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Oil wars and oil glut, no contradiction

There has not been a good price for oil since conventional (easy-to-get) oil peaked in 2005. Any price is too high for consumers and too low for producers.Oil still is the blood of capitalism. There is no easy substitute. Trillions of dollars of infrastructure and systems are dependent. Show More Summary

Leading the Public Into Emergency Mode: A New Strategy For the Climate Movement

The Climate Mobilization: "The climate crisis is an unprecedented emergency. It is, far and away, the United States’ top national security threat, public health threat, and moral emergency. Humanity is careening towards the deaths of billions of people, millions of species, and the collapse of organized civilization. Show More Summary

Staving Off the Coming Global Collapse

The Tyee: "The biophysical evidence — that is, reality — shows that material consumption and waste production are still increasing with population and GDP growth. Meanwhile, carbon dioxide is accumulating at accelerating record rates...Show More Summary

People trying to stop the exploitation of nature are being murdered

Global Justice Ecology Project: "Nearly four people were murdered every week in 2016 whilst protecting their land, forests and rivers from mining, logging and agricultural companies, a new report from Global Witness reveals."

1989 - U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked

ap: "UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.Coastal flooding and cropShow More Summary

The Inevitability Of DeGrowth "Humans can print currency (money) but we can’t print fresh water, energy, wild fisheries, etc. If one unit of currency currently buys one liter of petrol, printing 10 more units of money doesn’t create 10 more liters of fuel. Show More Summary

End, don't mend, the auto system

People are struggling with the hell caused by the private auto. They call for tougher enforcement of infractions campaigns against distracted driving lower speed limits more bike/ped infrastructure more subways traffic calming These are not solutions. Show More Summary

How harsh #degrowth will play out over next ten years

The future will look like the present... but with the bad things getting worse and the good things getting to fewer and fewer people. The dollar will be protected through energy wars to the bitter end. Nukes will be used, if necessary, but in a "limited" way. Show More Summary

Reducing carbon emissions not enough to save us

theconversation : "It’s possible that even as emissions decrease, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will continue to increase. The warmer the planet gets, the less carbon dioxide the ocean can absorb. Rising temperatures in the polar...Show More Summary

Hopes of mild climate change dashed by new research

businessgreen : "But the new work, using both models and paleoclimate data from warming periods in the Earth's past, shows that the historical temperature measurements do not reveal the slow heating of the planet's oceans that takes place for decades or centuries after CO2 has been added to the atmosphere."

Scientists ring more alarm bells, call for immediate action

Arctic Methane Emergency Group: "You will have received an increasing number of warnings from scientists about the seriousness of climate change and therefore how important it is to reduce CO2 emissions. We take the logic further, using the latest scientific evidence about the current situation and observed trends. Show More Summary

Environmental supply-siders

If supply is the water coming over the falls, demand is gravity. In economics demand is everything. There is a lot of writing about how people are brainwashed in to being consumers. But think about it. That is a wealthy-persons outlook. Show More Summary

Two-party system perfect for false dichotomies

The GOP wants to grow the economy by increasing carbon emissions.The Dems want to grow the economy by investing in renewables.Both wrong, growth means more heat.This is the standard false choice system used in the US. People are given a choice between the red poison and the blue poison.

Electric auto-autos

By now you have heard about how self-driving (auto-autos) will run on batteries and with crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding and moore's law, etc will put an end to the private auto.How much lithium mining will be needed? How much heat will be generated? Will all the "savings" go into more growth?Answer. Show More Summary

Why arctic ice is so important

As long as there is ice, the water nearby is freezing temperature. The ice is absorbing energy from the sun and nearby water to break down its solid structure, so nearby water stays cold.It takes 80 calories to melt a gram of ice. When that gram becomes water, it is still at freezing temperature. Show More Summary

Solar panel and battery prices falling fast

But even if free, they cannot save us.The Jevons principle tells us that as long as there is demand, all energy savings are consumed in growth.Assuming capitalism ends, then there is the second law of thermodynamics which tells us that...Show More Summary

Human capitalism destroying the biosphere

EcoInternet: "The point is that while abrupt climate change may well become runaway, collapsing society, the economy, and the biosphere; it is but one of nearly a dozen means whereby humanity has overshot the carrying capacity of the Earth System. Show More Summary

What to do?

The methane is releasing. The poles are melting. People are dying from heat. Floods are getting worse. Drought getting worse. Millions of climate refugees. What are leaders doing? Fighting a war on #Islam to get control of oil.Even if it is too late to save the human race. Show More Summary

Human population grows by 200,000 per day. Yes, per day.

The least painful way to reduce population is through falling birth rates. In some places the birth rate is below the replacement rate. Those places also usually have excellent public transit.Good public transit makes urban living more comfortable. Show More Summary

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