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Stopping emissions would help, but we won't even do that Global warming has reached the point where direct death from heat is already killing us in significant numbers. Temperature/humidity combinations that are deadly range from 35C/100% to 47C/50%.Stopping human carbon emissions is not enough. Show More Summary

Seoul to provide free public transport, depending on fine dust level

koreaherald : "Seoul Metropolitan Government will be providing free public transportation to citizens starting in November amid rising health concerns due to heavy fine dust saturation within the metropolitan area. Free public transportation during commuting hours will be provided starting on Nov. 20, depending on the fine dust level in the city. "

Town in France finds #freepublictransport a big success

CityLab : "In 2015, Vergriete’s administration launched free weekend service. It was a popular move: Saturday ridership increased by 30 percent, and Sunday ridership by some 80 percent. People loved it, telling local media that they saved money and time by avoiding the stress of parking."

Why are we doomed?

We humans, along with most complex life, are going extinct soon.We are locked into capitalism and growth.With fossil-fuel, we have built a lot of roads, vehicles, ships, planes and buildings. Creating and maintaining our things requires energy and releases it as heat. Show More Summary

Go big or go home, The Case for Free Public Transit

torontoist : "I say, go big or go home: In 2009, the economist Irwin Kellner argued in a MarketWatch column that public transit should be free. The sociologist Eric Olin Wright has made the same case. Free. Now we’re talking.Kellner argued that we shouldn’t think of transit as a business that needs to recover its costs from its income. Show More Summary

Fund public transport, not highways

Opinion | "Dear Editor: As a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I organize my life around a set of priorities. At the top of that list is education, slightly below is affording that education, then food, sleep, friends, and so on. Show More Summary

Free public transit a growing global movement : "He says it all began with the example of Bologna, Italy.Following the Second World War, the city council was keen to engage the citizens and rethink the role of the automobile.“It was through these public consultations that...Show More Summary

Arctic News: Extreme weather is upon us

Arctic News: "Extreme weather is upon us. Global warming is increasing the intensity, occurrence, size, duration and impact of many catastrophic events, including wildfires, droughts, heat waves, cold snaps, storms, lightning, flooding and seismic events such as earthquakes and associated tsunamis."

Americans use chemcial weapons in Deir-ez-Zor

Seemorerocks: "Syria has confirmed that the US led coalition whose very presence in Syria is illegal according to international law, has recently dropped white phosphorus munitions over a village in Deir ez-Zor."

US strategy in MENA backfiring badly, will get worse

US has used Kurdish nationalism to maintain access to Iraq oil. It has allowed Islam to prop up Saudi Arabia. It has cultivated an aura of human rights by appearing to care about civilians.Things aren't working so they are flipping the chess board and scattering the pieces. Show More Summary

US wildfires not getting much corporate media coverage

Seemorerocks : "Unusually bad wildfires have been blazing in the Western United States, leaving areas across Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming choking on harmful levels of smoke and shrouded in a cloudy haze."

Human grain supply sensitive to temperature rise

Seemorerocks: "Increased temperatures from climate change will reduce yields of the four crops humans depend on most—wheat, rice, corn and soybeans—and the losses have already begun, according to a new meta-study by an internationalShow More Summary

Here are the numbers on exponential temperature rise

Arctic News:: "How much could temperatures rise? As the image shows, a rise of more than 10°C (18°F) could take place, resulting in mass extinction of many species, including humans."

Thousands without power in Boyle Heights, other LA neighborhoods amid intense heat "BOYLE HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Thousands of people in Boyle Heights and surrounding Los Angeles neighborhoods were without power Wednesday afternoon amid an intense heat wave sweeping across the Southland."

What is Antifa?

Antifa is a name adopted by police in several countries as a cover for provocateur activities. When there is a protest, they dress up in black and throw objects or set cars on fire, or break windows.This is a very important police task. Show More Summary

Supplying Lithium for the Electric Revolution Is Getting Harder

Bloomberg: "Producers everywhere have struggled to keep up with demand as electric cars went from almost no sales a decade ago to more than half a million vehicles last year. The battery in a Model S from Musk’s Tesla Inc. uses about 45 kilograms (100 pounds) of lithium carbonate. Show More Summary

Guy McPherson leaving the public stage?

Nature Bats Last: "I doubt indifference can be overcome with additional education. The abundant evidence indicating the near-term extinction of our favorite species is widely available. Yet very few people have responded in any way, suggesting that few are impacted by evidence. Show More Summary

ArcticTemperature Rise

Arctic News:: "How much could temperatures rise by 2026? The above image shows how a rise of 10°C (18°F) could occur by the year 2026, based on temperature anomalies from 1750 for February and on progressive growth of warming elements. The image below shows the same rise in another way."

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