as a way to get more people to use their bikes and possible live a car-light lifestyle. They advocate how easy it is to gradually build up even riding 12 to 15 miles one way. It is all true. They promote it by hosting a country wide Bike to [...]Show More Summary

New Take on Getting Animated

Most of us who either have a kid-like look upon life or are around kids for any amount of time have noticed the government’s “Get Active” commercials airing during kids’ regular television shows. It is the government’s attempt to get kids to get off their butts and to go outside and play. They have even [...] No related posts.

RSS Feed Temporarily Broken

Sorry to all of our readers that follow us via RSS! RSS was down and none of the new posts had updated, so go ahead and check out our recent content and welcome back to Carectomy! Related posts:Broken Cities on the Mend Related posts: Broken Cities on the Mend

Carectomy Looking for Writers

Hi all. I took over the site from Hank a bit ago and gave it a little makeover, and I would like to begin filling it with great content again. I decided to take over because of my natural interest in the subject, and it is that same interest that will have me posting from [...] Related posts: Carectomy Week in Review 7

Bike-commuting in Japan: 3 Approaches

If you are going to commute by bicycle in Japan, there are three basic approaches to the situation that you can take, depending on the type of commuting that you are looking to do. Short-distance: Mamachari Mamachari is Japanese for the “mother chariot,” and these bicycles often can been seen with child baskets on the front and [...]Show More Summary

Car-free in Japan

For the last few weeks I have been living and doing research in rural Japan. Japan is well known for high-speed rail, jam-packed commuter trains, and big, well-connected cities. I am not living in a place with any of those things. Two years ago when I spent time outside of Tokyo, I was. It was a [...]Show More Summary

Sex Sells Bikes, Bikes Sell Sex?

I have to admit that I don’t quite understand lingerie company Triumph’s rationale behind the publicity stunt captured on video below. Women in their underwear riding in and parading behind a pedicab down a main street in Copenhagen. Cycling is so widespread and mainstream, perhaps it helps to market the merchandise? Without doubt, the hot [...]Show More Summary

Bikes Belong at National Party Conventions

Bike advocacy group Bikes Belong is teaming up with health insurance company Humana to provide free loaner bikes to both upcoming political national conventions. 1,000 bikes will be available at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado from August 25-28 and at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota from September 1-4. What better way [...]Show More Summary

Biofuels Are Starving Us

The impact of the rising biofuels market on global food prices is much worse than predicted. According to an as yet unpublished study commissioned by the World Bank, biofuels have caused food prices to rise 75%. The World Bank completed the study, which has been leaked by the Guardian, at the end of April but has [...]Show More Summary

Cycling Increases S.F. Pollution?

Thanks to through-the-roof gas prices, the number of cyclists nationwide has increased dramatically. As cities rush to improve cycling-friendly infrastructure and implement bike-sharing systems, San Francisco’s progress has been hamstrung by eccentric political activist Rob Anderson. Just as S.F. Show More Summary

Consumers Fed Up with Ethanol

At Carectomy, we’ve spent significant ink (err… pixels) lambasting the “solution” that biofuels provide. Now, as the NY Times reports, consumers are getting fed up with the ethanol mixed in with their gas to boot. It’s not an awakening of conscience; they just don’t think the stuff works. From the NY Times: Many consumers complain that ethanol, [...]Show More Summary

Bloomberg Supports Parking Lot for Big Box Store?

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, famous for his attempts to decrease car traffic in Manhattan, has endorsed construction of a new Costco retail store along with its 2,300 parking spaces. From the NY Sun: At a press conference yesterday, Mr. Bloomberg said bringing the big-box warehouse chain to the city would help New Yorkers weather a [...]Show More Summary

Car vs Bike Tensions Heat Up

Dan Cooley of Louisville, KY lost fifteen pounds in four months – and saved cash and a bit of the environment along the way. Cooley, like many, was fed up with rising gas prices and temperatures and turned to bicycle commuting. But on the morning July 25th, Cooley fell victim to a malicious act of road [...]Show More Summary

Biking in Tandem Saves a Marriage

The simple machine known as the bicycle remains the most efficient form of transportation on the planet. Although people may congregate into groups and ride together in makeshift pelotons, there is something inherently individual about biking. Riders rely on their own power for propulsion and are rewarded with independence, freedom, and all the sights, sounds, [...]Show More Summary

Free Running: The Newest of the Extreme Sports

The extreme sports of skateboarding and BMX have now branched out into running as well. Running is no longer for men in short shorts and spiked shoes. Free running has been born. Basically, free running is getting from point A to point B in the fastest, most flamboyant way possible. Free runners, participants of this [...]Show More Summary

Northampton Awaits “Death of the Combustion Engine”

Although the auto’s funeral may be premature, Jill Turner is doing her part to help usher it along. Turner is organizing the “Death of the Combustion Engine: A bicycle and hoola hoop procession performance” in Northampton, Massachusetts. The event, slated for Northampton Arts Night Out on Friday, September 12h, will feature a parade-style march/roll through NoHo [...]Show More Summary

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